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Summer Holiday

A summer holiday in Bali was anything but boring

Nigella stood on the end of the dock, looking out over the Flores Sea, holding hands with her husband, Andrew. The sun beat down and the humid air was filled with the scent of jasmine. They’d landed in Bali, a little jaded but still excited, and Nigella had quickly changed into a bikini, covered by a light sundress. Andrew wore the shorts and T-shirt in which he’d travelled and both now sported panama hats for protection against the glare.

They watched the approaching launch carve an arc across the bay, trailing white spray which sparkled like thousands of diamonds in the sunlight. It was captained by a tall blond, his lengthy hair tousled by the wind. He had a dark seafarer’s tan and stood proudly and confidently at the helm. As he docked, Nigella saw that his eyes were a pale grey with a hint of blue, and he smiled at her from beneath his peaked cap..

Bags stowed, Nigella and Andrew were invited aboard. Introducing himself as “Simon, your Captain” he offered Nigella a steadying hand and she felt a physical shock as their hands touched, almost an electrical bolt running up her arm. She jumped and practically fell into the boat, her dress briefly flaring to expose her inner thighs and buttocks. He smiled at her, his white teeth dazzling in contrast to the deep tan. 

He looked familiar; Ice Man in Top Gun? What was his name? Van Kilmer sprang into her mind and she nodded: yes, that’s who he looked like. His tailored navy blue shorts and tight fitting white polo shirt, accentuated his body beautifully. He looked to be mid-to-late-twenties, certainly not thirty years old, and was built like a Greek god. Nigella and Andrew were caught staring as he sat them down at the stern and popped open a chilled bottle of champagne.

“The ride to Moyo Island will take thirty-five minutes, so please sit back and enjoy.” 

Simon, judging by his accent, was Australian. He had a ready smile and a cheerful disposition. Nigella snuggled up to Andrew, linked arms, and said how much she was looking forward to their five-star island hideaway.

After docking, they were taken to their luxury suite. It was set back from the bay, amongst the jungle in a private area with its own plunge pool. It was advertised as a tented room with all the extras you expect from a five-star hotel: kingsize bed, sitting area, teak furniture, air con, bi-fold doors all around so it could be opened to the elements. It was exactly as described — and so much more. The roof was tented but the walls were solid and mostly glass, swathed in sheer white slub silk curtains. The en-suite shower adjacent to the bedroom area was a stone-built enclosure, open to the sky. The pool was small but set behind the bedroom, surrounded by trees and bushes. Total privacy. Absolute heaven.

Having quickly unpacked, they were preparing for the pool when there was a knock at the door. Simon delivered a complimentary fruit platter and yet more champagne

“Are you trying to get me drunk”? Nigella asked. 

He laughed and studied her face before saying, “I’m here to make your stay memorable. I’ll do anything required to make sure you have the best time.” As he spoke, he gazed into her eyes and it was all she could do to stop herself from squirming. She knew what she’d like him to do — and soon she’d be lying on a sun lounger imagining it.

When he left, Nigella nibbled fruit, having more wicked thoughts. Stripping, she stood in front of the mirror and looked with a critical eye at her naked body: firm tits, trim stomach and hips, carefully trimmed pussy. She nodded and smiled

Still got it.

She opened the doors wide and looked at their beautifully appointed sun terrace. It was completely surrounded by bamboo, hibiscus, and jasmine, giving the pool total privacy. The sun shone brightly on the water and, as the breeze dropped, she inhaled the scent of the Bali tropics and sighed contentedly. 

No more time to waste, Nigella jumped into the deep green water and rose to the surface, gasping. It was cooler than she’d expected but very refreshing. In fact, just what she needed.

Pushing out of the pool, she noticed her nipples had hardened in the cold water and droplets ran through her hair, over her shoulders, and down to her breasts. Wiping them off — gently and rather more slowly than entirely necessary — she lay face down on a lounger. The sun warmed her back as she settled down to daydream. Dozing, she dreamed of Simon and Andrew, both naked and pleasuring her. 

Simon would be a sensual and thoughtful lover with a perfect body and good sized cock. He would massage and caress her body as well as kiss and lick her while taking her closer to orgasm. He would slowly sink his cock into her wet pussy and build up rhythm and speed until they came together.

