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Moriah's First Adventure

Moriah has her first girl-on-girl experience
The chilly wind blowing through the multi-colored trees left a crisp autumn scent lingering in the air. Moriah lay under a tall Maple near Lake Juniper, a small hidden area in which she normally goes to meditate and reflect upon her life. She likes to take in the fresh air and commune with nature whenever the opportunity presents itself, and this particular spot was the opportune place to do so. The clear lake, big enough to swim in, the various maple and oak trees scattered and laced with wild vines which were adorned with beautiful wildflowers, and the serenity of the atmosphere itself was enough to make Moriah feel safe and blissfully happy. The best part about this particular area, which Moriah often referred to as her personal “oasis,” was the simple fact that she, and only she knew its whereabouts.

After a long day of relaxation in her special spot, Moriah decided it was time to go home. She only had two days to prepare for Halloween, her favorite holiday, and she wanted to do something special this year. As she walked through the front door of her house, James, her boyfriend, greeted her with a smile and a kiss, asking how her day was.

“I’ve had a long time to think about it, and I have decided to grant you your choice of one of your fantasies for Halloween,” Moriah blurted out, half shocked she even had the courage to do so.

Moriah, for as long as she could remember, had wanted to exchange gifts on Halloween. James had agreed that it was a cool idea, and this was their second Halloween as a couple, so Moriah wanted this year to be a good experience for him.

“Oh, really,” James began, “What’s the catch?” James looked at Moriah with a trace of doubt on his face.

“I just want you to enjoy yourself…and I kind of have an idea of what I want my present to be,” Moriah smiled.

James laughed and nodded his head. “Alright. Fine, but first promise me it can be anything I want.”

“Of course, that is the point of the whole thing!” Moriah was getting frustrated at how long this conversation was taking, she just wanted him to tell her so she had time to plan it out.

James laughed again sensing his girlfriend’s sudden change in mood. Not wanting her to change her mind, he quickly told her what he wanted from her. “I want you to wear the skimpiest outfit you have, and…” He whispered the rest of the sentence in her ear.

James drew his head back from the side of her face and took in her reaction. Her mouth gaped open in a mixture of shock and disgust, and her face twisted at the appalling thought. She slowly grew to accept the idea, and the more she thought about it, the more she grew to like it. James knew his love’s thought process, and without any further regard, he told her the camera was in the closet, in the normal spot.

The Pumpkin Patch

Moriah had never been to a pumpkin patch, and James was more than willing to take her to one, so long as she kept her promise. Moriah shut the car door in excitement as soon as they parked in a vacant area. To her surprise, there was only one other car there, a red sports car. It looked familiar, but she paid no mind to it, as she was too excited to care. James followed her, camera in hand, almost having to run to keep up. She wanted to document her first pumpkin patch experience.

She was just like a little kid running through the field and jumping on the gigantic pumpkins. James took pictures of her sitting on one that was almost as big as a bicycle. As hyper as she was, she wasn’t paying much attention to her footing and she tripped on one of the pumpkin roots, sending her blouse flying upwards. Blushing, she scrambled to get up and ripped her shirt on the rough root edges, leaving a gaping hole in the side of her favorite shirt. James extended his hand to help her, holding back laughter and just as she was on solid ground again, another figure silhouetted behind James. As the figure inched closer towards them, Moriah recognized it to be her friend Carrie from when she was in high school. She hadn’t seen her in a few years, and nearly fell again trying to get away from James to hug her.

Carrie had long black hair and looked the same as she used to, with defined cheek bones and a slim waist, her figure almost matching that of Moriah’s, though Moriah’s breasts and backside were bigger. James made a note of the two in his mind. As the two ladies talked, James imagined the two kissing. Soon, his fantasy died with Moriah’s hand grabbing his and shouting to Carrie to remember to stop by later that night. Apparently, Moriah had given her directions to the house while James let his imagination run wild. Carrie was strikingly attractive, with a body almost matching the exact frame of that of Moriah’s. James shook his head to clear his mind of that thought, feeling a bit guilty to have even compared them.

Carrie’s Visit, and the “Sexy Secret”

There was a knocking on the door. Moriah jumped, startled, and suddenly remembered Carrie was supposed to come down. James looked up at Moriah from the kitchen counter and smiled.

