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The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together through the husband becoming bisexual.
Part Five

He liked it when I dressed up for him and he was instantly aroused and had me over the kitchen table. Lifting up my dress and fucking me without even stopping to put on a condom. He had me again in bed that night and I loved having his strong arms about me which made me go all soft and gooey.

Work was the same over the next fortnight and the sex was never better with Miki, fucking and sucking each other nearly every night. I had told Miki of what went on between Christiana and myself and that she had come to accept my bi-sexuality and had wanted to meet him. He didn’t want to at first but I told him what might happen and that was interesting enough for him to agree.

So booted and suited, money locked up and the alarms set, we set of for my home in Reading. Miki had thoughtfully bought a small bunch of flowers for Christiana which I thought would be a nice touch.

We arrived just before eight and we went in and I introduced them to each other and Miki gave her his flowers. I could see her appraising him as I poured out a drink for us and we sat down. She went straight into the attack.

‘So you are Paul’s lover?’ Fifteen love.

‘Yes and I’m surprised now I have met you, that with such a beautiful woman for his wife, he also came to love me,’ he replied. Fifteen all.

‘You must then possess something special.’ Thirty fifteen.

‘Alas, only one whereas you have three,’ he said, pointedly looking at her ample breasts. Thirty all.

‘Okay, enough of this verbal tennis match,’ I said and they both smiled at each other acknowledging that that was what they had been doing and then they both smiled at me.

‘Yes umpire,’ she said and finished her drink. ‘Now I must put the roast in the oven,’ she said getting up. ‘Go and have a swim for it’ll be an hour before we eat. I may join you later.’

‘Good idea,’ I said, standing up. ‘Come and see the pool Miki.’

He finished his drink and followed me out to the back. He was impressed and said so. I went to the cupboard where the towels were kept but couldn’t find any swim suits.

‘Christiana!’ I called out through the French windows. ‘Where are the swimming trunks?’

‘We don’t have any,’ she called back. ‘Swim naked like you normally do.’

‘You heard,’ I said to him. ‘Skinny dipping then.’

‘Skinny dipping?’ he queried. ‘I’ve not heard that expression before.’

‘Naked, as she said,’ I grinned as I took my clothes off and went and dived into the pool. He shrugged his shoulders and did the same.

‘It’s warm,’ he cried out as he surfaced.

‘Heated,’ I said and went under the surface and grabbed him by his penis. ‘This,’ I said as I surfaced in front of him, ‘doesn’t shrink in water at this temperature,’ and I gave him a rub. His hand then grabbed mine to find it hard.

‘So I see,’ he laughed.

I thought that Christiana might join us by suggesting that we went for a swim and she did. We’d been in the water about fifteen minutes when she came out wearing a robe. She stood for a moment at the edge and then let her robe drop to reveal that she too was naked, pausing just long enough for both of us to see her nudity full frontal before she dived in.

‘Oh this is glorious,’ she cried out when she surfaced and began to do back strokes up and down the pool. Her breasts clearly visible as she swam and we watched her and I knew now exactly how the night was going to go. We stayed in the water for half an hour and she was careful not to have any bodily contact with either of us.

‘Well dinner will be almost ready so time’s up,’ she called out and went and got out of the pool, walking naked and dripping wet to the cupboard and got a towel to begin drying herself. ‘Come on, out I said,’ she said to us still in the water.

Miki and I looked at each other and I could see through the surface that he had an erection, but then, so did I. I laughed and swam to the steps and climbed out not caring about her seeing me in this state, and went and got a towel for myself and one for Miki. He slowly climbed out and if his face hadn’t been black, I was sure that it would have been bright red, for he too still had an erection.

‘Now I can see what attracted you two together,’ she laughed having now seen what I loved as I threw him a towel. I saw his eyes keep swivelling first to her breasts and then to my erection and then back again and it was if he were watching a tennis match.

Christiana had finished drying her body and now slipped her dress which I hadn’t seen her take off, back over her head, not bothering with anything else.

‘Ten minutes,’ she said over her shoulder as she went indoors.

‘I can’t understand you Paul,’ Miki said to me as we continued to dry ourselves. ‘Why do you come to me when you’ve got a woman like this at home?’

‘Miki, you have the one thing she doesn’t,’ and I quickly went down and took the head of cock into my mouth and gave him a few sucks. ‘This,’ I said when I let him go and looking up at him.

‘Not here,’ he hissed at me, moving back a bit. ‘She might see us.’ I laughed at this show of modesty.

‘I bet she’ll want to see more than that tonight.’

‘What do you mean?’ he asked as I pulled my trousers on.

