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My Best Friend and his Wife

what do you do, when friendship just isn't enough
Now then, before I start, this hasn’t actually happened. Although it did come pretty close. My mate and his wife discussed it at length a few times (in full and the story/fantasy detailed is as close to what I think we were talking about, although how it happens/begins is obviously my take on things).
They had enquired as to whether I would be up for joining them in a three some, with some bi contact thrown in. My initial reaction was of course shock and horror. I had always known John (the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent!!) had a slight bi curiosity, not that it bothered me, each to his own I say. But after taking time to think/fantasize about what it would be like, I came to feel that, it could, in fact be the ultimate, in sexual experiences!!
It never actually transpired however.
I think that maybe we were all worried that it might change our friendship or even that it would come out to our other friends.
Me, I have always been very hetro, 6 foot slim to athletic build. I have always liked the ladies, I play most sports, rugby, football, in fact the typical type of blokey bloke!!

The pubs were closing and John and Jane insisted that I came back and stay at theirs, rather than try to make my way home on the trains half cut.
Jane took our orders, and after putting on some music went off to the kitchen to grab a few drinks for us all.
With both John and I being slightly drunk, the conversation soon came round to their offer and whether it would ever happen, or would it be better left alone with our own fantasies.
Just this talk, often (and this time) had the desired effect of getting us all aroused, and I am pretty confident that in the past we would often all retire to our own rooms for fun. Me on my own imagining what they were doing next door, and John and Jane alone each other, perhaps even waiting for my knock at the door!
“What are you boys talking about” Jane said when she walked back in with a tray of drinks for us all.
“I was just asking Chris if we were ever going to take our friendship to the 'next level' babe” John explained.
“Ahh that ole one again, well you know how I feel guys. “ Jane smiled as she dropped down on the sofa between us both, G and T in hand.
If I am being honest Jane had always been a confident girl, and I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the whole initial discussion was first raised due to her, and her naughty twinkle she often had in her eye.
Jane leaned over to John and whispered into his ear. A smile forming on his lips. “Sounds perfect babe”
John and Jane had once confided in me, that they had fantasised about being watched while playing, with the other guy wanking whilst watching them, and Jane had just come up with an idea that would see if we were all comfortable with each other, whilst they got to fulfil one of their very own fantasies.
“What do you think mate?” John asked..
I had to agree, it would be a huge turn on, and get the night going, and of course if we were not comfortable, I would at least have some great wank material stored in my memories, other than just the “talk” we had all had in the past (which I have to say I have used quite a lot previously), having watched them both fuck in front of me, and I could at least have the knowledge that they had watched me wank over them!! I would be a fool not to find this an easy decision!!
With that, Jane moved to kneel down between Johns thighs as he pulled his t-shirt over his own head, John wasn't as athletic as me, about 5'10, but a good shape none the less and certainly not over weight at all, as he bent forward to kiss her she began undoing his jeans and slipped them off, gently stroking his cock through his shorts as I watched on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!
My mate sitting in his boxers, his cock at least semi hard, kissing his wife passionately in front of me, as I sat not 2 feet away rubbing my already throbbing cock through my jeans on their sofa!! My god this was really happening!!
"Hang on a minute!!" Jane said looking over at me, seeing that I was highly aroused enjoying the show.
"If you're going to watch, you have to at least be down to your boxers!!" Jane said with a glint in her eye. "agreed" John quickly added.
Well it was only fair. I sharply removed my top and Jeans, my hand holding my throbbing cock through my shorts, kneading my cock gently, enjoying the fact that my two friends were both eagerly watching me do so. and finding the whole experience a huge turn on in itself!!
I sat back down, on the sofa, both John and I in our boxers, clearly both highly aroused, I decided it only fair to enquire to Jane "so are you not going to get your clothes off? or is this how you wanted it, both of us at your beck and call!!"
although said with a laugh and clearly joking, I think Jane did indeed like the idea of having two guys there to do with as she pleased, and to be fair I think I did too!!
especially as one of the guys was my best mate and the lady in question was his wife!!
Jane, never the shy type agreed, and changing the music, she moved to stand in the centre of the room. She then began performing what can only be described as THE ultimate strip TEASE!!
Jane is about 5'5 a slim girl with small breasts and a lovely figure, her underwear as I'd always imagined, did it great justice. Down to her bra and thong in no time, she looked amazing and the look on her face as she performed for her husband and his best mate was priceless!!
Removing her bra, she cupped her small firm breasts rolling her already hard nipples between her thumbs and fingers looking into each of our eyes in turn. Making sure she let us know, she knew what she was doing to us both.
To be fair it didn't take Einstein to work that out, we were both sporting raging hard ons and were both gently stroking our already throbbing cocks through our boxers, and all over her show!!
Jane turned round with the music, showing her slender back and small pert bottom in her thong, a peach of an arse!
Gyrating her hips she bent over and looked back at us both around her legs.
Smiling as she said "your turn boys. I want to see those hard beautiful cocks you have" 
With that she proceeded to pull her thong slowly down. The gusset catching on her thighs and pussy as she did (she was the master of tease!!) delaying the ultimate reveal.

