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The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together through husband becoming bisexual.
Part Four


Miki and I had a lovely weekend, well Sunday really. I was dressed up to kill and we went as normal to the gay bar in Clapham and later went to a fancy restaurant where we had an excellent meal. Miki got quite a few envious looks that pleased me no end. Though I also got some dark looks from some of the white males, the thought being that a white woman shouldn’t be consorting with a black man. But it was really a common sight in that part of London to see white women with black men and black women with white men, so I ignored them. They weren’t going to spoil the pleasure I was having that evening, and what they would have thought if those men had known what was underneath my dress, well, I can’t really answer that one.

I really felt proud to have my arm through Miki’s who I thought was one the most handsomest of men about, even if he was an African by colour. In turn, he was also proud to have a beautiful looking woman on his arm and he definitely paraded me about, cocking a snoot at the establishment. Racial equality was here to stay he seemed to say with this gesture, also it was a stand for gay rights though not many people would have been aware of that.

It was his Monday off as well this weekend, so we stayed in bed all that morning having sex in one way or another, him up behind me or t’other way round, or in the sixty nine position where we could really get a taste of each other. I did love that big black cock of his and I think he loved mine just as much.

The shop fitters were doing a good job and would be able to open it up inside the next ten days and the upstairs flat was ready for me to move into whenever I was ready. So on the Monday afternoon, I went round to an estate agents and had them put my flat onto the market. The asking price was now well over double what I had originally paid for it such was the housing market booming.

I was in the shop at eight thirty on the Tuesday morning, a couple of minutes before my assistant, and we were talking at the back of the shop, waiting for the rest of the staff to arrive. I’m glad that we were at the back and not near the front of the shop for the window and doors just seemed to explode as a red double decker bus came ploughing through into the shop.

The noise was horrendous! Smashing glass, of the shop front, glass display cabinets and the crunching and screaming of metal as it was torn apart as items of stock were destroyed and the bus coming to a halt, the roof of it not visible as it buried itself into the private flat above.

It took us a second or two to recover from the sudden shock to notice that the bus driver was slumped over his steering wheel and the bus passengers came to life and began screaming. We rushed forward but were unable to get the front passenger door open with the emergency button. We could see the passengers moving about inside moving towards the rear of the bus which was still outside and were getting off that way.

I picked up part of one of the display cabinets and was able to smash the glass of the driver’s door and between us, managed to pull him out of the driving cab. We laid him down on the floor but I couldn’t find a pulse and his face was a sickly grey colour. Only then did I think of an ambulance and police and told my assistant to phone for them.

I’m sure that other people on the outside had already done so, but we still did the same. It wasn’t long before the police were there, the station not being very far away and another five minutes later we had two ambulances pull up outside with two fire engines right behind demanding that they be let into the area first which had been quickly cordoned off by the police.

The firemen had smashed more of our front window to let the paramedics get in and they checked over the driver but announced that he was dead from what they thought was a heart attack. He must have had it just as he was coming through the High Street and by slumping over the wheel had turned the bus so that it mounted the pavement and came crashing into our front window.

I could see that other ambulance men were dealing with two pedestrians out on the pavement and then I took stock of what a shambles our shop now was. It was just one big fucking mess!

The doors and half of the right hand window demolished, the other side cracked to buggery with a third of the bus inside the shop. Electrical items strewn about, most of which were beyond salvage and glass everywhere. I told my assistant to keep an eye on things as the ambulance men began to remove the driver as I went into my office and got onto Head Office by phone.

It wasn’t yet quite nine o’clock but fortunately, one of the senior members of the board was there and I was put through to him. I quickly explained what had happened and urged him to get onto the shop fitters to either double their work force or put on two shifts to get the new shop ready as soon as possible. Also to contact our insurers and have someone sent out to assess the damage of not only the building but of the damaged stock. I would get hold of a firm to put up boarding once the bus had been removed and would arrange for night watchmen to protect the stock we still had on the premises until I could have it shifted and secured in the other shop next door.

I then went out through our damaged window to talk to the policeman in charge and asked him to let through my staff for the purpose of moving stock to safety. He agreed and though quite a large crowd had gathered, I still managed to spot two of them and they were allowed through.

By ten o’clock, all five of them were inside and we began doing what we could, keeping out of the way of the firemen who were clearing the front part of the shop away for the London Transport recovery vehicle to be able to pull the bus out. This they wouldn’t allow until props had been put up to support the floor of the flats above.

The High Street was in chaos what with police cars, fire engines, the London Transport recovery vehicle and shop fitters vans waiting to board up our front. That didn’t include the television people wishing to do filming for their news programmes and reporters for their papers.

