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Meeting Her Bull
Mojavejoe420 & melanieatplay

Meeting Her Bull

Contributing Authors: melanieatplay 

He darkens their doorway, and is more than either of them expected...

The rain beat down hard on the roof. Cindy and Will waited anxiously in the living room of their suburban Houston home. Although the heater was on and a fire was burning in the fireplace, she felt goosebumps on her bare arms; he hugged himself to keep warm.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Cindy and Will looked nervously at each other as the loud knocks echoed through the entryway.

“Will,” growled Cindy after a few seconds. “Be a man! Open the door!”

Will stepped up and pulled the door wide open…

Ominously, lightning flashed against the horizon, silhouetting the tall, dark man at their front door. Will and Cindy stared at him, then they both jumped when the thunderclap hit. The man shook his head slightly, then charged inside, dripping water on the hardwood floor. Both Will and Cindy just stared at this somewhat menacing figure in their foyer.

“I’m Travis. You guys need to work on your hospitality, letting me stand in the rain like that.”

He dropped his heavy duffel bag on the floor and removed his hat, setting it on the sideboard. He tossed his wet overcoat to Will.

He was already a bit chilly since he was dressed only in satin, pink cotton panties that were lined in frilly, white lace. Will now had to deal with this dripping wet trench coat. Actually, he noticed, more of a duster, really.

Travis openly stared at Cindy.

“Look at you!” He said admiring her natural form. He had told her what to wear ahead of time, but the sight of her stirred him nonetheless.

“The pictures don’t do you justice, Cindy.”

His eyes traveled down, following her long curling dark red hair. Cindy stood about five foot four, and her hair went down to her ass.

But what she was most proud of was her chest. As she told Travis online, she had never bought her own drink in a bar since she turned twenty-one. Her chest measured 38EE… with areolas spanning several inches and capped with large, turgid nipples. Cindy had them barely covered in a see-through robe. Her red underbust corset accentuated her voluptuous hourglass figure.

The lust in his eyes was more than apparent.

“Come here.”

He bent down slightly with open arms, and she ran to him. He picked her up in his arms, crushing her chest to his.

She squealed with delight as he spun a full circle, her hair flying in the breeze he created.

Effortlessly, he picked up her one-hundred-and-forty-pound body as if she was a child and kissed her passionately. Turning her again, he took a few steps to press her against the wall. Cindy’s legs naturally wrapped around his waist as he pinned her between himself and the wall.

As they kissed, he ground his growing hard-on into her. Cindy moaned loudly as his member pressed into her crotch.

He broke the erotic kiss and gazed deeply into her eyes. Without turning away, he spoke to Will.

“Willy, buddy, you know why I’m here, yes?”

“Ahem,” mumbled Will as he cleared his throat. “Yeah. Uh… We invited you.”

“No, dumbass. She invited me… because your wife needs a real man. Now, make yourself useful. Hang up my coat, make us some drinks, and take this bag into the bedroom. Go.”

He kissed Cindy deeply for several moments, their mouths working in unison, opening and closing in rhythm with each other. He pulled back and looked at her again.

“Cindy… I cannot get over how amazing you look! The dark eyeshadow really is doing it for me.”

She blushed fully. It had been so long since she had received a compliment from a man… a real man.

“Thank you,” she said demurely. “I… I’m just trying to look good for you. Travis.”

She couldn’t believe how tongue-tied she was! This man had been here less than three minutes and she already felt like she was… under his spell. They had talked at length online and on the phone, but having him be here, to be in his presence… she was nearly overwhelmed.

He lowered her and she reluctantly let her legs back down. He kissed her neck repeatedly, never in the same place. The fragrance emanating from between her legs was very pronounced and she knew he had to be able to smell her arousal, which was simultaneously arousing and mortifyingly embarrassing. 

Will returned with a single malt Jack for Travis, and a white wine for Cindy.

“Stay,” commanded Travis.

He cupped her sex, feeling her wetness. Smiling at her, his middle finger slipped between her pussy lips. He massaged her for a few moments as she cooed softly.

Travis held his finger out in Will’s direction. “Sniff, but don’t touch. This isn’t for you, you didn’t cause this. Now tuck that little clitty back in your panties. Nobody wants to see that pathetic thing.”

Travis bent down and opened up his duffel bag, rummaged around a moment and stood up again. He handed a four-inch, glass butt plug to Will.

“You’ve got thirty seconds to get this inserted in your ass. I suggest you lube it with your spit first. I have an even longer and wider one if you don’t get this one in your ass on time. And Cindy will hammer it in with my shoe, dry, if you don’t hurry. Go.”

Will immediately began sucking on the plug.

Travis handed a similar glass plug to Cindy. He produced a bottle of Astroglide and liberally coated it, she smeared the plug with it.

