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Fun And Games

Fun and games with my horny neighbours makes me question my sexuality …

After a difficult relationship with Laura, I moved into my own apartment. Creating a bond with someone who is not able to sever ties with a former lover can put great strain on any relationship. Our liaison always felt overcrowded and I found it difficult to live in another person’s shadow. The ups, downs, and frequent mood swings finally got the better of me and I made the decision to move on. Any remorse that I felt was nullified, once I had taken this alleviating step.

I moved into one of the freestanding four apartment blocks in a complex, which had two upstairs and two downstairs units, neatly arranged in a rectangle and surrounded by pretty gardens. I got one of the upstairs apartments. Both downstairs apartments were inhabited by retired couples with no kids. In the other upstairs apartment across from me, Jasper and Fiona lived. They weren’t married and like me, also in their mid-twenties. I briefly met them on the day I moved in.

Fiona was a night nurse at the local hospital and left home to report for duty at seven-thirty each evening. After seven night shifts, she would then have three nights off before once more returning to duty. She preferred night shifts because they were a lot less hassle. Most patients were asleep and one did not have to contend with all the crap the day nurses had to put up with. Fiona was attractive and rather sexy.

Jasper was tall and lanky. He wasn’t conventionally good-looking but attractive in a rough manner. He worked in construction and was a very ‘earthy’ kind of guy. In fact, crass would probably be a more accurate description. Jasper openly referred to himself as a hick and never tried to hide his redneck upbringing. His language was crude but I didn’t mind and found his oafishness rather amusing.

A few nights after I had moved in, there was a knock at my front door. Jasper stood before me when I opened the door, only wearing a pair of shorts.

“Would you like to have a beer with me?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

Their apartment was tasteful and contained much more furniture than mine. Having just moved in, it would take a few more months for me to make my place liveable.

After we were seated in the lounge we got down to sharing our past and present chronicles. Jasper also admitted that he got bored at night when Fiona was on duty, and hating television, didn’t even have that as a distraction. As we spoke I got the distinct feeling that I would be seeing a lot of him on future evenings, because it appeared that he really loved chatting.

At one point during the evening, Jasper excused himself to use the toilet. Upon his return, I observed a huge wet stain on the front of his shorts. Naturally, I didn’t say anything. After three beers I returned to my apartment, an hour and a half later.

I did not see Jasper the following evening, but the night after that as I was leaving my apartment to buy some groceries; Fiona and Jasper welcomed a friend of theirs at the front door. As I was introduced to Kenny, their friend, Fiona mentioned that she was delighted that she didn’t have to work for the next three nights. Kenny was as rough looking as Jasper and also had a very similar build to him. As we briefly spoke I was intrigued by the friendliness that Kenny displayed toward Fiona, and was almost as if there was an intimacy between them. As they entered their apartment, I got on my way.

The following evening I was close to my front door when I heard someone knocking on the door next door. With curiosity getting the better of me I peered through my peephole in the door. As their door opened Kenny immediately clamped onto Fiona and began groping her. I stood stunned as I watched their front door closing behind them.

‘Fuck,’ I thought, ‘what the fuck is that all about?’

I also realized that I had popped a boner and shortly moved through to my toilet for a good old wank.

Nothing that I know of happened the following evening, and the day after with Fiona back at work, there was again a knock on my door.

“Want a beer?” Jasper asked after I opened the door.

“Sure,” I answered, before continuing, “But this time I’ll supply the beer.”

“Cool, bring them along,” Jasper suggested, glancing at my sparse furnishings.

Once next door, we again sat in the lounge sipping and chatting. After twenty minutes Jasper excused himself and headed to the toilet. Upon his return, he again had a huge wet spot on the front of his shorts. I must have looked at it a little too intently on this occasion because he then asked, “Do you have a foreskin?”

“Huh?” I responded, stunned by the question.

“Foreskin… a knob hood,” he persisted, baffled by my response.

“Oh… yes I do,” I stammered.

“Does the skin pull back?” Jasper inquired.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Well… mine doesn’t. It’s called phimosis,” he answered.

Truthfully, I had never heard of this condition and told him so. Jasper then went on to explain that it was a no retractable foreskin. He informed me that no matter how hard he tried to extract as much moisture as he could after a piss; somehow there was always some left and wet spots were a way of life for him. Apparently, when he went to work he had a face cloth that he wore in his underpants between his dick and underpants to help with this embarrassment. When he was at home, however, he didn’t bother.

“Would you like to see what it looks like?” he then asked.

I really wasn’t interested in looking at another man’s dick, but the look of eagerness on his face made me relent. Walking over to me Jasper stood before me and dropped his shorts. Jasper had a substantial cock. The skin colour of the knob was darkish and the front of the rumpled snout was almost black. His dick broadened toward the large cock-head, which was clearly visible under the hood. I was fascinated by the size of his elongated knob-head which almost took up a third of his entire dick’s length. As he stood looking down at me it appeared that he was in no hurry to pull his shorts up.