It wasn’t till about two o’clock before the fire chief allowed the bus to be towed out to reveal the gaping hole. The supports, of which there were many, in place to hold up the roof made the place look like a forest of iron poles. With the bus out, we moved in to pull as much of the stock, damaged or otherwise, towards the back of the shop to allow the men to begin putting up boards to seal it from thieves or scavengers.

I let the counter staff go home at the normal time, having done what they could and my assistant and I stayed until the hoardings had been secured and we had two night watchmen on the premises. I had phoned Miki to tell him of what had happened and that I would be a bit late in getting home.

I was completely knackered when I felt I could hand over to the watchers for the night and after thanking my assistant, we both made our own way to our homes. I phoned Miki just before leaving the shop and the lovely man had dinner ready for me as soon as I got in. This we ate and I went for a shower and then straight to bed, where for one of the few nights in our relationship, we didn’t have sex.

I was back at the shop before eight o’clock next morning and was pleased that my assistant wasn’t far behind me again. The other staff arrived at their usual time and so the whole day was spent in moving all the stock from the damaged store out through our back door and into the lift next door which, thankfully, was working.

In the next eight hours, we had moved everything we could up onto the first floor of what was to be part of our new shop. I thanked the staff again for their efforts and let them go home while I talked to the shop fitters. The intention had been to go through the walls dividing the two and so turn it into one large shop, which they had already now started to do.

It had been too short a notice for the extra shift to work the previous night but they assured me that another crew would be taking over that evening to do what they could but it was subject to the surveyor in regard to the actual frontage. As it turned out, all it needed was one big RSJ across the front and they could then carry on.

Dinner was again ready for me when I got home and after eating and my shower, I thanked Miki by giving him oral sex that night in bed.

Thursday was anticlimactic for there wasn’t much we could do. All the stock had been shifted and was safe and I learned that we would be able to open the new part of the shop next Wednesday, so I had the counter staff make up some hand posters to put up in the windows to this effect. How long before the damaged side could be repaired was still in question.

I sent everybody home at lunchtime and told them that they would still receive full pay but I still wanted them all back on Tuesday for a full day’s work in preparing the displays for the opening on Wednesday.

I had intended to move from my existing flat to this one above the shop on a weekend, but this was coinciding with my weekend at Reading so we put it off to the following week.

It was still only the afternoon and I would now have nothing to do till next week really in respect of work. It was a sudden impulse I got and so I phoned the hospital and finally got put through to the ward where Miki was nursing. I asked him if he didn’t mind if I went off to Reading earlier than usual and jokingly said that he might also like to have a visit with Robert over the weekend. He’d laughed and said that he would think about it and didn’t mind me going off early.

So with shop fitters working and security watch men there, I left and went and got my car out of the garage and drove off. Instead of driving straight to Reading, I thought it would make a change if I spent the night at the hotel in Uxbridge where Christiana held her seminars. I had no need to attend these now for she showed me all the latest new items before anyone else. So I duly arrived at her hotel at about six o’clock and on asking at the desk, was given her room number.

This will surprise her I thought as I knocked on her door for us both to get a surprise.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ was the greeting I got. I took in her dishevelled hair and her in her robe and had an inkling there and then of what was going on.

‘I thought I’d surprise you,’ I said as I began to move into her room.

‘You can’t come in now!’ she said desperately, trying to stop me.

‘Why not?’ I said as I pushed past her and entered the bedroom fully to find another man in her bed. ‘Adrian!’ I exclaimed.

‘Paul!’ he answered, sitting up quickly, his upper half naked as must have been his lower half. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Visiting my wife, and you?’

‘Your wife? Christiana? Oh Fuck!’ he exclaimed and closed his eyes for a moment. ‘I didn’t know, honestly!’ he said and began to get out of bed as I sat down on the chair, Christiana hovering by the still open door.

‘Stay there,’ I said and started to laugh at the farcical situation we were in. I’d come to surprise her, which I had by turning up at that moment. Adrian was surprised to see me and find out that I was her husband as I was surprised to find him in her bed. Neither of us had known when we had slept and had sex together that we both worked for the same company.

‘Paul! Will you stop laughing,’ Christiana said.’ This is not funny!’

‘Oh yes it is if you but knew,’ I said, still not able to stop laughing, for the three of us here had all fucked each other.

‘Well what’s the joke?’ she demanded as I got up.

‘Adrian will tell you,’ I said as I moved towards to the door.

‘You might as well make a weekend of it,’ and left her and him with puzzled looks on their faces.

I was not sorry that I had found her with Adrian, or any other man if it came to that. It let me off the hook in respect of my relationship with Miki. Now I was content that I was safe and she was quite welcome to have as many men as she wanted as long as I still had my Miki. Mind you, I had a miserable night sleeping on my own and wished now that I hadn’t come and that I had Miki to comfort me.