‘You’ll find out,’ I said. ‘Now come on and we’ll have another drink as she’s dishing up.’

She had made dinner a very informal affair by setting the kitchen table for our dinner instead of in our dining room. I opened a bottle of wine and poured it out into the glasses already in place and showed Miki where to sit which would put him in between us.

I had not seen her so animated at a meal for years now, drawing Miki out and not talking shop. It was close to eleven o’clock and we were drinking coffee and brandy in the lounge when the question came up and it was Miki who asked it.

‘Well it’s getting late and I thank you for a lovely evening Chris,’ he said, she asking him to call her that, ‘the meal was delicious as the company was charming. Where will I be sleeping?’

She had been ready for this and got in before I could say anything.

‘I rather thought that you would like to sleep in our bed,’ she said rather coyly, ‘that is if Paul doesn’t have any objections?’ They both looked at me but I couldn’t read what was in either face. ‘But,’ she put in at my hesitation, ‘if you two wish to sleep together, it doesn’t matter. I…I can sleep alone,’ she finished, putting a sorrowful look on her face.

‘No, no I’ve no objections,’ I said.

‘Well that’s settled then,’ she said brightly, not giving me the chance to ask Miki what he thought of the idea. ‘I think one more brandy would be nice Paul,’ she said, holding up her glass. ‘On second thoughts, let’s take the brandy into the bedroom.’

She got up and I picked up the brandy bottle and carried it with my empty glass through to the bedroom with Miki behind me. The first thing I noticed was the lack of her nightgown which was usually draped over the end of the bed. As I began to fill up our glasses again, she, without any preamble, quickly took her dress off and lay down on the bed. Not going under the covers, but laying naked on the top as I handed over her glass. She had taken control by lying in the middle and looked at us as she sipped her drink. I put my glass down on my usual side of the bed and began to take my clothes off. Miki saw where my glass had gone and so put his down on the opposite side and also began to take his off.

This was the first time I’d seen her lay on the bed like this since our honeymoon. But this time her eyes were on Miki, not me as his black chest was the first part of his body to be revealed. He was looking at her there as he stripped and I knew damn well that he would have an erection like me when he was naked and I was right. My cock was standing up stiff and I got onto the bed as he finally turned round and we saw just how big he looked in the golden glow from the bedside lighting. What came next shocked me.

‘Wow,’ she breathed out. ‘It looks bigger than down at the pool.’

She was quickly off the bed and went down onto her knees and took him in her mouth. I was stunned. After all these years of asking, begging her to go down on me and she didn’t. Now, the first time I see her do it is to my lover! Miki had a look of surprise on his face at this sudden attack on his cock. Her head was moving on it and I could see it bulge her cheeks as she sucked and tongued it. One hand was firmly holding the base as the other hefted his balls and I knew that this wasn’t the first time that she’d had one in her mouth.

‘Steady Chris, steady,’ Miki said as he gently pried her off of him. She stood up and turned, giving me a wicked smile as she got back onto the bed and then promptly lifted my erection up straight and went down on mine. I couldn’t stifle my exclamation at her now doing this to me but there she was, on her knees giving me a good suck and tongue job. Her arse was up in the air showing what she had there to Miki’s gaze. He moved slowly to the bed and stroked her bum and I felt her quiver and her head came up off of me.

‘Fuck me Miki, fuck me not stroke me,’ she said and bent and took me in her mouth again. Miki looked over her body at me and I nodded. That was what he was waiting for and then got on the bed behind her and pushed his cock up inside her.

She gave out a gasp round my cock as he entered and then groaned as he moved till he was fully inside. She arched her back for deeper penetration and her head went right back so that the cords of her throat stood out.

I saw different expressions pass across her face as I watched Miki fuck my wife and it was really turning me on and my own erection was getting painful. Her breasts were swinging back and forth to his movements and they were just as mesmerising as watching his black cock go in and out of her fanny. Her body began to shake and her hands gripped the bed cover tight as she began with a low growl that turned into a loud cry and she buried her head into my thighs as she orgasmed. Miki too then gave out a cry as he pulled her tight to his thighs as he came, pumping hard into her.

He pulled out to her cry and got onto the bed properly, panting and lay down, she was still shaking and slowly came back to life.

‘Your turn next,’ she smiled at me. I indicated the prone figure of Miki, his prick still hard, up against his stomach, the colour really showing through the juices that were smeared up the whole length.

‘He needs cleaning first,’ I said.