“If you want, I’ll get the door, all I ask in return is that you let me see that hot ass of yours.”

Moriah obliged, lifting up her skirt and bending forward. James seized the moment and half-jumped over the island blocking the door to smack her ass. James lifted up her shirt over her head and realized, to his surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her gigantic tits fell out of her shirt as he tossed it over her head, teasingly saying that she didn’t need it to answer the door. She playfully smacked him and retrieved her shirt, pulling it back on.

James greeted the girl in the thin black dress at the door and motioned for her to come inside. Carrie looked astonished at how well Moriah had done for herself, and then looked at Moriah expectantly.

Moriah told James she would be back later and just before leaving, she grabbed the camera and a handkerchief. She had told Carrie there was a place she wanted to show her that only she knew about, but she would not disclose the location. Moriah blindfolded Carrie with the handkerchief and led her down the road, towards the woods, and through the entrance to her oasis. Once under her favorite Maple, she untied the blindfold and told Carrie she could look.

“Oh my Gosh! This place is sooooo beautiful!” Carrie’s mouth was gaped open in awe.

“I know, right?!”

“Why have you never spoke of this place before?”

“Oh, well…I normally like to keep it a secret because it’s kinda my special spot. I come here to think and to relax, and to be close to nature.” Moriah smiled kindly.

“That makes sense,” Carrie agreed with a swift nod. “But why did you want to take me here?”

“Err, well, because you are my best friend and I….” Moriah trailed off. “While I’m thinking about it, I’m going to document our conversation because I want to remember it, we can look back on it when we’re older. After all, we haven’t seen each other in ages!”

Moriah set the camera up on a tree limb, turning it on and walking back to Carrie, not really sure of what to do next. Moriah sat down next to Carrie and she smiled, breathing in the crisp autumn air. Soon after, the two began reminiscing on old times, and how stupid they were in school, how much trouble they got into together, and of course-boys. (Of course, both girls had completely forgotten about the camera by this point).

They lingered on the topic of boys for a while, more specifically the boys they were with now; how they met, how long they have been together, and finally, the kinky stuff they do. Moriah explained how James was always wanting her to be an exhibitionist and Carrie told of the adventure she and Roger had at the “nudie beach.” The girls giggled uncontrollably at that story.

“…I know, it was like no matter how much I disagreed, he just wanted me to talk to another female, I just don’t get it!” Carrie laughed, still talking about her beach experience.

“Oh my gosh, I know JUST what you mean,” Moriah exclaimed, “James is so apt on me turning bisexual or doing something sexy with another woman, it’s uncanny!” And with that statement both ladies burst out in laughter.

Still laughing, but slower and more hesitantly, the girls looked at each other curiously. Carrie’s eyes softened and, without thinking Moriah leaned in closer to Carrie’s face. Carrie tilted her head to the side and parted her lips, and Moriah filled in the gap with her own lips. They kissed for the first time, slowly moving their soft lips back and then opening them again, and again, until the soft innocent kiss turned into a fierce urgent sense of need. Moriah let a moan of wanting and Carrie slid her tongue into Moriah’s mouth, swirling it around expertly, letting hers intertwine with that of Moriah’s. Carrie grabbed Moriah’s shirt in almost a panic and lifted it up over one of Moriah’s shoulders, all the while still kissing her passionately. Moriah slid Carrie’s shoulder straps off of her shoulder with ease and soon they were both topless. Moriah grabbed Carrie’s boob, and Carrie pinched Moriah’s now hard, pink nipple gently. Moriah let yet another moan escape, and let her hand slowly travel down the length of Carrie’s soft body. When Moriah felt Carrie’s thong, she looked at her with soft eyes and began to pull it down.

Carrie couldn’t help but put her hands farther down on her friend, and reach under Moriah’s skirt and thong as well. Almost simultaneously, both girls exchanged one last kiss and slid each of their index fingers inside each other for the first time. Moriah let yet another slight moan escape her mouth and this drove both girls insane. They started to slide their fingers in and out of each other’s moist pussies faster, and with more vigor.

“Ohhh, mmm…YES!” Carrie was the first to scream.

“Oh, James!” Moriah let out, forgetting it was Carrie doing the work this time.

“Ohhhh YES!” Carrie screamed. “Right there!!!”

