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His Wife, My Toy: Part 4

Fun and games at my place
Saturday May 31 19:00

“I’d like to apologize,” the man says. “For yesterday. It was… I don’t…”

“Think nothing of it. The important thing is that you’re here,” I say, smiling at him before once again focusing on Pet. “You look resplendent,” I tell her.

Pet was good enough to text me at midday, letting me know that the couple would indeed honour me with their presence this evening. Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely sure; not after last night, not after Cuck’s birthday bash. I texted her back, “B sure to wear that black ensemble u bought last week.”

She didn’t text me back, but here she is wearing the black ensemble, nylon legs rising from high heels, slinky dress clinging to her frame. I envisage the lace undies beneath, matching knickers and bra. “Thank you,” she says blushing.

You would hardly think it’s the same woman as yesterday. She’s back to her old, demure, slightly nervous self. In its way that’s more interesting to me.

I take them on the grand tour of the house. It’s not that big, but comfortable enough. It soon becomes clear to me that whatever Cuck says about being sorry, he’s still not quite on an even keel. It occurs to me that the future of our strange relationship is uncertain, but I’m also determined to follow my plan through, to make the most of things while I can.

I offer them drinks. Pet opts for Baileys, but once handed the glass manages to avoid tasting any, just holding the object as if slightly scared of it. Perhaps she is. If last night was anything to go by, it wouldn’t take much to loosen her up. Cuck has no such reservations, immediately taking a large gulp of Scotch, which is my poison too, though I’m determined to make it last.

“Feel free to top up whenever you like,” I say.

I show Pet to the settee and invite her to sit down, which she does, slightly nervously, legs pushed together, standing her glass on the table in front of her and looking suspiciously at the laptop stood there. Cuck doesn’t join her, but chooses an armchair where he can’t quite see the screen, not that there’s anything to see for the moment, except the screensaver.

There’s no point in trying for idle chit chat. We all know what we’re here for. “I thought we might watch something fun,” I announce, sweeping my finger across the touchpad, clearing the screensaver. “You can join us on the settee if you like, Cuck.”

Cuck shakes his head as I set things in motion, the sequence of clips I’ve prepared earlier. Sitting down next to Pet, I put my arm around her, without saying anything. In front of us, the moving images play out in fullscreen. The clips are all homemade, no professionals, but there’s no end to the variety I’ve prepared; handjobs, blowjobs, threesomes, foursomes, facials, bondage, toys, vaginal penetration, anal penetration, double penetration, orgies and fetishes.

Pet is silent too. We sit there in silence, my arm around her shoulders, staring at the screen. As we do, her husband watches us, with eyes that will see so such more, yet aren’t quite sure they want to. After about fifteen minutes I say, “So what do you think of my collection, Pet?”

Pet begins to stammer. “I-I-I like to read st-stories,” she says. “I don’t… d-don’t usually watch… watch…”

I fall silent again, doing nothing more than positioning my other hand on her leg, right where the dress meets nylon stocking. Cuck looks, watches, jealous, protective, resentful, and full of the shame that comes from knowing that ultimately everything that happens to his wife will happen because he wants to see it happen.

Fifteen minutes more pass. Then I say, “You seem a little on edge, Pet. Are you nervous? Ashamed to be watching?”

On the screen a brunette is stroking her boyfriend’s cock with both hands, her mouth hovering seductively close to it. Pet looks at the screen without answering, her eyes almost somewhere else. I stroke her thigh, feeling the nylon beneath my fingertips. Cuck watches, his tongue wetting his lips.

“Or does watching this make you horny, Pet?” On the screen the woman has turned around, backing up, her naked arse closing in on her boyfriend’s cock. “Are you longing to get dirty?”

Pet tenses at this. She shifts ever so slightly. “Please,” she whispers. “Just do what you… want to do. I can’t stand it.. the waiting.”

“But that’s the best part, Pet, the suspense.”

Cuck has that look in his eye, the look that says he wants to see things happen, but is terrified of what might happen at the same time.

“Please,” Pet says. “I can’t bear it.”

“The watching or the waiting?”

On screen the brunette has backed onto the cock and is jerking her body hard. Pet just stares. Cuck stares at us.

