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The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together by her husband becoming bisexual
Part Three


Thank Christ the x-rays showed that my pelvic bone and my leg were now mended for I could now have this damned plaster cut off and I can scratch myself. That was the worst part of being in plaster to get an itch that you couldn’t scratch. I’m sure I was to claw my skin to ribbons when it finally comes off.

I didn’t, but came close to it when they got the damned thing off and I was able to walk. Well, stumble as I was helped along back to my bed after it was off. I was most unsteady and they said that I would still have to stay for another day or so to be seen by the physiotherapist to get my legs working properly before being released.

So I had another two days of baths and massages to get the muscles working properly again before they announced I was fit enough to leave. I couldn’t wait to get out but I thanked them and wondered if the victims of the Inquisition had ever thanked those that had tortured them?

I had a taxi called for to take me home and it seemed a desolate place by not having been lived in for over ten weeks. The first thing I did was to make myself a cup of coffee and it was glorious after the weak stuff that they had called tea that was given me in the hospital.

I took my cup through to the study and sat down at the desk and phoned Head Office to apologise for being the victim in an accident and that I was now back at work and would be putting out a new agenda for the seminars that had to be cancelled. They were pleased that I was back and wished me luck. It was a good firm to work for as I got to set my own schedules and did the contacting of various branches to say when the next seminar was to be held and arranged the accommodation and all that.

I kept Head Office informed of all that had been invited and gave a brief report after each one, specifying who did and who did not turn up. I had got it down to a fine art and it worked very well but now I had to mend fences especially with the hotel in Uxbridge because I usually booked rooms and the hall a good three months in advance.

Next day I went there. They had been told of my accident and that the seminars had been cancelled until further notice and that the rooms booked could be re-let. But I felt duty bound to go myself now I was up and about to explain further the reason.

They were most accommodating and told me not to worry as accidents will happen which made me wince at this English form of expression. But in good faith, I booked in for the night for there was no point in going back to an empty house and this was on expenses. I also told them that I was drawing up a new series of seminars and would let them know in the very near future of the dates and number of rooms required. I always tried to include at least two or four females for these for it made the booking of rooms easier by having all them twin bedded and having the men share and the women rather than go to the expense of booking singles.

Having pacified the management, I went down to the bar where I was known and my gin and tonic was poured without me having to ask for it.

There were two couples and three single men in there I noted when I entered to sit at the bar before dinner and it didn’t take one of the men long to come over to the bar and sit on the stool next to me.

‘Excuse me for intruding, but haven’t I seen you in here before,’ he asked. He was, I suppose, to be in his early forties or late thirties, not bad looking and decently attired. It was an opening gambit which I’d heard before, but I liked the look of him and, well let’s face it, I’d been without a man for over three months now and though I wasn’t really that desperate to take anything, he did look good enough to eat.

‘You might well have seeing as I come here quite often, but I don’t recall seeing you before,’ I said to try and put him on the back foot.

‘Probably because you were always surrounded by other men at the time,’ he countered to which I smiled.

‘Yes, I do seem to attract them don’t I?’ I said as I smiled sweetly at him. ‘Though to set your mind at ease, they were what you might call my students. I hold seminars here and they come to listen and learn.’

‘What do you teach?’

‘The latest home electronic devices coming onto the market.’

‘Hey, that’s my business! I sell home appliances,’ and he went on to say what company he worked for.

‘Pshaw!’ I said contemptuously, ‘I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole,’ and told him the company I represented.

‘That’s my trouble having to compete against yours,’ he said glumly, ‘but at least I’m on expenses,’ he said with a bright smile, ‘so I would deem it a pleasure if you would be my guest for dinner tonight.’ I liked him and they way that he spoke so I accepted. Of course, the dinner ran the expected way where he would tell me of his troubles being away from home so much that it almost became unbearable.

‘Oh for Christ’s sake David!’ I said, for that was the name he had given me, true or false it didn’t matter for he was a man. ‘You’re beating about the bush to flush out the prey. Why don’t you come right out and say that you want to go to bed with me?’

‘I…I was just getting round to that,’ he stammered.

‘Well were round it now. We’ll use your room,’ I said and with that, stood up and let him sign the bill and we went up to his room. There, I let him kiss and undress me and when I was naked after quite a few kisses on my breasts, lay down on the bed and watched him hurriedly get out of his clothes. He seemed a bit embarrassed to be standing there in front of my gaze at his erection. His body wasn’t that bad considering how many hotel meals he must have had over the past few years.

