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What's Good For The Goose

Wife who has been cheated on turns the tables with husband's friend.

Mac and Kevin had been friends since college. They partied a lot together, and continued to be close friends after college. Kevin was a groomsman in Mac and Beth’s wedding when they got married in their junior year of college. Kevin was surprised that his friend was messing around while he was dating Beth, but shocked when Mac’s cheating continued after they were married.

Kevin might have understood Mac’s cheating if Beth hadn’t been such a sweet person, with killer looks. She worked as a dental hygienist and taught aerobics on the side. Beth had the body of an aerobics teacher, fit and trim with a great ass. Her long blonde hair looked great either down or in a ponytail. She had a sweet voice that matched her cute smile and blue eyes. Kevin had to catch himself from staring at Beth.

Mac was a good looking guy at just under 5’ 10” and 150 pounds, while Kevin was 6’ 1” 200, with just average looks. While having what many considered a trophy wife, Mac had a taste for trashy girls. He was often hooking up with girls from bars while Kevin was his wingman. Kevin believed that Beth had to know about Mac’s cheating, but she never confronted him.

Kevin and Beth had always gotten along well. She had tried to set Kevin up with a couple of her friends, but nothing ever came of those dates.

It was a Saturday afternoon when Kevin got a frantic call from Beth. “Kevin, can you come over quick? There is water everywhere and I don’t know what to do.”

Kevin raced over, finding Beth at the door. She was soaked, and it was hard for Kevin not to notice that she didn’t have a bra on under her wet t-shirt. Her tits were not big, but they were firm and poking through her t-shirt.

Beth led him to the basement bathroom. Water was gushing out from under the sink. Kevin quickly ran to the water main and shut off the water, stopping the leak for the moment. Kevin had been to their house enough times to know where Mac kept his tools. He started in patching the leaking pipe while she watched behind him.

“Hey, thanks for setting me up with your friend Donna. We had a nice date but I guess I’m not her type,” Kevin said.

“Yeah, she doesn’t have good taste in men, she likes the bad boys. I was hoping she would figure out what it was like to be out with a nice guy like you.”

“She is a pretty girl... almost as pretty as you. Where’s Mac?” Kevin asked with his head under the sink.

“He’s with you, playing golf,” she said, changing her tone.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

Beth lowered her head. “I just don’t get it; am I that ugly?”

“Are you kidding me? You’re gorgeous! Even soaked to the bone you look better than any woman I know.”

Kevin cleaned up the tools and helped Beth clean up the water. As he was heading out the door, Beth gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

A couple weeks later Kevin’s phone rang on a Saturday afternoon. The screen showed it was Beth. “I’m sorry, but can you come over and help me? Mac is out of town and that big rain storm last night broke the gate to the fence."

Beth was at the side of the house holding on to the gate; she was covered in mud. Their dog was running around in the back yard, also covered in mud. She explained to Kevin that wind had blown one of their deck chairs into the gate, breaking the hinges. She had spent the morning chasing down the dog and then fallen in the mud putting the gate back.

It took about an hour, but Kevin had the gate fixed and the dog calmed down. The dog, Kevin, and Beth were all covered in mud. Kevin pulled out the hose and attempted to wash the dog while Beth held her. By the time they were done they turned the hose on each other to wash the mud off.

She led Kevin to the garage to get some towels to dry off so they wouldn’t drip through the house. Beth tossed him a couple of towels, and without thinking she peeled off her t-shirt and shorts, leaving her in only a white bra and panties. He let out an audible gasp when he turned to see her in the wet panties and bra.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she said, not covering up.

“You not embarrassing me, I’m just trying not to stare. I can tell you are still teaching aerobics.”

Beth smiled, blushing a little, “I’m glad somebody noticed; I don’t mind you staring. Bring me your clothes and I will take them in to wash them.”

“Beth, you don’t have to do that. Just give me a towel to sit on and I'll change at home.”

“Oh no, this is the second time you’ve come to my rescue; you are not leaving all wet and muddy. Let’s go inside and give me your clothes.” Beth said, standing by the door.

“Wow, a beautiful girl telling me to take my clothes off. There’s no way I can say no to you about that. Not that I could ever say no to you.” Kevin pulled his shirt off and then his jeans. Kevin kept his briefs on trying to hide that he was starting to get hard.

Beth looked down at his briefs. “I will need those, but I can get them from you when you go in the shower. Mmm, my turn to stare now.”

The two of them walked up to the master bathroom, both in their underwear. Kevin thought that Beth was intentionally shaking her ass as she walked up the stairs in front of him.

Beth showed him the soap and shampoo, turning on the shower for him. “Once you’re in I will get your underwear and start the washer.”

Once Beth shut the door, he pulled off his briefs and walked into the warm water. He heard her come in and quickly leave out the door.

Kevin was soaping himself up when he heard the bathroom door open. “Beth, did you need something?”

