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The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 30

Tess swiveled in the seat and looked out of the rear window of the F250. Dave was standing in the doorway of the machinery shed waving good bye to her and Drew.

The sheep in the trailer were rocking as they bounced down the gravel driveway that had developed some deep ruts courtesy of the heavy truck carting wheat to the silo.

It was early Thursday morning and Tess and Drew were leaving for the city. Drew to deliver his sheep and Tess to check in with her staff at the bank.

Drew stopped at the gate momentarily to allow Tess to put on her seat belt and to ensure there was no approaching traffic on the highway.

"Well this trip to the meat works is going to be easier than the usual," he stated, "I get so bored when I do this on my own."

Tess looked across the width of the truck at him.

"Well I have to be at the office by about two this afternoon. I made an appointment with my boss to touch base and discuss my job. Now that Dave has decided to take over the practice here I don't feel it is fair to them for me to work part time from here," said Tess.

Drew returned the look across at her.

"What do you mean Tess?" he asked her.

"I didn't tell Dave, but I think I will give my notice, quit," Tess confessed.

"But what will you do? Won't you get bored out here?" Drew asked.

"I will probably get a part time job as a receptionist in a local medical clinic. I know the owners," she said with a smile.

Drew smiled back at her. Dave had come back from town yesterday just after lunch. He was over the moon with what he had seen and heard of the clinic. The three of them had sat down last night and Dave had gone through all the details that he and Dr. Morton had agreed to.

The clinic itself was in a modern building next door to the small hospital. Lou and June Morton owned it and would continue to. Dave would pay a nominal rent to them for the building. The current receptionist was nearing retirement age also but would keep working for whatever time it took to find a replacement.

Lou would walk out and the next morning Dave would walk in and continue to treat the people of the local district. But for the first few months until another doctor could be found, Dr. Morton would be working two days a week.

"Do you think Dave would like me to answer his phone and make appointments for him?" Tess asked.

"No he'd want you to stay home on the farm with me all the time," Drew answered with a laugh.

"Well don't tell him yet, I want to surprise him. I have to make up my mind before they advertise for a new receptionist. It wouldn't be fair if they gave some one a job and I decided to step in three days a week," she said.

The next few hours passed with them discussing how they were going to live together as a trio. Before Tess realized it Drew turned into the gate of the meat works and pulled up at the gatehouse. He spoke to the security guard and then they drove down to unload their sheep at the pens.

"The poor things," said Tess as Drew pushed them out of the trailer and closed the gates.

"This is why they have existed at all Tess. They have had good lives. They have been well feed and looked after. They will only ever have one bad day. And unfortunately that is today." Drew said back to her.

He signed a receipt from the stock man and motioned for Tess to get back into the truck.

"Come on we will take the trailer off and get you to the office," Drew said.

Half an hour later he dropped her out the front of the towering building and watched her disappear through the front doors. He now headed back to the apartment and made his way into the garage.

The elderly security man Joe and another younger guard were in the basement carpark putting some cardboard into a bin by the elevator doors.

"Hello Joe. How's things?" asked Drew.

"Good day Drew. Down for the weekend again?" said Joe.

"Yes, Tess and I drove down this morning. Dave is working on the farms. You wouldn't know him in his dirty farm clothes, driving a truck. He is a different man," Drew informed him.

"I didn't think he'd last a day out of the city," said Joe with a chuckle.

"Tess said she wanted to come and see you later. We are taking Dave's car back with us on Saturday. Just so you don't go and report it as stolen. She's got a few other things she wants to run through with you while the apartment is not being used," he said, "What time do you finish up? I know she wanted to see you especially."

"I finish at ten tonight. I'll be on the desk until then, she can come and see me anytime," Joe replied.

"I'll let her know, see you," said Drew as he stepped into the lift and entered the code into the keypad

He opened the door onto the balcony to let some fresh air into the apartment. He checked the fridge, there was nothing much in it. He would shower and change then walk to the supermarket and buy staples and supplies for dinner.

Stripping off in the bed room and moving into the bathroom, he spotted himself in the large mirrors. He stopped to look at himself in the brightness of the down lights

He was still looking okay he thought. He was tanned and lean. He turned and looked over his shoulder at his back. His butt was still tight and looked nice and round. He flexed his buttocks and released them.