He kissed me and began to caress and squeeze my breasts and I let him and waited till he was kissing my nipples that I gave his head a push and he knew then what I wanted first.

He kept kissing my body as he went down and I opened my legs for him to get in between and gave myself up to the pleasure of being licked, sucked and nibbled and having his tongue inserted into my vagina.

I was close to my orgasm, the first in many months and quickly tugged at his ears as I asked him to now fuck me. He was up and in quicker than I could say Errol Flynn and it was a pleasure to once more have a cock slide up inside me. I lay back and enjoyed having him fuck and bring me to my orgasm. I bucked and thrashed about, going a bit over the top I thought, as I came much to his pleasure as he came at the same time as he fought to keep himself inside me.

He was panting heavily when he finished and brought his whole weight to bear down on me which I didn’t mind for it had been rather a long time since I’d had a man on top of me. So as a special treat, when he finally pulled out, which I didn’t like, went down and sucked on him as though he was the best lover in the world. He would remember me I thought for this little added touch as I sucked out the last of his juices.

He was a bit disappointed when, an hour later I got up and began to get dressed.

‘Christiana! I thought you would be staying the night?’ he said in a slightly petulant voice.

‘Too much of a good thing is bad for you,’ I said as I zipped up the back of my dress.

‘Will I see you again?’ his voice almost childish now.

‘Maybe,’ I said, slipping my feet into my shoes and going over to the bed where he was propped up on his elbow. I gave him a kiss. ‘Thank you for dinner.’

‘You’re welcome,’ he said in a small voice as I went and left his room to go down one floor to mine.

Having placated the management of the hotel and given satisfaction to one of the guests, left next morning after breakfast and went home. I spent the rest of the day and the one following in setting up a new agenda for the seminars I had missed and wrote the letters to those whose turn it was to be invited. I only set up four for after that, I was due to go to Holland to see the latest appliances that our main supplier were making ready for sale to the public.


It was back to work on the Monday, but before I left the flat, Miki and I had sex and I found that having a good fuck in the morning was the best tonic I could ever wish for. I had never felt happier as I walked to the shop, even better than my honeymoon with Christiana. He too was going back to work at the hospital and he left earlier than me to see to the patients’ breakfasts.

I didn’t normally work on a Monday, but as I’d been away for nearly eleven weeks, I had time to make up. They were surprised to see me but I think the welcome I received was heartfelt. I didn’t appear on the shop floor that day for I spent it going over the sales figures for the past two months and saw that the Head Office were right. Our sales had dipped, not a lot but they had definitely gone down. So what was wanted was a pepped up sales talk which I would do the next day.

I was tired when I went home, not physically, well at lot really, but it was more mental than anything. I flopped on our sofa and Miki, bless him, smoothed my forehead for he was home before me and much as I needed it, told him no. He’d looked after me for the past six, nearly seven weeks, it was now my turn to look after him. I got up and went and cooked dinner, which we ate, washed down with a bottle of wine and then went to bed and made love.

The question came to me as I was on my knees with Miki in the middle of fucking me, loving what he was doing and I said to myself, am I becoming more of a woman than I was a man? This thought stayed in my mind even when it was my turn to fuck him. I loved sticking my cock up his arse but I wondered if I loved having his more? I know I now had come to relish taking his erection in my mouth, sucking and tonguing him till he came, filling me with his sperm for me to swallow. Did it make me less of a man?

As the weeks went by, well, I found out. But, that was yet to come. I gave my pep talk to those at the shop and within a week, we had exceeded the target I had set. I kept a close eye on our intake of stock, and knowing the cost, balanced that out on to our expenditure, i.e., rent wages etc., to give us at least a forty per cent profit turnover. I was back to that forty per cent within two weeks of my return. Now this continued for the next two weeks which prompted me to make a trip to Head Office to plead for them to purchase the next door property to us that was shortly to be vacated.

It had been a privately owned draper’s store and the owner, due to ill health had decided to retire. This I got before he had actually made the decision and therefore, had made known to Head Office that we should acquire the lease to expand the shop I was currently in charge of.

I think it was my track record in the retail market of electric domestic appliances in our area that swayed them to consider and then act on my request. They put in a bid and gained the premises, which was fortuitous in the events that followed. But until we get to that, let’s get back to my private life as it were.

