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Thanksgiving Dinner

Charlene has a Thanksgiving that she will never forget

Charlene McCloud listened to the many diverse conversations her neighbors were having around the table. The couple from apartment 4B, Tobias and Ruth, were talking about the one day their water heater decided to leak causing hundreds of dollars of damage to their newly renovated hardwood floors. The couple from apartment 2A, Jason and Jared, shared some of their designer tips to a couple from floor 5. Their names escaped Charlene, but she had bumped into them a few times in the elevator. The room went silent when Charlene’s next door neighbor, Chase, stood up and used his fork to lightly tap against his wine glass.

“I would like to make a toast to Charlene and Travis McCloud, who have graciously opened up their home to allow us to come together and have this amazing Thanksgiving Dinner. To Charlene and Travis!” Everyone smiled and raised their wine glasses and tipped them to us. Charlene couldn’t help but blush. It had been a long time planning this event; she had wanted to do something nice for those who couldn’t see their families this year. Her husband, Travis, was very encouraging about it as well.

The hours went by, and the group moved to the living room in which they all sat in a circle continuing the conversations that they had from their dinner. After a short while, all of the guys disappeared to watch the football game at another apartment, while all of the ladies stayed to finish up the wine. Idle chatter about the usual work, family, and children filled the room. The wine had left behind any feelings of awkwardness as the topic turned to relationships. Many of the women were laughing uproariously throughout the night. Eventually, it was only Charlene and Anya, Chase’s Girlfriend from Estonia, left in the living room. She had only met Anya on a few short occasions, as she usually is away on business working as a model.

Anya’s body wasn’t that of your typical model; she was of just average height. Her waist was impeccably thin, and if your eyes wandered lower, her full, round hips would enamor you. Charlene appreciated the view. She’d always wanted a body like that; even Anya’s full breasts were perky. Her hazel eyes, Chase would say, could light fire in you every time you look into them. Sure, Charlene was petite like Anya, but she had a little bit more meat on her bones. To this day, she could never figure out how Chase was able to get Anya to settle down. He was tall and lanky. There were signs that he did work out, a little muscle tone around his arms and legs. However, he was a computer technician. It seemed too good to be true.

“So, Charlene, I’m curious to find out. When are you and Travis going to get married?” Anya asked, her Estonian accent becoming more apparent after the wine.

“We’ve talked about it. Unfortunately, both of us are too busy to settle down.” Charlene took another sip of wine finishing off her glass. Anya got up and left the room only to return with another unopened bottle. She poured Charlene another glass of wine, filling it up three quarters full only to stop and fill up her own glass.

“Are you two not happy with each other?” Anya sat back down and took another sip of wine. Her eyes bore mischievously into Charlene’s. She followed suit, sipping as well.

“We are happy,” Charlene simply replied.

“Then what is stopping you two? It’s not because you both are busy. You planned this dinner for us all. That took a lot of time. Busy? I don’t believe it. It’s something else.” Anya studied Charlene’s eyes. Charlene shied away, taking a large swig.

Anya’s next words came out knowingly. “Does he not please you?” Charlene coughed on the wine in mid swallow. “Ah, that’s it. He does not please you, does he?”

“I don’t think I’m comfortable with this conversation,” dizzy Charlene sputtered.

“You can trust me.”

Charlene didn’t want to share any more than she already had. Travis was a private person, and she didn’t believe in airing out dirty laundry. However, the wine seemed to be helping her letting go of her inhibitions. Her eyes glazed over as she reminisced; she never stopped loving Travis ever since they dated in High School. She even made sure they enrolled in the same college. The sex during their younger, freer years was amazing.

Now they hardly ever do anything except the occasional handjob. There were times when Travis seemed to be interested but it when it came time, he quickly finished, and she laid there unfulfilled. Those were times when she would go to the bathroom and masturbate. She would fantasize about another man who would forcefully bend her to his needs, and she would submissively follow his orders no matter what was asked of her. Yes, just like a slut. Her mind raced a little causing a slight spasm to course through her body. She jumped a bit and Anya noticed.

“You ok?” Charlene didn’t say anything at first. She blushed and eventually nodded. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Does Travis please you?”

“Well he -” Anya let out a laugh as she didn’t have to figure out what the answer was.

“What about you and Chase? Don’t tell me you didn’t marry him for the money.” Charlene snapped, becoming defensive.

“No need to get angry. I was just curious. And even though you are my neighbor, I consider you a friend.” Anya smiled, and Charlene felt bad for yelling at her. It seemed that Anya struck a nerve; Charlene hadn’t yet faced the fact that she’d gone so long without satisfaction.