When Christiana hadn’t returned home by Friday evening, I guessed she was either making a weekend of it with Adrian or didn’t want to face me so early. So, not expecting her home, decided to go out and eat. I went to one of the best restaurants in Reading and after one drink at the bar, went and sat down at a table and picked up a menu.

I’d only just started to look at it when a black couple came into the restaurant and I did a double take for it was Miki with a gorgeous looking black woman. It wasn’t until they were close that I recognised who the woman was. I stood up as they reached my table.

‘Paul!’ Miki exclaimed, a big smile on his face.

‘Miki!’ I said in response, ‘and Rob…Roberta,’ whose eyes had come alight at seeing me. I was almost stunned at how different and lovely Robert looked dressed up as he was as a woman. Miki was quick to put out his hand for a shake as we were both dressed in male clothing. I shook his hand and turned to Robert who slightly pursed his lips and I got the message and gave him a kiss on the lips that made him smile.

‘Sit down, come on, sit down. I was just looking at the menu and haven’t ordered yet. Be my guests for the evening. This is a big surprise. Roberta, I’ve never seen you looking so lovely.’

‘Thank you,’ he said, giving me his nice smile again. ‘How is everything?’ he asked, giving his shoulders a shrug and twitching his arms.

‘Fine, just fine.’

‘And I hear that all other parts are functioning well,’ he laughed giving Miki a glance as he said it.

‘You know, I can’t thank you enough for getting us together,’ I said, looking at Miki too.

‘The same goes for me,’ he smiled, giving a quick twitch of his lips as if in a kiss. They had both sat down by now and Robert leaned in close to me.

‘I also understand that you are now sometimes known as Pauline,’ he said in a low voice.

‘Yes,’ I laughed, ‘and I love it, especially when I now have such a nice husband as Miki.’

‘Yes, he really is a man among men,’ Robert answered.

We ordered our meals and had three bottles of wine as we talked over dinner and at the coffee stage I suggested that we went back to my place for the night.

‘We have some unfinished business I think,’ I said to Robert, ‘and Miki can then take care of us both.’ We all laughed and Miki asked me about Christiana. She would not be there I told them and related what had happened at the hotel and I had them in fits. One bottle of wine apiece doesn’t get you drunk, but the atmosphere sometimes helps and we were a happy trio who went off to my house just outside of Reading.

I had taken a taxi to go out for I thought that I might have got drunk being on my own, so it was a taxi that set us down and we went inside. They were very pleased at my home and said so and it wasn’t long before we went up to my bedroom with drinks in hand.

‘It’s been some time since we last kissed,’ Robert said as we moved into each other’s arms and did just that. We didn’t leave Miki out either.

I started the ball rolling by getting my clothes off first and had the delight of watching Robert take of his woman’s clothes, wig and all. I had a massive throbbing erection after watching this display of coquettishness. Miki too was sporting a hard on and Robert showed us his in all its glory while he was still wearing stockings and a suspender belt.

We took it in turns of sucking on each other and it was glorious to have these two big black pricks to hold and suck on in turn. Then it came for me to finally be fucked by Robert, something he wanted to do that time while I was in hospital, and it was lovely.

That prick of his, the first one other than my own that I’d handled was now being pushed up in my backside and I loved the power it generated as it moved in me and then have his strong hands on my hips as he slowly fucked me. I began to dribble and then got Miki to move in front of me so that I was then filled at both ends by throbbing cocks. I let him go for I knew that he would rather keep himself hard to fuck one of us and I couldn’t help but let out a keening sound as Roberta came inside me, ramming into me hard as he jerked like a jack hammer at the cheeks of my arse.

I think I was as exhausted as he was as he slowly and tantalisingly pulled out of me, that last minute widening of my ring as the head of his cock slipped out.

‘Oh you lovely black fucker you,’ I whimpered into the pillow and then unexpectedly, Miki’s cock was shoved into my arse before it had time to shrink back to its normal size and I gasped as I hadn’t expected this. I thought that he would have fucked Robert, but here he was, stuck hard and fast up inside me and I cried out in the sheer joy of having two cocks in such a short space of time, ream and ram and fuck me out of my brains.

By the time he pulled out, my own cock was paining me it was that hard and ready for release that I was almost savage in my attack on Robert. I rammed and rammed myself into him and he was crooning as I did so and gave out a howl as he felt my cock head really expand as I came and I added my howls to his as I came in a flood that would have sunk Noah’s Ark.

We took time out to get fresh drinks and then play with a penis and testicles, trying to raise them up to battle strength, which we did and we then had the cannons firing again. It was not far off dawn before we all fell into an exhausted sleep.