I was now quite besotted by my big black strong lover. I was already bending over backwards for him and I became more and more dependent on having his thick black cock shoved up my arse to fuck my brains out. I came to love lying in his arms at night with his muscular arms around me, holding me tight after we had made love. He was becoming the dominant partner in our relationship and I didn’t demure, for I was in fact definitely become more of a woman the longer I had him with me.

‘Miki,’ I said one night just after he had really given me a bloody good fuck, ‘I think that now you can call me your wife.’

He went on to argue against this, but I countered everything he said and I reiterated all that he said and I later went on to prove it.

But now that Christiana was out of hospital and back at work too, I felt bound to go home to Reading at the weekend if only to see her on the Sunday. It was a very stilted meeting on our first coming together in our home. It was politeness carried to excess. How are you now? Have you fully recovered from the accident? I’m sure you can gather how frosty the atmosphere was.

We were polite to each other so much so that it bordered on the ridiculous, though it wasn’t funny to us at the time. That first night in bed together wasn’t a success either. I couldn’t get it up and she wouldn’t go down on me to help. It was in fact a disaster in the love making stakes, so I lay there wishing I was with Miki and she was probably wishing she was somewhere else too. Though we did manage to couple together over the next few months, we were much further apart than we were before the accident.

It also prompted me to do what I did in respect of Miki. It came to me that I was no longer a husband to Christiana but rather I was a wife to Miki. So it was on the Monday morning when she went off to one of her seminars that I too left home in Reading and went shopping in Chelsea.

I was bold enough to say that I was gay, a fact that I had not really considered myself until I had got into the shop, and said that I wanted an outfit, a female outfit, top to bottom.

They didn’t turn a hair at my announcement or request and began to show me everything that they had. When I say they didn’t turn a hair, I mean it, for I even had one of the girls come into the changing room to show me how to fix a suspender belt on. There I was, bollock naked, and this young thing helped me put this thing on and showed me how to fix the stockings to it.

I was now past the embarrassing stage and let them show me how to put on these clothes as if they had a person like me in the shop every day. I was even given hints as to the make-up I should use and went as far as to go out and get me a cosmetic case.

It cost me, believe me not! But, red faced or not, I went through with it for I believed that Miki was worth it. I had them get me a taxi and with my five bags of their stock, went to our flat in Tooting. I went and had a nice bath, using, on their advice, the bath scents that they had sold me. Then I dried myself and used some of their powder, after which, I began to try and transform myself into a woman for Miki.

I realised that I should have shaved my legs before pulling on the stockings, but we can’t all be perfect the first time, and got a sexual thrill when I pulled them up to fix them to the belt that had taken me nearly five minutes to put on properly. I had a massive hard on when that was accomplished and I nearly came when I looked at myself in the mirror with these few items on.

Then I put on one of the dresses and a wig I’d bought and found that I liked what I saw it the mirror and so I stayed dressed that way until Miki came home.

His face was a picture when he saw me standing there dressed as a woman. Surprise, incredulity, disbelief was what I saw flit across his black handsome face as I opened my arms for him. He must have liked what he saw for he came into them quick enough to kiss me many times before he actually lifted me up off my feet and carried me into the bedroom.

I only managed to get the dress off before he rolled me over onto my knees and have his cock rammed up my arse to give me a glorious fuck. The straps of the suspender belt were as taut as they could ever be as he pumped himself into me, pulling my hips back onto him as I gurgled with delight as his cock made a fresh passage within me. As he came, he fell onto my back and I in turn went down onto the bed covers and while he continued to grind himself into me, his weight and pressure on my back, made me spurt out my seed on the covers.

We spent a lovely half hour of him licking me clean of the mess I had smeared all over my stomach. I didn’t suck on him for he hadn’t used a condom.

‘Now I’m your wife,’ I said later as we lay in each other’s arms, kissing and stroking each other as we slowly began to arouse ourselves for another but more sedate session of loving. We ate each other instead of having dinner.

A week later, I went to one of the company’s annual dinners where minor employees were given various awards. It was held in one of the big complexes in Birmingham. I’d now been to quite a few of them and found them quite frankly, boring. So much so, that as soon as they began getting people seated, I sneaked out and went to the bar.

It was being held in one of the big hotels that had been specially built for this kind of thing and I had noticed on entering that they were holding no less than four different conventions at the same time, in different parts of the hotel of course.

