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How I Met Her Parents -Part 2

How I Met Her Parents -Part 2

Steve gets more than he bargained for when Sandra goes shopping with her friend Jenna.

A note: the first part of this story is taken from "How I Met Her Parents." 

"Oh God!" I shouted as Sandra sucked my cock.

At that moment the deck light came on and there stood Mr. and Mrs. Lange.

"You must be Steve, we have heard a lot about you," said Mrs. Lange.

"Welcome young man, I hope you will enjoy your stay," said Mr. Lange.

I was frozen in place, my thick cream filled Sandra's mouth I felt her swallowing every spurt. She came up, her back to her parents and kissed me.

"We see that you are already enjoying yourself," Mr. Lange said.

"That I am father, very much so," Sandra said as she looked over her shoulder.

"Well, don't stay up too late," Mrs. Lange said as they went back inside.


Turning her back to me, Sandra's pussy slowly moves down my rigid cock. Her pert breasts bouncing above the water of the hot tub as she moves on my cock. I reach around and tease her nipples with my fingers as she tease her clit. Sandra's pussy squeezes my cock, filling her with my seed. She leans against me as I caress her and kiss her neck.

Sandra stands and taking my hand we step out of the hot tub. Going to the nearby table, Sandra hands me a towel. Wrapping the towels around us, we go back inside the house. Her parents are nowhere in sight as we go to my room.

"I need to taste you one more time." Sandra says as her towel falls to the floor. "Let me see your beautiful cock."

I remove my towel as Sandra dips two fingers in her pussy. Thrusting her fingers several times, she slips them from her pussy. Smiling seductively, she swirls her tongue over her fingers.

"Mmmm, our juices taste so sweet."

Sandra dips her fingers in her pussy again. Thrusting several times, she slips them from her pussy. Smiling seductively, giving her fingers to me. I swirl my tongue over her fingers.

"Mmmm our juices are sweet tasting, Sandra."

We kiss goodnight and Sandra wraps the towel around her. Just before leaving we wish each other sweet, sexy dreams. She closes the door and goes upstairs to her bedroom. My bedroom is very large and has its own bathroom with a walk in shower. I get in bed and quickly fall asleep, dreaming of the coming days.

Sometime during the night, I awake to the feeling of Sandra licking my cock. Swirling her tongue down to my balls, she sucks them as her hand strokes my shaft. Sandra licks up the rigid shaft to the cock head. Her lips part, taking the head in her mouth. Sandra moves slowly down, sucking in every inch all the way to the base. She then moved up to the head, swirling her tongue over my shaft. I heard a "pop" sound as the head of my cock slipped from her mouth.

"If you want more, let me know."

"I lay there in shock, it was Mrs. Lange!"

She kissed me on the cheek and left. I could not fall back to sleep as I thought about what I am going to do. My decision came quickly, forget it and move on. I will tell Sandra if it happens again.

The next morning I got up and put on my swim trunks. I thought doing a few laps in their pool would help clear my mind. Entering the kitchen, everyone was there. Sandra has on khaki shorts, sandals and a white polo shirt. I could tell she has no bra on. Mr. Lange (Tom) has on swim trunks. Mrs. Lange (Tammy) has on a white long sleeve shirt, the first four buttons are open. A hint of her full breasts, leaving little to the imagination. The shirt tails gave a hint of what is underneath.

"Good morning, everyone." I said as I went over and kissed Sandra, acting as if nothing happened last night.

"Good morning, Steve." Tom said.

"Good morning, Steve." Tammy said as she winked at me, running her tongue across her lips

Thank goodness she took a bite of her toast, licking the crumbs from her lips. As we ate breakfast, Tammy ran her bare foot up my leg while Sandra traced her fingers along my inner thigh. This went on throughout breakfast. Sandra and her best friend Jenna are spending most of the day shopping in town.

"Are you going to be okay, with staying here while I go shopping?" Sandra asked as she gently squeezed my balls.

"I will be fine, Sandra." I said as Tammy kept running her foot on my thigh.

"Okay Steve, I'll see you soon." Sandra said as she kissed me on the cheek. "Wait till tonight, sweetie." She whispered in my ear.

Off she went and I excused myself, thanking Tammy for a delicious breakfast. I went to the in ground pool, dove in to do my laps. On the sixth lap I heard a splash, swimming next to me is Tammy. We reach the far end of the pool and hold onto the edge. My eyes widen at the sight of her yellow swimsuit, a slingshot. The thin material barely covers her nipples, which are clearly visible.

"Did you enjoy last night?" Tammy asked as she took my hand, pulling it to her pussy.