Turning back he looked at his cock. He did like the look of his shaved pubic area. His cock looked at least an inch longer than it really was.

He put his hand on the shaft of his flaccid cock and squeezed it and stretched it upward. It occurred to him he had not masturbated for maybe a month. He had not had any need to. He was having sex nearly daily with either Tess or Dave or both. He gave his dick a couple of tentative tugs to see if it would respond to his own touch. His shaft started to harden and stiffen on queue.

He opened the cupboard above the sink and found some lube which he quickly squirted onto his hand. Now he could slide his hand up and down his cock and enjoy the sensation as he stimulated the smooth skin.

Visions of Tess, her tiny body, her waxed pussy and the erect nipples on her small breasts flashed into his head. Dave's naked body now appeared. His hard, straight penis pointing out from his flat muscular torso. Now Dave bent over and offered a view of his tight ass hole. Drew loved to fuck Dave.

His hand worked his cock until he felt an ejaculation welling up in his balls. One more thought of Dave and Tess fucking and he aimed his cock into the sink and a spurt of semen spattered into the drain hole. He kept stroking himself and made his muscles pump as hard as they could. Ah it felt good to have a little time to himself.

He washed his cum out of the sink and stepped into the shower and turned on the water. He rinsed the evidence of his masturbation away and then cleaned himself with the body wash and misting jets.

After he had dried off and selected some cargo shorts and a t shirt from his wardrobe he lay on the bed for a while to relax himself.

He looked at the clock as his eyes opened. Five o'clock. He had lost a couple of hours, he had nodded off.

He dressed and decided they wouldn't cook tonight. He would just buy some milk, dry biscuits, maybe some cheese and cold meats. They would order some food after Tess got home. Why cook when they could have food delivered. They didn't have the convenience of take out on the farm.

He walked down to the supermarket and made his purchases and was back in the apartment watching television when Tess opened the door.

"Hi Tess, how did it go with your boss? " Drew asked as he muted the television.

Tess dropped her bag and laptop on an armchair and then slid onto the couch next to Drew.

"Have we got anything to drink? Wine?" she asked.

"Yes sure, I'll get us one," Drew said.

He could tell she was not in good spirits. He didn't push her for answers, the room was quiet as he poured two glasses of wine. He returned to the sofa and passed her a glass then sat down.

Tess took a sip of the wine.

"It didn't go very well I'm afraid," she offered.

"Why what happened?" asked Drew.

"Well I went and saw Jack Stevens, I have known him for years and we have always had a good, professional relationship. We chatted and then he told me that he now had second thoughts with me working remotely. He said I wasn't setting a good example for my staff and that they might want the same leniency in their work conditions. He did concede that I was doing my job but I just needed to supervise my staff, She took a sip of her wine and formulated her next sentence.

"That is when I sort of told him that I would be leaving the bank. I told him about Dave taking over the practice and that we would be living in the country. I shouldn't have said that as he asked me what my final day would be. I got a little angry, I felt he was pushing me out of my job."

After another sip of wine she continued, "That depends how much annual leave I have accrued? I can make tomorrow my last working day if you would like. He replied that would probably be best. I was stunned. I thanked him for his time and went down to my office, locked the door and cried. I had given myself to this job and to be treated like that by someone who I thought was my friend, it just upset me."

"Oh Tess, you poor thing," Drew said as he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead.

"I eventually got myself together and called my staff in and told them of my decision. They were just as shocked as me. But all of a sudden I felt so much better and it was a huge relief to me that I didn't have the responsibility any more and that I was now free to do what ever I wanted from now on."

"I wrote out a formal resignation and emailed it to human resources. They answered me soon enough telling me how much leave I had and asking whether I wanted to be paid out in a lump sum and finish work tomorrow or take my leave and finish in February. I said lump sum and the break from the bank would be final."

"So tomorrow is your last day?" asked Drew incredulously.

"It is. I will go in after we have breakfast with Fiona and Chuck. She texted me by the way. Eight in the morning, at Chucks restaurant. He is cooking for us. After that I am going to take my staff to lunch and then go back and hand in my keys, have my laptop cleared of all bank information and that will be it," she said not knowing whether to be sad or excited, "I still can't believe he treated me this way."