I was sitting there nursing my drink wishing I was back home with Miki, only being here because I had been told I had to. I was the only one in the bar until a young man came in and ordered a drink and as one does, he drifted over to me and sat next to me.

‘Are you here for one of these do’s?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I replied morosely, ‘You?’

‘Yes. I’ve been to one before and when I saw the seating plan, that was it, I was out. I was only put next to the guy that was there last time and I’m sure he rigged it. He tried to get me into his bed before. Christ! He’s old enough to be my father, so I came out here.’

‘Don’t blame you,’ I said in the same voice.

‘I gather by your tone of voice that you are at one of these functions and that you’ve been here to these things before?’ he asked.

‘Too right. Same people spouting the same waffle, yes, I’ve been here before. That’s why I’m here at the bar and not inside.’

We chatted about inconsequential things before he asked if I was going in to eat at my function.

‘No,’ I said. ‘I’d rather go hungry.’

‘Same as me though I am rather hungry. Are you staying at this hotel?’ he asked, and I said that I was.

‘Well as I said, I’m hungry. I know of a good restaurant not far from here, would you care to join me for dinner?’

I looked at the young man, about twenty four years of age, bright looking with a nice smile, maybe he would be good company for a meal and so I said yes.

He was right, it was indeed a good restaurant and I couldn’t fault the food or the service.

‘You’ve obviously been here before,’ I said as we came to the end of the meal.

‘Yes. I work not far from here and have popped in here quite a few times,’ he said as he poured out another glass of wine for both of us, this being the second bottle I might add.

‘So what are you going to do for the rest of the night?’ he asked.

‘Go to bed. On my own,’ I added and wasn’t surprised when his hand came over and was placed on my own.

‘You don’t have to be on your own,’ he said.

‘You mean that I’m closer to your age than the old man you told me of that was of the same age as your father?’

‘Yes, but that wasn’t what I was saying,’ he replied with a smile.

‘I know what you were saying and that was that I don’t have to sleep in bed on my own, am I correct?’ and I smiled back at him.

‘I think we are on the same wavelength, am I right?’

‘That we are and I accept the invitation.’

‘Great!’ he said, ‘My name’s Adrian.‘ and I told him that my name was Paul, and he called for the bill and insisted on paying saying that he was on expenses. We went back to the hotel and when we entered he asked if it was his room or mine.

‘Yours,’ I said. ‘I have to be back in London early so I won’t be staying for breakfast.’ He accepted that and went and got his key from the desk, mine I had in my pocket, and we took the lift up to his floor and along to his room.

He’d only just shut the door and we were in each other’s arms and kissing on the lips. Both of us could feel the urgency in each other and we broke apart and quickly undressed to turn to each other again, naked, before we moved and lay on the bed.

We stroked each other’s erection as we fought a minor battle with our tongues before Adrian broke away.

‘God, you’re bigger than I thought you might be,’ he said panting as he still continued to stroke my hard throbbing cock. ‘Fuck me Paul please,’ he begged and passed me a condom. I wanted this young man and quickly tore open the wrapper and rolled the rubber down on my shaft. He had already gone up onto his knees and I moved in behind him and saw those pale white cheeks that reminded me of Miki. I know, Miki’s bum was black and this bum before me was white, but it wasn’t the colour, it was just that here was an arse that was concealed by these white cheeks that had triggered the thought. Black or white, a hole to be fucked was one that was just about to be.

I didn’t even bother to guide it as I placed both my hands on his hips and my cock knew its own way and soon I was pushing myself up into this young man called Adrian.

He was young and hadn’t been reamed that much he was so tight. I really had to push and he gasped as I widened his arsehole to accommodate my prick as first the head went in and then the rest followed to a big sigh from him underneath me. I moved my hips from side to side when I had the cheeks of his bum up tight to my thighs which brought forth another gasp from him. Then I fucked him! Boy, did I ream his arsehole.

I kept ramming into him, pulling back as far as I could without coming out and then slamming myself back into him, my balls smacking him every time, exciting them too to produce what they were there for. I ploughed his field so that it was ripe for my seed when I did let go, holding him tight up to me as I jerked my hips in my coming inside. He had been alternating between gasps and cries as I had fucked him and he gave an even bigger cry when I pulled out of him. He fell down onto his front and then slowly rolled over and I could see that there were tears in his eyes.

‘Man, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had,’ he panted. ‘I don’t think I’ll ever meet someone like you again. I wished I’d met you earlier.’