“The thing is, Pet,“ I say, “that you look so ravishing in that outfit, that I can’t bring myself to get you to take it off. I could just sit here, looking at you all night.”

“I’m flattered,” Pet whispers, “but… but…”.

She falls silent, but it’s true. The way the dress clings to her is absolutely magnificent, the nylon on her legs, the nice show of cleavage.

“Still,” I say, “I also know there’s some nice underwear under that dress, and it would be a shame not to see it.” Pet looks suitably embarrassed. “Stand up!”

Pet rises. I reach out, touching her behind. “The way that dress clings to your arse is such a turn on,” I tell her.

“Thank you,” she murmurs.

“Still, needs must. Cuck! Roll your wife’s dress up to her waist.”

The man looks almost surprised that I’m allowing him to touch Pet. He gets up, comes across and grips the hem of her tight-fitting dress, rolling it slowly up to her waist, exposing her stocking-tops, then her knickers. I reach out a hand, stroking the material that clings to Pet’s buttocks. Cuck looks tense.

“Thanks,” I tell him. “You’ve done your bit.”

He doesn’t sit down immediately, but goes to the drinks table to replenish his glass. Pet’s glass is still on the table in front of her, untouched. Mine is empty, but I don’t want any more. “Such a lovely arse,” I say.

“Thank you,” Pet says.

I remove my hand. “You can sit down now, Pet.”

She does so, still tense, nervous, exuding shame and longing in equal measure. I replace my hand on her thigh, two fingers on soft skin, two on her stocking top. On screen a different brunette flinches as rivers of cum strike her face. I put my other arm around Pet, pushing my lips up against her ear. “That really puts me in the mood,” I tell her.

Cuck is back in the armchair, looking, waiting, anticipating with mixed feelings evident in his eyes.

“Then please don’t… don’t keep me in suspense,” Pet whispers.

I remove my lips from her ear, watching the action as my fingertips trace a path across her inner thigh. “So tense, Pet”, I say. “Relax.”

She doesn’t, of course. My fingertips move up to her stomach, then down. The panties are a tight fit, but I manage to get my fingers underneath the hem. Down, down, across her mound, then sliding into the cove protected by her labia. When my finger slides up against her clit she gives a little squeak, a whimper. “Push your lips up against my ear,” I murmur.

She does as I say, her hot breath breezing into my brain. I tease her nub gently with my finger, enjoying the rhythm of her breathing, the tiny squeaks of reluctant, shameful pleasure that gradually increase in strength, hovering through my aural passage. Cuck sits on tenterhooks, watching. Watching the movement of my hand in his wife’s knickers.

We sit like that for ten minutes, as untold events unfold on the screen in front of Pet and I. Hot breath flowing into my ear, those soft, soft, barely audible moans. Then Pet’s lips move, she whispers. “Please, I can’t stand it. Do something to me, please!”

I can tell that Cuck can’t hear. He hardly stirs at all. I move my arm from Pet’s shoulders, finding a way to manoeuvre it as she keeps her lips pushed up against me. I have to twist my body awkwardly to trace a path across her neck, then down towards her breasts. I slide a finger into her cleavage, all the while continuing to tease her clit. My hand slides inside her dress, finds her bra, fingers managing to make their way under the snug fit. I fondle her breast under her dress, her bra; Pet’s hard nipple up against the palm of my hand, her soft lips against my ear, warm and wet, soft moans increasing in strength, until finally I can see that Cuck hears.

There’s wild fucking on the screen as Pet whispers. “I can’t stand it, I need something more,” her voice mixing with the loud cries from the woman on the screen.

I withdraw my hands, shifting my body and standing up. “Right,” I say. “I’m in the mood to play a game? What do you both say?”

I look from one to the other, seeing their incomprehension, their trepidation.

“What do you say, Pet?” She stares, open-mouthed. “Have you ever played Porn Roulette?”

Her eyes widen, betraying nervousness. Cuck frowns. “I don’t know what that is,” Pet says.

“It’s easy,” I say. “You just choose a porn site, but before you log on, you also choose a thumbnail. The first one on page one, or the last one on page two, or the sixth one on page six, whatever takes your fancy. Then you watch the clip, and whatever it is, you have to replicate it as best you can afterwards.”