There was silence from outside the shower till the shower door slowly opened. “I’ve decided I want to join you, if you don’t mind,” Beth said, standing in the shower before Kevin naked.

“Holy shit!” Kevin said as she put her arms around him, kissing him on the lips. Kevin responded, wrapping his arms around her kissing her back.

Beth broke their kiss, stepping back. “I didn’t want you to use up all the hot water before I got cleaned up. Can you help me with a little soap?”

Kevin put some liquid soap on his hands. Starting with her shoulders he soaped her arms and then her body, avoiding her breasts and crotch. “I think you missed some spots,” Beth said.

With his hands soapy, he massaged her tits, causing her to moan. Kevin let his right hand slip between her legs, fingering her pussy. Just then the water turned from hot to lukewarm. “Let’s rinse off before the water gets cold. I’m not ready to cool off yet,” Beth said, out of breath.

She grabbed towels and began drying them off, giving Kevin’s cock a little special attention. Beth looked Kevin in the eye, then whispered in his ear, “Would you please join me in my bed?”

“I told you I couldn’t say no to you, but are you sure you want to do this?”

Beth smiled, looking down at Kevin’s hard cock, “Look I know that Mac has been cheating on me since before we were married. I’ve always wondered what it would be like with you, and hey, what’s good for the goose, right? I have to tell you, you’re about to be only the second man that I have been with, and I’m a little nervous because you're bigger than Mac.” Beth stepped up to Kevin and slid her hand around and down the length of his seven inch cock. “Oh yes, definitely bigger; I’ve very sure I want you.”

Kevin had never seen this side of Beth; she had always been so shy and reserved. He hesitated for a moment, thinking he shouldn’t help his friend’s wife cheat. But then he flashed back to all the women Mac fucked and all the times Mac told Beth he was with Kevin while he was banging some cheap bimbo. To top it all off, Beth was Kevin’s fantasy woman. He had dreamed of her and now she was in front of him naked, wanting him to take her to bed.

She led him to the bed, pulling back the comforter. They kissed deeply before Beth broke the kiss. She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs. Kevin stood by the bed for a moment to admire the beauty that was inviting him down to her. He had fantasized about her many times, but never believed that he would ever make that fantasy come true.

He climbed into bed next to Beth, kissing her and rubbing her tits. “Kevin, we have all night, but right now I want to feel you inside me.”

That was another invitation he couldn’t refuse. Kevin lined up his cock with her shaved pussy. He teased the outer lips of her pussy before pushing the head of his cock inside.

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” Beth moaned.

“Don’t cum to soon, don’t cum too soon,” Kevin thought as he pushed his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. He got close to cumming a couple of times. Each time he stopped moving till he felt he could continue. This seemed to turn Beth on even more.

Beth started breathing heavily, grabbing his butt cheeks. “Oh yes, I’m cumming!” she called out. Kevin felt her pussy contract around his cock. He couldn’t hold back any longer, shooting his load into her.

They collapsed into each other’s arm. “Wow, that was incredible,” Beth said, kissing Kevin on the cheek and lips. “You know I’m going to have a hard time not teasing Donna about what she missed out on.”

“So I did alright?” Kevin asked.

“Alright? I haven’t had an orgasm like that in... I’m not sure I’ve ever had an orgasm like that before. It has been so long since Mac made love to me. He either makes me suck him off or puts it in quickly and cums.”

Kevin hugged her tight. “I’m sorry, he is an ass.”

“The worst was two weekends ago he came home late and drunk. He smelled of perfume and had me suck him. I could taste another woman’s pussy on his sorry dick.” Beth said with anger in her voice. “Oh shit, that sounded like I just had sex with you to get back at Mac.”

“Beth, I understand.”

“No, you don’t understand. I didn’t have sex with you to get back at Mac. You said I was your fantasy; you are the guy I’ve always wished Mac was. Kind and considerate, always there to help out. You have no idea how sexy I find that. When you came over a couple of week ago I got turned on, but tonight I decided even before I saw you in your underwear I was going to do it.” Beth said stroking his cock.

“I can’t tell you how glad I am that you made that decision; do you want me to go now?” Kevin said with hesitation.

“You can if you are ready to go, but I was really hoping you would let me make you dinner and spend the night with me. Not to be too crude, but I want to see what this feels like in my mouth,” she said, pulling on Kevin’s cock.

“There is no way I could turn that down. I should pull my car in the garage so your neighbors don’t notice anything.”

Two weeks later, on Friday night,, Kevin’s phone lit up with a call from Beth. “I’m sorry to bother you but Mac had to mysteriously go out of town for the weekend. Funny thing, he said if I had any problems or needs I was to call you. I have a few needs I think you can take care of.”

“Well, if Mac told you to call me I guess I have a duty to help you. I don’t have any plans for the weekend so I am at your service.” Kevin said anxiously.

“It will probably take most of the weekend,” Beth said.


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