Andrew would want to clean them both, licking and sucking her pussy until she came again. Would Simon let Andrew lick him clean too? Nigella really wanted to find out. She loved to turn on two men and have them get up close and personal in the heat of the moment.

She rolled onto her back. Eyes closed, she slightly parted her legs, making room for a hand to stroke between them. She was already wet and she eased fingers between her lips. Her pussy was slick with desire and, rolling her hardened clit between fingers and thumb, she moaned softly, her eyes still shut. Nigella was in the moment: Simon was there and his fingers, not hers, pushed inside. One, then two fingers slid into her and, expertly finding the g-spot, she came quickly with a shudder and a long groan.

Slowly and contentedly opening her eyes, she was stunned to see an iced fruit cocktail on the table next to her lounger. “Andrew,” she called out, “did you bring me this drink?”

“No,” he said from the bedroom. “I got room service. Simon brought them over a little while ago. He was out there a while so I thought you were chatting.”

Nigella laughed, embarrassment mixed with lust. She knew Simon had stood watching her and she was excited about the possibilities that had just opened up. He was interested, that much was obvious, and he’d put himself in a precarious position. Simon owed everything to her now: his job and reputation were in her hands and she fully intended to use him to her advantage.

Wrapped in her sarong, she went into the bedroom and told Andrew her idea. He grinned and clapped his hands in anticipation. Nigella returned outside to the sunbeds while Andrew again called room service. 

Minutes later, Simon walked onto the terrace carrying a tray of drinks and an ice bucket. Nigella immediately demanded to know what he’d been doing earlier while she’d been asleep naked and unaware of his presence. How long had he watched her? What the fuck! 

Nigella said he’d overstepped the line and something would have to be done about it. Simon went from looking sheepish and sporting a little grin to realising that Nigella was serious. He knew he could get fired. 

“I’m sorry, I was just doing...“

Nigella stopped him, raising a hand in the air. “Tell me, what were you thinking when you stood looking at me?”

Simon was quiet for a moment, then looked into her eyes and told her that she was very attractive. “I watched you touching yourself and, truthfully, I hoped you were thinking thinking about me,” he said, his grey eyes seeking a reaction in her face. He shrugged. “Yes, I know it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. I was really aroused and… well, to be honest, I stroked my cock and thought about leaning over and kissing you. To wake you up, you know.”

Now Nigella produced a wry smile. He’d been tormented enough. 

“Actually, Simon, I was thinking about you and Andrew. I thought about you both touching me and each other.” She looked into his concerned face. “If that idea turns you on as much as it does me… then come over here right now and kiss me.” 

Simon looked around and saw Andrew. He was smiling, and he nodded his assent. Simon’s face split into a huge grin, eyes sparkling with delight.

Bending over, Simon held Nigella’s head in his strong hands and his lips lightly brushed hers, parting slightly as they touched. Not quite a kiss, but erotic and sensual just as she’d imagined. He kissed her and sat next to her on the lounger. 

Nigella heard Andrew’s camera phone snapping away but didn't mind. She enjoyed showing off her body, being seen naked, and being watched. Simon’s lips pressed against hers and she responded. Lips apart, their tongues danced, a sensation so amazing that she wanted him to touch her and tease her. She wanted him so badly, she couldn't wait for him to make the first move. 

She tugged his polo shirt over his head. and pressed her hands against the hard muscles of his chest. The deep tan showed off her pale hands beautifully as she stroked him. She felt her pussy becoming wet again and she knew that her daydream was about to come true — at least in part.

His fingers twisted in her hair while his kisses became more ardent. He pulled her closer to his body, her soft warm breasts pressing against him through the sarong. His lust and desire were obvious with every movement of his lips and tongue. He tugged her hair and she gasped, but held him tightly and kissed him like her life depended on it. 

Nigella was aware of the need emanating from his body. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. Every touch, every kiss, sent shivers through their bodies. The intensity of their pent up sexual energy grew with every passing minute; either they had to slow down or burst.

He slowly stroked down her neck and shoulders, her flesh soft and yielding. Fingertips trailed over her breasts and curled around and up around the sides, Nigella moaned at his sensual touches and her nipples hardened immediately under the thin cotton covering. He undid the knot in the sarong between her breasts and the garment opened but didn't fall, her prominent nipples helping to hold it in place. He eased it off, leaving it to puddle on the lounger. 