“Sorry.” Her response was straightforward. She felt the alcohol affecting her cognition as she became more focused on thoughts of orgasm.

“No need to be sorry. I want to help you anyway that I can.” There was a brief uncomfortable pause where the two didn’t say a word. “And to answer your question, I didn’t marry Chase for the money. I married him because he knows how to please me. No other man in my life that I’ve been with makes me scream like he does. He does it so well, we were told to keep the noise down by the superintendent.” Her response shocked Charlene and Anya noticed. She didn’t know how to respond at first or how to react to that comment. Charlene busied her mouth, silently pouring the Thanksgiving wine down her throat.

To break the awkwardness, Charlene set her glass down and sighed, “Well, I’d better go and find my husband as it’s getting late. I’ve got dishes to do as well.” She stumbled to her feet before falling back into her seat. Anya grabbed hold of her.

“Let me go get him. You stay here and relax. Dishes can wait for tomorrow.” Charlene sat back down in her chair and watched Anya leaving her apartment in search of Chase. She sat there thinking about what her neighbor from down the hall said to her. Part of her was a little embarrassed because she was one of the tenants who complained about the noise. If she knew all along it was her, she wouldn’t have said anything. The other part of her was curious. What does Chase do to make her scream like that? She couldn’t remember the last time she climaxed hard enough to make noises like that with Travis.

Hell, she couldn’t remember the last time she had an orgasm by him. The memory escaped her and her focusing on trying to remember such a time was causing a hangover in itself.

“When was the last time?” she asked herself. It has to be a few years back when they went to Boston for the weekend. It was after the Red Sox won the world series. Travis, being a Red Sox fan, was thrilled and looking to celebrate. Charlene was pretty drunk by the end of the game. The alcohol aided her in being slightly interested in what was going on. She remembered that they were dry humping in the taxi all the way back to their room. Tugging at one another’s clothes, Travis touching her in all the right spots - licking her as well. Luckily the hotel was nearby, as they were so horny and in such high spirits they might’ve fucked wildly right in the taxi. Their bodies didn’t separate that night and they didn’t stop until they both passed out. That was the last night she felt satisfied.

A fire began to grow in her belly. The thought of that night; sweat dripping from their bodies, clothes, blankets, sheets spread throughout the room. Everything and anything was used as either leverage or a makeshift toy.

Charlene’s hands had a mind of their own. They moved under her shirt, gliding up and down her soft stomach, inching closer to top of her panties. Teasing her as they inched closer and closer. Her hand finally slid under and she felt the wet fabric clinging to her lips. She glided a finger in between her lips to feel how moist she was. Moans escaped her mouth, forgetting her surroundings; she was turned on. Scenes from that night years ago flashed through her mind. She pressed and prodded against her clit, sending jolt after jolt of delicious pleasure throughout her body. She was lost in the moment of drunken horniness when something broke her out of hit. An extra pair of hands rubbed her shoulders, gently massaging them.

“I’m guessing you had a good time watching the game,” Charlene slurred playfully. There was no response and she didn’t care. The feeling of fingers that weren’t hers, rubbing out all the tight spots on her back and her shoulders felt good. Without thinking, she took her shirt off. And then her bra, throwing them both across the room. She laid back into the chair and watched hands move over her breasts. On one hand, a finger had a ring on it! Her mouth flew open in astonishment.

“Who the-?” Charlene jumped up, her breasts heavily bouncing, and turned around to see Chase standing behind the chair smiling lustfully. She quickly grabbed a pillow to cover herself up. “What are you doing here? Where is Travis?” she exclaimed.

“Easy Charlene. I came to help with the dishes and Travis is passed out downstairs. It seems he got carried away with his drinks when his team was losing.”

“Well, I don’t need any help with anything and I believe you should be going.” Chase looked at her and smiled. He walked over to her and pulled the pillow away. She held the pillow tightly to stop him, but something inside her let it happen. The alcohol must be taking an effect on her.

“I believe you do need some help.” Chase said in a playful manner, taking all control of the situation. “And it’s not with the dishes.” He gently leaned over and starting kissing her neck. The light pecks sent small shots of electricity through her body. He continued to kiss down to her chest, and then over her breasts. She tried to object his lips sucking on one nipple, but it went against her. It began to stand erect and the other followed suit. Her breath grew heavier and deeper as he used his teeth to lightly bite her nipple. The other seemed to want the same attention and he knew it. He moved over to the other and used the tip of his tongue to play with it like a fiddle.