‘You do it,’ she said, her eyes alive and sparkling. ‘I haven’t seen anything like this yet.’ I grinned and rolled over and she moved up the bed to watch. I saw that Miki was grinning too as I bent over and took the end of his wet cock into my mouth and sucked in both of their juices. I couldn’t see her face but I knew she was watching avidly at her seeing her husband suck and lick another man’s cock. Just the thought let alone the action was making me very hard.

‘Well that’s a first I must say,’ she said as I rolled over onto my back. ‘Now it’s my turn.’

‘Too right,’ I said, ‘for another first. I want you to sit on my face.’

‘What?’ she asked looking puzzled.

‘Another first. I want you to sit on my face. You’re wet too, I can see it and you need cleaning as well.’ The light dawned and she smiled and crawled down and got across my neck and I could see the lips of her sex all wet and shiny with not only her own juices but Miki’s semen dribbling out of her. She shuffled forward a little and lowered her body down until the wet lips of her sex touched those of my face.

She gave out a groan and at the first stroke of my tongue I saw her hands go up to begin massaging her breasts as I licked and then began to suck on her. She actually crooned as my tongue delved deep into her vagina as well as rasping her clit. I had to hold her hips for sometimes she pressed down too hard and prevented me from doing anything.

My mouth and chin were really wet when I cried out enough and pushed her up.

‘That was great,’ she panted. ‘Another ten minutes and I would have had an orgasm.’

‘Well let’s try the conventional way,’ but she resolutely stayed on her knees and so I got up behind her and entered her. I was big and hard and I wasn’t gentle when I pushed myself in. She gave out a big groan and dropped her head as I began to fuck her. Then I saw why she wanted to stay on her knees for as I moved in and out, she had her mouth on Miki’s dick. I nearly laughed when I thought that if I suddenly changed holes she might bite the end of his cock off with shock and that would never do. To derive a moments pleasure of fucking her up the arse would deprive me of Miki ever fucking me again.

I felt so strong and powerful as I kept ramming myself inside her, running the picture through my mind of seeing Miki fuck her and brought her to a screaming orgasm before I let myself go and come in a flood. I really felt drained when I came to a halt, leaning over her back panting before I pulled out and flopped over onto my back.

‘Now let me see you clean him up Miki,’ I heard her say for I had my eyes closed and the bed moved and I felt his breath on my lower stomach before I felt him take in as much of my cock into his mouth to begin to suck and clean me up. It gave a new dimension to the words, mouth wash.

He finished and the bed moved again as they changed places and I felt her settle down next to me and her small hand took hold of my now semi hard prick and rubbed it.

‘Two for the price of one,’ she said and I guessed that her other hand was doing the same to Miki. I think I fell asleep then. We hadn’t gone under the covers for the central heating was on and it was warm enough in the bedroom.

It was past dawn when I woke up at her moving and could see in the light that she was propped up on her left elbow and due to the actions of her right shoulder, knew that her hand was working on Miki. He gave a grunt that sounded like yes and she lay back down and I saw him move up on top of her. Her right leg pushed against mine as she opened both to let him get in between. His cock looked even longer from the angle I was at and I watched it disappear from sight as he moved up over her and imagined that his cock was going well up into her.

He raised up his front half onto his elbows and he began to move and he fucked my wife for the second time. God, my own cock was now throbbing fit to bust as I watched one lover of mine humping away at another. I began massaging a breast and she gave out a strangled cry as they both came at the same time and I had my hand trapped as he came down heavily onto her.

He lay like that for a minute or two before lifting himself up and out of her, his cock glistening with her juices. He was only just rolling onto his back when I was then moving in between her legs and she gave out a gasp as I pushed myself up that slippery slope and batted on a sticky wicket. I’m pleased to record that I gave her another orgasm before I came, grinding my pelvic bone against hers as I pumped out my coming.

Christiana showered first and came back out into the bedroom naked and dropped a spare robe on the bed for Miki before putting hers on and going downstairs. I let Miki shower next and as he came out, I told him to go down to the kitchen while I took my turn in the shower. I was soon down there where coffee had just been poured out and Christiana was cooking breakfast. She shooed us out to the pool area after we’d eaten so that she could clean up and so Miki and I went and lay on the loungers in the early morning sun.

‘You didn’t mind me doing it with Chris did you?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I said. ‘If I had of minded I wouldn’t have brought you along now would I,’ amused at the expression of concern on his face. ‘I guessed that was what she had in mind when she asked me to invite you.’

‘You don’t think that she’ll want….’

‘Oh yes,’ I interrupted, reading his mind. ‘In about two hours she’ll want to see us perform.’ I was wrong for it was four hours later. We’d had a swim, all three of us before she put her robe on and went and made us a small salad plate for a light lunch, eaten by the pool and it was an hour after we’d eaten that she asked us.