Nigella closed her eyes as she heard him murmur, “Beautiful, so very beautiful.”

His lips closed on her left nipple and he held it delicately between his teeth, his tongue brushing over it in a circular motion. The sensation was intense, so erotically charged that Nigella squirmed, trying to press her desperate pussy into the lounger. Simon swapped to her right nipple, sucking it and as much of her tit as possible into his mouth. With a chewing motion, he set about inflaming that nipple. 

“Oh. My. God. That feels so incredible… don't stop; please, don't ever stop.”

Nigella raked fingernails down Simon’s back, creating white streaks for a moment, before cupping his buttocks and pulling him towards her. She saw his cock bulging within his shorts, a wet patch visible on the fabric. 

Andrew, having taken photos, stood behind Nigella, massaging her shoulders, waiting for Simon to move south so he could grasp his wife's perfect tits. His cock was also hard, pressing into Nigella’s back, bringing some relief as he rubbed against her. He wondered how far they could individually and collectively push the boundaries. In most people's eyes, they’d already strayed way beyond but, for them, it was a lifestyle choice, one they were perfectly happy to have made.

A rustling in the hedging caught Andrew’s attention. He slowly turned his head, expecting to see a monkey poking about. Out of the corner of his vision, he saw a blonde woman peeking through the vegetation. She was trying to be quiet but failing. 

Andrew could see that she was obviously enjoying the show. She had one hand caressing her tits and the other rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Nigella and Simon seemed oblivious to their audience and, although Andrew knew his wife loved to be watched, he wasn't sure about Simon. He swiftly decided to keep this juicy information for later. He was sure about one thing, though, they were going to give one hell of a show. Who knows, maybe — just maybe — she would join them.

Simon felt a hand pushing on his head. Realising that it wasn't Nigella’s, he glanced inquiringly up at Andrew, who until then had been furtively staring into the hedge. Thinking nothing of it, Simon acquiesced to the pressure and started to kiss a descent towards Nigella’s sweet box. 

Andrew’s hands replaced Simon’s mouth and Nigella continued moaning softly. She arched so that her tits rose toward Andrew and her pelvis thrust forward at Simon’s mouth. He eagerly buried his head between her thighs, inhaling her scent and getting the first sight of her trim pussy lips. He nuzzled into her, kissing along the length of her slit while he grappled with his belt and shorts buttons until he could wriggle free of them. 

Nigella looked at him: beautifully muscled, and a cock not too long but with an impressive girth. She licked her lips as Simon licked those below. He parted her labia with his fingers and stroked his tongue up from her perineum, sinking deliciously into her darkness before continuing inexorably to find her hard nub. He teased her clit remorselessly, rubbing over it, rolling around it, even nibbling. Nigella’s moans were more strident, more desperate. 

Andrew sensed Nigella wasn't focused on him kissing and fondling her breasts, so he moved to the side, still able to surreptitiously watch the blonde hiding in the bamboo. He stroked Nigella’s back down to her arse while he used his other hand to lightly touch Simon. Carefully, he edged his hand lower until he was cupping Simon’s buttock and, squeezing gently, he waited for a signal to carry on.

Simon felt Nigella’s hands scratch his back. After he’d undressed, he felt her hand roving up his thighs toward his raging erection. She stroked his shaft as he buried his tongue deep inside her, his moans muffled. Nails scraped along his length then fingers pulled back his foreskin, pre-cum dribbling. He felt a more tentative hand on his arse and figured it belonged to Andrew. 

What the fuck, why not? Simon moaned into Nigella’s pussy and pushed back against Andrew’s groping hand.

Permission received, Andrew instantly slid fingers to Simon’s asshole. Andrew gently massaged and alternated with Nigella on Simon’s ball sac. Simon discovered the meaning of absolute ecstasy. The sensations shooting through his body were like nothing he’d felt before. Could it ever get any better? Kneeling, Andrew pulled Simon’s hips towards him and Nigella released his cock with a loud groan. Almost ready to cum, she lay back and gave herself to the moment. 

Andrew’s tongue teased the tip of Simon's cock and it twitched in response. Opening wide, Andrew plunged down over the head, sinking every inch into his hot mouth. Squeezing Simon’s balls, he plugged a finger into his arse.

