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Traveling Husband - Part 1

"I earn my neighbor’s wife"

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Author's Notes

"This story, believe it or not, happened to me."

I work from home as a consultant on personnel issues for companies that need outside assistance. Luckily I’ve crafted my business model on providing thirty-nine-year-old advice and I work on keeping my travel to a minimum.

My next-door neighbor, Will, is a successful entrepreneur whose work has him traveling constantly. He was involved in a start-uplong-distance company that went public over a year ago that is doing well. He graciously gave me a heads up and I made an investment that has paid off beyond my wildest expectations. Probably an illegal tip, but much appreciated by me.

He hit a travel pause during Covid, but he’s back to being on the road nearly four or five days a week. Sometimes his trips are even longer.

Will’s wife, Heather, is an attractive thirty nine year old woman and we’re friendly with one another. She’s never had kids and is devoted to her Peloton and it shows in her fit body. She could absolutely model with her 34DD breasts, flat stomach, perfect ass and toned legs. When her husband is traveling I tease that she should become a fitness instructor at a local gym.

Her response is always, “Yeah, right.”

On top of her sexy looks she’s managed to drive me to distraction with the hugs she gives me whenever we run into each other or to thank me for whatever task I’ve done for her. Since Will is always on the road I’ve become her de facto handyman or helper when she has something go wrong at her house. That includes shoveling snow or mowing her lawn. I’m sure our other neighbors talk. The other husbands in the neighborhood are jealous, but out of fear of their wives, or how this would ‘look’ to our more conservative neighbors I’m the only one that’s stepped up to help her. And that’s okay with me.


While I was still married, Heather would drive my Latina ex wife crazy with jealousy. She hated that Heather was grateful for my help and showed it by giving me hugs and kisses that always made my cock swell with lust. I worked hard to not show it to Heather, though I always assumed she knew what I was thinking. We maintained a bit of distance and were always discreet.

One thing usually happened when I helped Heather. It was a prelude to sex with my ex. It was always the same routine when I got home.

“Why you always got to help Heather? I know you want to fuck her! Don’t you? You act like a sick puppy when you’re around her! You work for her like her little slave and come home with your fucking hard sticky cock looking for my pussy. You fucker!”

Our little ritual.

Argue, fight, fuck.

“You fucking puppy! Do you sit and beg for your gringa cunt to pet you?”

“Why you so jealous? What are you afraid of? Have you ever seen me do anything wrong? Get over here, get on your knees puta.”

We would get so worked up, and horny, that I would usually end up holding her down. She would always dress in something sexy snd skimpy so I could tear off whatever she was wearing. We’d end our fights with hot sex. It wasn’t violent, but it was rough sex. The better description is that we would fuck like we were possessed with a passion that made us both horny, insane.

“Fuck me!!! Fuck me, you bastard! I know you’re thinking of Heather! Oh god, OH God!!! Stop thinking of fucking gringa Heather! Your cock is in my brown pussy! Don’t think of her! Fuck me harder, you bastard!”

I would end my fuck session with my wife by pumping my seven inches of cock in and out of her like a madman, treating her like a tramp. Fucking her hard, dumping my boiling sperm inside her as she would be hit with waves of her own orgasm.

“You bastard,” my wife would say afterwards. “You only fuck me because you were thinking about our white neighbor.”

That wasn’t entirely true, my ex and I had a good sex life. But while we were married I often thought if the opportunity presented itself I would take a risk and make a pass at Heather. But I had always held back because of her husband and my crazy wife.

In the end, my ex-wife’s jealousy spilled out to cover the fact she was fucking her boss, ending our marriage. (She called me recently and we ended up fucking like the old days. Two rabbits in heat. But that’s another story.)

The other inexplicable part in all this drama with my wife was that she and Heather actually got along fine. Unbelievable, right?

After my divorce, I wanted Heather more than ever, but now I was reluctant to offend her if I came on too strong or piss off her husband if he found out.

Things changed two months ago.

Will was traveling once again when Heather called needing help assembling a new piece of bedroom furniture. While I worked I daydreamed about taking her in her marital bed. I thought of spreading her legs wide and burying my face in her sweet pussy.