Drew did not know what to say. He had never worked for any one other than his father or himself. He did not know anything about employee/employer relationships. It did seem a bit abrupt to terminate someones employment as Tess had been.

"It doesn't seem very fair Tess. You worked for them for a long time," Drew replied.

"No it isn't the way I would have thought it would end. But deep down I think it is what I wanted to happen. I haven't been happy for a couple of months. All the travel and missing you or Dave. I know I have wanted to be with you guys on the farm or have you both here. If it was my job in the way of that then I really don't think I mind giving it up. I love the thought of being Dave's receptionist and of being a farmers wife. It has worked out nicely," she said in a much more positive tone.

Drew leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the lips. Tess smiled and then downed the last of her wine.

"Apart from a lot more wine, what is for dinner?" Tess asked as she offered her glass to him for a refill.

"I thought we'd order something and have it delivered," Drew answered.

"Thai food and plenty of it," answered Tess as she changed her mind and stood up to get her own wine, "I will order it now, I'm hungry,"

Drew watched her as she searched through the takeaway menus that were stored in a kitchen drawer. She poured another wine and dialed the number. As she ordered and paid for with her credit card what Drew thought was too much food she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it of her shoulders. Her tiny breasts were now only concealed behind her white satin bra that hugged her. Her nipples were visible to Drew through the sheer material.

"Okay, twenty minutes, that's fine. Thank you," Tess said into the phone and then have hung up.

She immediately dialed the security desk in the foyer.

"Hi Joe, it's Tess here. I am expecting some food to be delivered soon, could you send the delivery guy up when he gets here please. And I will come down and see you later if that's okay?"

She listened as Joe answered and then said, "Well why don't you come up with the delivery and have dinner with Drew and I."

"No it is no problem we'd love to have a meal with you."

"Good, see you then," Tess said as she rung off.

"I hope you don't mind Drew, but I do like Joe. I think he is a man from a different era. Always the gentleman and ever so loyal to his family and his job," Tess said.

"No how could I object. I'll set the table," he said as he rose from the couch and walked to the kitchen.

Tess stepped in front of him. She wrapped her arms around him and held him to herself.

"Love you Drew," she said.

"I love you too, Tess," Drew responded.

The door bell rang and Drew crossed the lounge room to answer it. He had set the table with three place settings while Tess had changed into track pants and a t shirt. He opened the door and took delivery of the food thanking the young guy with a five dollar tip.

"Come in Joe," he said.

"I'll just show this gentleman to the lift first," Joe answered and returned down the corridor to press the button that opened the elevator doors.

Drew left the apartment door open and unpacked the food onto the table. Tess appeared from the bedroom as Joe arrived back at the entrance door way.

"Come in Joe," said Tess, "So good to see you."

Tess went across to Joe and took his arm as she closed the door.

"Make yourself comfortable. How long is your meal break?" Tess asked him.

"I'm only supposed to have forty five minutes and the young guy on the desk at the moment is to go for his break when I get back. So I have to be prompt I'm afraid," the old security guard said almost apologetically.

"We will eat the food while it is hot then and chat at the same time," Tess said.

She sat Joe at the head of the table and then took the seat to his right for herself.

"Would you like a drink Joe? Beer, wine or orange juice?" Drew asked.

"Just a juice thank you. I can't drink at work I'm afraid," Joe said.

Drew poured a glass of juice into a large tumbler and placed it and the bottle on the table. He now poured another glass of wine for Tess and got a beer for himself.

"I'm so glad you came up for dinner Joe. I just wanted to fill you in on what Dave and I are doing," Tess started, "Now, I hope you like Thai food?"

Tess had to explain what most of the dishes were to Joe, he had not eaten Thai before. She served out the dishes and as she did she told him what Dave had decided to do with his career and that they would be spending most of their time on the farm with Drew. She told him that the apartment would be used at least every two weeks by Drew and probably herself or Dave, and that they had no plans of selling it. She asked after his wife and family. Joe shuffled about in his pocket and showed them a photograph of his newest grandchild, a boy born six days ago. It was his fourth grand child and he looked ever so happy about it.