‘Don’t say any more,’ I said, putting my finger to his lips. ‘I have a lover in London, and that is where I am going in the morning. This is what they call a one night stand, now do you think you can do the same for me?’ I smiled.

He tried but he wasn’t as good as Miki. It was a nice fuck that he gave me and I made the appropriate noises and he was happy with that. I stayed in his bed for the night and we went into a sixty nine in the early hours of the morning and sucked on each other till we came, swallowing and sucking as we licked each other clean.

‘I wish you could stay,’ he said to me as I was trying to say goodbye with a kiss, but he accepted that I had to go and with another nice friendly kiss, we parted.

Not long after having the cast off, I bought a top of the range B.M.W. two seater coupe, the insurance I got for my old car was only enough to cover one year’s insurance on this one. So just after six I was heading for London with the top down, no need to rush for I would still catch the early commuters the closer I got to London, which I did. I parked it in the garage I rented near the flat, garages and parking spaces were at a premium in Tooting, and I was in the shop by half ten.

I got good news from Head Office that they had bought the shop next door and the other two floors above, though the old boy there wouldn’t be moving out for another three months. This meant that I could use the first floor for storage and the upper floor as a live in flat for myself and Miki. So the rest of the week I drew up plans of how I wanted the ground floor space laid out for the shop fitters. Also I wanted a service lift installed to take in goods from the service road at the back up to the first floor. That had always been my bug bear in this shop that I couldn’t carry much stock and we had lost sales because of this. These plans I submitted to Head Office and later got them approved.

Now Miki worked a five day week at the hospital, Monday to Friday. I worked Tuesday to Saturday, so he got another nurse to split with him so that he had every other Monday off but worked the Saturday. I then told Christiana that I had changed my day’s off alternately every Monday to a Wednesday and that it wasn’t worth my while to travel back to Reading in the middle of the week. That meant that Miki and I had the whole of a Sunday and Monday together on alternate weeks.

We had fun on those weekends. I would dress up in my female clothes on the Sunday and be a woman till Tuesday morning. I’d bought a pair of high heeled shoes but couldn’t get the hang of walking in them so he bought me a pair of half heeled shoes and I found that these were fine and it also brought me up to his height which was perfect.

I would also play about with the cosmetic case, making myself up and generally making a mess of it. Here, Miki showed a talent that would have got him a job in any beauty parlour. He could do a wonderful job of putting on eye shadow and all the rest on my face and with a wig on, I really did look like a rather beautiful woman. I also began shaving under my arms and my legs. On Sunday nights, we would have dinner and after, put on some music and we would dance together for a while before he started to undress and make love to me.

Then one Sunday we did a most daring thing, well for me it was. All dressed up and looking like a million dollars, we went out to this gay bar in Clapham. Wow, didn’t I go down well there. I was very hesitant of going in dressed as a woman where quite a few of the regulars there knew me as Paul and that Miki and I were lovers. I got nothing but compliments as Pauline saying how wonderful I looked and having had the courage to openly declare myself.

Miki preened that he had the most beautiful looking lover there and I got many proposals to leave Miki and take on other lovers. I had been very nervous at first but came to like the attention I got and so we finished up going in there nearly every Sunday that I was in town.

Sex with Christiana was becoming just a perfunctory coming together without any frills or thrills and I couldn’t wait to get back to Miki to have his big cock either in my hand, mouth or up my backside. Plus the fact I liked fucking him better than with my wife. The one consolation in Reading was that she had had a good job done on the swimming pool and I spent many hours of my weekend in the water. It helped strengthen my arms and also toned up other muscles as well. So when she asked if we could have an outside patio to surround it, I agreed.


I tried very hard to please Paul one weekend and got to him to agree to me having the patio I wanted, built out round the pool. I had a seminar that week and the same builder that had done the pool agreed to see me on the Saturday.

I had Paul drop me off at the Uxbridge hotel on his way into London for my car was in for a service, and I went up to my room that was almost a second home to me now and ran through the list of managers and assistant managers I would be demonstrating the latest products to. I had been looking forward to this group for Peter Trubshaw would be among them. He was a dishy looking manager from Manchester and he had made it know the last time he’d been here that he would like to see more of me. Well he most definitely would this time and I went down to where the displays would be set up. The hotel kindly did this for me as well as keep them in storage until it came to change them over for new stock.