Neither Pet nor Cuck say anything. “Oh come on,” I say, “it’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know,” Pet says quietly.

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” I say, smiling, but with steel in my eyes.

Cuck is looking at his wife, and it’s as if his look somehow tips her over the edge. “All right then,” she says. And now she leans forward, picking up her glass and sipping some of the alcoholic liquid from it.

“Grand!” I say. “You go first Pet. Name a porn site.”

She blushes. “I-I… don’t really know any,” she says. “Can’t you go first? So that we can see how it works.”

“Fine,” I say. “Let’s go with the thirteenth clip on page 13, shall we? Unlucky for some, but maybe lucky for us?”

I turn, stopping the sequence of clips and calling up a site of my own choosing. I call up the 13th clip on page 13 and settle back on the settee, once again laying a hand on Pet’s thigh. She has the glass of Baileys in her hand, and takes another sip, then almost immediately giggles, “I knew I shouldn’t have. I’m feeling a little tipsy already.”

This at least confirms my intuition about Pet and alcohol. Cuck springs into action now, coming round behind us to see what’s happening on the screen. Fortunately it’s not something likely to cause him or Pet to kick up a fuss, even if I might have preferred something stronger myself.

When it’s over, Pet turns to me. “Am I supposed to…?”

“You saw the woman,” I say.

Pet’s legs part as I get up. Tentatively she moves her hand down between her legs, touching her crotch through her panties, just like the woman in the clip did. I move round behind, unable to resist saying, “Move aside Cuck.”

The man steps to one side, staring at his wife as she rubs herself through the lacy fabric. “It seems such a shame to have to pull your dress down,” I say, “but that’s the game.”

I slide the straps of the dress off her shoulders, rolling the garment down beneath her breasts. Then I grab them, fondling her through her bra, leaning over her, seeing pleasure merge with shame in her eyes. But she doesn’t say anything, isn’t making a sound, even when it’s time to slide the bra straps down and pull the cups down under her breasts.

“Nice big nipples,” I say, grabbing her naked breasts and squeezing them. “I like that. It shows you’re in heat.”

Pet goes ever so slightly red. I grab the arm she’s using to stroke the outside of her panties. “Get your hand in your knickers,” I say. “Stroke your fucking pussy and feel how wet it is.”

“They didn’t actually say anything, that couple,” Cuck says.

“Who the fuck cares?” I say. “It’s just a game. They were on a bed too. What the hell differences does it make?”

But I do the other part as was done, bending over Pet, squeezing her tits and sucking on her nipples in turn. The guy in the clip had hardly been gentle, nor am I, as I dig my fingers into Pet’s flesh, sucking hold of her teats and pulling on them. They snap back into place, big and round and erect. Her hand moves inside her panties.

I move round the settee, grabbing Pet’s hand and pulling it out of her knickers, then I pull them aside, roughly digging two fingers into her. She gasps out loud as I wriggle my fingers inside her. “Nicely wet,” I say as Pet shifts slightly.

She is too. I keep digging as I lean over the woman, once again sucking on her teats, one after the other. Cuck stands there, watching, looking strangely stern this time as his wife’s tit flesh is elongated. Her pussy responds to the rough treatment too, growing wetter as I shift my fingers inside her.

I pull back. Pet looks at me in a way that suggests she wished I’d go on for longer. “Such a shame to have to do this,” I say, grabbing her panties. She does her bit, raising her buttocks so that I can pull her knickers off. “Now play with yourself, Pet.”

She looks a little lost all of a sudden, as one hand slowly moves down her body.

“You saw the woman, Pet,” I say. “Spread your legs wide and stroke your hot snatch for me while you play with your tits. Do it, Pet.”

We stand there, me in front of Pet, Cuck diagonally behind, watching as a finger slides down between her petals. Pet looks a little bit embarrassed, a little bit unsure of herself, but that’s half the fun. Her other hand moves across her breasts, more rubbing and stroking than playing, but I don’t care. “Good job,” Pet, I encourage. “You look gorgeous sitting there playing with yourself.”

She blinks, looking bashful. “I feel so dirty,” she confides.