Drew watched the way Tess interacted with Joe. He could see she had a real affection for the older man. Tess listened as Joe explained who was who in his family and proudly told her what each of his five children had accomplished. Drew couldn't help but love her just that little bit more. Joe was just a security guard, the hired help. But Tess didn't see him that way.

Joe had never been invited into anyone's apartment to sit and eat with them. He knew Tess as the friendly young lady from apartment eighty four. Her husband was Dr. Dave and he was a stand up sort of guy also. They had always been respectful towards him. He didn't know where Drew fitted in. He thought he was just a friend of theirs, but he and Tess had been together in the apartment on a couple of weekends with out Dave. There was more to this story than he knew, but he wasn't going to pry, it wasn't his place to do that. Tess and Drew were both being polite and friendly to him, that was more than most of the other occupants of this apartment block were, a lot more.

"Would you like more to eat Joe? Help yourself, Tess has ordered enough to feed a crowd and it will be wasted if it doesn't get eaten tonight," Drew said as Joe cleared his plate.

"Well maybe just a little more, it really is delicious food. I will be taking my missus out try this for herself," Joe remarked.

"Just be careful when you order Joe, some dishes have chilli in them and unless you can handle hot food they are best avoided," Tess warned him.

They finished eating and Joe looked at his watch.

"I'm sorry Miss Tess, Drew, I have to get back to work. Thanks so much for the lovely meal, I do appreciate it," he said, "Now don't you worry I will be taking especially good care of your apartment. I will collect your mail from the box down stairs and put it under your door so it doesn't look like you aren't home. And I will be seeing one of you every couple of weeks," he said as he rose and returned his chair to its place under the table.

Tess and Drew also stood up. Drew shook the old man's hand. Tess again took Joe's arm and walked him to the door.

"You take care now Joe," she said as she opened the door for him.

"I will Miss," he said, "See you Drew, bye Tess," he said and then turned and walked toward the elevator.

Tess closed the door and started to clear the dining table. Drew took her in his arms.

"You are incredible Tess. You have made that old guy feel so good. You don't even know how much what you just did meant to him," Drew said.

"What? I just asked him to have something to eat with us. I had to speak to him anyway," Tess replied.

"Yes Tess you had to speak with him, you didn't have to feed him and listen to him talk about his family. But you did and nobody else in this whole building treats him like that. You really are a special person," Drew whispered into her ear as he nuzzled her neck.

Together they stacked the dishes in the washer and tidied the kitchen.

"Come on Drew, let's watch television in bed for a while," said Tess as she pulled her t shirt over her head revealing her pert little breasts to him.

Tess found the remote control and raised the screen from the foot of the bed as a naked Drew slid in under the sheet. Tess lowered her track pants and climbed in next to him.

"Anything you would like to watch in particular?" she asked as she flicked through the channels.

"Not on the television," answered Drew as he turned toward her and began to kiss her breasts.

Tess settled on a competition dancing show as Drew amused himself with her body. She did nothing to discourage him as his lips suckled on her left nipple. She watched as his head covered by the cotton sheet now began to go lower down her body and she felt soft kisses on her stomach. She settled back and adjusted her position so that now she was on her back, her head propped on a pillow. She opened her legs to allow Drew access as she knew this would be his ultimate goal.

Drew laid feather light kisses across her belly. He heard her sigh as she slowly rolled onto her back, her soft skin was warm on his lips. He inhaled and could smell her perfume and the heady flavor of her pussy that was now only inches from his nose. Her reached down and gently ran his hand up from her calf over her knee, up to her hip. He now rolled her gently so that his hand was under her and he could cradle her butt check in his hand.

Tess lay back and watched the waltzing couple on the screen. She wished she could dance like that. Drew was exciting her. She needed to be loved tonight. She wanted Drew to please her.

She placed a hand on his sheet covered head and encouraged him to go lower down her body.

Drew felt her push his head and responded by kissing down toward her clitoris. He parted his lips and took the small, erect flesh covered organ between them. Sucking gently the hood of her clit slid back for him allowing his tongue to lick the underside of the little button. One of his hands went to her breasts and sought out a nipple.

