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One crazy summer

Four friends and a night of fun..
Fifteen more minutes, I thought as I sat at my desk. Fifteen more minutes until my boyfriend Kev picked me up on his bike. We had the whole weekend off work. I watched as the clock slowly ticked the last few minutes away. Those minutes were the only thing standing between me and freedom. Finally, it was six o’clock and I headed out the door. As I walked out the door I saw him leaning against his glistening Harley. He looked so good in his shades as he was all decked out in his leathers. Just the sight of him made my blood run hot.

“ Hey babe”, he said as he pulled me in for a kiss.” Did you have a rough day?” I nodded as he bent down to take my lips with his. “ Well hop on. Brian and Angie are waiting for us.”

I climbed on the back , wrapped my arms around my baby, and off we went. There is nothing like being on a bike. The sun on your face, and the wind in your hair. It really frees your soul. By the time we pulled in to Brian’s, all the stress from the day had melted away and I was ready for a good time.

“There she is, ” Angie said as she greeted me with a smile and a quick kiss on the cheek. “ Long time no see. There is beer on ice over there and a bottle of Crown on the table.” She laughed as she whispered, “ Brian and I have already had a few shots, you and Kev need to catch up.”

“ No problem,” I said as I reached for a beer. About that time, I saw Kev coming towards me with a double shot. He handed it to me with a light kiss on my neck. He smiled and said,” Bottoms up , babe.”

I downed the shot and felt it burn all the way to my tummy.

We all drank for a couple hours, talking, laughing, catching up on each others lives. Brian and Angie had been friends of Kev’s for years. I had only known them for a few months but had grown to love them. Angie was a knockout with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She also had a great body with nice C cup breasts. She had a great personality that complimented the physical beauty that God had given her. She and I talked while Brian and Kev talked about their bikes and up coming road trips.

About three hours had gone by and the summer sun was fading from the sky. “ Hey boys,” Angie hollered. “ How about we take this party inside?” The men got up from the picnic table, grabbed the cooler and the nearly empty bottle of Crown. After we all got resettled in the living room, Brian told us that he had picked up a new porno movie the other day.

”Man, Kev you need to see this chick on here give head. She really knows how to deep throat a cock."

Kev laughed and told Brian, “ Buddy, my woman gives the meanest blow job I have ever seen. I’m sure that chick is good but she has nothing on my girl. My baby doesn’t have any gag reflex.”

“ Aww, whatever. I don’t believe you,” Brian said as he drained what was left of the bottle of Crown.

“ I swear man. You ought to see her swallow my cock,” Kev said.

“Okay, then show us,” Brian taunted. “ Angie wont mind.”

I looked at Kev and saw that he was unbuttoning his pants. Are we really going to do this, I wondered? I was a little nervous. I had never sucked dick with an audience before.

“Come here, baby,” Kev said as he pulled me to him.

I got down on my knees as he pulled his semi-hard cock out of his pants. I slowly started to tease the head, making sure to get him completely hard before I went all the way down on him. I started to jack his cock as I teased the head. I tasted the precum as he started to get excited. By this time his dick was throbbing. I looked up and saw his eyes pleading with me to swallow him. I went down on him until I had taken his cock all the way down my throat. I start bobbing up and down as I sucked him.

“Holy shit, Kev. She can suck cock!” Brian yelled out.

I looked up, and saw him massaging Angie's pussy through her shorts. I went back to my task of sucking on Kev’s huge swollen cock. I felt my pussy start to get very wet. Kev reached down and pulled my shirt off. He unfastened my bra. He start rubbing my hard nipples as I sucked and licked him. I saw someone moving my way. Angie came over knelt down She started kissing my neck and bare shoulders. She moved Kev's hands out of the way and replaced them with her mouth.

Brian started rubbing his own cock as he watched his wife play with me. I started to get soaked. My pussy ached to be touched. I stopped sucking Kev to turned my head and kissed Angie.

“Take of your shirt, Angie.” Brian's voice was hoarse with desire.

She slipped out of her shirt. Her breasts were touching mine as we kissed and rubbed against each other. She grabbed my hand and led me toward the bedroom, winking at the boys she said,”We‘ll be back.”

I asked if she had ever been with a woman, and she said no. I laid her down and started kissing down her neck and rubbing her pussy through her shorts. As I made my way down to her beautiful breasts, she started to moan and move her hips against my hand.

I unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled them off . Her pussy was soaked and engorged. I just had to taste it. I moved myself between her legs and heard her breath catch as I put my mouth on her clit. I slipped my finger inside her and started fucking her as I moved my hungry mouth all over her wet pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue. She started to moan, arching her back. She grabbed my head, forcing my face into her luscious pussy. I felt her body start to tremble as she came all over me. Her legs shook as I worked my way back up to her mouth and kissed her. She tasted the juices of her sweet pussy on my mouth.

“Your turn,” she said as she flipped me over and climbed on top of me. She kissed me slowly, sending chills through me as her tongue slid down my neck. She got to my breasts and started teasing each nipple. By that time I was so horny. I just knew I would explode as soon as she touched my clit. I unbuttoned and removed my jeans while she kneaded my breasts. She traveled down my body, teasing my belly button before settling between my legs. She slowly lapped at my clit.

I started to moan and move my hips against her . She slid her finger inside my wet lips and started to finger me as she licked faster on my clit. I started to moan, thrashing on the bed. As the pressure built, I started to scream as I came all over her face.

Still in the living room, Kev turned to Brian” That’s Sarah cumming, “ He smiled, and stood up and walked down the hall. Brian follows him. When they entered the bedroom, Angie was still on her knees between my legs. Brian came up behind her and slid his very hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. He fucked her while she continued licking on my clit.

Kev came over to the edge of the bed and stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked him as Angie's quick tongue started to drive me crazy again. Brian is pounded Angie as hard as he could. She moaned as he continued ramming her with his cock.

“Come here baby,” Kev says as he pulled his dick out of my mouth and positoned me on my knees facing Angie on the bed. He rubbed his cock up and down my ass. Then shoved it in my pussy with one thrust. He and Brian are fucking me and Angie as hard as they can.

Angie started rubbing my nipple while I am rubbing my clit. I can’t stand it anymore, and with a yell, I cum hard on Kev’s cock. Angie seeing me have such a powerful orgasm, immediately starts cumming. Brian smacked her ass grabbed her hips and with one last thrust buried his cock deep inside her, filling her pussy full.

Kev grabbed my hair, and pulled me up, sliding his cock out of me. He turned me around and crammed it in my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock in my throat as his cum pulsed down my throat.

After that, we all laid on the bed, completely spent. All I could think about was that it was surely the beginning of one crazy ass summer.

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