I frown at Cuck who seems about to say something and he clams up, taking a sip of his drink instead. “Do you want me to lick you now, Pet?” I ask. “Lick your hot pussy while you play with your tits, just like that couple did?”

She nods, looking almost relieved at not having to show off for me anymore. I kneel before her, moving my head in between her thighs, kissing her pussy lips, sliding my tongue over her. Her hands are moving across her breasts, but not doing much, just grazing her flesh, her hard nipples.

I tease my tongue in between her petals, aiming straight for her clit. She breathes heavily and her body shifts. I reach in and find her entrance with one finger, sliding it inside. She breathes heavily again as my tongue flicks at her. I’m happy to delight in the damp, the heat, the smell of her pussy for a long time, sliding my finger back and forth, teasing her inner sanctum, letting my tongue stimulate her nub. As long as it takes for a proper moan to emerge; a loud, unmistakable “come-fuck-me” moan.

When it comes, I pull away. “Well,” I say, “I think that’s that clip done. Your turn to pick one, Pet.”

“I-I- don’t know,” she says.

“What don’t you know, Pet? If you want to play anymore?”

She leans forward and takes a mouthful of Baileys. This seems to steel her. “No,” she says, “I do want to play. It’s just…”


“I’m all flustered. Sorry.”

“That’s all right,” I say. “Take your time.”

“It’s just… I’m not sure how to choose.”

I’m about to explain again, when Cuck says impatiently. “Oh for goodness sake, just pick the first clip that comes up.”

I decide to allow this. “Well,” I say, turning and clicking on the computer mouse. “Here comes Cuck’s choice for the evening; his choice for what his wife will get to do next.”

On screen a woman immediately appears sitting on top of a man with his cock in her arse. She’s crying out. I bring up fullscreen, turning to see both Cuck and Pet with their mouths open. Their expressions say it all.

“You picked a good one there, Cuck,” I say.

His face is ashen. “You’re not doing that to Pet,” he says. “It’s out of the question.”

Behind me the porn star in the clip is sighing and moaning and crying out, “Yes! Mmm! Mmm! Uhuhuhuh! Yes!”

I give off a thin smile. Obviously this is one pleasure Cuck has always been denied, if he’s ever wanted it. “Why don’t you let Pet decide what she wants?” I tell him, before turning to Pet, who is still staring wide-eyed at the screen. “What do you say, Pet?”

Pet looks at me, a bit scared. “I-I-I…” she stutters. “I couldn’t, really.”

“No?” I say, raising an eyebrow. “Have you ever tried?”

“Look…” Cuck begins, but Pet interrupts him.

“It’s-It’s… not… natural, is it?”

“Well,” I say, “Considerations like that have never stopped me in the past, but it you really don’t want to try, we’ll leave it.” I sense her relief as I turn to sit next to her again, my hand once again on her thigh. She stiffens when I say, “But if you ever want to try…”

“She won’t,” Cuck says behind us. “Haven’t you understood that yet?”

“There’s a first time for everything,” I say breezily.

On screen the woman is up on all fours, still having her arse hammered by a trunk of a cock. “Oh yes, give me your cock!” she moans. “I love your cock!”

“Not that,” Cuck says.

“What do you think, Pet?” I ask. “Don’t mind Grumpus back there. Isn’t there the tiniest piece of you that isn’t curious?”

Pet breathes heavily. “It’s very wrong of you to ask me such things when I’m tipsy and suggestible,” she says.

“Oh, Pet,” I reply. “I do love it when you stand on your virtue.”

None of us speak as the woman on screen has her arse ravaged. Not until she turns round and urges the man to cum all over her tits. As he sits atop her and she tugs on his cock, Pet whispers, “A little bit curious, but I could never do it.”

“Pet!” Cuck protests.

“Your wife does have a mind of her own,” I chide him.

“I know that,” he splutters. “But…”

On screen the man’s cock is spurting, cum shooting out on the woman’s breasts as she gabbles away. “You’d like that, though, wouldn’t you, Pet? All that cum all over your gorgeous tits.”

“Stop it!” Pet cries, nudging me in the side. “You’re embarrassing me!”

But it’s obvious that this is only partly true, that her overestimation of the potency of drink is having its effect.

“Well,” I say. “At any rate, it’s your turn to choose.”