Tess felt him engulf her clit, it gave her a warm feeling in her pelvic area. She could feel her vagina loosening and lubricating itself. She continued to watch the dancing. Tess did no more to encourage Drew but occasionally her hips would push upwards slightly in an almost reflex action. This was enough of a signal for Drew to know that Tess was enjoying his efforts.

Drew now poked his tongue in to a point and licked from low down on her labia to her clit. She was wet in the cleft of her pussy and his tongue easily penetrated into the puffy folds of her sex. He heard her sigh as his tongue run up the length of her clitoris again. Her hand now came down under the sheet. Using her thumb on one side and her forefinger on the other she parted her pussy lips, opening herself for him.

Her scent was intoxicating. She smelled sweet and rich. The very air he was breathing tasted of her. And now he could lap at her vaginal opening and the nectar she produced could be his. Drew greedily licked her. He did not know if it was stimulating for her. He felt a bit selfish, all he wanted was as much of the luscious fluid as he could coax from her.

Tess now put a hand either side of her pussy and pulled it as wide open as she could for him. She pushed her pelvis down so that as he licked her opening his nose would crush up against her hard clit.

Still the dancers in their suits and ballroom gowns danced on the screen. Her vaginal muscles were tightening and now Drew's hands cupped the orbs of her butt cheeks as he lifted her towards his loving mouth.

Drew pushed his erect tongue into her cunt as far as he could. He was far from satiated. He could not get enough of her. He slowly ground his own hips against the bottom sheet. His erect penis was stimulated as he did this. His mind was in a sexual trance as Tess's taste and scent triggered his body to respond.

Tess's hands now pushed on the back of his head, she needed him to be more aggressive. Her body needed to cum and she wanted it to happen soon. She lifted her hips up and felt her whole pussy being covered by Drew's mouth. Her muscles tightened again and then in an instant they released and wave after wave of pleasure pulsed from her pelvic area. Her orgasm was intense and prolonged. She whimpered as she came down from its height. She felt Drew's hands under her, supporting the lower half of her body as she slumped back. He continued to lick and suck on her. She knew that she had produced a lot of fluids during her orgasm. He was welcome to them.

The dancers finished their routine and bowed to the judges. An advertisement came across the screen.

Tess lifted up the sheet and looked down at her lover.

"Come up here Drew," she suggested softly to him.

Drew slipped up on to his knees between her legs and now his head hovered over hers. Tess reached up and pulled his head down. They kissed softly. Tess tasted herself on his lips. She loved the taste of her men mixed with her own scent.

Lowering her hand she found his erection and guided it to the opening of her vagina. The head of Drew's cock slipped in easily as she released her grip on him. She now pushed upward and felt his full length penetrate. As if it was rehearsed she lowered her hips as he did and now she rested on the bed with Drew's cock fully inside her.

Drew did not move for a full thirty seconds. He just luxuriated in the feel of her tight, warm, wet pussy enveloping his penis. He looked down into her eyes. His heart melted as he realized she loved him as much as he loved her.

Slowly Drew began to pump his cock inside of Tess. He wasn't making big long strokes, just short hard thrusts. He didn't want his cock to be withdrawn from her. She was too warm and comfortable around him. The walls of her pussy massaged the soft skin of his dick. Her slippery fluid allowed him to glide ever so easily in and out. It felt like she was milking him of his cum. She had surrendered her pussy to him and wanted him to flood her.

Drew's cock hardened and pulsed inside her. The first spurt of semen splashed forcefully against her cervix as Drew pushed himself deeply into her. He pulled back and then thrust into her again, releasing more of his seminal fluid with another two or three pulses of his cock.

He held himself still inside of Tess and lowered his torso so that he supported himself on his elbows above her. He kissed her forehead and cradled her head with his hands.

"Drew, if I ever decide to get pregnant I want to be loved just like that to conceive," Tess said softly.

Drew kissed her again as his softening cock slipped from her pussy. He thought it was an odd thing for her to say, but it was a very loving moment that they had shared.

He rolled of her and then scooped her up to cuddle into him under his arm. They lay together watching the dancers.