By eleven o’clock, all the men were there for me to start and I was pleased to see that Peter was there too. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him alone till we met in the bar just before dinner.

‘Glad you could make it Peter,’ I said as I sat down on the bar stool next to him.

‘It’s always a pleasure to see you Christiana,’ I always insisted that first names were used at the seminars. ‘Not only do I have a week away from the shop, but get to spend it with a pretty woman.’

‘You always say that,’ I laughed.

‘Well I always come down here in the hope that one week we might become more than just good friends.’

‘Then if you buy me a large gin and tonic, this could be your lucky week,’ I said with a smile.

‘Really?’ he said, his face lighting up as he signalled the barman. I gave him a sweet smile and patted his hand. He made sure that he sat next to me at dinner and went and bought quite an expensive bottle of wine too. After the meal, I said to those at the table that I was turning in and said softly to Peter that I would see him later in my room as I tapped his hand with my key so that he could see the number.

I went up to my room and got undressed and put on an almost see through short nightie and added a dab of perfume in the right places and poured myself out a drink while I waited. About ten minutes later, he knocked at the door and I let him in. It flustered him a bit to see me already wearing a nightie and I told him to help himself to a drink as I settled myself on the bed, my legs curled under me as I propped myself up on my pillows. He got his drink and looked at the only chair that the room had so I patted the bed next to me for him to sit down.

He took a quick mouthful of his drink as he sat down, his face slightly red as I sat up and began to undo his tie.

‘Why do men wear these strangling things?’ I asked as I got it undone and began to undo the buttons of his shirt and put my hand through to run it over his hairy chest.

‘I don’t know,’ he stammered as I began to tweak his nipple.

‘Would you like to kiss me?’ I asked and he took another pull at his drink and nodded as he put his glass down on the side, took me into his arms and kissed me. Gently at first and then with a bit more passion and soon his hand wandered up and slipped in the gap of my nightie and covered my breast.

That I didn’t push his hand away gave him more confidence and he began to rub it, the nipple in the palm of his hand began to get hard and I was becoming moist down in between my legs. He gave out a groan when I rubbed my hand down the front of his trousers and found he was very hard there.

‘Get these clothes off,’ I said in a hoarse voice when I broke free from his kisses. He was off the bed quickly and took everything off and I could now see what I wanted, hard and stiff, sticking up and throbbing. The circumcised head blood red and pulsating and it swayed from side to side as he got onto the bed where I had made some room for him. I put my drink down and undid the bow of my nightie and let it slip off my shoulders so that he could now see my breasts properly.

‘God Chris,’ he said, using the shortened version of my name that most of them used, ‘you are beautiful,’ and he came into my arms and kissed me again, squashing my breasts against his chest. I liked a man’s hairy chest for it scratches and excites my nipples and makes them really stand out.

I pushed his head down for him to kiss and suck on them which he did for a few minutes before I pushed his head again. He guessed what I wanted as I opened my legs and so he kissed his way down over my stomach and moved in between them and began to lick and tease my sex with his tongue.

He was quite good at this as his tongue darted in and out of my vagina and rasped across my clit raising that up to a hard button. I could only take so much of this and pulled him up the bed and made him roll over onto his back for me to move down and taking hold of his erection, gave it a rub before taking it into my mouth. It was hot and really throbbing and he gave out another groan as he felt the heat from my mouth and my tongue teasing the eye of his cock.

‘Not too much,’ he gasped, ‘unless you want it this way.’ I didn’t, I wanted that hard piece of flesh up inside me so I let him go and rolled over onto my back.

‘Now Peter, now! Fuck me!,’ I said, really wanting him now and he came over me and I felt it enter and I pulled him down onto me as he slid right in to fill me with his hardness. He was heavy but I didn’t mind as long as his cock was now in the right place and he began to move and fuck me. He lifted his chest up off me as he moved onto his elbows and put his hands up under my arms to hold my shoulders as he pulled me down onto him as he pushed up. ‘Harder, harder,’ I urged and he began ramming himself into me as far as he could go and I loved that hard flesh reaming my insides and sending panic signals to all my nerves as I built up to an orgasm. I bucked my hips and came in a shattering explosion as I writhed underneath his weight and cried out as I came which triggered him off to hold himself almost rigid except for his hips as he came, pumping his seed up into me.