‘Well you’ve both had me and I saw how it turned you on Paul to see Miki fuck me. I would like to see you two having it and to find out if it’ll turn me on the same way.’ Miki I saw, had an instant erection for it was sticking out of the fold of his robe. I must admit that I too had gone very hard at the prospect of having her watch me in the act of having sex with another man.

I shrugged my shoulders as if I was resigned to it and stood up. Miki did too and Christiana quickly pulled the mattresses off our loungers and laid them down on the tiled floor. Miki stood there a little self consciously as to who was going to go first when she resolved that.

‘Paul. I want to see Miki make love to you first and then you to him,’ which settled things. We took our robes off to show that we both had massive erections and as I went down onto my knees on the mattress she spoke again.

‘You’ll need this,’ and she had a condom in her hand which she tossed to Miki. She’d already taken it out of its packet. She had a smile on her face as she watched it rolled down his hard black cock, the whiteness of the thin rubber sheath was a stark contrast to the rest of his body.

I was on my knees sideways on to where she was lying, propped up on her elbow, and slightly at an angle so that she could see my rear and watch the actual penetration. Miki got down behind me and one hand holding his cock, placed the head to my entrance and then let go when it was held there by his body weight. She could clearly see from where she was and saw it slowly disappear up my arse as he pushed forward till his thighs met the cheeks of my bum.

I stifled the gasp for he felt huge this afternoon and I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction that she could take it in without any fuss and me not. It was hot and really throbbing inside my canal and absolutely perfect having him back inside me again. Then he fucked me in front of my wife. It probably astounds most of you with me letting this happen, but we all are a little kinky at times and this was one of those times for me.

I couldn’t stop myself from telling him harder to which he complied, ramming himself in and out of me, reaming and churning me all up inside. It was a wonderful fuck and I could see that she was enjoying the spectacle, her robe thrown clear of her legs and her hand between them as she fingered herself.

Miki came with gusto, grinding himself hard against my rear as his hips jerked and his cock throbbed as he came inside me. We were panting heavily when he’d finished, propping his weight up against my body until he pulled out. I rolled onto my side for if I’d fallen forward, I might have snapped my cock in half it felt that hard.

‘That was marvellous to watch,’ she exclaimed as she passed over some tissues to Miki. ‘To see it disappear like that and you being able to take that big thing in, it was amazing. It’s made we all wet.’ She gave us a few minutes respite before she handed me a condom and I rolled it on myself as Miki went down onto his knees and I got behind and fucked him. As soon as she had seen my cock go into him, she moved round in front and wriggled her way down underneath Miki and, with her robe now off, opened her legs for him to bend further forward to lick her as I fucked him. She smiled up at me as she rubbed her breasts as she was being licked as I fucked Miki, his head and tongue being moved by my actions behind him. As I came in shudders, she banged her fists on the mattress and gave out a cry, having an orgasm herself.

I think hers drained her as much as mine did to me for she was panting and taking in deep breaths of air. I stroked and ran my fingernails down Miki’s back making him shiver before I pulled out.

We went for a swim afterwards to get rid of the sweat and she pulled her mattress off her lounger so that we could all loll about till sundown. We had a good dinner and went to bed early where we both got to fuck her twice each before falling asleep.

We were up early, it being Monday morning as she had to go to Uxbridge for a seminar, and so we left at the same time. She in her car and Miki and I in mine. We drove together along the M4 until she turned off onto the M25 and we carried on and turned off at the Feltham junction to make my way down to the A3 and Tooting.

Miki had enjoyed the change and readily agreed to accompany me again in a fortnight’s time and so this became the pattern for the next six months.


Just a short section from me this time for you got most of what happened from Paul.

I think he saw through me when I asked him to bring Miki with him and I’m glad that he did for he was gorgeous. I’ve never seen a naked black man before and it must be true what they say for his prick was as big and heavy as Paul’s. I should have really been surprised at Paul actually bringing him and letting him fuck me. Maybe it turned him on for I’ve read somewhere that some men like to watch their wives have it off with a complete stranger.

I think what shocked him was my taking Miki’s erection in my mouth for I’d never done that even to him before that night though he had asked me quite a few times to do so. But it was just the first sight of that huge black cock swinging about that made me do it. I just had to have a taste and feel it throb in my mouth and it set all my teeth on edge. Of course I then had to go and suck on Paul after that. I wish I’d started sucking on his a lot earlier in our married life, maybe things would have turned out differently. But then I wouldn’t have had Miki’s lovely tool ream my insides so there’s pros and cons in everything we do.

