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A Happy Meal, ch. 3

Brett and Jenny finally feast
Please read chapters 1 and 2 before this.

It was Monday morning.

Hey Brett! Thought about you all weekend! Now I’m horny.
Jenny. I thought about you too. I’m a guy. Always horny.
Is there a day this week you have an afternoon totally open, say 12-6?
I can clear Thursday afternoon, Jenny. What do you have in mind?
Thursday will be perfect! Keep it clear. I will let you know what I expect of you Thursday morning! xoxo

Hmm. I knew that was going to drive me crazy.


Hi sweetheart! Looking forward to Thursday? I can hardly wait to see you! I miss your lips!
Jenny, you have an incredible effect on me! This week is going to drag by.
Brett, totally out of curiosity, what is your favorite lingerie?
My favorite is black and anything with black stockings.
Ahh. The classics! I like that!

Brett, close your eyes and imagine you are holding me in your arms and kissing me. You get to do that tomorrow... and more!
Oh Jenny! You have this way of arousing me that makes me feel 18 again! I love the feel of your body against mine, of your hungry lips kissing me, your tongue probing and searching.
Brett, today is the day. Are you ready to take me?
Jenny, I am way ready. What are we doing?
Patience, big boy. I will let you know.

Thursday, 11:45 a.m.
Brett, you are to be at the northeast corner of Lincoln Park at 12:15. Check out the tree closest to you.

Needless to say, I was standing there at 12:15! There on the tree was a large white envelope with my name on it. I retrieved it and looked inside. There was a very professional photo of Jenny. On the back: “Standing next to this tree, look due west to a park bench about 50 yards away. Your next instruction awaits you.”

Sure enough, another envelope. This time it was evidently a selfie. No face, but probably Jenny. Nude, but looking down her body. Breasts and nipples in the foreground. On the back; “I am glad to know you are obedient! Look due south. There is another bench a little farther this time.”

This time the envelope was smaller and taped to the back of the bench. Another selfie. Jenny’s legs. Black stockings. I was hard. On the back: “Go back to your car and drive to the southwest corner of the park. Your next instruction is on the nearest tree.”

I ran to the car. Due to the pattern of one-way streets, I had to make two left turns, waiting impatiently both times. When I retrieved the envelope there was another selfie. On her back, shot from near her head. Her finger in her pussy. On the back: “Make sure you got everything out of the envelope, then go 50 yards due east to the light pole. I want your finger instead of mine!”

I re-checked the envelope. A key card for a hotel. The Comfort Inn.

I sprinted the 50 yards. This envelope was small. A small piece of paper inside: “1145 S. Jefferson St. Room 337. I am waiting for you”

That hotel was only about 6-7 blocks away, so it was only 10 minutes later I was exiting the elevator on the third floor. In my haste I mis-read the signs showing room numbers and headed the wrong way! Retracing my steps, I arrived at the room, double-checking the number. Inserting the card. Green light. I pushed the door open.

There was Jenny on the bed. She stood, walking towards me. Wow, a sexy black bra and panty set with garter belt and black stockings! With all the anticipation I was incredibly hard already, but this was almost too much!

Jenny came to me and melted into my arms. We kissed long and hard. Our hands began to wander.

“Brett, you are way too dressed for what I want to do to you,” she whispered.

She tore my shirt open, buttons flying, yanked up my t-shirt and began kissing my chest. She found a nipple and bit lightly. I gasped. She sucked. I held the back of her head. She switched nipples and sucked hard. I was having trouble standing. Then Jenny unfastened my belt and the catch on my pants. She grabbed the pants at the waist and pulled them down to my ankles, along with my boxers. She stopped to remove my shoes and socks. I was standing there nude.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close. We kissed. Long. Deep. Wet. I had one arm around her, holding her close. With the other I caressed the curves of her ass. One of her hands reached between us and stroked my hardness.

“Oh, Brett! I have been longing for this moment. Please make love to me. Take me any way you want. Use me. Make me cum on your cock.”

I slowly turned us both and then picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. I lay beside her and removed her bra. We were finally on a bed instead of in the back seat of a car or in a movie theater! I wanted to take my time, to kiss every inch of her body. I kissed each nipple and started to suck on one. She groaned, holding my head in both hands as I feasted.

“Brett, I am so wet and ready for you. Please don’t make me wait any longer!”

I knelt beside her and she opened her legs to me, her arms beckoning. Her panties tied at the side, so I untied both sides and pulled them away. There are few sights more beautiful than a pussy framed by garter belt and stockings!

I fell into her arms and between her legs, the delicious texture of her stockings rubbing my thighs. As we kissed I moved until I felt my cock at her hot wet pussy. I moved upward slightly and entered her---just an inch or so. Jenny gasped, clutching at my hips, trying to draw me deeper.

I pushed a little more. Now her nails found traction on my ass. She pulled. I thrust in all the way and she cried out.

“Oh! You fill me so beautifully! This feels even better than I imagined.”

I pulled back and thrust in—all in slow motion. In and out. Feeling her heat, the caresses of her pussy walls. She was smiling, eyes closed. Then, without warning, I plunged in hard and held my cock against her cervix. Her eyes flew open as she cried out again.

I reached back and caught her legs, bringing them up over my shoulders. I was going to pound her now and I wanted her helpless as I plowed her depths. I raised up on my toes, my hands on either side of her head, and began to piston in and out, pounding against her on each thrust. She whimpered with each stroke, pulling my hips in perfect rhythm. Suddenly her cries changed and I could tell she was close.

“Brett, please explode inside me! I want to feel your cum bathe my pussy.”

I pounded, pulled back and waited, and then plunged deep and held it as I exploded. Jenny cried out, her arms clamped around me, squeezing. A long cry as she peaked as well. My cock pumped stream after stream of man juice into her.

As our passion subsided, I released her legs and let them fall to my sides. I was still inside her. Still twitching. I could feel our combined juices oozing out of her.

“Mmmm, your cum feels so good draining from me. I loved feeling that explosion!”

She wrapped her legs around me and we kissed long and hard.

“Brett, I am sure glad I don’t have to deal with the bedding, because we are going to leave more than that huge puddle before we finish!”
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