Pet thinks about it, this time not at all flustered. “Can I use my birthday?”

“Of course you can. When is it?”

“The 17th of September.”

“Page 9, thumbnail 17,” I say, rising from the settee to bring the requested clip up.

It turns out to be a fairly ordinary piece of American porn. This hasn’t worked out as well as I’d hoped, but I’m determined to make the most of it.

“Mmmm, outdoors,” I say, resuming my seat next to Pet.

“Oh gosh!” Pet replies. “I couldn’t do that either. I mean what if somebody saw?”

“I imagine he’d enjoy that,” Cuck says.

“From the look of it,” I say, defusing things. “I’d say they were on private property.” I put my hand back on Pet’s thigh, waiting, with my fingers stroking the nylon. “Oh my!” I say when the opportunity presents itself. “Look at her suck that cock. She’s almost as enthusiastic as you were last night, Pet.”

Pet giggles nervously. “You shouldn’t say things like that,” she says. Then, “Are you expecting me to say those things?”

I shrug. “Are you saying you can’t?”

Pet looks everywhere but at the screen, where the woman has turned around, the man fingering her. “Oh shit!” she exclaims as his fingers dive into her. “My fucking pussy’s so fucking wet! Lick me! Lick my wet fucking pussy! Then fuck me with your big fucking cock!”

“It’s so…” Pet whispers, then grows silent, her eyes slowly turning back to the screen.

I move my hand up her thigh, feeling her skin beneath my palm, bringing my hand up between her legs. Pet starts. I apply pressure and begin grinding; grinding her pussy with my hand. “So what, Pet? Difficult? Why? I mean here you are with your legs spread, your naked pussy on display, your tits hanging out. You’re just a woman who needs, who wants a big cock up you, aren’t you?”

“You mustn’t…” Pet begins, pausing to breathe hard as her body starts. “You mustn’t say such things.”

I grind my hand into her crotch. “Why not, Pet? You’re a very fuckable woman, and I can tell you want it.”

“It’s so dirty,” she whispers.

“Like you then,” Cuck interjects. “Dirty slut.”

Pet turns. “Go and sit down if you can’t behave,” I tell Cuck.

On screen, as if on command the woman announces, “I’m a fucking slut! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Fuck me deep! Fuck me and make me fucking cum!”

Cuck isn’t budging. I continue massaging Pet’s cunt as I lean over and push my lips up against her ear. “You can whisper if it would be easier for you,” I whisper.

As Pet turns to look at me with her half embarrassed half aroused eyes.

“Fuck me hard!” the woman on screen is crying. “You really want it, don’t you? Lay me down and spread my legs? Fuck me like a fucking stallion? Fucking cum all over my fucking face, don’t you?”

I use the moment to dig two fingers into Pet, continuing to grind my hand, mauling her pussy hard without any pretence at gentleness, making sure to rub her clit with my thumb.

Pet pushes her lips against my ear. “He’s right though, isn’t he?” she whispers. “This… What I’m doing? I am a dirty slut, aren’t I?”

“Well,” I say loudly, withdrawing my hand from her, “if that’s how you feel, why don’t we show Cuck just how slutty you can be?”

Pet goes red, leaning forward and grabbing her glass. The mouthful empties it.

“Get down on your knees!” I order.

Pet turns, “But… but… Aren’t we going to watch…”

The clip is still running, the woman crying out, “Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me, stud!”

“I think we can guess how it’s going to end,” I snap back. “Besides, there’s no way we can do it outside right now. Not unless you want all the neighbours to see me fucking you.”

Pet blushes still further, sliding off the settee. “What do you want…?”

“It’s time you got my cock out, Pet.”

The woman kneels in front of me, her tits still hanging over her bra cups, her dress all bunched up round her waist. The computer holds no interest now. Only Pet’s fingers, unbuckling me, unzipping. I lift my buttocks to facilitate the pulling down of my trousers and underpants.

Gingerly, Pet reaches out to slide her fingers round my stiff cock. I reach out, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head towards me. “Come on, Pet, show that slutty side of yours.”

She pulls my cock into position, her hair’s wrapped round my hand, but I follow her movements, allowing her the leeway to extend her tongue and slide it over my rod. I let her lick, waiting until she’s done. Behind Pet the woman on the screen is moaning insanely, shouting “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your big fucking cock!” It doesn’t sound very convincing.

