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Naughty Healthcare Students

Nikki, a sexy female student nurse gets her day of fantastic sex from her co-workers!
NHS: Naughty Healthcare Students.

Nikki was a young, pretty and very, very sexy female student nurse.

She was in her final year at Uni studying Adult Nursing. She was in the process of doing her
final Practical Case study examinations and was very tense about passing them.

Her supervisor came to wish her well as she was on week 8 (her final week) of her 8 week
case study, so she really needed to concentrate and impress the supervisor
(who was examining her).

She had built up a very friendly and trustworthy relationship with both her supervisor
and her patient, however she still felt very on edge because of the strong sexual
attraction she felt for them both.

It was ten to ten (cowboy time) although all Nikki could think of is cowgirl time
as she mustered up images of her dressed up as a cowgirl and riding her
supervisor and patient like sea biscuit. She got all wet and tingly and
then she started to relax and get all horny, she was no longer feeling tense
or nervous and she knew that 9.50pm (as she was on a late shift) was only ten minutes
away from her patients appointment time, so she told her supervisor that she was just going
to visit the ladies room before her patient arrives.

Nikki goes to the toilet but in a hurry to finish herself off she goes into the Gents
 as its alot nearer and her pussy is really aching and dripping at this time,
 so she rushes into the men's toilets and luckily its empty so she goes inside a cubicle
 and sits on the toilet seat and starts wanking off her pussy really hard and furious.
She starts moaning really loud from the extreme pleasure she is feeling
 and gets even more aroused at the thought of having to finish up before her patient
 arrives and before any men come into the toilets to hear her or catch her leaving.

4 minutes after intense rubbing of her swollen pussy lips,
she hears the doors swing open, oh shit I have company, I bet tone it down,
 these three guys enter the toilets and are grooming there windswept hair,
real pretty boys that are talking amongst themselves about boring stuff like football.

Nikki tries so hard to keep quiet, however 1 min later she lets out a really loud yelp.
The boys jump in shock and start laughing, where the fuck is that coming from Mike says,
The boys look around in wonder and see that there is one cubicle door shut.
Is there any1 in there?, John said. Still hungry for more
 Nikki slipped her fingers into her dripping wet pussy and continued to
squeal and whimper. David said, woah, come on now guys,
there is someone having mad passionate sex in there, lets get our heads over
 the door and have a perv. So all three guys fiercely moved towards the door and
 peeked over the cubicle. Carry on luv, your doing an amazing job.

Nikki was startled and said oh shit I'm so sorry, I'm so embarrassed yet
 utterly turned on right now. The boys said carry on, we don't mind if you don't.
No I don't Nikki said, she opened the toilet door and said Wow, help me along a little
 by watching me
and rub your big throbbing cocks please. All guys were willing and eager.

4 minutes later, they all came together hard and fast. Nikki spent her last min
to catch her breath and pull her uniform down. The guys said there goodbyes
and they all left the gents.

Back in the Department, Nikki looked Flustered and her supervisor Paul asked
her are you okay Nikki lux. I'm great thanks Paul, just a little excited and nervous
about my finals.

Okay Nikki, Mrs Natasha Green is here now, so are you fully ready to receive her.
(Oh yeah thought Nikki, very ready to receive her. Bring Mrs Natasha Green in now Paul)
Paul went to collect Natasha from the waiting room. Not only was Nikki a pretty sexy
 young night nurse with a face of an angel and body of a god in her very
 sexy tight navy blue cotton uniform, she was also Bi-sexual.

(Mrs Natasha Green, I want to lick that pussy clean) thought Nikki.

Young sexy male nurse Paul with his sexy shaven head and chocolate brown eyes
and tanned and toned body entered the room with a young pretty female patient
 who had long straight dark brown hair and green eyes.

Nikki who has long blonde curly hair and blue eyes looked over as
 they both entered the room. Welcome back Natasha, are you ready for your final week.
Natasha replied, well I'm very excited for you in completing your case study
but I will actually quite miss my little visits here in the hospital.

Ok, Mrs Green, please do your usual routine of stripping off and
getting on the bed and wrapping a towel around you. I will shut the curtains
 so just call us in when your ready.

2 minutes later, Nurse Nikki, I'm ready for my check up, said Natasha.

Ok, we are coming in ready for action, said Nikki.

Firstly, Mrs Green we are going to do an breast examination,
so do you mind pulling the towel down further. Nikki's pussy lips had only just dried off
and now Natasha is about to expose her breasts, Nikki's pussy lips and clit begin to harden
and get hot and sticky.

The juices started to flow even more when she realised that Natasha's nipples are
 pretty, brown, big and hard. Her eyes light up and her breath quickens. Paul's suddenly
begins to realise Nikki's attraction to Natasha and he already knows she fancies
 the pants off him.

Natasha is an ex girlfriend of Paul's and Natasha already knows that Paul will have
a massive hard throbbing prick in his boxers. Natasha gets turned on by the thought of Paul's
hard prick rubbing up against his silk boxers. Natasha has also noticed that Nikki
has the hot's for Paul and starts putting two and two together when she remembers Paul
telling her that Nikki is Bi-sexual and she realises that Nikki must fancy her
as well as she remembers Paul telling her that Nikki particularly likes brunette girls
with green eyes and D cup breasts.

She also noticed that Nikki was taking longer than normal in feeling her tits up during
 the examination.

Okay Nikki and Paul, blurted out Natasha. I know we all fancy the fuck
out of each other here, so why don't we just meet up one night and have a sexy threesome.

No Nikki declared and want to rub, suck, lick and ride you both right now.
 I want to make you both cum so hard. like you have never cummed before in your
life and never will cum like it ever again.

Nikki jumped on top of Natasha and started to kiss her. Paul unzipped his
 pants and let them drop to the floor, he stepped out of them and started rubbing
his huge throbbing cock.

After 5 minutes of kissing, Nikki went further down to Natasha's breasts and Natashas
 pussy started to swell like a balloon and her nipples were tingling like crazy.

Paul went behind Nikki and pulled up her nurses dress and started to eat
 her hot pink tight pussy. As Nikki was getting all wet and juicy from Paul's tongue,
she moved further down Natashas body and said right
I'm going fuck your pussy so hard with my lips and tongue.

Nikki also blurted out, Stick your tongue right up my cunt Paul, I want feel it hit
 my G-spot.

After 5 minutes of oral pleasure, both Nikki and Natasha came really loudly and hard together.

Now Natasha told Paul to fuck Nikki while she licked Paul's balls and eat
Nikki's cute clean pink tight butt hole clean.

Nikki came again twice as hard after several minutes of double pleasure.
 She was totally fucked and satisfied. However Natasha was still extremely horny
 and hungry for Cock and pussy juices,
so she sucked Nikki's pussy juices clean off Paul's cock,
 and brought him to the boil a few times but never let him fully explode.

Natasha was very sexually excited but needed to cum really badly.
So she told Paul to fuck her hard doggy style and really hit that spot. Nikki was no
longer horny but felt left out and wanted return the favor of eating Natashas butt out.
So Natasha got fucked doggy style really fast by Paul and was also screaming with delight as
Nikki's warm, wet, soft, long tongue circled her butt hole wildly.
She had the most amazing multiple orgasms for the last 10 minutes.

Exhausted and sore, they all got re-dressed and then Paul blurted out,

"Well I guess we will have to re-schedule your final until next month, Miss Nikki"

I don't know if I can wait that long, Mr Paul.

Tough shit, you will be working not shagging next time!

They all left the department and went there separate ways.


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