Mid morning, we were at it again, this time Robert getting fucked twice in a row before we called a halt for sustenance. After, staying naked, eating a mixture of breakfast and lunch, we went back to bed and fucked ourselves silly. Condoms were used in all anal penetrations for we also wanted the pleasure of sucking each other immediately afterwards.

It was a lovely cock fucking sucking weekend, the best weekend ever of my life. We dragged ourselves out of bed early Monday morning after a last minute fuck and suck, to drop Robert off at his flat to get changed for work, and us to get home to sleep away most of the day.


‘What’s the joke?’ I demanded after I had shut the door with Paul’s departure. ‘He said that you might tell me.’ Adrian was still chuckling and he indicated that I should get back into bed but I wouldn’t. I stood there, the front of my robe had come open but I didn’t care for I wanted an answer.

‘Chris, did you know that Paul, you husband is bi-sexual?’ he said.

‘Bi-sexual? What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘That he sleeps with men as well as women,’ he said.

‘But…but how does he know you?’ the question set him off again into laughter.

‘We…we,’ he tried to speak and had to control himself before he could carry on. ‘We, in the Biblical sense have known each other. In other words, we have both been and fucked each other.’

‘You went and fucked Paul?’ I asked, not quite taking it in.

‘Yes, and he fucked me, one night in Birmingham a couple of months ago.’

‘Bloody hell!’ I said and had to sit down as it sunk in. Paul a queer? It was unbelievable. ‘Did…has…Do you know if he’s been with anyone else?’

‘Well we didn’t exactly compare notes, but he knew exactly what he was doing, and I must say, he’s got a fucking lovely prick.’

‘That’s it! Out Adrian, out! Get out!’ I screamed at him. He quickly got out of bed and hurriedly began to get dressed. I began to calm down as he fumbled at getting into his clothes. ‘Was…was he any better than me?’ I asked, curiosity getting the better of me.

‘Chris, I don’t kiss and tell,’ he said petulantly as he did up his zip. ‘You should know him better than me,’ he said in a passing shot as he left my room.

Oh fuck, I said to myself as I went and sat down on the bed. I can’t go home now and pretend nothing has happened, but wait a minute! Today’s Thursday! What the hell was Paul doing here on a Thursday! That bus crash on Tuesday! That was it. It was his shop that was hit, why hadn’t I made the connection before. Now I’ve kicked out one of the best fuckers I’ve ever had at a seminar and I’ve still got tomorrow to go through. There’s still a chance to get him back, we haven’t had dinner yet. Fuck you Paul for fucking my love life up.

I quickly had a shower and got dressed and went down to dinner. I wasn’t able to get onto his table and so I had to sit with two others and talk business but I was able to watch him. When I saw him put his napkin on the table I knew he’d finished so I quickly excused myself to those at my table and managed to get up and meet Adrian as he was leaving the dining room.

‘Adrian, I’m sorry for what I said earlier,’ I said. ‘Can we stop off at the bar?’

‘Okay,’ he said and so we went and sat on bar stools as he ordered some drinks.

‘I’m sorry for acting the way I did. I was angry, upset, confused. Please forgive me,’ I said with what I hoped looked like a contrite expression on my face.

‘There’s nothing to forgive Chris,’ he said as he handed me my drink. ‘To be hit with a bombshell like that you were bound to be upset. I would have been if I’d been in your shoes.’

‘Thank you,’ I said and sipped at my drink. ‘Would…would you come back to my bed tonight? I…I don’t want to be alone. I hate being alone.’

‘Of course I’ll come,’ he said, putting his hand on mine. ‘It would be churlish of me to refuse such a beautiful woman.’ He smiled and I quickly finished my drink and slid off the stool.

‘Shall we go then?’ I smiled at him. He finished his drink and stood up and I put my arm through his.

‘Should we really leave together?’ he asked as he eyed others of our group drifting in to the bar.

‘Why not? They’ll all be envious of you.’

‘But what will they think of you?’ he asked.

‘Do you know, I don’t think I really care now. They’ve all mentally stripped and fucked me many times over, so I just don’t care anymore,’ I said, hugging his arm and so we left the bar like that and I’m sure all the others watched.

I quickly undressed when we got into my room and got onto the bed and watched him take his clothes off. He had a fine body and his prick was half erect as he got onto the bed with me. I pushed him onto his back and went and took him into my mouth. I felt it start to get really hard as I sucked and nibbled at his growing erection and I wondered if he had Paul do this to him.

With his cock hard and ready, I let go of him and swung my leg over his body and got astride of him and holding him upright, guided my sex to the tip and sank down on him. It was lovely having his prick fill me as I took it all in and sat on his thighs. I smiled down at him and began to move my body in a up and down twisting motion and his hands came up to my breasts to fondle them as I moved on and fucked him.