“Oh fuck yes,” Simon yelped. His cock expanded and balls started to contract as he felt his orgasm building. But, before he could explode into Andrew’s throat, all contact stopped. 

He shook and quivered as Andrew told him, “Your first load is for Nigella. Fill her pussy for me to lick clean.”

Nigella moaned as Simon stopped licking her sopping wet cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me hard and deep.”

Simon, on top, slid his cock in between her labia and moved slowly so that the head eased over her clit and down to the entrance to her wet but tight tunnel. Nigella gripped his buttocks with both hands and, digging in her nails, pulled him to her, forcing his dick straight in balls deep on the first thrust. Simon ground his pelvis onto her clit, rotating his cock deep inside her, before pulling almost all the way out. He paused and she dug her nails into him again and he thrust again. They got into a rhythm that suited them, Simon grunting with each powerful plunge. 

Andrew seized his moment to placed his hard cock close to Simon’s head. With a smile, Simon turned toward it, extending his tongue as he did so. He gave a little testing lick to see if he liked it. He nodded and pressed his lips to the head. Andrew gripped Simon’s hair in his fists and pushed his shaft into the willing mouth. Alternating a thrust with a suck, Simon breathed heavily, his eyes rolled, and his moans could surely be heard next door.

Andrew looked for the blonde. She was still there — indeed, not even hiding as much anymore. She openly played with herself, a hand now inside her shorts. Andrew winked and smiled at her and, though she blushed, she returned the smile. He inclined his head, inviting her to join in. She seemed to consider the idea but looked back toward her suite and, with a resigned look, shook her head. Andrew smiled and shrugged.

Nigella was looking up at her husband. She had a cock buried deep in her pussy and he had his cock in her lover’s mouth. She grinned with satisfaction but she’d noticed Andrew’s side of the exchange with their neighbour. She looked to where he’d been focused and saw the blonde in the throes of orgasm. Nigella smiled at her but didn’t believe her audience had noticed. Eyes half closed, a long low moan was escaping from the blonde’s lips.

Simon was still thrusting and grinding into Nigella and sucking Andrew. He couldn't last much longer. The intensity and sexuality of the moment were incredible and he wanted — no, needed — release. 

“I'm going to come,” he mumbled, gasping. 

Nigella responded by bucking her hips to meet each of his thrusts and squeezed his cock as tightly as she could. Simon’s orgasm swept over him: his body tensed then relaxed into a pulsating mass of muscle and spunk. Driving as deep as he could into Nigella, he rotated his hips, trapping her clit beneath him. The hard bone rubbing against her took Nigella over the edge and she cried out when her orgasm hit. She raked her nails over Simon’s arse as he pumped him into her. She clamped her mouth over his nipple and bit hard. Simon grunted, accompanied by a final thrust which drained him completely. 

Andrew was face-fucking Simon aggressively now, driving his cock deep into his mouth as he got closer and closer to climax. Simon clutched Andrew’s arse and a finger, sticky from Nigella’s pussy, slipped up his passage. With Simon’s finger twisting and pressing, his mouth sucking, and Andrew’s hands twisting Simon’s hair, Nigella sucked a ball into her mouth. Andrew yelled and spasmed, his spunk jetting down Simon’s throat in thick strands. Andrew’s legs weakened.

Simon swallowed as quickly as he could; there was nothing else to do. He’d never sucked a cock and was stunned that he’d actually done it. Not only that, he’d absolutely adored it. Fucking a beautiful woman and sucking a hard cock had more than doubled the intensity and the pleasure. He lay next to Nigella and trailed fingertips across her body. Andrew slumped onto the lounger next to them, found his phone and took a photo of them spooning, contented smiles on their faces.

The sun was setting, the sky turning pink and orange, and a light breeze dried their sweaty bodies. As heartbeats returned to normal, Simon kissed Nigella’s neck and cupped a breast. Nigella reached over to grasp one of Andrew’s hands. She squeezed it. 

“Thank you, boys, for making my daydream come true.”

She settled back, content and sated — for now. What will happen next? A smile creased the corners of Nigella’s mouth as she pondered whether she might be able to entice the blonde to come over and play, too.



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