Tess and Drew showered. It was six thirty Friday morning. It was to be Tess's last day working for the bank.

"I still think you should ring Dave and tell him. He is your husband and I just feel like you have made this decision to leave the bank and I haven't done anything to dissuade you. I don't want Dave to think I have aided and abetted your decision," Drew said as he dried Tess's back for her.

"Don't be silly. I'll ring him tonight. He knows I haven't been happy away from you guys. And I don't think he expects you to talk me into staying employed by the bank. I'll ring him tonight and ask him for a job in his new clinic. That will be a nice surprise for him. Now come on we don't want to be late for this breakfast," Tess explained.

They dressed, Tess in a work suit for the last time and Drew in his suit pants and a shirt borrowed from Dave's wardrobe. He sat on the end of the bed and tied the laces on a black pair of leather shoes, also borrowed.

"I feel a little awkward eating with Chuck and Fiona. You and I have a history with her. Do you think Chuck knows we have both slept with her?" Drew asked Tess.

"I have no idea how much of her past Fee has divulged to him. If I get a moment alone with her I'll ask. I don't want to say or do anything that might come between them in their young relationship," answered Tess.

They went down to the basement carpark. Drew wanted to take Dave's car to breakfast and afterwards when Tess was at the bank. After filling it with fuel he would check the oil, water and tire pressures. Tess would be driving it back to the farm tomorrow.

They found a street parking place and walked into the building that housed the top floor restaurant. The elevator doors opened to the magnificent view of the city, the suburbs and the ocean beyond.

"Hello, Tess and Drew," they heard Fiona call from behind the bar as they stepped into the reception area of the restaurant.

Fiona strode through the dining room to them and kissed each of them on the cheek.

"It is so good to see you both, come in. Chuck is in the kitchen. Hang on I just have to lock the lift now you are here," she said as she inserted a key into the lock next to the call button of the elevator.

"Can I get you a drink of juice, I've just put on a pot of coffee, it will be a couple of minutes I'm afraid," Fiona said not allowing them to say anything yet.

"Slow down Fee. Don't you look fantastic," Tess said as she held both of Fiona's hands, stood back and looked her up and down, "Charles has been good for you."

Drew was impressed with her confidence and how she was so at home making the coffee behind the bar of one of the top three eating establishments in the city. Even though they were the only people in the place she had an air that she belonged, a bit of ownership.

"Do you have apple juice?" Tess asked.

"I think so come help me look through the fridge," Fee said dragging Tess in behind the tall bar, "Chuck is in the kitchen, go through Drew. He is looking forward to your visit."

Drew stepped through the swinging doors into the glare of the white and stainless steel kitchen. He could not see Chuck.

"Are you here Chuck?" he called out figuring it would be easier than searching behind all the benches and stoves.

"Yes, here I am Drew," answered Chuck as he stepped out of a walk in refrigerator, his arms full of egg cartons, bacon, croissants and a loaf of bread.

He dropped all of his ingredients on the bench and strode over to where Drew stood. He extended his hand and shook Drew's fist.

"So good to see you, I hope you are hungry. God I always seem to be saying that to people. I have to get a new opening for conversation," Chuck said with a smile.

Drew smiled back, "As a matter of fact I'm starving,"

"Well I have made a toasted muesli mix for Fee, Tess may like some too. But if I'm going to have a big breakfast then I not going to fill up on cereal. Eggs, bacon and all the trimmings for me and I'll bet you are the same," Charles told him.

"That sounds good to me," Drew answered.

"Okay we'll take this out to the ladies, and I must say hello to Tess. Then we'll get to it in the kitchen. What do you say?"

Without waiting for an answer he handed two white cereal bowls and a jug of milk to Drew and picked up a shiny metal mixing bowl full of grains and nuts and exited the kitchen.

They found Tess and Fee sitting opposite each other at a window table for four that was bathed in sunshine.

They each had an apple juice and there was a jug of the golden liquid on the table. Drew could see that they were deep into a conversation until he and Chuck had interrupted them.

"Tess how are you dear?" Chuck said as she half stood and kissed his cheek, "So good to see you. And I believe Dave is baby sitting our wonderful lamb while you two are in town. I hope he is doing a good job. You won't believe how popular my summer menu is. People love lamb."

