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Teaching Her a Lesson

You could say she’s perfect. Except for a small detail; she’s my student.
I was sitting at my desk getting ready for the next class like I usually do on my break. Except for the last couple weeks my mind has been wandering off to her.

She’s petite, slim with a perfect hour glass figure. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they aren’t small either, they’re exactly proportionate to her curvy figure. She has a smile that could steal your breath away, and her green eyes that could light up a whole city were a perfect contrast to her tanned skin and candy apple red hair. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside but on the inside as well. Cliché, right? But it’s true; she isn’t just a dud, y’know? She’s smart, easy to get along with, a great personality. You could say she’s perfect. Except for a small detail; she’s my student.

Yea, I know, I’m fucked. But sometimes a man can’t help but fantasize. Which would be exactly what I’m doing right now. Picturing how her soft, sun-kissed skin would feel under my hands, up her stomach as my fingers slips under her bra to cup her perfect tits, fondling them, squeezing them, pinching her perky nipples. I’d slide one hand back down her stomach, under her shorts, inching closer and closer to her forbidden folds. Until the bell rung, that is.

“Shit,” I muttered under my breath as I stood up to collect myself.

I could hear footsteps in the hallway from all the students heading to their next class. I turned my back to the door to “readjust myself” to make my erection less noticeable. Just as I did my pants back up I heard the doorknob jiggle, realizing it was locked I walked over to open the door and in walked a few students with a smile or a quick “Hello” before taking their usual spots.

She usually sat in the second row in front of my desk next to her friends so she was always in my line of sight.

Except for today. Ten minutes into the lesson and she still hasn’t shown up. Being nineteen; a legal adult and since this is college not high school I can’t exactly give her detention. The students pay for their education, and if they decide to miss a day or decide to show up late that’s their choice. I’m only here for the pay check.

Fifteen minutes in and she still hasn’t shown up. She’s not usually late, or absent so this is abnormal.

“Alright class, do questions one through five and seven through twenty-one on page one hundred nineteen in the textbook,” I said, finishing up with the lesson just before she walked in.

She was wearing a pair of faded blue jean shorts, her usual flip-flops and a black, body hugging racer back tank top with her bra straps clearly visible. Red. That woman is tempting me without even realizing it.

She sent me one of her breath taking smiles.

“Sorry I’m late. Mrs. Higgins held me back to argue about the rule of law,” she said quietly so only I heard, with a smirk and a roll of her eyes before she took her seat next to her friends all the while trying to keep my eyes from wandering to her perfectly shaped ass.

Goddammit, she’s your student you horny, dirty bastard. I mentally reprimanded myself as I took a seat at my desk to start marking quizzes from the other classes I taught. Miraculously I managed to keep my mind focused, despite the gorgeous red headed, green eyed beauty sitting a mere few feet away from me. Occasionally I’d glance up and she’d either catch me glancing at her or I’d catch her with her brows furrowed in the cute way she did when she was concentrating her full luscious lips pouted slightly. The things I’d love to do with those lips. Stop it, you were doing so well. Why did you have to go and ruin it?

I let out a brief sigh of relief when the bell rang and everyone started packing up. Luckily it was the last period of the day so I could go home, shower and relieve myself of the growing monstrosity in my pants. I nodded to everyone that glanced my way as a farewell before taking my seat back at my desk and rubbing my hands over my face in frustration.

“Um. Mr. Palmer?” I heard that voice ring through the silence, that voice I couldn’t get out of my head. I glanced up and sure enough, there she was.

“What can I do for you Ms. Kellestine?”

“Um,” she hesitated a moment before continuing, “I can talk to you tomorrow, you look tired,” she said before stepping away. I grabbed her wrist before she could get any further.

“No, no. Please, sit.” I pulled up a chair to the corner of my desk as my heart rattled in my chest. Every fantasy I’ve had about her was running through my head right now. I had only ever dreamed of being alone with her. She took a seat, inching closer to the edge of my desk where she sat her books down.

“I was just wondering if you could catch me up on what I missed today?” she said, her eyes round and sparkling innocently.

I wonder if she’s a virgin. She’d be so tight. Oh my god, focus you brute. She’s asking for your assistance and you’re shamelessly fantasizing about her.

“Sure thing, you didn’t really miss much so it shouldn’t take too long.” I took her through the lesson I did earlier and she’d nod every once in a while to show that she understood.

I sat back down to grab for my coffee mug before she flipped her text book open and knocking it over across my desk and drenching my lap. Thankfully it was no longer hot or I would be dealing with burn marks in some really awkward places.

“Oh my goodness, Mr. Palmer I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to,” she blubbered on before rushing to grab some paper towel and mopping up the desk before the liquid could reach any of the text books or papers. “I’m such a klutz. I guess my childhood nickname ‘Baby elephant’ was suiting, huh?” She chuckled almost uncomfortably before ripping off some more paper towel and before I could protest, she began dabbing at my crotch.

My heart felt like it was doing cartwheels at the sensation and my mind running with all sorts of dirty thoughts. I closed my eyes to control myself before I realized I was starting to get a hard on. My eyes flew open and I glanced at her face, clearly oblivious to the affect she has on me.