It was a perfect weekend, especially the Sunday night, being fucked four times. Do all gay and bi-sexual men have big cocks and that is why they are like that I wondered? The men from the seminars I finish up with have pricks that are like toothpicks sometimes. I’ve yet to find anyone bigger than Paul, Miki or Adrian and if I do, I bet that they are gay or like Adrian.

I had been so satisfied over the weekend that I didn’t bother to have any of the men at the seminar that week. I was getting randy come Saturday and I went out to a country pub that night where the landlord, a widower had asked me several times to stay the night with him. I was going to take him up on his offer this night, and I did. But he wasn’t a Miki or Paul in that department, but it was a good fuck all the same, but hoped that on the following weekend Paul would bring Miki again. He did!


It was six months of wedded bliss if taken in the right context. The weekends in Reading which sometimes included the Monday if she didn’t have a seminar, I was the husband to Christiana and all the other days I was the wife to Miki.

We would go out on both Saturday and Sunday nights, me dressed up and feeling every inch the woman and would occasionally be in the flat only half dressed in stockings and suspender belt to rouse up Miki to have him fuck me wherever he wanted to.

As I said, it was six months of bliss and then things began to change. It started off with a phone call from Head Office asking me to visit them on the following day. That had been a Wednesday and so on Thursday, I duly turned up at the appointed time and after giving my name to the receptionist waited a few minutes till a secretary greeted me.

‘Good morning Mr Newton. Would you follow me please, they are waiting for you,’ she said, moving off for me to follow her. Who was waiting? Well I would find out in a minute as we went up in the lift to the top floor and there I was ushered into the board room.

I knew two of the men there having spoken to them before and I wasn’t sure of the third one though I knew I had seen his face somewhere. Then it twigged. It was Sir Melton Pellew, President of our company.

‘Glad you could come so promptly Mr Newton’ he said offering his hand which I duly shook. ‘You know the chairman and vice chairman I believe.’ I said I did and shook their hands too. ‘Sit down, sit down please,’ he said and indicated the chair next to the head of the board room’s conference table. I sat down as he took the chair at the head and the chairman sat opposite me with the vice chairman to his left. The secretary took a seat just behind the three men to take down shorthand notes. He had quite a few files on the table before him and he opened the top one.

‘I see that you joined the company from school at the age of sixteen and worked in our Reading branch where you lived. You declined the offer of being an assistant manager the first time but accepted it the second time. It doesn’t say why?’ and he looked at me. I gave a cough to clear my throat.

‘To take up the offer, which was generous, would have meant me moving away from Reading sir. My parents weren’t in the best of health and I wished to be near them. When the second offer came, they had both since died and therefore was free to move.’

‘I see. I’m sorry to have brought up was must have been an unpleasant period in your life,’ he gave a little cough and continued. ‘You moved to our Tooting branch as the assistant manager and was promoted to manager a year later. Since then, the sales profit revenue of that branch have constantly remained above the target set. In fact, in spite of the smallness of the branch it has been fourth in our table for four years running. Well done and I see that in spite of that bus incident, you kept the sales figures up.

Now to the reason you’ve been asked here is to help us with a small problem. The manager of the Reading branch died of a heart attack Tuesday night and we would like you to take over and be the manager of that branch. It’s twice the size of Tooting but I don’t think that would worry you.

But what has been worrying us is that in spite of its being larger than your present branch, its turnover is small and we cannot understand this. We want you to turn this branch round and bring it back from the low ebb it has been having for the last four years. Your salary will remain the same for six months and if we see an upswing in the sales we will see that you receive an adequate rise commensurate with the growth. Would you accept the post and the task we have set?’ I felt quite proud of what he had said about my branch.

‘I would be most delighted sir, and thank you for the trust and will do the job to the best of my ability.’

‘Well said, ‘ he replied and all three men beamed at me. ‘Now here are the past ten months figures on sales, stock and movements and copies of the staff’s personnel files. They are for you to take back to study and we would like you to take over as from Monday morning. We will send someone to your branch to stand in on, when did we say?’ he asked the chairman who told him Saturday. ‘So,’ he turned to me again, ‘you only have tomorrow to get everything in order and fill in our man on the Saturday. We will pay the removal costs incurred. Just get an invoice and expenses and send them to us here. Well that’s it then. Congratulations Paul,’ he said rising and shaking my hand, me having stood up at the same time. The other two congratulated me and shook my hand also. The president turned to the secretary and told her to find a briefcase from somewhere for me to carry the files in. I declined the offer of a drink saying that I was driving.

