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For Sale, Brown Loafers, men's

The garage sale became more than I bargained for

It had been six weeks since I had sold the Camry.

Six weeks since I had fucked that beautiful young mom in the garage.

Six weeks since my wife had watched me cum on that lovely ass. She had stood in the open doorway, in silence, and watched as I fucked another woman on the trunk of the car. 

Six weeks since she slapped my face, hard, and then made me fuck her on our bed in the same manner. From behind, hard and fast, and finishing with my load sprayed across her back, hips and ass.

Six weeks of raunchy, hot sex. She was insatiable it seemed, like back in our youth, begging me to fuck her almost every day.

I loved the last six weeks.


The garage sale was on Saturday afternoon. It was nice day, warm and sunny, and there was a constant stream of people coming by. We had a very large number of items for sale, some belonging to neighbors, with a lot of items for kids. This meant there were a number of younger couples and singles coming by, some with kids in tow, and luckily a few of the neighbors came by to help.

My wife had dressed up a little more than normal for a Saturday afternoon. She had on snug black skirt, which hugged her curvy hips and ass, and a low-cut top that revealed a nice amount of cleavage. Her blonde hair was down around her shoulders instead of the usual pony-tail. She looked very appealing, sexy.

As the hours passed I was noticing how many of the men were asking her questions, obviously drawn by the mature sexuality she had on display, and how many of the women were giving her the evil eye. There was a lot of flirting going on as the men came and left.

I noticed one man in particular. He was early thirties, maybe younger, tall and handsome. He and my wife were engaged in some very close conversation for at least ten minutes, and I noticed her touching his arm and waist, smiling her I-am-ready-to-fuck smile.

She came over to me and said she was going to get some more items from the house to add to the sale. 

"I may need you, so come in and find me in 15 minutes or so," she said.

She headed for the house, her hips swaying invitingly, and went through the door. I thought I noticed a shadow or movement behind her. I continued with the sale, talking with poeple, and noticed the handsome young man was no longer there. Guess he didn't need anything after all.

I asked my neighbor, Gina, to watch after things for a few minutes as I had to go into the house. She gave me a big smile and tossed her long dark hair as she replied, "Anything for you handsome." She was always flirty when my wife was not present.

Entering the house I removed my shoes and noticed a pair of brown loafers, mens, that did not belong to me. 

My heart pounding I swallowed hard and slowly, quietly crept through the kitchen and hallway towards the bedrooms. Our bedroom door was closed but the door to the spare room was open. That was odd as it was usually closed. It was seldom used since our daughter moved out. I looked inside the room and my heart leapt into my throat.

There on the bed was my wife, skirt up and over her back, being fucked from behind by the handsome young man from the garage sale. His cock was pumping in and out of her pussy as she had her ass in the air and her tits mashed into the bed. Her head was turned towards the open doorway, eyes open, clearly watching for me to arrive. Her eyes lit up brightly when she saw me watching.

"Oh yeah, fuck me stud...give me your fucking cock," she spat out as she locked eyes with me.

I was frozen. I could not look away. I don't remember breathing.

"Fuck me hard...pound my pussy with your fucking cock!" she growled loudly.

I stood open-mouthed and watched as he fucked her, his hands on her hips, ramming hard into her. His cock was pistoning in and out as he stood with his eyes down watching it disappear and reappear. He slowed slightly and started to moan.

"I'm going...I'm going to cum," he groaned.

"Spray my ass with your cum...cover my fucking ass with it!" she urged loudly while staring at me.

He pulled back and put his cock on the little valley at the top of her ass cheeks and held it there with his hand. He was a lot smaller than me I proudly noted. His cum oozed out of his cock, forming a puddle, like lava seeping from a crack in the earth. It ran down to the small of her back and some dripped back downwards over her ass crack and onto the duvet cover on the bed.

I turned and walked to the kitchen. A mix of erotic excitment and pangs of jealousy swirled inside of me.

"Holy fuck," I muttered to myself, "I just watched some guy fuck her."

I had a raging erection which formed a large tent in the front of my cargo shorts. I tried to cover it up as I returned to the garage and attempted to recover my senses. Gina came over, her eyes fixed on the bulge in my shorts, and gave me a sexy smile as her hand grabbed my cock through the material.

"Wow, nice package handsome...remember, anything you need..." she whispered as she gave it a squeeze.

She gave me a wink and tossed her hair as she walked away, blowing me a kiss over her shoulder.