Her beautiful shaved, neatly trimmed pussy and fantastic arse, as her thong dropped to the floor!! Running her hands up her inner thighs, pulling her thighs gently open to reveal a moist pink pussy, her fingers teasingly stroking her glistening lips for our viewing pleasure!!
John and I turned to look at each other, and just laughed. "don't keep the lady waiting" John said as he stood up and removed his shorts.
His cock was hard and standing proud. Around the same length as mine and probably about the same thickness too. 7.5 inches uncut.. 
I stood up and dropped my shorts, sitting back down, my hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, I looked up half expecting to see Jane checking my cock out. But to my surprise I caught her licking her lips at John.
Turning to look at him, I could see why. He was gently stroking his cock and completely transfixed on my hard cock!!
Smiling I looked up and caught Janes eye. We both knew that this was exactly as she had wanted it, and she was loving seeing her husband like this with his best mate!!
Her fingers gently rolling around her nipple. Her other hand between her thighs, pushing hard down on her pussy, moist and wet with anticipation.
"Let me see you boys wank for me" Jane said. Clearly loving her newly appointed role now! "stroke your beautiful hard cocks for me while I watch"
Jane got down on all fours and slowly crawled over towards us both. Coming closer to the action as we wanked ourselves slowly as she had asked.
Her hands on Johns knees she ran her fingers up his thighs and took hold of his cock. Gently stroking him as I watched. John now sitting back enjoying being wanked and watching me wank over them!
Licking her lips.. she pulled his cock forward to meet her mouth. Running her tongue over the tip of his cock, pulling back his foreskin and taking him into her mouth.
Making eye contact with me she said.. "is this how you pictured it Chris? are you enjoying watching me suck Johns hard cock?"
My heart was beating so fast now, I could hardly speak. Deciding it best to just make the appreciative mmmm sounds to show that I was indeed enjoying the show. Although very nervous and clearly excited at the very same time.
"Well that's a first" John said "I never thought I'd see YOU lost for words"
Reaching over slowly, gently, Johns hard cock in her wet mouth. Jane pushed my hand away from my cock. Running the palm of her hand up over my balls cupping them as she did, then along the under side of my shaft, wrapping her fingers around my cock.
"Now please tell me. You're not planning on just watching us are you?!!" she purred!
I closed my eyes in ecstasy. The feel of her hand. The thought of my mate watching as his wife held my hard cock right in front of him. This was truly an amazing feeling.
"There is no way I just want to watch now!!" the words just spilled from my lips. My cock and my pleasure making decisions for me it seemed!!
Jane pulled away from us. Crawling slowly away on all fours. Wriggling her gorgeous arse as she did.
She turned round and sat opposite us both on the floor. Her legs wide apart. Her fingers exploring her pussy. The show was amazing.
"Now guys. Before we go any further with the three of us. Its important to get those accidental touches that might happen out of the way. I'm sure it will make things easier later" she said, smiling at her husband.
"I want you two, to take hold of each others cocks and stroke them for me. I want to see my husband with his best mates cock in his hand!!"
I sat there staring at her. Of course I knew this moment would come. But I just hadn't thought about it that much, or hadn't had time to think about it as yet!