Pet pulls her tongue in and moves her hand gently. She’s looking up at me with big eyes; big eyes that seem to be asking if I’m pleased with her. I grab my cock from her and slap it across her cheek while I tug on her hair. “Do you want some of this, Pet?” She looks astonished, but nods. I aim my cock at her mouth. “Open up!”

Her lips part. I drag my cock across until it enters her mouth. Her head moves as if she’s about to start sucking, but I’m ahead of her, thrusting upwards, continuing to thrust upwards. I know that she’s unsure about taking the full length, and make sure not to go to deep. That doesn’t stop her drooling though, saliva sliding out of her mouth.

I pull my cock out, sliding the slimy organ across her cheek before slapping her with it. “Love that, don’t you, you dirty slut? Love a bit of cock in your mouth, don’t you? Love my cock, don’t you, Pet?”

She looks up at me in disbelief. I give her hair a tug, slapping her face with my cock again. This seems to bring her to again. “Yes,” she whispers, “I love your cock!”

“How much do you love my cock?” I ask, striking her lips with the hard organ.

“I love it so much,” Pet whispers.

“Show me!” I bark, sliding the gooey stiffness across her chin before administering a new slap. Then I let go of my cock and her hair. “Show me you’re a dirty slut and that you love my cock!”

I can see that she’s in two minds, the respectable and the dirty battling inside her. The respectable still being there makes it all the more delicious when she leans in and takes my cock in her mouth. She’s greedy, working her mouth on me, pushing her lips up and down, grabbing my cock and wanking it, sliding her tongue across it, slobbering over my hard cock.

“That’s it!” I tell her. “Love that cock! Show your husband what a dirty slut you can be. It’s what he wants to see, after all.”

I can sense Cuck hovering in the background, sense him watching with that slightly surly, slightly defeated, masochistic expression. I place my hands on Pet’s head and thrust upwards, fucking her mouth again. She takes it better this time, as if she’s become used to it, but still drools like crazy.

When I release her head, she slides her lips off, but immediately begins kissing my cock all over. “I love your big cock,” she announces without any prompting. Then her lips go back down over me, sucking just below the head while she wanks me, her tongue sliding all over the head. It’s almost like the time I came on her mouth by their back door, except then she wasn’t this enthusiastic.

The clip is coming to an end. The woman is screaming, “Yeah! Fucking cum all over my face! Give me that big load all over my fucking face! Give it to me!”

This, however, is far from the end as far as I’m concerned. I grab hold of Pet’s hair and say, “Get down on all fours, slut!”

She pulls her mouth off my cock, looking up at me with a big smile on her face. “Are you going to fuck me?” she asks. She’s really shaping up, though I’m not sure that’ll last longer than her feeling of being tipsy. And I’m determined to make the most of it.

“Well if I’m any judge of character it’s what you want, Pet. It’s what dirty sluts always want. A good hard fucking doggy style, like bitches in heat.”

“You’re so nasty,” she says, but it hardly seems like a complaint.

“All fours,” I remind her, and now she complies, just as the clip comes to an end.

I get down behind her and slap my cock against her arse. “You really want this, don’t you?” I say.

Pet giggles, a little embarrassed, but mostly up for the game. “Yes!” she replies

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me,” she replies, a far cry from the shameful Pet.

“What are you?” I ask, slapping my cock against her before making sure the tip pushes up against her opening.

“I’m a dirty slut,” she replies. “Don’t wait, please fuck me!”

I can see Cuck out of the corner of my eye, staring at his wife down on all fours, pleading to be fucked. I put my hands on Pet’s buttocks, pulling them apart. As I ram my cock into her wet pussy, it’s her anus I’m looking at.

“Yes! Fuck me!” Pet squeals.

I pull a little more on her buttocks, making sure her back passage opens up, staring invitingly at me as I drive my cock into her frenziedly. “You’re a dirty slut, Pet,” I breathe. “A dirty, cock-loving slut. What are you?”