"Oh great you made my muesli for me. You have to try this Tess it is delicious," Fiona said, "Thank you so much Chuck."

Chuck placed the bowls and some cutlery in front of the girls. "Now what else would you like?" he asked looking at Tess.

"Don't be shy Tess, just order what you'd like," Fiona prompted her, "It is nothing for Chuck to cook breakfast. Honestly the man is a wizard in the kitchen."

"Could I just have a poached egg on toast please," asked Tess.

"Oh I think I can handle that. And Fee you'll have your usual I suppose?" he asked.

"Yes please honey," Fee replied.

"Right, Drew and I will be right onto it then. See you shortly," Chuck replied.

Back in the kitchen Drew stood back as he watched the celebrity chef prepare four meals at once. It was amazing to watch the way he efficiently prepared everything then simultaneously cooked so that everything would be ready at once. The astounding thing was he could talk to Drew about the farm as he worked. It all seemed so effortless to him.

After a few questions about the farm and how the harvest was going Chuck stopped his preparation and stood back and looked Drew in the eye.

"Do you know what?" Chuck asked.

"What?" Drew asked as he sensed a change in the topic of conversation.

"The night you brought Fiona in here for dinner was the best night of my life. I just can't get enough of her. And I think she feels the same about me. She isn't just after my celebrity status, she just wants to be with me at home or somewhere quiet. I can't believe how lucky I am. I owe it all to you and Dave and Tess." Chuck said.

"Well I'm glad for you both, truly I am," Drew told him, "I can see she is very happy."

"Well just so there is no awkwardness, she has told me all about her past. Her lesbian relationship, Tess and yourself. So don't feel there are secrets. She is with me now and I love that she has chosen me,"

Drew was a bit taken aback. He didn't know how to respond.

"I was a bit worried," Drew said.

"Fee also told me about your history and the relationship you have with Dave and Tess. I think it is wonderful. So please act in front of us as you would at home," Chuck said.

"Thank you Chuck, it will make it easier for me now I know that you know, I hate pretending in front of people. Before last weekend when we told my parents, Fiona was the only other person we had trusted with our secret lives," Drew confessed.

"Really, and you told your parents. How did that go then?"

"Better than we could have hoped actually. Everyone falls in love with Tess and Dave is such a great guy," Drew told him.

Drew then went on to tell him all of their news, Dave turning into the local doctor, Tess resigning from her job and the three of them living on the farm together.

"I hate to interrupt but breakfast is ready," Chuck interjected, "Shall we join the ladies?"

Drew looked across the bench. While they had been talking Chuck had prepared a perfectly poached egg on toasted sour dough for Tess, the same for Fiona although on her plate she also had smoked salmon, spinach and hollandaise sauce. There were two other plates piled with egg, bacon, toast, mushrooms, hash browns and sausages.

Again they went through the swinging door to the dining room. They served Tess and Fiona their breakfasts. Chuck cleared away the cereal and bowls before he sat and joined them.

"Eat enjoy," he said cheerfully.

"Fiona is going to Europe with Chuck for a month as his assistant on a gourmet cruise next March," Tess informed Drew.

"You are both very lucky," he said to them, "You will compliment each other nicely, a travel agent and a chef on a food tour. A match made in heaven."

The conversation flowed as they ate breakfast and enjoyed the view of the bustling city forty stories below them.

"You two should try and make time to come up to the farm before you go away to Europe," Tess said to them, "I'm sure you would enjoy a quiet weekend."

"I would love to," said Chuck, "I like to know where the produce I use comes from and I would also like to spend some time with Fiona and no work interrupting our lives."

"Just give us the word, you are both more than welcome anytime," Drew told them, "It doesn't even have to be a weekend. Come during the week when the restaurant is quieter. We are always there."

"I will arrange a few days off after Christmas and we will definitely make the trip," proclaimed Chuck.

"Excellent," replied Drew.

Drew liked the feeling of being 'out' with people. As he had told Chuck he didn't like living a secret. It was much easier to have people know about him and his two lovers than hide it. There was no way he could have invited Fee and Chuck to stay on the farm if they didn't know.