“Chase. This needs to stop,” Charlene whimpered. “We can’t be doing this.” The plea was ignored.

He kissed down to her stomach and got onto his knees. He pulled down her pants and her soaked panties as well.

“No Chase.” Again, he ignored her.

Her body was betraying her and he could see that. He spread her legs wider and pressed his face between them. His hot breath sent fire through her veins, causing her to spasm. She moved her hips when she felt his tongue part her slit. They rocked back and forth guiding him to her something that she hasn’t felt in years. Heat found her face, feeling so embarrassed for her submission, yet it was like a switch was flipped inside of her.

“Yes, right there Chase,” her whispers transitioned into excited begging. “Don’t stop. Yes!”

All thoughts of wrongdoing escaped her. She didn’t care anymore if Travis or Anya walked in. She wanted to be satisfied and if Chase is the one to do it, so be it. His tongue moved around her, lightly brushing her clit, teasing it, making her jump. He swirled around it and without notice in a playful manner, stabbed it with a long lick.

“Oh fuck, Chase, that’s good. I’m… I might cum! I’m cumming!” Chase reached around to hold her close so she wouldn’t escape. Her body exploded covering his face with her juices.

No one in her entire life has made her orgasm by eating her out. Travis didn’t like doing it and when the times he tried, there was no enthusiasm at all. It’d been a long time since she had been satisfied but the feeling quickly went away. Guilt overcame her. She attempted to turn around but Chase held her down. It was his turn. However, to Charlene, this was as far as it could go.

That was not her choice anymore. She knew that he had to be satisfied. If she stopped him from doing so, who knows what he would do? He may go tell his wife Arianna or even worse, Travis. It would devastate them both. She heard him unbuckle his pants, letting it hit the floor. He parted her legs a little further, she felt him push his cockhead against her sensitive pussy lips. Charlene nervously peeked down at Chase’s cock, and immediately knew how he was able to make Anya moan so loudly at night. She hasn’t had many cocks in her life and he was at least double the size of Travis! He pushed in slowly after she reached back and eased him in.

“Oh fuck, Chase, how can you be this big?” Charlene squirmed as Chase continued to inch his way in. “I don’t think I can take it!”

Chase pushed in a little more. Through gritted teeth, he growled, “You can take it Charlene, just relax.”

She wiggled around a little more to see if she can move away from him. He had her tight in his grip and he was already half way in. Finally with a few inches left, Chase shoved the rest of himself in causing Charlene to scream. There was a pause when both of them didn’t move. Chase was now further than Travis ever was. It almost felt as if he had reached her belly. It was a good thing he didn’t move, it gave time for Charlene to get used to him and her juices to lubricate.

He finally moved, sliding in and out at a slow pace. The fire she felt before was quickly returning. Never has she ever orgasmed twice in such a short period of time. He picked up speed. Thrusting in and out, causing her to moan. At this point, she didn’t care how loud she was or who could hear. She’d never before felt this sheer lust and desire! She was being stretched out as he moved in and out of her, wildly.

“God that feels good!” she gasped.

He moved faster, she could feel his balls slapping against her clit. Her legs began to shake and a few moments later another orgasm brought her to her knees. She fell to the floor, Chase’s cock popping out of her slick, hot pussy, shaking with Chase hovering over her. His cock was still hungry for more and she didn't know if she could take it. The man wasn’t going to stop now, though. That cock was going to take the hole that it wanted. He was going to treat her like the slut she needed to be. She looked up at him, watching him stroke the purplish head. The size of it matched the feeling of how big it felt inside of her. Chase pushed her onto the floor and spread her legs. This time he didn't slowly slide into her, he thrusted all of himself in her almost causing another orgasm.

She was so sore that it started to hurt a little but that sense of pain only made her more wet. It was something that she never knew she enjoyed before; to be used like nothing more than a piece of meat.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Charlene cried. It felt that his cock doubled inside of her and then a sensation of creamy cum exploding everywhere inside of her. Chase laid on top of her and she didn't move for a while. They both began to drift into sleep before Chase got up from her and grabbed his phone. A flash came from the phone and Chase smiled. He took a picture of her, lying on the floor, legs spread, his cum oozing out of her.

"I’d better get back to Anya now. Thanks for the Thanksgiving dinner and the dessert." He smiled at her as he put on his clothes. She couldn't say anything, the euphoria of what just happened was perforating through her body and she wanted to enjoy it before the guilt returned. At the front door, Chase turned, laughing with his eyes alight. "I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner."

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