With that I looked across to John. He could see how nervous I was. Smiling, he mouthed the word "relax" to me. Reaching across, his hand came over and took hold of my hard cock. Wrapping his hand firmly around my shaft.
His hand was trembling. Which I have to say helped me relax much easier. HE was just as nervous as I was.
This was it though. I was being stroked and having my raging hard cock explored by my best mate. With his wife watching and teasing her pussy over us. Just how I had imagined.
My hands shaking. I let my hand wonder. Up Johns thigh enjoying the tingle of excitement I could feel from him as I did.

I brushed my hand up over his balls. They felt weighty and full as I cupped them, and then the moment, taking his cock in my hand. This just felt amazing. The feel of another mans cock. My best mates cock no less!! 
It was so strange. The ultimate taboo. But one hell of a turn on all the same.
The look on Janes face was amazing. She hadn't taken her eyes off my hand. Licking her lips, and forcing two fingers up her wet and wanting pussy as I gently wanked her husband in front of her, as he stroked me!!
Jane came forward taking a hard cock in each hand. Pushing and pulling our foreskins back firmly as she lent forward to tease and bite Johns nipple. Her eyes looking into mine, she then lent over to me and ran her tongue around my cock. The feeling was unbelievable, sending shock waves through my body, and then she took me into her mouth.
"John, you have to try this. Plenty of pre cum!!" Jane said as she looked up at her husband licking her lips.
"Get down here and share it with me. I want to be up close, to kiss you round his shaft, and then watch and help feed this cock into your mouth!!"
Now I had been with couples before, but I had never done anything like this, it had always been just for the ladies pleasure (not that, that was a problem, seeing a lady with a hard cock in each hand has always been a pleasure). But certainly never any bi contact, and they had always been strangers in the past!!
My body felt electric. My cock was throbbing like never before.
Nothing could prepare me for the pleasure of seeing my best mate and his wife sucking, tasting and wanking my cock together!! But more than that, the look on Johns face as his wife fed me into his waiting mouth. Oh the pleasure!!
I moved to lay down on the floor. After watching John and Jane sucking me together. I wanted Jane on my face. Grinding her pussy onto my tongue. That way they could both share my cock. As I teased and pleased Janes pussy (definitely one of my favourite past times!!). I wanted to taste her. To tease her arse with my finger and tongue as they kissed and sucked my throbbing cock together.
The feeling of them both sucking me was intense. I pulled Jane down hard onto my face. Burying myself into her. Feeling her pushing back onto my tongue and face as I did!
"Get round behind me babe, I want your cock in me right now" Jane panted. Forcing my cock deep into her mouth to keep me in position.
John came round and knelt down behind her, his cock not 2 inches from my face. I was going to get the perfect view of him fucking his wife. It truly was like being in a porn movie!!
I was laying down, running my tongue over Jane's clit. Whilst holding her arse cheeks open with my hands. Using my fingers to show John, Janes pussy. Running my finger tip around her butt hole. She was in heaven. With that he slowly entered her, pushing deeply but slowly into her.
After a few minutes of his gentle strokes. John puled out and looked down at me. my tongue still working on his wife's clit, and asked "Do you want to taste?!!"
With that Jane jumped up turning round sharply "Not without me watching you don't!! I need to see my husband cock in your mouth, See you both experience your first cock!!"
She gripped my cock hard. Coming round close. Jane and I were almost cheek to cheek as John offered me his cock to taste.
Jane never one to just sit by and not take part it seems. Took Johns cock in her other hand. Running it around my lips. She then proceeded to feed me her husbands hard cock. Tasting her amazing juices on him, but more than that, tasting my best mates cock and pre cum, with Jane wanking me hard and fast, her grip oh so tight!
"I'm going to cum guys!!" I said, and Jane ever the sport, got down to wank me into her mouth. John came round and offered her his cock to milk too. Both our cocks in her wanting mouth together. I was only surprised that we had both lasted this long!!
We fell in a heap on the floor. John and I laughing, our arms around each others shoulders, Jane swallowing our loads.
"Right then!! now that we have got the awkward stuff out of the way" Jane said with a chuckle "I want both these beautiful cocks in me and I mean NOW!!" and she proceeded to snuggle in between us both. A cock in each hand, going to work on us, getting us both hard again.
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