“As if the phimosis isn’t bad enough,” he continued, “I also have a second problem.” It now became clear that the demonstration and lecture had only just started.

“When I get an erection, my knob leaks pre-cum like a fucking faucet, and you should see what the wet spot then looks like,” he said, uttering a laugh. “I have never needed to use lubrication in my life.”

This was all becoming weird as he just continued standing there.

Next, he said, “Would you like a demonstration?”

Much as I was gobsmacked by what was happening I was also somewhat intrigued. I again looked up at him and simply nodded. Jasper commenced stroking his shaft and as he did so his impressive cock grew even larger. When it was fully erect, the hood of his knob shone as it stretched to contain its prisoner and a peephole began to appear as the snout unrumpled. Instantly, a steady dribble of cock-slime began to bubble and ooze from the front of his dick. I was totally stunned by this.

After a short while Jasper ceased his exhibition and after pulling his shorts up sat across from me once more. He continued stroking his cock through the fabric as if to fully demonstrate the problematic wet spot dilemma. As the wet spot intensified and enlarged, he pointed at it laughing, as if he had won a challenge of sorts. The look in his eyes also made me feel slightly uncomfortable. It wasn’t overtly lustful but very inquiring.

Thankfully, the penis parade was over and a short while later I returned to my unit.

Two nights later, I was again summoned for a beer. Although I did not get another ‘wet spot extravaganza’ that night, Jasper’s conversation was very sexually oriented. I got his low-down on former girlfriends and explicit details of what he had done with them. Two nights before, I had refrained from asking him about Kenny but decided to do so, if the opportunity arose this evening.

A while later, after a brief lull, I said, “Kenny seems like a really nice guy.”

Jasper smiled, and the said, “He is. Kenny is a really special friend.”

Anticipating that more may follow, I simply smiled.

“Have you ever been involved in a threesome or orgy?” Jasper then asked.

“No,” I replied, sheepishly.

Jasper sniggered, before he answered, “It’s really great and infinitely more fun than one-on-one sex. The only thing that you have to remember is that you have to leave your inhibitions behind you and go with the flow. The combination of actual and visual gratification is very powerful and I feel very sorry for people who haven’t tried it. The stimulation from group sex transcends any erotic experience you have ever had.”

Jasper now stopped speaking. In the pause that followed it was as if he had planted the seed and was patiently awaiting its germination.

Finally, he again persisted, “Garrick, Kenny will be joining us again in three days’ time. When he does you are welcome to join in. Don’t answer now but give it some thought. You don’t have to participate and if you simply want to watch, that will be cool. We’ll pull up a chair for you in the bedroom and you can observe the action. Trust me, we don’t mind being watched,” he concluded with a horny grin.

Jasper again paused for effect as he took a few sips from his beer. The look on his face made me feel like I was being taunted.

“You know, a woman has two incredible holes,” Jasper persevered, then sniggering and as if interrupting himself he said, “Make that three. Fiona loves being double-fucked, and as a matter of fact, finds you very cute. She would be happy for you to join in the fun and games.”

We sat silently a while longer before Jasper finalized his proposition. “Seriously, think about it and when I knock at your door in three days’ time, if the answer is no, then its no. No hard feelings.”

At that point, I simply wanted to bail. Respectfully, however, I agreed to seriously consider the matter. I would’ve loved to fuck Fiona but couldn’t get my head around two other guys in the room. I had never had a bisexual or gay experience in my life and had never even given it much thought. I also wondered if I was being presumptuous in assuming that Jasper and Kenny would pay me any attention at all.

After I left Jasper’s home that night I had a very restless night. For the next couple of days, I also continued to play the ‘yes/no’ game in my mind. I was totally intrigued but also shit scared about how much male interaction there would be. The two things that kept going around in my mind were; the emphasis that Jasper had placed on his preference for butt-fucking when he had related earlier sexual encounters, and the ever-increasing intensity of the way looked at me. I wondered if those ‘looks’ were only in my imagination or part of a softening up process that he had embarked upon.

When the knock came three days later my heart was pounding in my chest.

Jasper stood in the doorway smiling before asked, “Will you be joining us?”

“Yes… but I just want to watch,” I replied, as if in a trance.

As we entered his apartment the action was already underway. Both Fiona and Kenny were naked and she was kneeling before Kenny, giving him a blowjob. We stood and watched them for a short while before Jasper suggested we move through to the bedroom. In a reversal of positions, Fiona now lay back on the bed and Kenny began munching her cunt as he knelt at the edge of the bed. After Jasper had pulled my chair close to the bed he suggested that we both undress. Gingerly, I conformed to his request.

Once I was seated, Jasper turned his attention to Kenny and Fiona. He asked Kenny to lie back on the bed with his head on the pillows so that he could lubricate Fiona’s pussy for him. Fiona now assumed the doggy position at the edge of the bed, before Jasper placed his suppurating cock at her backside. Very shortly, Jasper was spearing her butt vigorously. As I watched, my cock became rock-hard with all the visual excitement before me. Next, Jasper told Fiona to turn her body, facing away from Kenny, and impale herself on Kenny’s dick. After Fiona had slid down his cock wriggling her arse, Kenny pulled her body down onto him before his hands began to knead her tits. Jasper now straddled Kenny’s closed legs as he moved up toward Fiona’s pussy. Holding Fiona’s legs in the air, Jasper entered her cunt and commenced thrusting.

