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Here's To The Dude

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Kinky threesome

The lights were on in the motel's little timber-clad cabin when Dave and Nick pulled up by the front porch.

"She's obviously checked in already," Dave observed getting out of the driver's seat. Nick dutifully followed with their two cases.As they stepped up onto the stoop the cabin's inner door swung open.

"Hi guys, come on in!"

Through the fly screen, the men could make out the profile of a slinky blonde six-footer dressed in a semi-transparent blue negligee, loosely tied at the waist. She wasn't wearing a bra, but the outline of her firm breasts was clearly visible beneath her lingerie.The cabin's interior was snug and compact, dominated by a huge king-sized bed, the sheets of which had been carefully folded back on both sides.

"Guess you guys must be bushed after that long drive. Care for a livener?" Without waiting for a reply, she sashayed off bare-footed into the tiny kitchen area and prepared three thick glass goblets of White Russian. Ice clinked on the sides of the glasses as she strolled back.

"Cheers and here's to The Dude," the young woman said opaquely.

Her two male visitors gave each other puzzled looks, then took tentative sips of the dark brown cocktail, on top of which was a thick layer of cream. "Jeez!" they exclaimed in unison. "What's in these?"

She had half-finished her drink before she replied. "Vodka, a Mexican coffee liqueur, cream and ice cubes. You like?" She licked some cream provocatively from her ruby red lips.

"How many shots of vodka?" Nick asked when he'd regained his breath.

"Only four. Want a top-up or shall we get down to some action?"

The two visitors looked at each other. They were both dying to see this gorgeous apparition in the buff and to start being really naughty with her on that big bed.

"How's about we play first, then maybe have top-ups?" Dave suggested.

"Good call," she said, pulling the bow of the ribbon holding her negligee closed. It swung open to reveal a mouth-watering semi-erect cock, all of 9" long. Its foreskin was pulled back to reveal a mushroom-shaped glans glistening with pre-cum. She wiped the palm of one hand across the knobhead and licked it.

"Mmmmm - I sometimes use cum in my White Russians." She put the empty glass down on the bedside table and stretched herself languidly along the bed, opening her legs.

"Okay guys - who wants to go first? Who's going to give me a lovely sucking? I've saved a huge load for you especially."

"How'd it be if Dave and I shared, so to speak?" Nick suggested nervously.

His eager partner, meanwhile, had already stripped off to reveal an uncut 6" cock. The Englishman followed suit, revealing a nice 7" cut stiffy.

"Good idea! Then I'll jerk off over your faces to give you both lovely creamy facials - which I'll lick up. Then it'll be time for more White Russians," she giggled.

With the bedroom lights dimmed, the action got underway.The woman was a real professional (Dave had sussed that much by the fee he'd had to pay the escort agency when he booked her), murmuring profane encouragement to her eager beaux. She thrust her head into the pillows and arched her back.

"Awww fuck! Don't stop sucking my balls, you bastards. Lick 'em underneath too. Now eat my fat cockhead, Nicky darling. I want you to have the first mouthful."

Then with a guttural grunt, she opened the floodgates to coat both their expectant faces with her warm semen.She slowly lowered herself back down onto the bed and lifted her head.

"How was that?" she asked with a wicked smile.

"I told you it would be a big load, didn't I?" Swinging her body around on the bed, she was now on all fours and eagerly licking the cum from their faces.

"Time for some more White Russians I think!"

The three sat naked side-by-side at the end of the bed, sipping their fresh cocktails, with the woman idly fingering Dave's foreskin. Nick wondered to himself whether these lethal concoctions might hamper their performance. But the woman had other ideas.Getting up from the bed she retrieved a long leather valise from the dressing table and set it in front of her visitors on the floor.

"Which of you wants to open my magic box of tricks?"

When their curiosity could be contained no longer, Dave leaned forward and clicked up the two metal catches. Nick slowly swung the lid of the case open. Inside, set into deep velvet-lined recesses, were a matching pair of very realistic 10" black dildos, both with authentic-looking raised veins along their shafts. Coiled up beside them were two sets of black leather straps with chrome buckles.

The woman broke the silence. "Who wants to go first?"

Nick and Dave looked at each other. She giggled. "Cat got your tongues?"

Moving towards the kitchen she called back over her shoulder: "A couple more White Russians should loosen them!"

She returned carrying a tray bearing three more cocktails. Before handing them out, she used two fingers to wipe some of her semen from the men's faces, carefully stirring it into their drinks.

"I think you'll find it tastes even better with my cream!"

The drinks interval was soon over. Dave and Nick were each handed a black dildo and the woman took up a doggie posture on the bed. Her posterior looked especially voluptuous. She had tied a blue silk blindfold around her eyes. With one hand she reached between her legs and liberally lubed her pouting Dark Star.

"Fuck me in turn, will you guys? Let me see if I can guess which of you is doing me."

Dave nodded at Nick, indicating that he wanted the Englishman to go first. He cautiously placed the tip of the black monster up against her bum hole, teasing her anus opening.

"Don't be shy, Nicky - push him in. All the way. I can take it, baby."

He didn't need further encouragement and slid the big dildo home. The suction from the lube made a delicious squelching noise.

"At-a-boy!" she moaned.

Nick could feel an erection growing fast, with his cock hanging down between his legs. As he gave her one more mighty thrust, he froze with disbelief as he felt Dave's hand grope his genitals before parting his bum cheeks to expose his anus. The woman was grunting with satisfaction and clearly heading for another orgasm.

He hesitated, causing her to cry out: "Fuck me harder you bastard!"

He did as instructed - at the same moment that Dave slipped the second dildo inside him.

Now it was Nick's turn to cry out: "Oh fuck, yes!"

The kinky threesome soon set up a lovely rhythmic movement, with the woman crying out the loudest and Dave more than responding by pounding his dildo into Nick's ass, before they eventually collapsed on the bed in a heap, exhausted and spent. The atmosphere in the room was heavy with the smell of fresh semen.After several minutes, the woman reached out to the bedside table to retrieve her empty glass. She brought it down to her belly button and scooped a liberal quantity of her fresh seed into it.

Handing it back to Dave she said: "Waiter! Three more White Russians please - and don't go easy on the vodka!"


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