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A Freebie for Randy - continued

Tags: anal, gay male

I was becoming addicted to Randy.

The Saturday morning after giving Randy a freebie I awoke feeling happy and very horny.

I was still lying in bed enjoying the smooth feel of my soft skin and the silk camisole and panty set that I put on before bed.  While I was having a good time with myself and my favorite dildo, I heard a knock on the door.  Leaning towards the window I saw the UPS man walking back towards his truck, and I knew that my new outfits had arrived.  I quickly jumped from the bed and dashed for the front door to claim my treasure.

I flung open the door without any thought of my attire, and as I was claiming my prize, my neighbor Paul whistled rather loudly just before I ran back inside.  As I was tearing the box open like a crazed animal, it occurred to me that my panties were down at my ankles.  I must have been quite a spectacle since I had to bend over to pick up my box without any panties to cover my goodies.  Once I had the box open, I spent the next hour or so trying everything on and taking several pictures for future use.

When I was done, I slipped my silk camisole and panties back on while I made breakfast.  As I was cooking my eggs, I looked at the living room, and it was like a lingerie bomb had gone off in there spreading accessories everywhere.  After breakfast, I headed back to my bedroom with my clothing in hand intent on getting back to pleasuring myself, since I was still very horny.

I removed my silk panties as I spread across the bed with my dildo in hand and thoughts of Randy’s fat cock pummeling my needy ass.  The slow pace that I started with quickly accelerated to a full-blown hammering.   I couldn’t get the thought of our kissing in the aftermath of our latest encounter out of my head.  Just as I started shooting all over myself and the bed my cell phone began to ring.

I’m one of those goofy people that have to assign a specific ring to each person that’s listed on my phone, so I knew immediately who was calling.  Even though I was still convulsing from my orgasm and also mostly out of breath, I still answered it on the second ring.  Randy started with, “Good morning my little sex toy.”

Panting I replied, “How did you know I was just thinking of you?”

Randy said, “Why are you so out of breath?  Are you having fun without me?”

“I was, and my favorite dildo just isn’t as thick or as warm as you are,” I countered.

“Well, why don’t you come into the office wearing one of your sexy little outfits and I’ll give you some of that warm, thick meat that you are craving,” boasted Randy.

In my sexiest voice, I half whispered, “Why don’t you come to my house right now and fuck me in my comfy bed over and over until tomorrow morning.”

Randy stammered out, “Uh…um…what’s your address?”

After I gave him my address, I told him to give me about an hour to get ready.  He readily agreed, and after we hung up, I raced to the bathroom to get ready.  I had a sneaking suspicion that he would be a little early and I wanted to look and feel very smooth and sexy.  After a quick cleaning inside and out, a quick shave, lotion and lube I was ready to find some sexy lingerie.  I decided on the white set as it was very sheer and I liked the idea that he could see everything since it was only noon time.  Just as I was finishing with the long blonde wig, there was a light knock at the front door.

Looking out the bedroom window, I saw Randy’s car in the driveway, so I headed down to greet him dressed to fuck.  With my five inch white heels, I was almost as tall as him as I opened the front door.  His eyes got rather big, and his mouth hung open for a moment as he just stood there looking me over.  Just as he was about to say something I offered, “You are about twenty minutes early can you please wait in the car?”

He looked a little deflated at that statement, and as he turned, I grabbed his arm and pulled him through the door.  As the realization that I was joking hit him, he reached around me with his left hand and grabbed my ass pulling me into him.  In his right hand, he had a bottle of Makers Mark that was a few sips short of being full.  After he set the bottle on the table, he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a very soft and sexy kiss.

While the kiss continued, I slipped a hand around the back of his head while simultaneously reaching down to unzip his fly.  Once my hand made its way into his pants, I found that he was going commando and I slowly started stroking him to full hardness.  When there was a short break in the kiss I attempted to make my way down to taste him, but he blurted out, “I believe there was mention of fucking in your comfy bed.”

Without a word, I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom.  I crawled up onto the bed on all fours and wiggled my ass at him while saying, “I believe there was talk of giving me some warm thick meat.”

Randy stepped up to the bed and undid his pants letting them fall to the floor while removing his shirt and kicking off his shoes and socks.  He stood there completely naked and started stroking his cock as he said, “Are you ready for this?”

I gutturally replied, “So fucking ready!”

He pushed the bottom of my baby-doll up my back and just pulled my panties to the side as he gave my hole a long slow lap with his tongue.  Standing back up, he placed the head of his cock at my entrance and just kept pushing until his balls were against mine.  I was already starting to moan like a whore from only that initial penetration, and then he began a slow complete withdraw and did it all over again.  He kept that up for about ten minutes and then he pulled out and pushed me down on the bed and flipped me onto my back.

When he lay down on top of me, we started kissing anew, but it got more frenzied very quickly.  The whole time he was grinding his cock into mine, and while it felt great, I needed him inside me.  I slowly spread my legs and pulled them back so that he just naturally slid right into me and it felt fantastic.  Quickly, his thrusts became more urgent, and before long he was pounding my ass with abandon.  I had both hands wrapped around his head as my orgasm began.  As I began squirting between our bellies, he started yelling, “OH FUCK…I’m cumming!”

We kissed our way through our mutual convulsions with my legs wrapped solidly around his lower back to keep him deep inside as he filled me with his cum.  As our mutual orgasms slowly subsided the light kissing continued with him still deep inside of me.  We lay there for about thirty minutes just wrapped around each other and enjoying the closeness.  Surprisingly he was still semi-hard after all this time, and I decided to take control.

Pulling my lips from his for a moment I whispered in his ear, “Roll with me; I want to be on top.”

We rolled over with Randy still inside, and I sat up and started a slow comfortable ride of his semi-hard cock.  With my hands on his chest for support, I began to lightly flick his nipples to see how he would react.  His response was to start squeezing my breasts and flicking my nipples as well, which started bringing both of our cocks to life. 

I was still riding him relatively slowly, but it was getting hard to resist going wild on his now rock-hard cock.  He was starting to meet my thrusts with great exuberance, which felt fucking awesome.  I was having a hard time maintaining my attention to his nipples, but he was doing a great job rolling and pinching mine.  As I began speeding up the forceful penetration of my ass with his solid cock, I could feel my orgasm starting deep within my bowels, and it became harder to stay upright.  Randy must have noticed my arms shaking uncontrollably and grabbed me under my arms to help support me.

As my cum started squirting across Randy ’s belly, I just began to collapse down on him, and he took the initiative to roll me onto my back and finish himself off moments later.  We just lay there soaked in sweat and cum and breathing like we just ran a marathon for a good ten minutes.  When he couldn’t hold himself up off of me anymore, Randy eased out of me and lay down on his back still lightly panting.

With my ass still leaking his cum and feeling quite empty I lay on my left side facing away from him.  Lifting my right leg into the air, I begged, “Please slip it back into me; I can’t stand the hollow feeling in my ass.”

As he rolled up behind me and slowly stuffed his softening cock into my needy sore ass, he said, “Don’t worry baby I won’t leave you empty tonight.”

Pulling his arms around me and pushing back into him I felt fully satisfied and fell into a restful sleep.


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