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A Wedding Night to Remember

When your husband isn't present, but a stranger is...

Marrying Matt was the best thing I could ever do! The wedding was a grand affair, everything was white. The champagne bubbled in the crystal glasses, while the cake was a tower of thirteen layers. The frosting was butter crème, my favorite.

Looking at Matt, I was once more struck by how handsome he looked in his Tux. He met my gaze with his silver eyes and a whole smile lit his face as he waited for me to walk towards him. My knees grew weak at the sight of him just as moisture built between my thighs. Nothing could get me going like the fantasy playing in my head. He was naked on his knees, his head cradling my cunt as his tongue brought havoc to my dripping clit. Just the thought of him eating me out had a moan ready to burst from my lips. Swallowing it down for later, I put on my best smile as heat colored my cheeks; Matt’s grin grew as if he knew where my thoughts had gone. This was supposed to be a quick wedding with little celebration, and all because we could hardly wait to tear off each other’s clothing.

After our vows were given, the celebrating began with toasts and cake, LOTS of cake. The partying quickly escalated as we began chucking frosting at one another and our steps became a little less sure. The bubbling drinks bringing us all together in pointless laughs. Smiling I looked around for my hubby, sadly I found no sign of him, for some reason that seemed to anger me.

With a huff, I stalked over to the bar and ordered a straight shot of vodka. Throwing it back, it helped to push thought away as I noticed a very tall man over in the corner. For a quick-make bar, the stools were quite tall compared to the counter. Maybe that is how he caught my eye; it isn’t often you see someone tall enough to tower over the counter of a bar. Fuck the alcohol for screwing my senses up. Well I had to blame something for everything that was happening, and I didn’t want it to be me.

Catching my gaze, which was more of a strong stare, my interesting stranger turned to meet my eyes and a wide grin lit his face. Instantly he looked familiar. Troubling was the fact that my fogged up brain wasn’t able to put two and two together, so I just stared at him dumbly. Even when he got up and came to stand over me, I still couldn’t take my eyes off him. Up close he was even more appealing than before. I hope it is just the alcohol talking, because I faintly remember being married, and the cold stone on my ring finger was quite a chilling reminder.

Frowning slightly at my left hand, as if it offended me, I absently began to run my right hand over my curves, squeezing my breasts as I went. A sharp intake of breath brought me back to reality as I noticed his silver eyes staring at my chest. Looking down, I discovered for myself that I had pulled one of my perfectly shaped globes from the lacy front of my gown. Staring more intently at it, I focused my eyes on my lovely perfectly erect nipple. The lace ruffling the top rubbed against its rosy tip, sending icy electrical shivers straight to my begging heat. Since I was now aroused and extremely horny, someone had to help me get off, and since my hubby wasn’t present, well… it was his fault.

With a flick of my arm, I wrapped my fingers around this very convenient, gentleman’s wrists and brought them up to my breasts. The exposed one felt the calloused heat of skin as the man’s nicely placed fingers groped what I had to offer. Not so gentlemanly after all, my blood began to heat as my petals began to weep. Wanting to do some damage of my own, my fingers wandered to the band of his pants, only to slip past and grasp the lovely bulge behind the briefs he wore. Hoping no one was paying us much mind, I began rubbing the fabric over his searing heat. Shivers rolled over my body as tingling pleasure assaulted my nerves.

Wishing to go farther, I retracted my hands only to modestly fix myself up before grabbing his wrists and leading him into a nearby church office. Closing the door behind me, I scanned the room for something to block the wood door. Sadly at church, most doors don’t have locks. My eyes fell upon a nice oak chair, one of the old, four-legged ones, which I quickly shoved under the handle. My determination at privacy had my partner laughing at my ridicules measures.

Wanting to put him off balance, I quickly unzipped my white gown. It tumbled to the floor in a pile of silks, exposing all my creamy skin as gravity pulled it down. I stood nude before this pretty stranger; allowing him to fill is gaze with what I offered. His hitched breath and uneven, labored breathing let me know that he was enjoying the sight of me greatly. Stepping toward him, I instantly had my hands running all over his clothing, working to undo the complex tying of his tux.

The fact that he was wearing a tux at all should have warned me about his identity. Only our small wedding party was dressed so fancy. Contrary to my intelligence, my fogged up brain was unable to deduce that. And considering that our small party was made up of friends and family, I really should have paid attention to all the details; but as for his identity, I wouldn’t find that out until later.

With shocking success I was capable of tearing the confining clothing from his body. Once he stood naked before me, I allowed my eyes to drift over his perfect sculpture. His whole body was tan, not like from a tanning bed, but from the sun, and I mean whole body. He was also a man well endowed; he stood at an impressive nine inches with a thickness that had me worrying. Not being innocent meant that my worrying counted for something. Even my husband wasn’t this big. A nervous laughter was bubbling up inside, swallowing it down I licked my lips as a curiosity of desire filled me. I wanted to feel stretched by such a magnificent rod.

Gushing between the legs now, I decided to waste no more time on fantasy and went about melding our flesh together. I was going to have an amazing wedding night and too bad for my husband for missing it. Running my hands over my partner’s firm, tight flesh I allowed passion to unfold. My body grew hot and wet with need. Pants filled the room as our bodies slithered together. His grown heat rubbing over my clit as he lifted me up, wanting to accommodate, I wrapped my legs around his waist. Having me where he wanted, he began rubbing himself against my wet petals, brushing against my swollen nub as he had me withering with pleasure.

Within minutes I was close to shattering in the throes of orgasms. Not wanting to hit heaven alone, I slammed down onto his ridged pole. Burning pleasure hit me as I slid down onto his complete length. A small moan escaped me as my world exploded in a ray of colors. A grunt of reply, my partner fell over the edge as I gulped at him with my heated, wet walls.

Together, collapsed in a tangle, we worked to steady our breathing. His eyes looked down at me as our lips meshed together and our tongues began to dance. Within moments we were all worked up again, wanting to have more of the flavoring we merely tasted recently. Yet, just as he began moving his hips into me, there was a banging at the door as well as desperate shouts. Recognizing my husband’s voice, I figured my time with this stranger was over. Gradually he rolled onto his back, giving me the ability to get up and walk over to my dress. Donning it, I waited for him to get behind the desk as I began wiggling the chair from under the door handle. Opening the door, I came face to face with my husband’s flushed face.

“I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me. She was really pretty looking and offering me everything she had, and…” My husband began his little spiel but stopped when his face turned cherry and the fabric of his pants began to tent all from the reminder of his previous fucking. “I’m sorry.”

I wanted to laugh at what had transpired, but if he was coming out about it, I might as well too. Crooking a finger behind my back, I beckoned my lover over. He got up behind the desk, shockingly dressed once more. It just showed how much talent he had. Stepping forward, he decided he would do the talking, which was fine by me.

“Well brother, you are one lucky man who happened to have forgot that. But that’s okay, because thanks to you, I got a taste of such a beautiful woman. Warning though, next time you leave her, I won’t hesitate to take her from you.” Well I thought he should handle the talking until I heard what he said.

“Brother? You’re saying I screwed my husband’s brother. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I went on a rampage. I should have asked for his name first. Now my guilt increased. It was one thing to fuck a random party guest, it was quite another to fuck the brother of the man you just married.

It was my turn to have a heated face, but when I caught the look in my husband’s eyes, I nearly started laughing. He wasn’t angry in the least. In fact, I think the idea of his brother and I together had turned him on. Seeing my notice, he quickly looked away. Well maybe another time we could act on his fantasy, for now I was happy just to get back to the party.

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