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Girlfriend tricks and catches me

Sets me up to get caught
My girlfriend of 8 years found out that I had another email address that clearly referenced "bi" in the address, so she made up her own and emailed it pretending to be another bi guy. Needless to say I started talking to her thinking I was talking to another bi guy looking for some fun and some of it was very graphic and explained my experiance as a bi guy and even went into detail of what I liked and so on. This wasn't enough for her though, she wanted to catch me red handed in the act.

She then somehow finds a real bi guy, which was pretty hot, and has him email me. I'm thinking he was just answering an ad I had up on CL. So we talked for about a week, which was longer than I wanted.. I wanted to hook up but I found out later that she wanted him to talk to me and get as much information out of me since he was emailing her our conversations. She learned that I have been actively bi for the whole time her and I were together and learned that I loved sucking cock. Then the time came to actually hook up...

I went to his place on a Saturday. I told her I was going to a friends to watch football. She knew where I was really going. So I got to his place and at first it was kinda weird, but after some time, we got a little more comfortable. He started to kiss me and it just flowed from there. Now not only did my girlfriend know what I was doing, but she was actually watching the whole thing through his webcam!! And one time wasn't enough, we hooked up at his place 6 times and everytime she watched. She watched me suck his cock and even watched as we fucked, she watched as I swallowed his load... she saw everything.

At this point this guy I was hooking up with didn't want me to find out that he was in on it, so he wanted to come to my place. My girlfriend made it very conveniant for that to happen. She said she was going out with friends on a day that he emailed me to hook up but it had to be at my place. I was nervous but figured she was going out and when she did go out, she would come home late.

So she left and about an hour later he comes over. We went to the office where he said he wanted music on. I turned on some music, which I found out later was so I couldn't hear my girlfriend come in the house!! So him and I got naked and went at it on the floor in the office. As he lay on his back with me over him sucking his big cock... I hear my girlfriend say "Ummm hello". Exactly like that, I'll never forget what she said at that moment. I jump up and have no idea what to say. I'm standing there naked, with another guy standing there naked, a guy who I just got caught sucking his cock by my girlfriend who was just standing there shaking her head. Her next words were " you might as well finish". I was like... huh?

I decided not to finish even though she was telling me to. I was a little to worried that I got caught and really didn't want to suck cock in front of my girlfriend more than I already did!! So he left and I kept saying sorry and that it was my first time and decided to do it because I was horny and wanted to see what it was like. She didn't believe me, of course because she knew the truth. After a while I came out and told her I was bi. She was fine with it!!

It wasn't until 2 months later that she told me how everything went down. How she watched me have sex with him at his place and how she set me up to get caught. Today I still hook up with him and still with my girlfriend. She still likes to watch and because it gets her so horny, I don't mind sucking cock in front of her. It's even got to the point where I watched him fuck her, an all out MFM 3some. But I still like my time alone with him and she allows it. How much better can it get?
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