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A Movie and Much More

A Movie and Much More

Tammy wants to see how far Charisse will go.
My name is Tammy I am nineteen years old. Standing at 5"2 with shoulder length straight dark auburn hair. I have light hazel eyes. My natural firm 34D-cup breasts are topped off with half dollar size dark areolae and half inch nipples when erect.

It is Friday evening and I find myself looking out my tenth floor condo at the rain coming down hard. My filthy rich father bought the condo for me, he did not want me staying on campus. I think he spoils me because mother had passed away three years ago from bone cancer which started in her femur. It spread quickly through her body and she passed away on a night like this.

I am happy Charisse is coming over, and I find myself becoming aroused in anticipation of her arrival. I have been attracted to her since the first day of classes. We are both sophomores, studying pre-med. Our study sessions lately have been interesting to say the least, with a little flirtation by Charisse.

Charisse is a beautiful nineteen year old African American girl who is 5'6" tall. She has straight black hair reaching the mid-section of her back. Her 36DD-cup breasts are firm and natural. Her light hazel eyes are warm and mesmerizing.

I go to the kitchen and make a tray of assorted cheeses and crackers. The two bottles of White Riesling are chilling in the fridge. I set the coffee table with two candles, two plates and napkins. Going back to the kitchen, I bring out the tray along with a small bucket of ice (like in a restaurant.) with the wine. I retrieve two crystal wine glasses and set them on the table.

Then off to my bedroom to prepare it for a night of lovemaking. I light two candles and place them strategically to give the desired glow to the room. Then on the small end table by the bed, I place a crystal glass dildo with pleasure bumps on the shaft along with a bottle of body lotion. I have forty minutes before Charisse arrives and decide to go freshen up.

Standing in front of the full length mirror, I watch my reflection as I open my robe. Slipping from my shoulders, the silky material glides slowly over my skin. The sensation stimulates my body, my nipples prominently push forth from the areole and my bald pussy moistens.

The robe slips from my arms, drifting down to the floor, forming a puddle at my feet. Taking my hands, I lightly trace small circles on my flat abdomen. Admiring my creamy white, toned body as my hands slowly move to my breasts. Fingers trace along the undersides then to the sides of my breasts. Moving back to the undersides, my hands lift the breasts upward to my waiting mouth.

Like a snake, my tongue slithers across a nipple and flicks over it. My lips close over it, sucking and licking. Watching my reflection, I notice my sweet nectar is trickling from my wet pussy and down my inner thighs.

My tongue snakes its way across to my other nipple, slithering across and flicking over it. My lips close over it, sucking and licking.


My lips let the nipple "pop" from my mouth and my hands lower my breasts, releasing them. I pinch, then twist my nipples.


My fingers move from my nipples down to my pussy. I slide a finger between the puff folds of my slit, up to my clit. My finger moves in a circular motion around my clit as my other hand rubs my slit. A finger slips past the puffy lips, then another. My breasts are pushed together, their protruding nipples begging to be sucked.

My fingers find the G-spot, flicking it in time with my finger flicking my clit. My body trembles as the first wave of my orgasm reaches its peak. Freely flowing from my pussy, my nectar coats my hand and inner thighs.

"Oh God, I'm cuming!"

I press my hands against my throbbing pussy as I recover. Watching my reflection, I move my hands to my inner thighs and wipe the nectar up. I move my hands from my mound up to my cleavage, spreading my nectar along the way. I repeat this several times until my breasts and nipples have the sweet scent of my nectar. I even put some on my neck.

Opening my closet, I take out my yellow sun dress with a deep scoop neck which prominently displays the top of my breasts. The buttons start just below my breasts and stops just above my mound. Slipping it over my naked body, my pussy moistens and nipples stiffen.

After buttoning the dress, I run my hands over the front to smooth it out. I then do a pirouette to see how the dress looks. Satisfied with how I look, I return to the kitchen to make a large bowl of popcorn.

Five minutes later the doorbell rings. I bring the bowl of popcorn with me and place it on the table. Then I go answer the door.

"Hello Charisse, I'm happy you could come." Taking her umbrella.

"Hello Tammy, thank you for inviting me."