With a full briefcase, I said goodbye and thanked them again and drove back to Tooting in high spirits thinking of Reading. Back to where I first started work but as manager now, the post I had always wanted. I was so full of myself on the drive that I’d forgotten something important and it was only when I pulled up outside my garage that it hit me. Miki!

How was I going to break it to him? That I would now be living in Reading? He would have no home now as he would have to leave the flat the same time as me and I’d already sold my old place! Oh Christ, I groaned, leaning my head on the steering wheel, what have I done? He couldn’t keep commuting on his motor bike from Reading every day? Would he change hospitals? Would there be a place for him at Reading hospital even if he would?

There were so many questions that it was an effort for me to put the car away and drag myself to the shop. What’s done is done, I said to myself. I can’t go back to Head Office and say I’ve changed my mind, they’d crucify me in the long run.

Miki wouldn’t be home yet so I went into the shop to begin getting my desk and office in order and kept myself busy so that I didn’t have to think about Miki and the problem I was going to have with him.

The outer doors to the shop were closed at six and as the staff were getting their street coats on I called them together and told them that I was leaving after Saturday and where I was going. There were murmurs of congratulations and a couple of dismayed comments about my leaving. I said that we had to get the place ship shape for the new provisional manager who would be in on that last day of the week.

With the last one out I set the alarms and collecting the briefcase, went upstairs to face Miki. It was most difficult to know where to begin and he sensed that something was troubling me and he made me sit down and tell what it was that was bothering me. I blurted it all out and he let me go on and on until I ran out of words and he passed me a large gin and tonic which I drank down in one go.

‘I’ll give them my notice tomorrow,’ he said. Just like that. Without any discussion or comments.

‘You’ll give up your job to come with me, just like that?’ I asked in disbelief.

‘Yes,’ he said quite simply. I couldn’t stop the tears coming to my eyes that he was prepared to just up stakes to be with me. I got up and went and sat on his lap and kissed him through my tears.

‘What if there’s no position at Reading hospital?’

‘Then I’ll find something else to do.’

‘You are doing this for me?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ he replied as simply as he had the first time and I hugged the lovely black bugger. ‘I can stand a week of driving the bike from Reading and back. I’ll speak to Robert tomorrow and see what he can fix up for me first though. If that fails, maybe you can give me a job in the shop.’ We both laughed at this and such was my relief at him taking it this way, dinner was delayed as I had him fuck me with him sitting on that hard chair with me astride of him so that I could kiss him at the same time.

Friday flew by as did Saturday, even with my replacement there. After thanking the staff for their support and hard work over the past few years, I shook hands with them all before they left and I locked the front door behind them. I took the new man up to the flat to show him where I put away the day’s takings for which he gave me a receipt and gave him the keys. Miki had kept out of the way and I soon showed the man out and made sure he had the access codes before saying goodbye to him.

‘Well that’s it,’ I said to Miki when I got back upstairs, going into his arms for a kiss. ‘Let me have a bath and I’ll get dressed up and we’ll go and say goodbye to our friends in the bar.’ I only stayed in my bath for half an hour and then got half dressed and with my cock standing up straight from doing so, sat down and did my make-up. When fully dressed with wig, dress, shoes and handbag, went downstairs with Miki to the cab and off to the bar.

Here we stayed too long, having too many farewell drinks, lots of kisses from most of the patrons, and a few gropes I might add. It was too late for dinner in a restaurant so we picked up a take-away to eat in the flat. When we’d finished, in the bedroom, he took my dress off slowly and kissed all the flesh he could find. I then did the same for him till I was sucking on his erection.

‘Now fuck me Miki,’ I whispered in his ear after kissing him. ‘Fuck me hard and make me remember this place as where you gave me the best fuck of my life.’ He did truly give me such a fucking that I’ve never forgotten how powerful a man he is. I gave him a more leisurely one afterwards.

Again, we only had a small van and there was even room to put his motor bike inside so that he could travel in the car with me. I set the alarm and locked the door to the flat for the last time and quickly left Tooting.

Christiana was surprised and delighted when she was told the news on our arrival and I was glad that she didn’t have another man in the house at the time. The van was soon emptied and sent on its way back to London, the driver pleased with the tip I had given him.

She took the news stoically over dinner when I said that Miki and I would sleep together in another room, but, we would make ourselves available every other weekend as before if she so wished. It felt strange to be like a guest in my own home when we put our things in one of the other four bedrooms that the house had. We turned in early and only had oral sex in the sixty nine position for he had to get up early to drive his bike to Tooting. His hospital had deplored his decision to leave and helped when he said that he was hoping that a place could be found for him in Reading hospital.