I caught a glimpse of him as he left the house and quickly exited the yard. He disappeared as fast as he had arrived. As I watched him walk away the phrase "You lucky bastard" came to mind.

I started sorting and boxing up items, talking with the people milling about, and gave away a few things. The crowd was thinning out as I began clearing the tables of the remaining items. My wife returned to the garage, wearing the same outfit, and stood beside me.

"Did you enjoy the show?" she asked.

"Yes and no," I answered honestly.

"Did you?" I quizzed. 

She didn't answer. We didn't speak as we continued to pack up the small items. I moved the larger items into the garage along with the tables. The remaining stragglers left as my wife went to retrieve the sale signs on the boulevards. I watched her hips sway as she walked down the driveway.

The image of that younger man fucking her from behind surfaced in my mind, playing like a movie, and my cock stiffened.  As my eyes followed her they moved up from her ass towards her lower back, and the image of his puddling cum forming in that little space below her waist, and dripping from her ass crack, popped into my head.

She came up the driveway towards me, our eyes locked together, and tossed the signs onto the lawn. 

I have loved her long enough to know when she has been disappointed or unsatisfied. She was.

"Come with me," she said as she took my hand and led me to the house.

We walked in silence through the kitchen and down the hall to the bedrooms. The door to the spare room was still open. As I looked in I could see the small cum stain on the duvet cover. The door to our bedroom was closed, and while opening the door she paused, gesturing with her hand to both doorways.

"Which one?" she asked.

I pulled her into the spare room and gave her a deep kiss.

"I'm going to do to you what he should have done to you...and want you wanted,” I told her.

I grabbed her by the ass with both hands and pulled her tight into me as I buried my face in her neck. I ran my tongue up her neck, starting at her shoulder, and stopped at her ear. I gently sucked on her ear lobe and gave it a quick nip with my teeth.

Moving my hands to her upper arms I pushed her back slightly as my grip tightened. I looked into her eyes.

"Are you sure he won't come in the house looking for you?" I asked in a quiet voice.

Her eyes flashed brightly as she responded, "No, he's busy out there."

"On your knees," I instructed as my hands pushed her to the floor.

I grabbed a handful of her blond hair and held her head close to me as I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. My cock jumped out, hitting her in the face, and I grabbed it with my free hand. I dragged it across her lips, chin and cheeks, rubbing it into her face, as she looked up me wide-eyed.

"You are going to suck my are going to suck it good," I growled.

I slapped my cock on her face, slap,slap,slap, and told her to open her mouth. As her lips parted I pushed my swollen head past her lips, over her tongue and down her throat. She started to gag as seven of my eight inches went into her throat. I pulled it back so that the purplish head was resting on her lips.

I grabbed her hands and placed them on my thighs.

"No hands...just that beautiful face," I instructed.

Her grip on my thighs tightened as I placed both of my hands onto her head, filling them with her hair,and pulled her mouth over my throbbing meat. I fucked her mouth slowly, using my hands to hold her head still, as my swollen shaft went in and out. It pushed into her throat with each stroke, then slid back over her tongue, as I slowly pumped back and forth.

She moaned.

"Oh yeah...suck my fucking cock...suck it fucking good," I snarled as I fucked her face.

I sped up the pace, pumping harder, while pulling on her hair. After one last thrust I pulled my cock out of her mouth.  My right hand dropped her hair and I wrapped it around the base of my cock. I dragged it across her face, the purplish, swollen head glistening with her saliva, and slapped her on the cheek with it. Slap, slap, slap.

"I want to cum in that pretty face...but not today," I said as the sound of my cock slapping her cheek echoed in the room.

I grabbed her by the arms, stood her up, and turned her around to face the bed. I pushed her forward as I gave directions.

"On all fours...get that ass in the air!"

I pulled her skirt up and over onto her back, exposing her ass and pussy to me, and shoved her face into the bed. Grabbing her by the hips I pulled her towards me until her dripping wet pussy was just over the edge of the bed. I cupped my hand and dragged it along the length of her slit, covering my fingers with her juice. I reached around and pulled her head back and to the right, showing her my hand, as I stuck the glistening fingers into her mouth.

"Taste yourself...see how fucking good you taste," I urged.

They came out clean.

I pushed her head back into the bed and moved behind her. Grabbing her thighs I held her tight as I dropped to my knees and buried my face into her open pussy. With my tongue as flat and wide as possible I licked her wet slit as she moaned and trembled. I sucked on her swollen pussy lips, pulling them into my mouth, and then flicked my tongue over her clit. She rocked her hips as my tongue pushed into her wet opening. 