He bowed his head into my shoulder and kissed my neck as he slowed down, his cock still throbbing and twitching inside me. I hung on tight to his shoulders as I squeezed it with my vaginal muscles, milking the last of his sperm out.

I could feel beads of sweat on my upper lip which he licked off before kissing me as we lay still locked together.

‘I’ve been wanting to do this from the very first time I saw you,’ he said between kisses.

‘Well all good things come to those who wait,’ I said as I smiled up at him, ‘now let me clean that cock of yours before it gets too soft.’

He pulled out to a sucking noise and fell over onto his back and I was quickly up onto my knees to suck out what was left inside his cock and also get to taste my juices until he went soft. I then lay on top of him for a little while as we kissed before I rolled off and said that he should be going so that I could get some sleep.

He didn’t argue having got what he wanted and I was more than satisfied too. He got dressed, finished his drink and gave me a kiss before saying goodnight and leaving my room to go to his. I had him every night at that seminar.

Back home on the Saturday, my builder called and I showed him where I wanted the patio built and he did his measuring and told me that they would start the work sometime during the following week. That was fine with me and we settled on the price and I was pleased to hear that Mark Seaton was still on the work force.

I had another seminar the week they started but didn’t have one for the following week, which was just as well for there were four men on the job that first week. They did the major part of the work in that week, laying the foundation and building the small wall and preparing the surface for tiling.

Only two turned up the next week and I was pleased to see that Mark was one of them. The other young man was nearly as good looking and his name was Terry Forbes I found out when I gave them some coffee during their first break on the Monday. I then went upstairs and put on my swim suit and went back down for an hour of swimming and letting them see me in a costume. On Tuesday, I didn’t put on a suit but swam in the nude. I made sure that they got an eyeful of me before I dived into the water and the one called Terry was goggle eyed when I got out of the water as though oblivious of them and walked all the way round to were my towel lay.

Work stopped on Wednesday morning for they got another eyeful that morning before I dived into the water and after a few minutes I called out to Mark. He came inside as I stood in the water, the top level only just covering my nipples but they could clearly be seen as could my bush between my thighs.

‘You both look hot,’ I said to him. ‘Why don’t you and Terry come in for a swim to cool off.’ This had a double meaning for I could see that he was hard inside his shorts.

‘Both of us?’ he asked and I nodded. ‘But we haven’t got swim suits?’

‘Am I wearing one?’ I asked.

‘Terry!’ he called out. ‘We’ve been invited for a swim.’ Terry came in a little shyly but soon lost his shyness when he saw Mark take his boots and socks off and then his shorts and jump in the pool. I think both of us saw that he had an erection for Terry didn’t need any urging then and quickly took his things off and he too had an erection which he tried to hide as he jumped into the water.

I did some back strokes so that my breasts were up out of the water for them to see and then went under to swim towards them and could see that they both still had erections in spite of the coolness of the water.

‘Don’t just stand there like pricks,’ I said. ‘Swim.’ This they finally did and I let them do a couple of lengths before joining them and started some racing. After five minutes I gave it up for I didn’t want to tire them out and I got out of the pool and pulled two lounger mattresses to the tiled floor.

‘Mark,’ I called out as I sat down on them. ‘Come and see to me please.’ He swam to the edge of the pool.

‘With Terry watching?’ he asked.

‘Why not? He can be next,’ I said and Mark looked back at Terry who was grinning from ear to ear. Mark didn’t need a second asking for he got out of the pool, his cock up straight and hard and came over and sat down beside me as I lay back.

‘Give Terry a good show,’ I said to him as I opened both my arms and my legs. He quickly rolled over onto me and got in between my legs and put himself straight in to my delight of having him in there once again. It was a good fuck that we had and it didn’t take him long before he began to shudder and ram into me hard as he came, his hips pumping away till he fell onto me gasping.

‘That was just great Christiana,’ he panted, ‘thanks very much. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted it since I heard we were to be working here again.’

‘You’re welcome,’ I smiled up at him, ‘but now let Terry have a slice of the pie.’ He smiled and pulled out and rolled over and beckoned to Terry.

‘I told you there was a chance,’ he called out to him still in the water and Terry came out looking bashful but his cock wasn’t. Up hard and the head looking a very ugly red as if it was fixing to bust.

‘Don’t be shy Terry, come and give me a good fuck,’ I said, opening my legs a bit wider. He didn’t need any more urging but fell to his knees between mine and quickly put himself inside me and gave out a gasp as my inside muscles gripped him and I pulled him down on my breasts. ‘Make it good for both of us, ‘I breathed into his ear and began to move my hips to get him going. He was a good fuck too for even I had an orgasm at the same time as he came inside me.