He cried out as he came, bucking his hips up to meet me and I kept on going on his shaft, sweat beginning to run down my chest as I moved faster till I shuddered and cried out too as I had my orgasm. I felt drained, really fucked as my head drooped as I sat there impaled on his still hard cock deep up inside me.

His tugging at my breasts roused me and I slowly worked my legs down and then slowly fell forward onto his chest keeping him inside me. His hands came round me and he began to stroke my back as I squashed my breasts against his chest and I kissed his neck.

‘I do love your cock where it is now,’ I murmured as I flexed my vagina muscles around it.

‘It too loves being where it is and what you are doing to it,’ he said and I could hear the smile in his voice.

Then for some inexplicable reason I began to cry.

‘Hold me,’ I sobbed. ‘Hold me tight and really squeeze me,’ which he did and yet still managed to stroke me as I cried.

I dried my eyes on a corner of the bed sheet as I felt his prick get smaller and it slipped out of me. I gave a little cry as I felt it go and so I moved off of him and lay beside him and stroked his damp chest.

‘Have you slept with many men?’ I asked, trying to understand him.

‘No, not that many,’ he replied.

‘Which do you prefer?’

‘It doesn’t matter, I like it with both. That’s what being bi-sexual means, enjoying sex for sex sake, be it a man or a woman.’

‘Did you enjoy it with Paul?


‘Did he enjoy it?’

‘I presume so. He wasn’t unwilling if that’s what you mean.’

‘Oh I don’t know what I mean, that’s the point. I’m trying to understand the why. I know that our sex life hasn’t been much in the past few years, well it’s almost nonexistent now. We only see each other every second weekend,’ I told him.

‘I don’t understand, the last part I mean?’

‘He’s got a flat near his shop in South London. He got so tired commuting all the time that he bought this flat and lives there during the week and because of his days off, only comes home every other Saturday night.’

‘I see and is he living with someone else do you think?’

‘I don’t know,’ which was true. He never spoke about how he gets on alone in London.

‘Well ask him,’ Adrian said.

‘I will, but let’s now think of this,’ I said for I had been playing with his penis for the last few minutes and it was getting harder all the time. ‘This is more important and I think it is ready for use,’ and I rolled onto my back and he moved and got on top of me as I opened my legs. He lifted his hips and I felt his cock trail down my bush and then it found the right place and he pushed it up into me. I really do love it when a hard prick first moves into me, widening and filling me, feeling the heat and pulse as it throbs and makes me want to squeeze it with all my strength. Then there’s the weight of the man on top as our stomachs meet and I get to crush him to my breast.

I love having a man fuck me and the more times I do it, the more I want. Am I turning into a nymphomaniac I wondered as Adrian began to move in and out of me? I must be I thought as I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the pleasure of having this hard tool glide in and out of me.

The next day I booked my room for the whole weekend after getting Adrian to agree to stay with me, and we spent as much time as we could in bed. Friday night, all of Saturday and Sunday till the early hours of Monday morning we fucked and fucked each other silly.

He left early on the Monday to go back to Birmingham and Monday night, I had a different man in my bed.


Though I spent most of Monday in bed with Miki, I went round to the shop in the late afternoon to see how the work was progressing. They had done well, working right through the weekend. They’d knocked through to the damaged shop and had just put the finishing touches to the paint work and were going to then board up the damaged side. They would have to come back later to see to the old shop when the insurance company’s builders had made good the damage done.

We could still go ahead as planned in putting out our stock on Tuesday and open on Wednesday. My assistant and staff had spent all day doing a stock count and listing what had been damaged. This damaged list had been faxed to Head Office and we could expect a special delivery on Tuesday with replacements. Pleased with what they had done, I went back to the flat and helped Miki get dinner ready.

Then it was to bed where, during the night, I managed to get him erect three times, once for me to suck on his magnificent cock and be fucked twice by it.

The shop opened on Wednesday and we did good business right through to Saturday. Miki and I were up early on Sunday morning for I’d hired a small van to take our things round to the new flat above the shop and this was all done by lunchtime. That was because we’d only taken our personal things for I was leaving it completely furnished. The person who then bought it could keep or get rid of what they didn’t want.

Our new flat had everything in it and because it was a company flat and we sold electrical appliances and so forth, the kitchen was heaven and we had the latest model television, DVD player etc, as well as new furniture. I also made sure that the bed was one of the best for us to frolic about in at night.

I had a lovely perfumed bath that afternoon and I had the pleasure and delight of pulling on nylon stockings and getting an erection as I fixed the tops to the suspender belt straps. Next came a padded bra and wearing these few things sat down at the dressing table and did my face up. This I was now able to do myself and I was pleased at the way it transformed me into a very good looking woman. I picked out one of my best dresses and last of all the wig and apart from my shoes, I was ready to go out with my handsome man to have a drink first at the gay bar before going for dinner.