“Ms. Kellestine,” I nearly grunted out, but she didn’t stop. “Hailey,” I said more firmly. She glanced up at me, her hands resting against my thigh. “Please stop,” I said, my voice growing hoarse.

She frowned in confusion before glancing down, realization spreading across her facial features.

“Oh,” was all she said as she removed her hands from my lap. “Mr. Palmer, I’m so terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to,” she said before rushing to her feet and grabbing her binders and textbooks and shoving them into her bag.

I was frozen for a moment, watching her, not believing how close she was to feeling up my cock. I grabbed her wrist just as she was about to turn to go, and overcome by my desire for her I stood up and pulled her back swiftly, causing her to stumble into me, my hands grasping her slim waist to steady her.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something my own mouth came crashing down on hers, she went rigid and I became fearful that she was going to pull away, or worse; smack me but I could feel her body relax against mine and soon her lips were moving with mine.

They felt so soft and moist and inviting. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled roughly on her hair causing her to gasp, and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth, battling with hers until I won. I backed her up against the wall roughly, pressing my body into hers as I kissed down her jaw to her neck and on the swells of her perfectly round breasts that peaked out at the top of her tank top.

Her breathing grew heavier as she clutched onto the back of my head and tugged on my hair. I reached my hands around to the front of her and slipped my hands up her top, slowly pushing her top up her body, revealing her perfectly flat stomach, inching up more and more before the bottom of her red lacy bra came into view and I tore her shirt the rest of the way off. I stopped to admire the view before me. All that time fantasizing, finally coming true and I’m sure as hell going to take my time enjoying it.

I reached my hands behind her back and unclasped her bra and slipped it off her shoulders before letting it drop to the floor and cupping her full breasts in my hands, brushing my thumbs over them, reveling in their softness and warmth. I took one nipple into my mouth and started flicking my tongue over it before sucking and tugging on it with my lips, earning a small moan from her voluptuous lips before kissing over to her other breast and treating that one with the same attention while I pinched her other nipple between my index finger and thumb.

Keeping my hands on her breasts I kissed down the middle of her stomach until I met the fabric of her shorts and unbuttoned them.

“Wait. I think, I think we should stop,” she said, finally finding her voice. I glanced up into her eyes to expect to see coldness in them but all I saw was lust, and judging by the heat emanating from between her legs, she was turned on.

Holding my gaze on her I proceeded to pull her shorts down, but she made no effort to protest. I helped her step out of her shorts, tossing it to the side before running my hands up her legs, lingering on their smoothness, ingraining the feel of them in my head before my fingertips met her panties. I slowly slid those down her legs, my breath catching at the back of my throat.

“Hailey, you’re beautiful.” I glanced up at her to find her cheeks flushed red and I stood up to kiss her lips softly, picking her up and wrapping her legs around my waist as I carried her over to my desk. I took her hands and placed them on my shirt. “Help take it off.” I whispered softly. I watched her eyes as they followed her fingers in unbuttoning my shirt. She pushed it off my shoulders and down my arms before her fingers traced my abs.

“God, you’re so sexy,” she whispered, her eyes focusing on my body. I reached up to tuck a strand of her red hair behind her ear as her fingers fumbled with the button of my trousers and pushing them down along with my boxer briefs. “Oh my god,” she breathed out, “I don’t know you if you’ll fit.”

“I’ll fit, darling. Don’t you worry.” She nodded not taking her eyes off my cock before standing up and pushing my trousers down to the floor along with my boxer briefs. I kicked them aside just as I felt her hand wrap around my cock and began stroking it up and down. “Yes, just like that,” I breathed out huskily. I felt her tongue flick over the head of my cock before slipping it into her mouth and sucked on it firmly before she pushed more into her mouth. “Shit, how did you learn to suck cock?” I could feel her chuckle.

“I’m not as innocent as you think,” she said before slipping my cock back into her mouth. She grasped the base of my cock and started stroking in sync with her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth and her tongue twirled around my head.

I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing into her mouth, making her gag a little. Slowly picking up speed, I started fucking her mouth stopping just before I made her gag. Withdrawing and thrusting back into her mouth. I let out a loud moan as I felt her tongue rub over the sensitive flesh where my head met the rest of my shaft.

“Oh my god,” I groaned out loudly, holding my cock still inside her mouth. She twirled her tongue around my head before sucking hard, her hands cupping my balls firmly, beginning to massage them. “Shit,” I said, pulling her to her feet and setting her down on the desk before kneeling down in front of her. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” I mumbled against her warm flesh as I kissed up the inside of her thigh.

“Please don’t tease me. I nee- Shit!” I interrupted her by sucking her clit hard into my mouth and grazing my teeth over it. Feeling her body tense up, she gripped onto the back of my head and let out a loud moan of approval. I slowly slid a finger into her pussy. Tight, but I don’t feel her hymen. Maybe she’s not a virgin. Slowly sliding a second finger into her, now dripping pussy, her back arched as she pulled my face harder against her pussy. She tasted a bit tangy, but sweet. One taste of her and I was addicted. I lapped at her clit faster and harder, vibrating my tongue over her clit as I pounded her pussy harder and faster with my fingers, flicking them over her cervix. “Oh my god, oh my god. Shit! Right there. Don’t stop,” she begged as she started rocking her hips against my fingers.