I got up with him to show him the alarm system for when he got back though he said that it would probably be late as he would call in at Reading hospital first. We kissed out there in the garden and I looked back at the house and saw that Christiana was looking out and I smiled and gave her a wave to let her know that I had seen her see me kiss Miki.

‘I saw you kiss Miki goodbye,’ she said when I went into the kitchen.

‘I know. A good wife always kisses her husband goodbye when he goes off to work,’ I said mildly knowing that what I had said would bring forth a response which had to be settled right at the beginning.

‘Wife! But you’re my husband!,’ she said.

‘In law and fact, I am, but in our grey world, pink some people say, I have declared myself as his wife.’

‘That’s ridiculous. I’ve come to accept the fact that you are lovers but this is going too far. Look, I’ve got to get going, we’ll talk about this at the weekend.’ She began to get her things together but I stopped her just as she was about to leave.

‘Didn’t I just say something about a husband and wife kissing before they went off to work?’

‘Oh you can be so exasperating sometimes Paul!’ but she came back and gave me a kiss all the same before she left. I left half an hour later and found a place to park the car until the shop was opened by the assistant manager for I hadn’t as yet got the codes.

‘Cedric Taylor sir,’ he introduced himself when I made myself known. ‘Welcome to the Reading branch.’ I thanked him and said I would speak to the staff just before opening at nine.

It was a short speech just to say that I was to improve the sales record and would be carefully monitoring the sales technique and make improvements where I thought necessary. I had spent the short time I’d been given at studying the files from Head Office and now it was putting the face to the name.

My office was not a tidy place and took me all day just to get it cleaned up to my standards. Paperwork not filed and some not even been dealt with. The list of problems I found was too long to list here but I knew I had my work cut out to get this branch up and running properly.

But I still took time to walk about the store to watch what was going on and one thing became very apparent. There were three customers at one counter and only one dealing with it and yet at another, it was only the two staff standing there talking to each other.

‘Phillips,’ I said, remembering this one. ‘There are customers over there waiting to be served.’

‘But this is my counter,’ he said.

‘Not any longer. Every counter is your counter from now on. See to them instantly. The same goes for you too,’ this last to Cynthia, one of the two girls of the branch. They hurried off and I went into my office and on the computer, made and printed a sign that said the shop was closed till nine thirty for staff training. I gave it the next day’s date and ran off a couple of copies on the printer and had them stuck on the insides of the outer doors.

I was tired when I got home and found it empty. I knew Christiana would be away till Friday night and I was just pouring myself out a drink when I heard Miki’s motor bike arrive outside. I therefore poured out another one for him and put it in his hand as soon as he came inside. He took the glass and kissed me on the lips first before taking a sip.

‘How was your first day? Mine has turned out well. I’m to start at the hospital here next Monday. Robert helped in that and he even gave me a kiss in the men’s shower room he was so delighted for me.’

‘Is that all you did in there?’ I asked.

‘What else apart from a shower and use the toilet?’

‘You’d be surprised,’ I said drily. ‘But that is very good news indeed. Cheers,’ I said as I raised my glass and drank.

Tired as I was, our sex that night was slow but it was a catharsis for me.

That thirty minute talk next morning wasn’t really enough but I said what I wanted and that they’d better make sure that they saw that the customer came first in all things. I even gave Maureen a telling off in front of the others for coming in three minutes after nine.

I spent the rest of the day going through the filing cabinets, reading every piece of paper and found a curious anomaly. Shops like ours were always closed on Sunday and because we were open six days a week, Monday was the prerogative right of the manager to have that day off. The assistant manager usually took the Wednesday as his second day off. Now to be fair to all the staff, a rota was drawn up that every three months, they changed their day off, because it wouldn’t have been fair on the others who worked on the Friday for this day, especially from late afternoon could be as busy as a Saturday when we all worked.

I noted that two of the staff always had the Wednesday off with the Assistant manager, the rest did the usual change round except these two. When I queried this with Cedric, for it was his job to update the days off rota, explained that it had been approved by the previous manager because the two men, Phillips and Stoneman always went fishing together. He laughed and said that sometimes he went with them when he wanted to get out of some household chores. It was logical but I accepted what he had said though still had my doubts.

I also had some of the displays altered and worked out prices to have a small sale of items that I classified as white elephants. But I still wasn’t happy with what I had done and decided to do my own stock take on the Sunday without any of the staff having any knowledge that I would be doing so.