‘Pauline, you look radiant!’ was the greeting I got when we entered the bar and it was very pleasing to hear this from another dressed up as I was. He went by the name of Nicola though it was really Nicholas and he too was with his husband, Sven, a big muscular Swede. We’d met them both several times there and so we sat together and had drinks as we chatted.

‘We are celebrating,’ Nicola said. ‘Sven has just been made the manager of his club.’ That was a fitness centre where they had first met and now lived together. Congratulations were said and another round was bought. Well several before Nicola suggested that we joined them for dinner and so the four of us went off and had a lovely meal at a local restaurant where the wine flowed freely. Miki and Sven got on well together as did Nicola and I and we were having such a nice time that when Nicola suggest we went back to their flat for coffee and a few more drinks, agreed.

We were all half drunk and Nicola and I were talking about the size of our husbands cocks when she suggested that we should do a onetime swap and then we could really compare them. Nicola had been eyeing up Miki and now I did the same to Sven and wasn’t averse to the idea if Miki was agreeable. Nicola was attractive in a way and when asked, both men agreed.

‘The bed isn’t big enough for the four of us so let’s do it here, in the lounge,’ Nicola said. ‘That way we can watch each other as we fuck. Sven, Miki, move the sofa out of the way.’

They did and so we had a large open space in the middle and Nicola took off her wig and pulled her dress up over her head and then put the wig back on. I nearly burst out laughing at seeing Nicola standing there in ladies underwear with an erection sticking out like that, but controlled myself for I knew I would look the same as I did as she had done. Sven had gone and brought out some condoms and a box of tissues and looked at me as I had looked at Nicola. My cock was up and fully erect and I must have looked as silly as Nicola. Miki was taking his clothes off and was naked before Sven.

Nicola licked her lips as she saw the size of Miki’s black cock and knelt down and took the head of it into her mouth to suck as she fondled his balls. Sven was nearly as big as Miki, his erection standing out from his blond patch of hair and I copied Nicola by going down onto my knees in front of him and taking him into my mouth. It was hot and his ball bag was quite heavy I felt as I sucked and tongued his erection.

We didn’t do this for long for we both wanted that organ put into the right place so we opened up a condom packet each and rolled it onto the waiting cock.

This was not the first time I’d seeing Miki get behind another man’s backside, but it was the first time to see him stick his prick up into a white arse and Nicola gave out a cry as he pushed his way in. I was still down on my knees as Sven came behind me and I saw Nicola look over to watch as I felt his prick touch my arse and I relaxed myself and to please Nicola, gave out a similar cry as he pushed and his cock slid up into me.

Nicola gave me a smile as she was constantly being moved forward by Miki’s thrusting in and out of her, Nicola’s erection swaying back and forth as mine started to as Sven began to fuck me. It was great and erotic to be fucked and also watch the others doing the same.

Sven began grunting and was now really ramming himself into me, his balls slapping at my arse as he fucked and soon pulled me very tight to his thighs as I felt him swell and pump out his come into the condom inside me.

Then I saw Miki doing almost the same, holding Nicola tight up to himself as only his hips moved and I saw the tightening of the muscles in the cheeks of his backside as he came into her. Both of us gave out a cry as the pricks were pulled out, the cry being one of loss. We grabbed some tissues each to turn round and pull off the used condoms and take our partner’s still erect cock into our mouths to suck and get a taste of the man that had just fucked us.

Then it was our turn. We had our erections sucked for a few minutes and this was another first to see a white prick, apart from my own, in Miki’s mouth. Condoms were rolled on and we got behind the two kneeling men on the carpeted floor and I looked at this six foot two heavily muscled man with thighs like tree trunks there waiting to be fucked up the bum. I didn’t waste time but rammed myself straight in and tried to give him the best fuck that I could. I saw that Nicola was enjoying having Miki and it still looked strange her fucking away while wearing stockings, belt and bra. We both came about the same time, straining as we came into the hot body warmth beneath us. Our cocks were licked and sucked afterwards as well.

Tired but not exhausted and now almost sober again, Sven went and poured out some fresh drinks and Miki got up and sat down on the sofa. Nicola and I stayed on the floor with our drinks and Sven sat down to talk to Miki. It was nearly two hours before Nicola and I began to kiss each other as we lay there, moving and rubbing our bodies together to stimulate our cocks. Sven and Miki stopped talking and watched as Nicola turned round and we took each other’s cock in our mouths to suck and chew on. It then became serious and we began to use our hand as well as we worked on the head of the other’s penis. Nicola came first, the sperm hitting the back of my throat and I was able to let it slide down as more came which made me then come, filling her mouth as she filled mine. We continued to suck and use our tongues to clean each other and both smiled at our mutual satisfaction.