As Will grunted in the background, Travis spoke to Cindy.

“Turn around honey… good girl, hand me the plug.”

“Yes… Daddy.”

Cindy smiled herself. She used to think calling somebody ‘Daddy’ was stupid and even juvenile. But with Travis, he caused her pussy to practically vibrate on its own. It didn’t seem right to call him anything else… he was her Daddy.

Trav pulled down her red satin panties, exposing her ass. Cindy felt herself blush at being so exposed. Travis expertly worked the plug gently in and out of her ass, letting her adjust as he pushed in further.

“How we doing, Wilbur!”

“It’s in, Daddy.”

Treating Cindy’s ass with infinite care and tenderness, he nevertheless spoke harshly to Will.

“I will break your nose if you call me that again. You will address me as “Sir.” That’s it. Now, take this bag into the bedroom and await my instructions.”

“Yessir, sorry sir, right away.” And Will struggled with the heavy, wet bag.

With a satisfying groan from Cindy, Travis patted her ass cheeks and told her she was a good girl.

“I’ll never understand guys like him… and I use the term ‘guys’ loosely.”

They both chuckled.

“I know,” remarked Cindy. “But, I do love him…” her voice trailed off.

He kissed her more, then said, “Into the bedroom with you.”

Travis reached into his duffel, a lot of clinking noises happened as he searched. He pulled out a chrome collar with the word “BITCH” in large chrome letters on it and showed it to Will. Will bowed his head as Travis fastened it.

Travis brought out a similar collar, but it had the word “BABY” emblazoned on it. He lovingly placed this around Cindy’s throat. Digging back in the bag, Travis brought out an eight-foot piece of rough rope.

He lifted Cindy’s huge left tit and ran the rope under it, then continued under her right. He held the rope firm as he wrapped it around her breasts a few more times.

Cindy watched as her gorgeous tits jutted out unnaturally, distended by the rope that was biting into her skin. The rough rope felt ticklish on her skin, almost irritating.  As she and Travis had spoken at length on the phone; she knew she would be feeling a lot more than just a mild irritation. Probably very soon.

As Travis tightened and then tied the rope off and tucked the ends under, he spoke to Will.

“Wilfred, your wife has a very important job.”

Travis slapped Cindy’s left tit, causing it to jiggle and bounce back and forth. Cindy Let out a small “oop” in surprise.

“And she makes important decisions all day long.”

Slap on her right tit.

“And it’s tiring, her decisions affect lots of people and millions of dollars.”

Slap across both tits.

“And you know what she needs? Don’t bother answering, of course, you don’t know.”

Slap, slap, one hand on each big breast.

Cindy’s eyes shone in amazement and lust. This man was beating her breasts, right in front of her husband! She trembled with lust and shame. A trickle appeared on her inner thigh.

“She needs to come home and find her feminine self again.”

Slap, slap, slap, slap!

Travis inspected his work.

“Your tits are getting nice and pink for me, darling. Let’s kick it up a notch.”

He raised both hands over his head and brought them down on her breasts with a very loud slapping noise.

“Wilford, she needs to come home and feel appreciated.”

Slap, slap.

“She needs to be cared for.”

Tears leaked out of her eyes now; her mascara beginning to run.

Travis began spanking her tits upwards, they shook beautifully.

“She needs someone to take her worries away.”

Travis slapped her left cheek, just enough to cause her head to turn. Then he jammed his hand down her panties and forced three fingers inside her.

With each new tit slap, he pinched her clitoris.

“She needs to forget all her troubles, and just be a woman. Like right now. Cindy, what’s your boss’s name?”

SLAP! on her tit.

“Um,” she stammered, dazed from the conflicting signals her body was sending her. “It’s um… shit… Carl, no Kyle! Kyle Johnson! Fuckkkk me!”

He squeezed her clit again as his right hand slapped both tits hard. Tears ran freely down her cheeks and mixed with her mascara which caused her once beautiful face to become a total wreck.

“She needs, William, to be well fucked. She needs her needs to be attended to. She needs to be loved.”

Travis stopped spanking and held her close to him, kissing her deeply. His tongue entered her mouth and found her tongue, and they danced delicately together. He had to hold on tight as Cindy was nearly swooning. He reached back and grabbed her butt plug, to help hold her steady.

“I’m about to cum, Daddy. Oh my god I can’t believe this…”

Travis released his grip on her pussy. “No honey, don’t cum yet. I mean it. Don’t.”

Cindy knew he meant it. She had already seen what he was capable of doing, she didn’t want to upset or disappoint him.

Travis stepped back and just stared at Cindy.

“Willis, you are one dumb fuck is all I can say. Now get over here and undress me.”