"Please come in, make yourself at home." I show her to the living room.

"Tammy, you look gorgeous in that dress."

Charisse is wearing a pale blue t-shirt which looks as if it was painted on. Her nipples are clearly visible, I try not to let my eyes linger too long as I drink her in. I notice she is wearing a light brow skirt barely mid-thigh that has a zipper on the side.

"Charisse, you look stunning in that top and skirt."

"Oh my Tammy, I was not expecting this."

Charisse sees the coffee table set with two candles, a small floral arrangement. The tray of crackers and assorted cheeses. The bucket with two bottles of wine and a bowl of buttered popcorn.

"What better way to watch a movie, Charisse."

I already have the movie in the DVD player. We sit on the sofa, close but not too close. Helping ourselves to the snacks, I then turn on the movie. I reach over for a bottle of wine, open it and fill our glasses just as the title appears on the screen.

"The Fog."

"I love these types of movies, Tammy."

"Here's to the movie, Charisse." We clink our glasses together and take a sip.

"And to a wonderful evening, Tammy."

We both curl up on the sofa. As the movie continues, one bottle of wine is empty and I open the other. We eat all the snacks and have moved unconsciously next to each other on the center of the sofa. At one particular scene, Charisse grabs my hand and buries her face in my shoulder. When the scene is over, I feel her take in a breath.

"Mmmm Tammy, I love the scent of your love juice." Charisse licks up the length of my neck very slowly.

"Oooooooh Charisse, please do not stop."

Her tongue moves slowly down, following the gentle curve of my neck to my shoulder. Charisse licks her was to the tops of my breasts and takes in another breath.

“Mmmm, I can smell and taste your sweetness.” Her hands quickly undo the buttons to my dress.

I release her hand and place my hand on her thigh. Charisse parts her legs as my fingers gently trace up her thigh. They slip under her skirt and my hand pushes the skirt up to the very top of her thigh. My fingers spread apart and trace along the folds of her pussy.

“Oooooohhhh Tammy, please don’t stop.”

My finger slips between the folds, gliding up to her clit and rubbing it in a circular motion.

“Mmmm Charisse, I love the feel of your bald mound.”

Charisse slips her hands inside my dress, cupping the side of each breast. She pushes them together, licking around the areola and the nipple. She licks her way to the other breast and does the same. Her mouth closes over the nipple and she sucks on it as her tongue swirls around it. 

“Oh God! Suck harder.”

When Charisse does, two of my fingers slip past the folds of her slit and into her pussy. We both moan in pleasure when suddenly, I slip my fingers from her. Charisse stops sucking my nipples, sits up and takes my hand with the nectar covered fingers. As she brings them to my mouth, her tongue seductively glides across her lips.

Watching each other, we lick the sweet nectar from my fingers. Our tongues touch, igniting the most passionate kiss either of us has experienced. With tongues entwined in an erotic dance, both of us press against one another. My bare breasts rub against her shirt, we both feel the others stiffening nipples.

"Mmmm." We both moan into one another's mouth as we kiss.

I back away from Charisse, take her hand as I turn off the movie and stand. She stands and as I grab the bucket with the wine bottle, she grabs the glasses and puts then in the bucket. We walk hand in hand to the bedroom.

"This is lovely, Tammy."

I smile, kiss her gently on the lips, "Thank you." I whisper and then go over to put the bucket next to the bed.

Noticing the full length mirror, Charisse walks over.

"I need to get one of these." She says as I walk up behind her, pressing myself against her back.

Watching our candle lit reflection, I reach under her arms and fondle her breasts. Charisse leans her head back as I lift her shirt above her breasts. My tongue traces along the curves of her ear as my fingers pinch her nipples.

Whispering in her ear, "Open your eyes and look in the mirror." I part my lips, taking her ear lobe between them and suck on it. Charisse looks in time to see my fingers gently pull and twist her nipples.

"Ummm....Ummm, harder."

I pull and twist her hard nipples until she screams out in pleasure. Charisse takes my hand and places it on the zipper of her skirt. We both pull the zipper open and her skirt slides down her long legs. She takes my hand, placing it on her bald mound. As her fingers rub her clit, my fingers rub her slit. Our other hands each fondle a breast.