Flattening my tongue, I once more licked the full length of her slit, only this time I continued my way up to her anal opening. She jumped and twisted as I held her tight and swirled my tongue around her tiny pucker. I licked downward again and swirled it around her clit. She let out a deep groan and shook as her orgasm hit, covering my face in her wetness, and she screamed into the bed.

I stood up and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up and back, as I moved forward and stuck my tongue into her mouth. She sucked it in, almost swallowing it, and spit it back out. Her tongue washed over my lips and chin before her mouth sucked in my upper lip and pulled the juices from my mustache. 

I pushed her face back into the bed and moved behind her. I plunged my throbbing shaft into her steaming pussy, driving the whole eight inches as deep as possible, and started pumping. I reached ahead and grabbed her hair with my left hand, pulling her head back, as I pounded my rock-hard cock into her.

"Does he fuck you good...your husband...does he fuck you hard?" I asked as my cock rammed into her.

"Yesss, he fucks me so fucking good," she moaned in reply, "he fucks me so hard."

I slowed down and started to thrust harder, fucking her as hard as I could, as I asked her again.

"Does he fuck you really good...really fucking good?"

"Oh, god, he fucks me so.. o.. o.. o go.. o.. o.. d!" she stammered as each thrust hammered into her.

I let go of her hair and grabbed her by the hips as I told her to get up on all fours. As she did I reached around and grabbed her heavy breasts with my hands, squeezing and kneading them, as I pistoned my swollen shaft into her. I felt the pressure build in my heavy balls as my orgasm was nearing.

Not yet.

I slowed my pace and began working my cock around in her, rotating my hips as I slowly thrust in and out, and pushed her thighs together. I pulled my cock nearly out with each motion and then slowly pushed it back in as deep as I could.

"Cum on my cock...cum all over my fucking cock!" I told her as I kept up the slow, steady assault on her sopping pussy.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" she screamed as her orgasm rocked through her body, making her pussy clamp down hard on my swollen cock. The grip was incredible as the waves of climax went through, her whole body shaking, as I felt my cock being squeezed and milked at the same time. I was ready to explode like fireworks.

"I'm going to cum all over your ass...all over your fucking hot ass!" I yelled as I pulled my cock out and shoved her hips down into the bed. I grabbed the pulsing shaft with one hand as my cock exploded, streams of hot, creamy cum bursting out, and directed the spray onto her lower back, hips and ass cheeks. I pushed it down into the valley of her cheeks, jamming it between them, and pumped it back and forth. The slick, greasy feel made my cock spurt a few more times as my balls emptied.

I took my cock in one hand and rubbed it all over her ass, using it to massage the glistening, pearly cream into her skin, as she collapsed into the bed. A long, deep moan escaped her lips as I dragged my semi-hard cock over her.

"You're a good fuck," I told her, "but I have to go before your husband comes looking for you." 

I pulled my shorts on and gave her a hard slap on the ass, leaving a red welt on her creamy skin.

"Next time I'm going to cum on that beautiful face," I whispered into her ear.

"Oh, and then I'm going to fuck that nice ass." 

I left the room, closing the door behind me, and went to the kitchen. I waited for five minutes before returning to the room. I opened the door to see her laying on her stomach with her face buried in a pillow.

She was crying.

I laid on the bed beside her and draped my arm across her back.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I let that man...that stranger...fuck me...and it was awful," she sobbed.

"It looked like you were enjoying I it," I replied.

"NO...that was just a show...for you."

"For me?" I questioned.

"For see how it it feels..." she said as she began crying again.

"I understand," I told her, " I hurt you with that woman, so you wanted to hurt me."

"At first," she said, "but then I wanted to stop...and he kept fucking me...and then you showed up."

"I don't want to fuck any other men." she stated.

We lay in silence for a few minutes, her sobs slowly stopping, cuddled together.

In a quiet voice she spoke, "I got so turned on watching you fuck that woman...I want to watch again."

I was speechless.

She continued, "I want you to fuck another woman...but I have to be there."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked her as I lifted her face towards mine.

"Yes," she smiled, "I have given it a lot of thought."

"Well...we would have to find someone...I don't know her name or where to find her..."

"Not her," she said as she sat up and looked at me.

"Somebody else...someone we both know...someone like...Gina," she teased.


"Yes, Gina," she continued, "she likes you...that's obvious...she's young, pretty...I think she's hot."


And my wife.


Hell yes, I was ready for this.


















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