“You gonna cum?” I grunted as I rammed my fingers into her over and over again all the while attacking her clit with my lips and tongue.

“Y-yes!” she screamed out as she forced my face into her pussy and I suctioned my lips around her clit and sucked hard while flicking my tongue over her little bean, my fingers flipping over her cervix. Her body tensed up and her legs wrapped tightly around my head as she gripped onto the edge of the desk. Fingering her harder, her pussy started tightening and contracting around my fingers as she rode out her orgasm, her hips bucking and her whole body twitching in ecstasy. I was absolutely mesmerized.

Slowly I withdrew my fingers from the tight confines of her pussy and licked her cum from my fingers before sliding my tongue into her snatch and drinking her up.

“You taste so good,” I mumbled against her pussy. Her breath began to come back to her as she raked her fingers through my hair.

“That was incredible,” she murmured. I kissed up her body to her lips and pushed my tongue between her lips so she could taste herself. Battling with her tongue again before she pushed me away from her. She stood up and pushed me down onto my chair. A devilish smirk spread across her perfect features as she came closer to me and straddled my lap. Glancing up into her eyes I saw pure desire and lust there. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto my cock, gaining a moan from her lips. “Fuck!” she screamed out as she buried her face against my neck.

My hands still gripping her hips I started moving her up and down on my cock. She felt like velvet, even in my wildest fantasies I never thought she’d feel this amazing. I pressed my lips to her ear and began sucking on it and tugged with my lips as I slowly lifted her off my cock before ramming back into her, causing another moan to escape her lips. Continuing to move her hips she started to get a hang of the rhythm and her hips moved on their own accord, thrusting my cock deep into her tight pussy and pushing up into her cervix.

“Oh my god, Mr. Palmer, yes!” she whimpered as I pulled her hips down harder onto my cock. Her arms were wrapped around my shoulders and her nails were tearing at my skin, making me moan and grunt into her hair.

Placing my hands on her ass I stood up with her legs wrapped around my waist, having her impaled on my thick cock. I slammed her against the wall, holding her wrists together in one hand above her head and the other grasping tightly onto her thigh. I started pounding into her, harder and harder, deeper and deeper as I squeezed her thigh tightly unable to control my relentless thrusts, but, judging by her moans and shaking body she was enjoying it. I dipped my head down to her full breasts and took one nipple between my teeth and tugged on it hard until I heard her yelp then doing the same to the other nipple and kissing up into her neck leaving behind a trail of love bites before sucking hard on the nape of her neck, nearly piercing her skin with my teeth.

I felt her body tense up and her moans becoming shorter and faster, turning into small gasps; a tell-tale of her impending orgasm. Letting go of her wrists I dropped my hand onto her other thigh, using both of them as leverage to ram harder and deeper into her tight snatch.

“That’s it babe, you gonna cum for me again?” I whispered against her softly. She nodded as she gripped onto my shoulders, her nails clawing at my back, surely leaving behind marks, marks I’ll feel proud of for days to come. “I couldn’t hear that. What was that?” I asked as I rammed into her and holding my cock there, making her squirm.

“Yes, yes! I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop!” she begged. I smirked. Resting my forehead on hers, I pulled out of her pussy before ramming back into her, repeating the motion over and over again until her pussy tightened around my cock like a noose. The feeling was enough to send me over the edge but I controlled myself and kept ramming my cock into her, pushing against her cervix over and over again until I heard her scream out in ecstasy and her body began to quake and writhe in my grasp as I felt her orgasm and her cum ooze out between her pussy lips, leaving a trail down between my full, heavy balls.

Fucking her through her orgasm I felt mine starting to build in my balls as they tightened and tensed, my breathing becoming short and quick as I pumped my cock into her dripping pussy until I couldn’t hold off any longer. I released my load into the tight, wet confines of her pussy. My seed spraying her insides as her needy pussy milked every drop of cum out of my throbbing member.

My cock slipped out of her pussy, only a strip of cum connecting my cock to her pussy. She knelt down in front of me and took my softening cock back into her mouth to lick me clean. Once she was satisfied she got every drop she stood back to her feet and I pulled her against my body and pressed my lips firmly to hers, lingering on her lips before breaking away from them. I reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at her warmly.

“You, my dear, are more incredible than any of my wildest fantasies.” A smile spread across her face before she nestled into my neck. I knew I was in some deep shit, fucking my student, but I couldn’t help but feel like it felt so right. “What do you say we get dressed, I can drive you back to my place so we can clean ourselves up and then I can treat you for dinner,” I suggested, tilting her chin up to me so I could gaze into her pretty green eyes.

“I’d really like that,” she said, that beautiful, heart-warming smile never leaving her face.

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