"Oh God, Tammy fuck my pussy now!"

I feel her finger teasing her clit as I push two fingers in her pussy. We are pinching, pulling her nipples, watching the reflection in the mirror.

"Oh Damn, I'm cuming!"

Charisse leans against me, as her body convulses in orgasm. Her nectar flows from her pussy to my hand and her inner thighs. We both wipe up her nectar and rub it on her stomach, breasts and neck. I dip a finger in her pussy, fucking her to another orgasm.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" Charisse's pussy squeezes my finger as she cums once more.

Her heavy breathing pushes her breasts outward, she teases her nipples with her fingers. My finger slips once more from her pussy. I bring my finger to her lips and spread the nectar over them. Then I spread the nectar over mine.

"Turn and face me, Charisse." Whispering in her ear.

Charisse turns and we kiss passionately, tasting her sweet nectar on our lips.

"Spread your legs, Tammy."

I do so as Charisse slips the dress from my shoulders, then pulls it over my hips and lets it fall to the floor. She genuflects in front of me and her tongue touches my slit, sending a jolt through my body. Her tongue licks the length of my slit and swirls around my stiff clit.


I place my hands on her head as her tongue laps up my nectar.

"Fuck me...Fuck me now, Charisse!"

Her tongue thrusts past my puffy labia and into my pussy. Charisse's tongue swirls around finding my G-spot. Flicking her tongue around it several times, then pushing in deeper. She tongue fucks me to orgasm as my nectar flows freely into her mouth, on her lips and chin.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" I push against Charisse's mouth as I cum.

Charisse presses her mouth against my throbbing clit as my orgasm subsides. When I have recovered, she stands and kisses me.

"I love the taste and scent of your nectar, Tammy."

We kiss and go to the bed where we cuddle, lying on our sides facing each other. After sometime cuddling and caressing each other, Charisse has me lay on my back. She moves and kneels above my head, leaning forward Charisse kisses me briefly before kissing her way down my neck. When her neck moves over my mouth, I give it quick kisses.

Charisse reaches my breast and kisses my nipple. Her nipple touches my lips, I kiss her nipple. We both suck the nipple before us, swirling our tongues over them. As Charisse kisses her way to my mound, my lips kiss her silky, smooth skin as she moves over me. With her mound gently touching my mouth, Charisse gently moves us on our sides.

Our heads rest on one another's leg. My other leg is across Charisse's shoulder, bent at the knee with my lower leg behind her head. Her other leg rests across my arm, is bent at the knee with her lower leg on the bed. Our hands are on one another's arse cheeks.

My tongue licks from the base of Charisse's slit to her clit. I feel her tongue do the same to me. We both swirl our tongues around and over the clit before us. I take her clit between my lips and suck on it as my finger slides along her slit. Charisse is rolling my clit between her thumb and forefinger as her tongue slides along my slit.

Sounds of pleasure fill the room, "Ooooooh...Mmmm...Aaaaaahhhh."

My tongue slips past Charisse's swollen lips and swirls toward her G-spot. I slide a finger along the edge of her slit, gathering her sweet nectar. Charisse slips her tongue between my swollen lips swirling toward my G-spot. Her finger flicks back and forth over my clit. We are close to coming when I take my nectar covered finger, placing the tip on her anus.

"Oh yes Tammy, push it in!"

My finger slips into her arse as she does the same to me.

"Oh damn Charisse, fuck me!"

Our fingers fuck one another's arse as we lick the sopping wet pussy before us. Our fingers thrusting faster, tongues licking g-spots, clits and slits. The sounds of pleasure become louder, filling the room.


Charisse and I cum together, arses squeezing fingers and sweet nectar flooding our mouths. We stay in this position as our fingers slowly slip from our arses. We hold each other until we have recovered.

"Mmmm Charisse, that was amazing."

"Mmmm Tammy, it was amazing."

I move from Charisse, turn myself to kiss her and hold her in my arms.

"Charisse, I want you to stay the weekend."

"Tammy, I was hoping you would say that."

We kiss each other as we cuddle, then drift off to sleep.

The End

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

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