I gave out a girlish whimper as he pulled out and rolled over onto his side, his prick still fairly hard lying against both our thighs. I saw Mark looking at my breasts and told him that he could play with them if he wanted too, which he did.

‘Now tomorrow,’ I said a few minutes later, ‘I want both of you at the same time, so decide before then who has the front and who has the back.’ It was funny to see the expressions on their faces and I had a quiver in my stomach because I’d not had anal sex before so it would be another first for me, but I didn’t let them know that. ‘Now have another swim before you go back to work. You don’t want another bollocking like last time, do you Mark?’ he laughed and said no and got up and dived into the pool with Terry not far behind him. I let them swim for a few minutes before I got up and stood by the pool side and held out the towels for them to dry themselves. They eyed my body again as they climbed out and took the towels for my body really did look good, my slim hips and big breasts and my all over sun tan.

That will give them something to talk about all afternoon I thought as I watched them put their shorts back on before they put on their socks and boots.

I had butterflies in my stomach next morning when I went down to the pool. I could see the two of them doing some tiling as I dropped my robe, and as naked as the day before, dived in for a swim. They had stopped work as soon as they had seen me and now they watched and I’m sure were waiting for the signal for them to come and join me.

I made them wait a good five minutes before I beckoned them in and it only took a couple of minutes before they were there, naked with me in the water. After about ten minutes I got out and went and pulled the mattresses to the floor and pulled a condom and a tube of cream from my robe and called them out of the pool.

I was sitting on the mattresses and looked up at the two men standing there, pricks to attention.

‘Who’s for the front then?’ I asked and Mark nodded at Terry.

‘Well you come and lie down,’ I said, moving over for him to stretch himself out on his back. ‘You put this on and use some cream on the tip,’ I said to Mark, handing him the rubber and the tube cream. He quickly pulled the condom out and began to roll it on his erection as I got astride Terry and held his cock upright and put myself over it and then when it was touching the lips to my sex, let go and slowly sank down on him, loving the filling of me.

I managed to get my legs straight and I lay on top of Terry, pushing myself down so that he was tight up inside me and I spread my legs and waited for the first cock up my backside.

‘You’re going to have to do the work for all three of us,’ I said as I felt his hand come onto my hip and the touch of cold cream to the cheeks of my bum and then he pushed and I nearly screamed at the sudden widening of my arsehole as the head of his cock came inside me. Christ, I thought he was going to split me in two and I could feel his prick as it slid further in, rub against Terry’s, only a thin layer of flesh between the two of them.

God it was incredible having two cocks in me at the same time and what a wonderful sensation it was to have him moving on my back and at the same time making me move on Terry’s cock. I orgasmed almost immediately as I was fucked up the arse by Mark at the same time of being fucked up the front by Terry.

He was the one that suffered by having my full weight on his chest and at least half of Mark’s bearing down on the both of us.

‘Don’t come too soon,’ Terry gasped out, ‘I’m enjoying this’

‘Ditto,’ I panted as I kept getting pushed forward by Mark every time he thrust into me and I had to push myself back which gave Terry a reverse thrust as it were. There was a chorus of groans from all three of us as Mark came into the condom, I had my second orgasm and Terry came inside me.

Poor Terry’s face was going red from our combined weight and he began gasping for Mark to pull out and get off. Mark pulled out of me which allowed me to slide forward to get myself free from Terry’s piece of meat. I handed Mark some tissues which were ready to hand to pull off the condom and we both fell down exhausted next to the panting and chest heaving Terry.

‘Wow boys, that was some fuck!’ I said, my breasts heaving as I took deep breaths. ‘One more cock for me to suck on and I would have been completely filled.’ They gave a wheezing laugh at this and I think they enjoyed the experience as much as I had.


It was I think, three weeks later, that Paul and I had a confrontation in the hotel in Uxbridge. It was on the Thursday, early evening. All week I’d been having this young assistant manager from Birmingham in my bed at night and on this day, we decided to have a quickie before dinner. I liked sucking on his cock and then having him fuck me and this we had just done when there was a knock at my bedroom door.

I hastily got out of bed and put on my robe and went and answered the door.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ I asked as I saw Paul standing there in the doorway.

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