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Game Stories


The Sin Twins: Switcheroo

Tina and Tara are horny, identical twins with a naughty game.

“And don’t come home unless you’re covered in cum, you trashy slut.” Tina’s voice was jovial as she teased her twin sister. “Unless you want to do all the chores for the next month.” Tina was so aroused that her voice quavered, mirroring the sensations th...

Winter In Camp Sunshine Part 2

Penny is trapped with her new friends during a storm and struggles to keep her secret.

Penny sat there by the window, nearly drowning in coats and blankets. She shot an irritated look at the young, bubbly teenager standing next to her. The girl flashed her pristine, white teeth when she smiled. "So, is it still raining?" she asked. "I don't...

Game of the Year

Game-day was finally here! This one would be the biggest Game of the Year.

"The Game of the Year" Pre-Game Hype: We had been waiting for this day since it was on the schedule. Filled with yearning and emotion, although we tried to keep it cordial. The excitement of facing the best with the skills of a superstar gave the motivati...

Camryn’s Caribbean Beach Head

Camryn’s annual summer island trip with her sisters surprised everyone – especially her.

I never imagined this moment, kneeling in front of his exposed cock. My large, firm, naked tits brushed the inside of his legs as I moved in closer. I was going to devour him in a way beyond what he had ever experienced. I was determined. It was going to...

Pat. Chapter Two. A Game Turns Into Reality.

I make a prediction, and then make it come true for Pat.

It was a balmy summer evening. Pat and I were sitting outside having a drink. "You're staring," Pat said. I couldn't help it. Pat was wearing a white tank top and no bra. It wasn't see-through, but I could make out the size of her areola. "Has anyone else...

Sister's First Sleepover Ch. 1

Naive older sister is dominated by younger sister & friend.

Foreword: Hello, fellow Degenerates. Welcome to Sister's First Sleepover. If you are of the lower eschelons of degeneracy, I expect you'll find a lot to enjoy in this tale. It's a slow build up, but I promise you it does ramp up. My aim is to make the sto...

Ashley’s Game

Ashley risks everything to win Katie’s freedom -- and maybe more.

How do I get myself in these situations? I was surrounded by the four college guys in their hotel room. I had just left Peter’s room after closing his deal through my performance offering myself for an all-night sex marathon with Cliff, Peter and Brandon....

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Truth or Dare; post-graduate

College friends reunite to play a game

The four of us, two girls, two guys, have been friends from our college days.  We dated each other once or twice, but nothing serious developed.  So we remained friends, just not lovers.  But even with friends, flirtations and sexual tension has a way of...

truth or dare

Sometimes a game reveals the truth

Most people view Truth or Dare as a silly game, played mostly by college kids.  A means of shocking your friends, and maybe yourself.  Or maybe as a way to justify doing or saying things that you shouldn’t be doing or saying -- but really want to, and nee...

The Best Breast Game Ever!

Two girlfriends disagree on if her breasts were real or fake.

My girlfriend and I sometimes play a game when we are out and about and — well — bored. Do you remember the old Michael Jordan commercial for Hanes underwear? It opened with two women sitting on a park bench and as guys walked by they would identify if th...


Do you like yours with extra sauce?

“Two 99s please, with raspberry sauce.” I could feel the fresh semen running down my face. A string of it hung off my chin before dripping onto the bikini-clad bulge of my right tit. The ice-cream-van lad’s eyes were on stalks. “Erm, yes, sure, love,” he...