“Are you okay?” Heather asked me, “You look like something is on your mind.”

I wanted to tell her that she was on my mind and that I wanted to eat her.

“I’m good. Just thinking of some things I need to get done.”

“I’m sorry I take up so much of your time.”

“Don’t be sorry, glad to help you out.”

Afterwards, I got my hug and as we talked I asked her how she put up with Will traveling so much.

“I enjoy helping you, but do you mind Will is gone all the time?”

“Not really. He makes us a great living and I don’t have to work. Don’t tell, but I like my alone space. I’m free to focus on me. This isn’t fair, but I’ve learned to depend on you and I like it. I shouldn’t tell you this, but when he was planning for his company to go public I told him to make sure and give you a heads up about it. I hope you invested, it’s going to be quite successful. It’s his fault you’re here to help me fill the void he’s created, so I told him he owed it to you.”

“He did let me in on that stock tip. Thank you. But it must have been uncomfortable for him due to investment rules. We actually could have gotten into a little trouble.”

“For being a great neighbor I insisted. And I’m glad it’s worked out.”

“Thank you, again. But you didn’t need to do that. I like helping you.”

“I know your ex didn’t like it. She was always nice to me, but I hope helping me didn’t mess things up at home for you.”

“Trust me, you didn’t. But if I’m being honest, I know I’d be hard-pressed to leave you alone.”

“You are too sweet. Like I said, I like it. It works for me. I like being able to call you. Is that okay? And he likes being on the road. Did you know he usually travels with his secretary?”

This little revelation left me a little speechless. Was Will cheating on the road? And was Heather okay with it? The subject changed after that, but when we parted, our hug seemed, to me at least, to linger a moment longer. Just enough time that Heather didn’t seem to mind my swelling cock pushing into her. As our embrace ended, I said, “I know you know this, but if you ever need anything, just give me a call. Anything. Anytime.”

“I’m taking too much of your time as it is. But, maybe you should be ready.”

I didn’t know how to take her last comment, but after that encounter, I would get a total hard-on just thinking about Heather, but as before I didn’t act on it. I didn’t want to appear too desperate and ruin the hidden relationship we had. I forced myself to be happy with whatever attention she would give me.

I went home and tried to busy myself to get Heather off my mind. I ended the day jacking off in bed, thinking of Heather, so I could fall asleep. Stroking myself, I imagined Heather straddling me, fucking me, while my ex watched. I exploded with a load of cum blowing into a towel I knew I needed to contain my hot mess. Then I fell asleep and dreamt of my ex and Heather making out. I know this was ridiculous, but it was an image burned in my mind.

Things carried on as usual. But now Heather seemed to have more tasks for me, which was great. I enjoyed seeing more of her. And she started dressing in tight-fitting yoga outfits or revealing sundresses whenever she called me. I would always leave her and go home with a raging hard on.

One day while her husband was traveling I finally decided to make a move on Heather. I texted her.

ME: Hi. Come over for dinner.

HEATHER: Are you asking me out?

ME: Yes, I am. Would you like to join me?

HEATHER: That sounds nice. I would even be part of your meal, but Will is on his way home. Can I have a rain check?

ME: I’m actually was planning on you being my main course, but I understand.

HEATHER: That’s good, I won’t make you wait too much longer.

ME: I’m going to hold you to your word.

HEATHER: Perfect. 💕 Be ready.

ME: Ready for what?

HEATHER: Silly question, me of course.

Hoping to finally score with Heather I had picked up the house and changed the sheets on my bed. Fixed a salad and ordered a take-out meal from my favorite Italian restaurant, just in case we actually wanted to eat. I didn’t know what would happen, but I wanted to be prepared.

My plans were now on hold. Will was coming home when I had finally brought up the courage to try and seduce Heather.

Before I could contemplate my next move my phone rang and when I answered, to my surprise, it was the ex-wife’s best friend.

“Hey Donna, what’s up?”

“Hi, just checking in on you. You were on my mind, so I thought I’d just call. How are you?”