“Oh!” Pet cries, almost tumbling over as I slam my cock into her. Then, “I’m a dirty, cock-loving slut! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I do, just that. I fuck her hard and fast. I fuck her with harsh, bollock-slapping intensity, all the while staring at her anus. Pet moans, Pet cries, Pet screams. It doesn’t take long, not very long at all. The spunk is rising. I fuck and fuck until the explosion is right there, and at that exact moment I pull out and grab my cock, aiming it right up close to Pet’s virgin anus.

She screams in surprise. “What’s that? What are you doing?”

I move fast, I know I have to make this count. My finger’s there, moving the cum around, preparing her. Then slowly, I push my finger inwards.

“What are you doing?” Pet breathes.

“She doesn’t want that!” Cuck tells me. Truth be told I’d almost forgotten all about him.

I turn. “When are you going to let your wife make her own decisions?” I ask him.

He glares at me, but it’s Pet I’m interested in. Softening my voice I say, “Aren’t you the least bit curious, Pet? It’s just a finger. It won’t hurt, I promise.”

There’s hesitation. I give a little push, just to prompt her, my finger on the verge of entering her. She relents. “All right then. Just so long as it doesn’t hurt.”

“Just relax,” I say, sliding my finger past her tight muscle, pushing a little of my cum in with it.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Pet retorts, but she stands there, passively as my finger disappears into her rectum, giving a little squeak as I wiggle my finger.

“How’s that, Pet?” I ask.

“It’s…” she begins. She pauses. “It’s different. It’s not… disagreeable.”

“Good!” I say. I begin sliding my finger out, slowly, slowly. My cock has softened, but it’s not too flaccid. I reckon it still has strength enough, if I open her up wide enough.

I place my hands on her buttocks, pulling until her gaping anus is staring at me.

“What are you doing?” Pet breathes.

“Don’t be afraid,” I tell her. “I’ll be gentle.” I move my body forwards, my cock sliding into position.

“For goodness sake, man!” Cuck exclaims. “Do you never take no for an answer?”

“Shut up, Cuck,” I tell him. “It’s not your arse I’m interested in.” Then to the woman, “What do you say, Pet? If you don’t like it, we stop.”

The pause seems to go on forever until the woman finally whispers, “OK!”

In the event, I have to use my hand to push my cock into her anus, but once inside it moves deeper in microscopic increments. Each step of the way Pet gives a whimper. Not a whimper like she’s in pain, but a nervous whimper, as if she’s not sure she should be doing this. I’m aroused by it, aroused by Cuck looking on jealously as my cock fills the hole he’s never been allowed to access.

I’m aroused, and as I push my cock slowly, very slowly, deeper into Pet, she whimpers louder and louder, fuelling my arousal yet more. Slowly I grow back to full strength in her arse, but as I reach full girth, she whimpers and then gasps, “It’s too much! It’s too big! Please! Take it out! Please!”

I do as she says. She stands there on all four, gasping, her anus opening and closing like the mouth of a goldfish. Still breathing heavily, she turns her head to look at her husband. He’s trying to look unperturbed, but his eyes are easy to read. He hates that I’ve just done, ever so briefly, what he’s longed to do, but he’s also hugely aroused from having seen, ever so briefly, his wife’s anus full of cock.

“Enjoy that, Cuck?” I ask leisurely.

“I told you she doesn’t do that.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“If you think I’m going to give you the satisfaction…”

“You enjoyed it then,” I state. His eyes burn with shame as much as with resentment.

Pet squeals with surprise when I give her arse a slap. “Hear that, Pet? Your husband enjoyed seeing another man’s cock up your arse.”

To my surprise, Pet responds, “It was exciting. I’m sorry I couldn’t, you know…”

“That’s all right, Pet”, I say. Then I turn to Cuck again. “Hear that? She thought it was exciting?”

This time Cuck is clearly not going to give me the satisfaction. His lips remain tightly closed, his eyes gazing resentfully and longingly on his wife’s arse.

“I’m still horny,” Pet pipes up. “What… What…?”

I grin. “I love it when you say such things, Pet.” I give her another little spank. “Get on your back and spread your legs!”

The woman manoeuvres herself, rolling over on her back, looking up at me, legs spread. I look down at her, the dishevelled clothing, the bra twisted halfway round her body somewhere south of her breasts, the dress coiled round her waste, one of the stockings laddered, and her tits and cunt naked and exposed.