When Drew had finished his enormous breakfast Chuck said to him, "Now Drew I hope to increase my order on your lamb next year. I really would like to place some of it under our names in a couple of boutique butcher shops that have expressed an interest. I can't say that they will pay you what I do for your produce but you will still be getting a premium price,"

"I have been thinking about that since you mentioned it last time. It will take me a few more months to increase my flock plan for the next years lambing season but I would like for you to try and arrange something," Drew answered.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that. I'll arrange to see my meat suppliers. I know they'd like to use my name and they are jealous that I sort of have a monopoly on your lamb. They will jump at the chance, I'll guarantee it," Chuck beamed.

The two couples chatted until Drew noted it was now ten o'clock and some members of the restaurant staff were filtering in to begin preparation for lunch.

"Tess, I think we had best say goodbye and let Chuck get to work. You have a pretty important day yourself," he said.

"Yes I'd better go in soon," Tess said.

"I also had better head for my office," Fiona said, "I have prove my worth to my bosses so I can get time off for travel with Chuck."

Tess and Dave said goodbye to Chuck and reissued the invitation to stay with them.

Fee kissed him and said, "I will see you after work. Make sure you wake me if you are late."

They rode the elevator down to street level together. Fiona kissed them both as they parted.

"Thanks for coming, I enjoyed breakfast so much," she said.

Tess and Drew walked back to the car.

"I'll drop you at the office. What time will I pick you up this afternoon?" Drew asked.

"Make it about five. I'll call you if I need to. Okay?" Tess asked.


Drew wasn't planning to but he drove back to the apartment and changed his clothes. It was a warm day and he wasn't comfortable in long pants and a business shirt. It was more of a shorts t shirt and flip flops kind of day. Whilst at the apartment he went into the office and turned on one of the computers. He searched for swimming pool and spa suppliers. He had been thinking it would be good to have a spa installed at the farm. Financially he was doing well. The yields of the harvested crops was better than expected and his lamb sales was a bonus. It was indulgent but why not have something they could all enjoy. They worked hard and a little reward would be nice.

Finding what he was after he wrote down the address of a couple and returned to the car downstairs.

He found a service station and filled the tank. He then check all the fluids and inflated the tires to the correct pressure. At least now he knew it was right for Tess to drive back to the farm.

He spent the rest of the day inspecting spa baths and hot tubs. After looking for nearly three hours at four different locations he finally settled on one that he had seen earlier in the afternoon. It was expensive but he liked the idea that the sales man had planted in his minds eye? It consisted of a hexagonal shaped gazebo with a large six seat hot tub inside. The open gazebo could be closed up in winter with clear vinyl curtains to keep the weather out and was heated by a large gas heater overhead. The hot tub was also heated.

Drew envisaged it being built behind the house in the lawn. He would have a walkway and hand rails built to connect it to the house veranda. It would compliment the house nicely.

He retraced his tracks to where he had seen it and surprised the salesman by ordering the complete gazebo and hot tub. That was after he had been assured that a local builder from the town near his farm was an agent for the suppliers and construction would not be a problem. Drew in fact new the builder well, another school friend.

He paid a quarter of the value deposit with the balance to be paid in three more payments, the last due on completion of the project. After checking everything was in stock and speaking with the builder by phone the salesman promised it would be completed before Christmas. He was happy with his decision. Tess and Dave's Friday night tradition of a spa after work could continue. What a great present it would make for their first Christmas together.

He returned to the apartment bock and parked Dave's car back in its allotted space. It was now time to go back into the city center and pick Tess up. He battled his way through the Friday afternoon traffic and pulled into the no standing zone outside of the bank tower. He dialed Tess's cell phone.

"Drew I will be three minutes, I promise," Tess said after he had told her he was illegally parked.

Drew kept his eyes open for parking inspectors as he waited for Tess to appear.

"Take me to the apartment, I need to be out of this rat race as quickly as you can manage it," Tess said as she opened the rear passenger door of the blue truck.

Drew looked at her and smiled as she slid the box of her personal items on to the backseat.

"You know I am not going to miss the city at all. Not for a while anyway," she announced as she climbed up in to the front with Drew, "It is a new beginning for all of us."




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