Donna and I had always gotten along and she was upset when she found out the ex had cheated with her boss.

“I’m good.” We chatted for a while and caught up. She was fine, her kids were fine, work was fine.

Then. My. World. Flipped.

“I wanted you to know,” she said, “if you need company, you could call me.”

My ex-wife’s best friend was coming on to me. I had always thought she was attractive, but she was always out of bounds. Donna is a widow that has been on her own for several years. Her husband was a moderately successful attorney who was in an accident that took his life. I assumed she had moved on after a few years because I thought she had been dating someone steadily.

“That sounds nice, but I wouldn’t want to upset your boyfriend.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend. The dating scene is awkward and awful. I thought maybe you might want some company. I know I do.”

“I’d love to see you, but don’t want to get between you and my ex.”

“Don’t worry about that. She was upset at me because I was upset she’d messed up with you. Anyway…”

I blurted out, with no forethought, “What do you have planned tonight?”

“Well since you’ve asked, I think I’m coming to see you. What did you have in mind?”

“Come over. I’ll have dinner ready.”

Promptly at 6:00 p.m. I heard my front door open, and in stepped Donna. She looked as stunning as if she were going out on the town.

She was wearing a two-piece outfit that was a dark shade of blue. The bottom skirt piece hung low on her hips. It was slit on each side and opened, showing leg with each step that she took. Her midriff was bare and her belly button, an innie, showed her abs and barely visible stretch marks from having children. Her top was low cut and showed off plump braless tits and bare arms. She was wearing gold four-inch stilettos perfect for her outfit. She looked as if she had stepped away from a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

I stared at her, speechless. At the same time, my cock started growling in my pants, tenting them outward.

“Did I overdress? Because if I did, I can take this off.”

“Yes, I think you did. Let me help you.”

Dinner abandoned, I approached her and pulled her into my body. We kissed, deeply. Our tongues pushed and probed. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and then she did the same to me. Her firm body molded into mine and I could have cum then and there as she pressed into me. My ex would have gone nuts seeing me take Heather in my arms, I couldn’t imagine her reaction to seeing me with Donna.

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“I need you to fuck me, Hard! Is that okay with you?”

My response was to lead her to my bedroom. I kissed her and ordered her to stand still. I looked one last time at the beautifully dressed woman before me, then I slipped off her skirt, revealing a dark blue thong panty.

She stood still as my hands caressed her round ass and legs. She shivered slightly. I slipped my hand between her legs and I felt a wet heat radiating from her crotch. Her pussy was bald. As I rubbed her slit, a moan escaped Donna’s lips.

“Please hurry, don’t make me wait for your prick, please.”

I leaned into Donna’s crotch and could smell a sexy, musky odor. I kissed her slit through the panty as I pulled her to my face. I pushed away the fabric of her panty with my tongue and tasted the juices that had started to flow from between her shaved legs as I licked her pussy. Any thoughts of Heather I’d had vanished.

Donna shivered.

“Please, please fuck me!”

“Be still. I still need to finish undressing you.”

Between her legs, the lips of her pussy were still parted, dark pink and glistening against the paleness of her shaved mons. I leaned in again and kissed her pussy lips as if they were her mouth.

She groaned, her body started to shiver and suddenly she was racked with the first of what I hoped would be many orgasms.

Donna nearly collapsed on me, but I raised up and finished undressing her. I laid her across my bed and quickly stripped off my clothes….

A few weeks later I saw Will packing up to leave once again.

I approached him and said, “Where are you off to now?”

“Would you believe it, Singapore and Viet Nam. Looks like we’ll be expanding into those territories. I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I’ll be gone a while, at least three weeks. Could you keep an eye out on Heather. I know she usually doesn’t mind my travel, but this is longer than usual. I know she likes you, so maybe you could take care of her.”

I carefully responded.

“You know, if she needs anything, I’m glad to help. I’ll touch base with her and let her know I’m here if she needs me.”

“Thanks, man. I’ll travel easier knowing you’re around.”