As my inhibitions became trumped by lust I began to tug on my dick as I watched the hot action before me. Jasper had been correct, because the threesome I was watching was turning me on unbelievably. My visual pleasure was also further enhanced, by Fiona’s murmurs that were punctuated by her pants as she got double-fucked, and Jaspers masculine grunts. As the trio entertained me, Jasper regularly glanced at me with an ‘I told you so’ look on his face. The added look of satisfaction in his eyes also bespoke his approval of my excitement.

For the next few minutes, I watched entranced. I was totally captivated and seriously beginning to crave inclusion. As if sensing this, Jasper withdrew from Fiona’s pussy and invited me to replace him. It was as if my body took on a life of its own when I arose and straddled Kenny’s legs. Shortly, my knob was engulfed by the warmth of Fiona’s welcoming cunt. As I began to rock steady I was enveloped by sensuality. Fiona’s quivering lips and approving eyes stimulated me incredibly.

My reverie was broken, however, when I felt Jasper move onto the bed behind me. A feeling of entrapment started overcoming me. When he pushed hands through under my arms and slid them over my upper chest, I glanced back at him.

With his mouth to my ear, he whispered, “it’s all okay Garrick, I ‘m just going to stimulate your nipples.”

Next, his fingers began to tweak my nipples. This, added to the pleasure of my cock embedded in a hot pussy and the look of ecstasy on Fiona’s face, had my mind in a gratifying spin.

‘Maybe I’m overthinking things,’ I thought.

After more body movement took place behind me and I felt Jasper’s dick-head touching my butt, my mouth went dry and I couldn’t formulate any words. Inexplicably, I forced myself to remain calm. Shortly after, when Jasper’s hands retracted a sense of relief overcame me.

“Fiona likes her nipples being nibbled on,” I heard Jasper utter from behind me, as his hand pushed my torso downward.

When I also felt Kenny’s extended hands from below Fiona clamping my body, I knew that I had been set-up. Instantly, I felt Jasper’s slick cock sliding between my butt-crack. My throat felt constrained as my inexorable destiny dawned on me. With three hands anchoring me I stopped thrusting into Fiona’s pussy and awaited my fate. I was about to be butt-fucked.

A multitude of thoughts raced through my mind as I felt Jasper’s cock-head nudging at my hole. Inexplicably, as the pressure on my pucker intensified a flood excitement overtook me. Lifting my head and with my vocal cords still restricted, I felt Jasper’s cock nudging into me. The slight discomfort was momentary and the pleasure that followed was mind-blowing. When he commenced stirring his dick in me my prostate buzzed with exhilaration. Never before had I felt anything more gratifying in my life. The way that Jasper manipulated his large knob-head was mind-blowing. He alternated between tantalizing my prostate and badgering my sphincter as his slick orb popped in and out of me. When I finally found my voice I began to howl with bliss.

Finally, my eruption had me shuddering with more elation than I had ever known possible and it was the greatest release of my life.

After I had cum Jasper lifted me off Fiona before he began nailing her cunt with ferocity. Jasper’s intensity soon had Kenny unloading in Fiona’s backside, before he too unleashed his spunk in her pussy.

Afterward, we all walked through to the lounge for another drink. The men all grabbed a beer and Fiona sipped on a bottle of water.

After ten minutes or so, Kenny grabbed hold of Fiona and commenced fingering her. Momentarily, they headed off back to the bedroom.

As Jasper and I listened to their sexual machinations, Jasper said, “He really fancies her.”

“Does that worry you?” I asked.

“Not really, and now even less than before,” he replied, with a horny grin.

There was a sustained silence as we sipped our beers. Then, looking at me he said, “Besides, when Fiona’s on night duty from now on, it looks like my nights aren’t going to be so boring anymore.”

After uttering his words Jasper moved towards me and placed his hands on my hips. Next, his mouth closed in on my lips. Much as my sexual orientation had been tested thus far, somehow this was simply a step too far for me and I began to turn my head away. Unperturbed, his grasp on my body intensified and soon his left hand clamped onto the back of my head. As a sustained oral tussle got underway my resolve began to weaken and I knew that I would have to capitulate. The unrelenting coercion by Jasper had run its course and his total annexation of me had been accomplished. As his tongue conquered my mouth I knew that my life would never again be the same.

As our lips finally parted my body was turned and pushed toward the back of the sofa. After impelling my torso downward, I felt his magic rod again jamming it way into my backside. Beguiling my pucker with delirious ‘torment,’ Jasper soon got into full stride.

While Jasper fucked me my mind was reeling with incomprehension. ‘Why am I enjoying this so much?’ I thought to myself.

After he lifted my torso and began kissing my neck and ears, I pondered what lay ahead for me.



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