I move, kneeling by her side. I’m not going to mess about. I bring my left hand out and place it between her legs. Her pussy’s all fire and water, incompatible elements, except in sex. I use one finger, two fingers, three fingers to penetrate her. Three fingers, pushing into her, stretching her tight cunt.

“Aaaah!” Pet moans. “Oooaaaah!”

I dig into her, digging, clawing at the inside of her pussy, looking up at Cuck. “Whatever she says,” I say, “I reckon your missus is becoming quite the little slut!”

But Cuck is getting back to his mute self, just standing, looking. I shove my fingers into his wife, bringing my thumb into play and hearing her gasp a little louder.

“I like to think of myself as a good host, Cuck,” I say. “So I’ll let you have a good wank if you like.”

Pet’s lying there on the floor, arms outstretched, breathing heavily, moaning. I keep my fingers shoved right up her while my thumb massages her clit. It takes a little while, a minute or so of hesitation while I finger his wife frenziedly, then Cuck unzips and pulls his cock out.

He’s stiff. He stands there wanking. However curmudgeonly he appears, he enjoys this. He enjoys seeing his wife being made to act the slut. He enjoys watching her on her back, legs spread, moaning as her tight pussy is triple-fingered.

I pull my fingers out so that I can grind my hand against her. Pet moans out loud. I stuff my fingers back in. Pet moans even louder. There’s wet on the inside of her thigh, the fingers stuffing her are forcing the pussy juice out. Cuck looks on, wanking his stiff cock.

“Look at you, Pet,” I say. “Legs spread, pussy wet, fingers inside you, moaning like a dirty slut.”

“Oooooh!” Pet moans. “Oooooh!”

I claw at the inside of her tight hole, pushing my thumb up hard against her clit. “Do you like that, Pet? Do you like acting the dirty slut in front of two men with hard cocks?”

Pet breathes heavily, her body arching. “Ooooowwwww!” she howls.

I turn my attention to Cuck. “What about you, Cuck? You like this, don’t you? Your wife, acting the slut with her legs spread and her tight cunt fingered?”

He remains tight-lipped, but his jobbing hand tells the story.

Pet’s arms come down, she places them on her breasts, squeezing hard, moaning out loud. I move my fingers roughly, hearing the wet, feeling the thick stickiness. “You know what happens to dirty sluts, Pet?”

“Aaaaah! Aaaaaah!” Pet moans.

“They get splashed with cum. Dirty sluts are there to lie on their backs and be spunked on. Hosed with cum. That’s what you do to dirty sluts!”

Cuck moves. He takes a few steps towards the action. I can’t be sure if it’s the accumulated events of the evening, or my recent words that do it, but he straddles his wife, facing her, standing over her. She’s not looking, her eyes are closed as she gropes her own tits. I shove my fingers hard into her. She moans. Cuck wanks his stiff cock.

Pet opens her eyes in surprise when the first of his sperm splashes onto her skin. Then she closes them with a squeal as the second spurt splashes onto her eye. I work my hand as hard as I can as sperm rains down on Pet’s hands, the ones that are feeling her own breasts, her neck, her ribcage, her face.

“Fancy that, Pet,” I say, “your husband treating you like a dirty slut. Tell her, Cuck. Tell her.”

“Dirty slut!” Cuck says, wringing the last of the sperm out of himself. “Dirty slut!”

Pet’s tightening big time. “Aaaaaah!” she moans. “Ooooooh!”

“You might as well be a common whore,” Cuck says.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Pet moans. Her pussy tightens, her vagina tightening so that it threatens to crush my fingers, but I keep them in there, pushing as hard as I can, rubbing my thumb up against her clit.

“Dirty slut!” Cuck repeats.

“Yeeeeeeees!” Pet screams. Her body convulses, her cunt’s like a crusher. “I’m a dirty slut! I’m a dirty slut! Yeeeeeeesss!” Her body jerks and jerks, she screams and screams, and then suddenly collapses into stillness. I get up and stand over her, facing Cuck.

Staring the man in the eyes and enjoying the shame that’s coming over him, I let the remainder of my own sperm splash onto Pet’s post-orgasmic body.

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