Both of the girls were panting and driving each other mad with a lust unknown to them until this point. Moriah recalled teasing Carrie in the girl’s locker room at school and remembered scratching down her back turned her on, as well as various other forms of masochism. Driving on this thought, Moriah used her other hand to force-choke Carrie to the ground, while shoving both her index and middle finger inside of her more furiously. Carrie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy and she used her other hand to scratch down Moriah’s back.

Both girls let out moan after moan until they couldn’t last any more. Both girls finished and hurriedly put their clothes back on. Moriah scrambled to get up thinking of only one thing, and one thing only- getting home to James so he could give her a good fucking. Moriah grabbed Carrie’s hand and starting darting out of the woods, almost forgetting the camera (when she picked it up, she had a sense of gratefulness that the footage was captured).


Moriah opened the door and to her surprise, there were two men on the couch, talking. Moriah assumed it to be Roger, and gave a slightly panicked smile to him.

“NOW!” Moriah glanced at James.

“What? Here, NOW? We have company!” James almost shouted.

“No, ALL OF US!” Moriah panicked.

Roger looked really confused until he saw Carrie’s choke marks and dilated eyes. A smile crossed his face and he was fully aware what the rush was then. Pretty soon, the four of them were naked in the living room and James was kissing Moria’s stomach, all the way down to her abdomen. Roger was kissing Carrie’s lips and sliding his fingers into her gently while she grabbed on to his sides.

Moriah pulled James on top of her and slid his hard and throbbing dick inside of her already swollen pussy. Moriah let a slight moan of pain out, and reassured James with a nod to keep going.

“Ohhh, James!!! James!!” Moriah screamed as he slid in and out of her.

From the other side of the room, Carrie was moaning Roger’s name as well. Carrie gently pushed Roger off of her and crawled over to lay next to Moriah, who, without being prompted, began to once again finger her best friend. Not knowing what to do, Roger hovered over the two girls, unsure of how to act in this situation. Carrie gave a nod of approval to Roger as he slid his cock into Moriah’s open mouth as she moaned. Moriah began to suck Roger’s dick as James thrusted into her and she slid her fingers in and out of Carrie’s pussy. Carrie, having a free hand decided to massage the top of her area and then moaned loudly.

“Take it you bitch, you fucking cock whore,” James commanded Moriah.

“MMMMhhhhh,” was all Moriah could manage, with a full mouth and busy fingers.

“Ohhhhh, yeahh, you like that don’t you? You fucking cunt,” Roger’s eyes pleaded Moriah to suck more.

Carrie was too far gone to moan anymore and she finished first, leaving the other three to cum next.

“That’s right, you nasty bitch, take it! Fuck me like the dirty skank you are! You cock whore!” James was getting into the moment and Moriah thrusted faster and faster until she felt the familiar warm feeling between her thighs, signifying that James had came. Seeing this, Roger removed his penis from Moriah’s mouth and shoved it in to Carrie’s, allowing Moriah to clean up the remaining residue on James’ member. While doing so, Moriah massaged her own clit until she finished as well. A few seconds later and Carrie was swallowing Roger’s cum, and then they all fell to the floor panting in exhaustion.

The Morning After
Moriah awoke to the sound of three people snoring. She looked around, dizzy and sore from the night before, and tried to recall what happened. Once her eyes adjusted, she remembered what had taken place, and she was mortified. How could she allow herself to be so vulnerable? And with her friend and another man…? These thoughts all clouded her mind and she felt guilty. This was the first time she had ever been this adventurous and she was not sure what else to feel but guilt.

Slowly, she got up and went upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards, she went into the bedroom and got dressed, and proceeded downstairs. Moriah inhaled deeply, dreading the last step down which led into the hallway of the living room…the room the deed was done in. As she stepped down, she exhaled and walked towards the living room. At the sight of Carrie, Moriah blushed and realized their friendship would never be the same. She let her eyes remain on her once innocent friend, and she felt compelled to touch her body again. Disrupting that thought, James tiptoed away from the other couple to where Moriah stood motionless, eyeballing her friend.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” James addressed his girlfriend.

“Hey, Babe…” Moriah said, half in a trance-thinking of the events of the night before.

“You know, you fulfilled your promise one day ahead of schedule,” James chuckled silently.

“What on earth are you tal-“ Moriah started, then she remembered she had promised him a threesome this Halloween.

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