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You can't always get what you want. [Part 1]

I had my way with her time and time again, but tonight - it was different.
Cole and I had been friends for quite some time now. We worked at rival tattoo shops in New York and my boss and best friend, Sasha, always warned me about him. She was always telling me how troublesome he was and how whoreish he was with the women. Did I care? No. It only intrigued me more.

I was a rebellious person, I wanted what I wasn't allowed to have and that was Cole. Problem was? He was in and out of relationships like I changed my undies. It seemed like he had a new girl on his arm every week, even if he was in a relationship. I wanted to be one of those girls. We finally became acquainted at his annual Halloween bash and I instantly fell in love with someone I had only known for a few hours. He was funny, charming, sexy as hell and that bulge that was showing in his pants all night long just got me yearning for more. I pulled him aside and started to work my magic on top of the alcohol that was already working it's magic on him. Sliding my index finger down his forearm, I looked up at him with the most sincerest look on my face and a smile.

"Hey you," I stated before pushing myself against him, ultimately teasing him.

He laughed and grabbed my waist, "Hey YOU!"

Sasha had told me that he had said something about me seeing me around and that I was pretty hot, so I wanted to find out for myself if he was all about what he said. I could feel the bulge in his pants growing, so I stepped away and with a wink I whisked away and went to find Sasha to get the fuck out of there. Grabbing her wrist, I pulled her away from the guys she was hitting on, making her spill her drink in the process. I had the most sinister smirk on my face and she just laughed at me.

"You didn't, did you?"

I smacked her playfully and shook my head. "No, I didn't fuck him. But, let me tell you. He totally wants this," I said, circling around myself with a smile.

"Oh god, Cel. Your ridiculous."

"I know."

And with that, she dragged me out of his party by my arm and took me back home. Now Sasha wasn't just my boss, but also my best friend. And she was so damn sexy. The fact that we were both tattoo artists and both covered in tattoos, fascinated me. Unlike myself, she had supple tits, just enough but not too much, probably a small B cup at the most. She was drunk beyond belief, and I knew I could get away with anything if I wanted to. When we returned home, I helped her up the steps to our third-floor penthouse. She stumbled in the door and I followed not far behind, locking the door behind me. I stripped out of my shirt, because her drink had spilled on it when we were leaving. She turned around and looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Are you naked?"

"Not yet," I replied.

I shed my jeans next, tossing my clothes in the laundry basket before heading to the bedroom, only left in a small black g-string and a matching push-up bra, which made my tits look extravagant. Sasha made her way into the bedroom, pulling me towards her as we both fell to the bed, me on top of her. Grinning, I lowered my head, placing kisses along her jawline, moving to her neck. I sucked gently at some skin, leaving a bright red love bite on her neck. When she had alcohol in her system, she got all kind of rowdy and I loved it, and she normally never remembered anything the next day, only bits and pieces, but of course I'd deny it.

Snaking my hand down in between her stomach and the fabric of her skirt, I rubbed over the wet spot on her panties, the heated bud was soft to touch, but she jolted with each touch and I knew she was going to let me get my way tonight, or so I thought. She pushed me off of her, grabbing a fistful of my hair as she threw me onto the bed on all fours as she drew her hand back and smacked my ass.

"Oooh," I whimpered out as my body jumped with the smack. She did it over and over again until I wasn't whimpering anymore, but almost crying.

"Your a dirty little slut, aren't you?" she demaneded to know as she yanked on my blonde locks, pulling my head back.

"Y-y-yes," I muttered out as she popped the string to my g-string, pulling them down over my thick thighs. Spreading my legs apart, she made her way in between my legs on her back as she rubbed at my clit vigourously, replaced her fingers with her tongue as I squirmed above her. "Mmmmm," I moaned out as she smacked my clit.

"Don't move, you little bitch," she instructed as she slid one finger, and then two, and then three inside of my wet pussy. I thought I was going to break then and there. The way her fingers slid in and out of me had me in a frenzy. I began to whimper and began to thrust myself against her fingers before she slapped my ass again and scolded me.

"No," she simply stated and I oddly obeyed. I never felt like this before and it was something new for myself. I felt completely helpless and I loved it. She began to flick her tongue vigorously against my heated bud and I wanted to moan and scream, but I was frightened by her. She continued at the attack against my pussy, and within moments I was wailing like a puppy dog, I couldn't take much more.

With a few more thrusts, I was cumming uncontrollably against my will and she was living up every second of it. Her face was buried in between my legs as she lapped up all of my flowing juices with a grin before she slid from underneath me. She pushed me down on the bed and climbed in beside me, wrapping her petite arms around me with a smile before kissing my cheek and giggling. I was astonished at the girl that just came out of her shell right before my eyes. I had never experienced anything so sexy before in my life. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to the sleep, the events of the night racing through my mind.

[To be continued...]

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