I softly gasp as I feel the material of her suit between her pussy lips. Her hand strokes my erect cock. As quickly as that happens, she takes off swimming. Leaving me there with a throbbing cock and the thought of what to do. I watch her swim and to my horror, I see Tom in the hot tub. I try to act cool as I ask myself, did he see anything?

Tammy and I finish our laps, ending at the far end of the pool. Tammy caresses my arm, kisses me on the cheek then goes up the ladder. I watch her firm ass with the strip of material in her ass crack. I feel my cock getting harder as she turns, pulling the strips of material from her full breasts. Her erect nipples protrude from half dollar size light brown areole. Tammy fondles her breasts with one hand while sliding her other hand over her bare mound.

"Steve if you want this, meet me in the hot tub." Tammy said as she walked off.

Oh my God I thought, I hope Tom is not there. Climbing up the ladder, I stand at the edge of the pool. I turn and see Tammy sitting alone in the hot tub. Walking toward Tammy, I am drawn to join her. I get in the hot tub, facing the house. Tammy moves next to me and places my hand on her breast.

Reaching down, she strokes the vertical shaft in my trunks. Tammy releases my cock and sits on my lap sideways. We kiss and I roll her nipple between my fingers.

"Mmmm, I love that." Tammy moans as our kiss becomes more passionate.

I put my hand on her mound, she takes my hand away and breaks off the kiss.

"Not so fast big boy, patience." Tammy says as she stands, removing her suit.

"If you want more, then dry me off and follow me to your room."

"What about Tom, Tammy?"

"No need to worry, he is in the study finishing up paper work."

We climb out of the hot tub and I dry Tammy off.

"Take your trunks off, so I can dry you off."

As I remove my trunks, Tammy gasps out loudly at the sight of my shaved cock. She dries me off and tells me that I am much larger than Tom.

Tammy takes my cock in hand and leads me to my room. Without closing the door, she has me sit on the edge of the bed. She tells me to lay back as she crawls up on the bed. Tammy sits on my face as she kisses her way to my cock. Tammy's mouth swirls around my shaft as her mouth slides slowly to the base. I suck her clit with my lips, flicking my tongue at the same time.

Our moaning fills the room as we pleasure one another. Tammy deep throats me as my tongue swirls deep in her pussy. Suddenly I feel a tongue licking my swollen balls. I realize that the tongue belongs to Tom! Tammy feels my uneasiness and reassures me that Tom will not do anything I am not comfortable with. I relax and thrust my tongue deep in her pussy.

Both of us come together, I lap up her nectar as cum fills her mouth. Tammy swallows the first several loads, and holds the last load in her mouth. She moves off of me as they both move up and lay on either side of me. Both Tammy and Tom lay on their sides facing me. They both have a leg resting on mine as Tammy kisses Tom. Tammy shares my cream with Tom, then she kisses me, sharing the rest. As we kiss, Tom joins us.

Tammy moves to my neck and watches Tom kiss me full on the lips. His tongue swirls around my tongue, I respond by swirling my tongue around his. Tammy moves away as Tom gets on top of me. We continue kissing as he rubs his cock on mine. Tammy is stroking my arm as she sucks on my ear lobe, flicking her tongue over it as she does.

"Steve, I want to fuck your virgin ass." Tom says as our kiss intensifies.

"Yes Tom, I want you in my ass." I say as I thrust my hips against him.

Our cocks are slick with precum as Tom moves off of me. I get on my knees, ass in the air. Tammy gently rubs my ass cheeks in a circular motion as she lets her spittle drip down my crack. Tom lubes his cock with his spittle and precum. Tammy rubs her spittle around my anus and slowly inserts a spittle covered finger in my ass, lubing it for Tom’s cock. Tammy removes her finger and Tom rests the head of his cock against my opening.

Tammy moves under me with her pussy below my face. Her tongue licks my shaft as I lick her slit. Tom waits until I am relaxed as Tammy and I pleasure each other orally. That is when I feel Tom push his cock head slowly into my ass. When the head is in, Tom stops to give me a chance to get use to the feeling. I let out a gasp as I feel a cock in my ass for the first time.

Slowly, Tom pushes further in, stopping so I get use to the feeling. He asks if I am ok, my response is, “Mmmhmm.” Tom is all the way in and he slowly starts to fuck me. Tammy is sucking my cock and fondling my balls as I thrust my tongue in her pussy. Tom grips my hips, sliding me back and forth along his hard cock. It is not long before I feel Tom fill my ass with his cum. I release my load in Tammy’s mouth, she swallows each load. I lick up her sweet nectar.

We then collapse onto the bed, drenched in sweat. 

 This definitely is going to be the best Christmas vacation ever!

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

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