As I watched him leave, I tried to decide if Will had just given me a green light to ‘take care’ of Heather. Did she know what her husband had asked of me? Had she told him to tell me to ‘take care’ of her like she had told him to give me the stock tip? My head was spinning.

I finished my work day. It had been rough because my mind kept wandering to thoughts of how I would approach Heather.

That evening, I called her.

“Hi, I was checking to see if you need anything.”

“Hi. I’m good, I’m a little lonely.”

“No need for you to be lonely. If you’d like some company, I could be right over.”

“Thai would be nice. Can you be here in the next few minutes? You could help me out with a lump I have in my bed.”

“On my way.”

“Come through the back door, it will be open for you.”

One of the best features of my home and Heather’s was that our backyards were connected in such a way that our other neighbors couldn’t see into them. I, we, could move easily between our homes with no one the wiser.

I showered, threw on some sweats, and was out the door. I entered the house I had been in many times before, but this was different. I was again going to be with a woman I had wanted for a long time and I planned to make love with her, I planned on fucking her. The fact she was my neighbor’s wife only made it more exciting. I briefly wondered what what my ex would think of this now.

“Hello. I’m in my bedroom.”

I knew where to go and walked in to find her reclining on her bed, surrounded by pillows. She had on a black see-through lingerie top and matching, crotch-less panties. And she was wearing CFM heels in bed.

“Would you like to join me? It’s warm in here, you should get out of your clothes.”

As she watched, I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and tossed it in the corner, quickly followed by my sweatpants. I was commando, and my cock sprang out, already swollen with desire for Heather.

“Come to me so I can take care of the lump in my bed, I want to suck on you.”

I crawled onto her marital bed and into the arms of a woman my ex knew I wanted more than words could describe. I kissed her, deeply, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Our lips smashed into each other's, and I could feel the lust radiating from her body. I felt a velvety hand taking hold of my fully engorged cock, and as she squeezed, I heard a moan escape her lips.

“Oh my god. I can feel your cock throbbing.”

I kissed her neck and moved down to lick, suck and kiss her full breasts. Heather’s breathing was ragged as moans of lust came from her mouth.

“Kiss my tits. You know you’ve wanted to. Suck on my nipples!”

Her breasts were firm, fleshy. The nipples were pointed and sticking out at least a half inch. Her nipples and the surrounding areola were a dark brown ring of color that contrasted against her lighter-tannedunderboob skin. They were perfect.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to be next to your naked body.”

I kissed her tits and decided I needed to mark her, mark my new territory. I lifted a breast and sucked in one spot on her under boob.

“What are you doing? That feels so fucking good.”

I lifted myself away long enough to tell her I was going to leave a purple mark where only she and I could find it.

“Oh my god, you’re giving me a hickey!”

She pulled me in tighter and I sucked with all my strength for a few brief moments. When I lifted my mouth from her tit, an angry, purple mark bloomed in front of me. I gently kissed my mark and then sucked and kissed my way past her flat stomach.

I plunged my face between her legs and found her mons, covered with fine, wispy hair that I parted with my tongue. I kissed her labia as if kissing her lips. Her taste was sweet, unlike any pussy I had tasted. She was dripping a thick, viscous fluid that tasted like tart honey. I loved it.

I parted her lips and found her clit, swelled to the size of an almond. I’d never seen one so large. I licked and teased it, and as Heather clamped her thighs around my head, I sucked it.

Suddenly screaming, she exploded in the first orgasm I gave her. Her body was violently vibrating as my head was trapped between her legs.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!! I’m cumming!”

I slowly stopped eating her smoldering cunt. After a minute, Heather’s grip on me released. I moved up and kissed her again, smearing her face with the juices released from her body.

“Who taught you to eat pussy like that? I may never let you go.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said as I opened her legs. “I want to have you suck me, but that can wait.”

“I need to tell you Will put a camera in here. He knew this would be happening and wants to watch. Are you good with that?”

I was so overcome with my desire for Heather that Will could have been in the room with us and I would have fucked her in front of him if he were standing two feet away.

“No problem for me, he can watch me own you!”

By now, she had taken hold of my cock and she guided me to the entrance of her love slit.