I was given a surprise by Miki when I got home on the Friday for he had bought me and Christiana a present, and one for himself. He was wearing his when I got in and I remarked that it suited him and then he gave me one. It was a silk sarong, with a similar design to the one he was wearing. It’s just a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the lower body and tucked in at the waist. His was predominantly white which made his upper body shine beautiful in contrast. Mine was blue in colour but not too light and not as dark as royal and when I stripped off there in the kitchen and put it on, with his help, it looked perfect to go with my sun tan. The one for Christiana was scarlet. Now whether he was trying to say something about the colour choice, I didn’t dare ask.

‘But I can’t wear this,’ she protested as she was given it when she first came in seeing us wearing ours.

‘Why not?’ Miki asked, ‘nearly all the native women wear things like this.’

‘And show their breasts?’

‘Oh, er, yes,’ Miki stammered. I then laughed.

‘He’s not expecting you to wear it in town,’ I said still chuckling. ‘It’s only to wear here, indoors and we’ve both seen them, and I don’t suppose Miki or I would object to seeing them a bit more.’

‘Men!’ she said and stormed out.

‘I think I bought the wrong thing,’ Miki said glumly.

‘No you didn’t, for I bet she’ll be wearing it by next weekend,’ I said giving him a kiss and a quick grope.

I fully expected the wife question to crop up during dinner but it didn’t which was a relief. No, she brought it up that night just after we had both fucked her and were lying back to recuperate.

‘Now that you’ve just proved you’re a man and have fucked your wife, what’s this about you being Miki’s wife?’ she asked.

‘Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain. You are a wife and you have a husband, me, and I make love to you. It’s what is expected, for you are a woman. Now, when I’m with Miki, I feel like a woman, without breasts of course.’

‘But a cock!’ she interjected.

‘I know, but let’s forget that for a moment.’

‘If we did, Miki wouldn’t get fucked, would he?’ she said.

‘Will you shut up for a minute! I said it was difficult to explain. With a man and a woman it’s cut and dried as to who is the husband, but when it’s two men together, it’s difficult. So one has to be the husband and one the wife, to maintain the status quo so to speak. So I opted to be the wife in our relationship.’

‘Why couldn’t Miki be the wife?’ she asked.

‘Oh shit! Here it comes,’ I heard Miki say and I imagined that he’d put his hands over his eyes as he said it.

‘Because I like dressing up as a woman and being treated and fucked like one,’ I almost shouted at her.

‘What!’ Christiana exclaimed sitting up. ‘You dress up as a woman?’

‘Yes,’ I said somewhat lamely.

‘Oh Christ,’ she moaned, ‘a fucked up transvestite queen of a queer whose a husband of one and a wife to another.’

‘Er, something like that, though I wouldn’t have put it in quite the same words,’ I said.

There was silence for several minutes before she spoke again.

‘You actually put on a dress and…and other things?’

‘Yes. Make-up too, plus a wig.’

‘Oh Lordy, Lordy,’ she sighed. ‘Is Miss Paul ready to be fucked by her husband?’ she asked sarcastically.

‘Ready and waiting,’ Miki said from the other side of the bed.

‘Shut up,’ we both said at the same time and then laughed.

‘I’m called Pauline when I’m out with Miki all dressed up,’ I said.

‘You’ve been out in public dressed as a woman?’ she asked incredulously.

‘Many times,’ I replied.

‘Well bugger me,’ she breathed out.

‘That’s our department,’ I said with a laugh.

‘Did…do…have you brought these er, women’s things with you,’ she asked.

‘A wardrobe full of dresses and a drawer of underwear. No panties, I can’t fit into them,’ I chuckled.

‘Miki!’ she said, turning her head towards him. ’You’ve kept very quiet through all this.’

‘Best way Mama-san,’ he replied which made her laugh and slap his chest.

‘What do you think of him dressing up as a woman?’ she asked him. It took a minute or two before he answered and then it was in measured tones.

‘Chris, when Paul got dressed up and went out as Pauline, it was like walking on air for I had one of the most beautiful women in the world holding my arm. I was proud to say that he was my wife and had many men try to take him away from me. I should change the gender really for Paul is unbelievable when he is Pauline.’

‘Can I get to meet Pauline?’ she asked as she turned to me.

‘At dinner tomorrow if you like,’ I said.

‘That I would like to see,’ she said. ‘So Miki, it would seem that you now have two wives as it seems I have two husbands as we are all in the same bed together. Would my husband’s like to dip their wicks again?’

Needless to say we did and we had to lick and suck each other clean while she watched.


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