We broke apart just as Miki went down onto his knees for Sven to move behind and fuck him. I wanted to crawl underneath Miki and suck on him while he was being fucked but that would have spoiled his pleasure when it was Sven’s turn. Sven soon came, bucking his hips as he did so and when he pulled out, it was me that used the tissues to pull off the condom to suck on him.

With him empty, he went onto his knees as Miki donned a condom and fucked Sven. I let Nicola clean him up when he’d finished.

It was now well after two in the morning so Miki and I got dressed and Sven phoned for a cab to pick us up. I kissed both Sven and Nicola when it arrived and Miki gave Nicola a kiss but only hugged Sven. It made me wonder as we went out to the cab, why the two men hadn’t kissed between bouts or when we parted whereas Nicola and I had both times? Was it because we dressed and felt like women where they felt that they were the man? Just one of those things that I didn’t think I’d find the right answer to.

It seemed strange not to be going to my old flat when the cab dropped us off in the service road at the back of the shop. I let us in and punched in the code to halt the alarm and just before we went upstairs, reset it.

We undressed and had a shower and tired as we were, I insisted that he had me before we went to sleep for with it being our first night here, I wanted the bed christened. Miki was a real man for I soon had him roused up hard for the third time that night for him to give me a good fucking.

Even though it was supposed to be my day off, I was down in the shop at half eight leaving Miki in bed, to unset the alarm and let in the staff. I only stayed to see that all was okay when we opened at nine and then went back upstairs to cook Miki his breakfast. Later that day, I went to the estate agents and gave them my keys and told them to arrange for a cleaner to go in and see to the flat.

This they sold two weeks later for a good figure which was more than double of what I had originally paid for it so I was well pleased. But this was, as I said, two weeks later.

Saturday came round and after I’d seen the staff off the premises, I took the day’s takings upstairs after setting the shop alarm. I locked the money away in my safe and I went and gave Miki a kiss.

‘I don’t really want to go but I’ve got to face her sometime,’ I said, having already recounted to him my last meeting in her hotel room. ‘Now go to the bar and get laid.’ It was nearly the same thing that I always said when I had to go to Reading. I knew he would go out and sometimes get picked up and I didn’t mind as long as a condom was used, this I insisted on. He also knew the code for the alarm downstairs for he always left early in the morning for the hospital. He also had keys to the garage where he kept his motor bike, the garage I was hanging onto.

So after giving him another kiss, I went and got my car from the garage and set off for Reading. It didn’t take long, taking extreme care at Gallow’s Corner where I’d had the crash and soon pulled into the drive of our house. I saw that the lights were on so I knew she would be inside.

Christiana was in the kitchen getting dinner ready for she had obviously heard the car. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went and opened a bottle of wine. I poured out two glasses and passed one to her which she took and had a sip and then almost smashed the glass as she slammed it down on the worktop.

‘Well say something Paul!’ she cried out.

‘Like what?’ I asked quite pleasantly as I sat down at the kitchen table.

‘Well…well…anything!’ she finally burst out.

‘Did you enjoy your night with Adrian?’ I asked pleasantly again.

‘There! I knew you’d bring that up! What about you and him then?’ she came back at me.

‘I wasn’t there in that room with him, you were.’

‘But you were with him in an hotel room in Birmingham one night,’ she said with a triumphant tone to her voice.

‘So he told you about that then?’

‘Yes! That you and him…did…made love to each other.’

‘Love? That’s not the word you wanted to say was it? Call the spade a spade instead of a shovel,’ I said.

‘Okay! You fucked each other, didn’t you?’

‘Yes,’ I said mildly.

‘You admit it?’

‘Yes. You fucked him too didn’t you?’

‘But that’s different! He’s a man!

‘Yes,’ I chuckled, ‘a big man too.’

‘It’s not funny!’ she almost screamed.

‘Oh for Christ’s sake Christiana, grow up,’ I said slamming the chair down as I had been leaning back on the rear legs. ‘I come into your room and there’s a man in your bed. Did I make a scene? No. I went and left you to get on with what you were doing.’

‘I didn’t! I kicked him out.’

‘But you stayed there the whole weekend and so did he, I phoned the hotel when I got no answer here and they said that you had stayed over….’

‘You were checking up on me? That’s really underhand,’ she interrupted. ‘Okay, so I spent the weekend with him,’ which I’d only guessed at. ‘I bet you’ve got somebody back at the flat in Tooting?’

‘As a matter of fact I have,’ I replied.

‘I thought so! What’s her name?’