“Fuck me.”

I pushed and the head of my dick was in her. I paused, enjoying the feeling before thrusting into her, and suddenly I was buried to the hilt, my seven inches of throbbing cock in Heather. She used her pelvic floor muscles and squeezed in an incredible way i had never felt. Hot. Wet. Tight.

I started slowly pumping, grinding against Heather. I withdrew my dick until just the head of my cock was in her, hesitated, and then pushed all the way back in.

I did this a few times, but could sense Heather wanting more. I picked my pace as Heather squealed beneath me. She was raising up to meet my thrusts.

“Please, please! Fuck me harder! Harder! Ram your cock inside me!” Her nasty talk, something I never imagined, made me want to pound on her with all my strength. Now I was fucking her fast, hard. Heather was nearing screaming.

“Oh my god. Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me!”

It was too much. My Latina ex was a hot fuck, but Heather was all of that and more. I could feel her raking my back with her nails as she clamped her legs around my torso, heels digging into my skin. I felt a tsunami boiling up, ready to release inside Heather.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Do you want me to pull out?”

“No! No! Fill me with your cum!”

We both reached a shattering climax as I felt my balls and my cock contract as I unloaded my sperm into Heather’s steamy, hot and wet cunt.

I pumped hard into Heather, trying to extend her orgasm.

“Oh my god. Oh fuck, I’m cumming!!!” Heather screamed. I pumped until I collapsed onto her body. As our sweat and cum melted into each other’s body, we kissed, long and deep. Slowly we caught our breath.

“If I had known sex with you was this good I would have had you here sooner.”

“Why did we wait? I’ve wanted you since the day we met. My ex wife knew that.”

“Will has known it, too. He told me a long time ago that you would fuck me. When I found out about his secretary, I decided I wanted to sleep with you too. Since he’s traveling so much and fucking his secretary, he’s been nice when he’s home and doesn’t mind you’re here now keeping things up for me.”

“As long as you let me in, I’ll take care of you.”

"So, you know, I’ll not leave him. I have all the freedom and money I need from him. And now I’ve got you, is that okay? Anyway, how’s your new girlfriend?”

I assumed she was asking about Donna.

“It’s okay for now. Let’s enjoy this.”

She asked, “Are you hungry?”

“I could eat.”

“Good, eat me. Lick me. Kiss me.”

That night I was a combination of sexual excitement I hadn’t really envisioned. To get next to Heather after wanting her for so long seemed like the best thing to happen to me in a long time. And so we made love. The sexual frenzy of our first time was over. We fucked slowly.

We fell asleep, and in the morning I woke up first. I lay looking at Heather’s deep, rested breaths. My cock was hard, and I needed to pee. I suckled her tits and moved my hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit. She began restless movements as she woke up.

“Mmmmm, what are you doing?”

“I’m walking you up. Come to the shower with me, I want to try something with you.”

I led her to her shower and started it so the water would be warm.

Heather said, “I need to pee.”

“I know. Pee on me.”

“What?!? You want me to pee on you?”

“Yes, is that too kinky?”

She laughed.

“Yes, but I love it!”

We walked into the shower and I turned the water off and kneeled in front of Heather. She giggled and the placed her right leg on my shoulder.



A warm stream of lightly gold liquid hit my chest. It felt incredible and her warm urine struck my chest and shoulders. Her first pee of the day lasted long enough to splash my body beneath my neck. Suddenly she directed her stream at my face and now my head was soaked with her piss and warm water from the shower head.

As the last liquid flowed out of Heather, she grabbed my wet head and pulled me into her crotch.

“Clean me! Use your mouth and tongue!”

I proceeded to grab her ass cheeks and pulled her to me. I kissed her taco lips and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her. I found her clit and as I sucked, a wave of pleasure struck Heather as she came in my mouth.

She trembled as she fought to stay standing. I stood and the shower sprayed down on us.

We melted our bodies into one. I turned her facing the wall of the shower and she reached back and grabbed my dick and guided my cock head to the entrance of her cunt.


Written by Kc1952
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