‘His name is Miki.’

‘That’s a funny name for a….His! It’s a man?’ her face was a picture.

‘Yes,’ I chuckled, ‘and what’s more he is black.’

‘A black man? You’re fucking about with a black man?’ she cried.

‘Haven’t you slept with one yet? You should, most of them have big cocks,’ I said.

‘Don’t be disgusting. How many men have you slept with?’ she snapped.

‘Three, no, one of them I didn’t actually sleep with. How many men have you had?’ I asked mildly.

‘That’s beside the point….’

‘No, it is the point! You asked me how many I’ve been with and I told you. Now tell me how many you’ve been with.’

‘I haven’t kept count!’

‘That many,’ I laughed.

‘But I’m a woman! Women go with men!’

‘Not when they have a husband,’ I said.

‘A husband who goes with other men?’

‘Touché,’ I grinned, enjoying this argument.

‘Oh Paul,’ she said, now in a softer tone and sitting down opposite me. ‘How did we get to this state? Are you really bi-sexual as Adrian said?’

‘Yes. Yes I am,’ I replied.

‘Do…do you still love me?’ and I could see the beginning of tears in her eyes.

‘Yes I do, but I also found that I love Miki too.’

‘How did you meet him?’ she asked.

‘He was my male nurse when I left the hospital here. He fed me, washed me and took care of me and…and relieved me when I couldn’t do it myself. He has soft hands and a caring nature and I just, well I just fell in love with him too.’

There was nothing she could say to that and silently got up and finished her glass of wine and carried on with doing the dinner. I drank my glass and refilled them both. The meal passed in silence and I helped with the washing up and we went upstairs to bed.

I slept naked as usual and Christiana put on her nightgown and got into bed and turned out the light.

‘Do you really still love me?’ she asked in a quiet voice, the first words spoken for nearly two hours.

‘Of course I do,’ I said as I rolled on my side to face her and give her a kiss. ‘I wouldn’t come home if I didn’t.’

‘What’s this Miki like, apart from being black I mean?’ she asked. I told her of how gentle and kind he was and that in the whole time that I had known him, I never heard him complain about a thing.

‘You’d like him,’ I finished off with and realised that what I had just said could be taken two ways. It conjured up in my mind the three of us in bed together and wondered how she would react. It certainly reacted on me for I suddenly got a massive hard on and so I moved closer to Christiana to let her feel it against her thigh. I put my hand on one breast and gently rubbed it.

‘Would you like me to?’ I asked in a soft voice.

‘Yes Paul,’ she said and sat up and slipped the straps of her gown off her shoulders and pushed the whole lot down and I felt her moving to get it right off over her legs and feet. Her hand then felt down my stomach and took hold of me and gave it a squeeze.

‘God, I’d almost forgotten how big you are,’ she whispered and tugged on it for me to get across her. I can’t say it was like coming home, but it was nice to lay on her soft body and slide my prick up inside her. She was wet and ready and it didn’t take me long to give her an orgasm, holding myself back as I kept on moving myself in and out of her, but I couldn’t stop my own body from taking over and so I came before I was able to give her a second one.

I lay on top of her, both of us panting from the exertion.

‘Is it like this with Miki?’ she asked.

‘No, because I’d be talking to the back of his head,’ and I couldn’t help but giggle at that. She even gave out a chuckle.

‘Oh God,’ she said and I felt her vaginal muscles clench my cock, ‘you always use a condom I hope.’

‘Always,’ I lied. ‘Except when we have oral sex.’

‘You actually have him put his…him into your mouth?’

‘We both do sometimes,’ I said, not asking if she would with me for she never had in the past and I didn’t know then that she also had a taste for oral sex.

It was getting late and I was tired so I eased myself out of her and gave her a kiss and she then cuddled up to me and we went to sleep.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends with her for a long time. After breakfast we went swimming in the pool, naked, and she coyly asked if we could have sex on the lounge mattresses which we did. After which, she wanted to hear more about Miki and so we lay there for an hour and I think I said all that I could about him.

She brought his name up again that night in bed after we’d just had another good fuck, asking how did we do it for she’d never even seen a porno movie of two men having sex together. I got an inkling later as to where she was coming from when she suggested that I bring him back with me one weekend. In fact, she said, bring him the next time I came home and she would do a good roast for us. I didn’t pursue this for I had a good idea what was going to be the result.

Next morning I drove her to the hotel in Uxbridge as her car was back in the garage again for a fault to be corrected, as she had a seminar that week and I carried on to the flat. I only popped into the shop for a couple of minutes before going upstairs to do some cleaning while Miki was at the hospital. I prepared dinner and had a lovely long soak in a perfumed bath and made myself look pretty for him when he came home.

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