Stunned at first, but then reacting quickly, Will strode over and began unbuttoning his Sir’s shirt. He gasped as he revealed Travis’s well-muscled chest and arms.

“Do you like my guns, Wilmington?”

Will laid his hand on Travis’s bicep. Before he knew it, Will was in some kind of choke hold, his arm near the breaking point.

“You do not get to touch me, fucker. I thought you understood that?” He tugged a little harder on Will’s neck. Then he released him.

“Shoes, then my pants.”

Will took off his shoes, looked up at Travis, and breathed in deep from the left shoe. Travis slapped the shoe out of his hand.

“Move it, we don’t have all day. Look at your wife there, she needs to be fucked.”

Will looked over at Cindy. He was shocked by her as she stood there with a hand on each nipple, pulling and tugging and twisting them.

Her mouth was agape as she stared at her Man and her husband. They had talked about this for so long, cuckolding Will. But she didn’t think it would be like this, Travis just dominating her husband so easily so completely… it took everything in her power to keep her hands off herself so she wouldn’t cum.

Will unbuckled and pulled off Travis’s belt. He wondered, hoped, this belt might be used later on himself. He undid the top button of Sir’s pants. Nervously, he reached for the zipper. Will could see the enormous bulge but knew he shouldn’t touch it. Carefully he lowered the zipper.

Travis’s hard cock leaped out from it’s Levi prison. Wills mouth actually watered at seeing this huge cock just inches from his face.

“Go on, dickhead. Smell it. But I will knee you in the face and lock you outside in the rain if you touch me.”

Will leaned in and breathed in deep the manly, musky scents of Travis. Intoxicated, he breathed in and out several times.

“Yeah, buddy. Showered this morning! That was fourteen hours and two-hundred-and-fifty miles ago… enjoy…”

Will absentmindedly reached for his own cock and Travis slapped his face hard.

Idiot. Get out the chains from my bag and figure them out. They go under the bed and then on top. Lock your legs and your arm in, I’ll get the other arm when you’re done.”

Cindy watched in sheer desperation. Seeing her husband submit so completely to another man turned her on to no end. She had actually fucked a few men with Will watching, but it was nothing like this. Nobody ever took such control over her, or such control over Will, also. She eyed his cock hungrily as she continued to pull and twist her nipples. She was still being careful, though. She was so aroused, she knew she could cum just with nipple manipulation.

Travis spun her around so he now stood behind her. With hands like an experienced hairdresser, he gently separated her long flowing fiery tresses into two sections. Using ties supplied by Cindy, he tied her hair together every six inches or so. By the time he finished, Will was flailing about on the bed; on his back and chained down.

Travis locked in Will’s remaining arm, then tightened them. He wasn’t spread eagle though, Will's ankles were bound together. Travis pulled out a scratchy towel from his duffel bag and tossed it over Wills groin, then set a pillow on top of that.

“Nobody wants to see or touch your tallywhacker, Wiltern. Isn’t that what children call their dicks? Tallywhacker? It suits you. What are you, four inches?”

“Four and a quarter,” answered Cindy, shaking her head sadly.

Will looked on as Travis got more ropes out… what were those for, he wondered.

Smiling at Cindy, he bound her wrists together behind her back. Then, surprising her, he wove a length of rope around her elbows. As he pulled them closer together, it forced her to stand more upright and forced her breasts to stick straight out. While not quite touching, her elbows and shoulders weren’t entirely comfortable.

He helped her up onto the bed, and then, holding her, helped her maneuver to where she was sitting on Williams chest and abdomen, facing his head.

Travis climbed into position astride Will’s head, then settled his ass directly on top of Will's mouth. His balls hung down on Wills chin and neck.

“Get to it, Wilbur,” he said as he smiled at Cindy.

“I… I don’t have words… oh, my god…” She hadn't expected this, her Man to sit on her husband’s face! She tried so hard not to cum.

“Come on,” Travis intoned. “Get to work, Winkie.”

Immediately he felt something hot and wet searching for his asshole. He laughed as Cindy teetered back and forth, her tied up arms made it difficult for her to balance herself.

“He’s lickIng my asshole right now,” Travis said, smiling at her. Then, he saw her face began to get that ‘look’ to it.

“No,” he warned her. “Don’t you cum yet!”

She gritted her teeth and steeled her resolve.

He began stroking her right breast with both hands; encircling the skin past the rope bonds with his fingers, he gently pulled his hands back towards him. His ten fingers trailed over the entire surface of her large breast, ending up at her engorged nipple.

He kept stroking and stroking her breasts as her head lolled from side to side. Finally, he lifted her left breast to his mouth and he latched on to that nipple, sucking as much of it as he could into his mouth.

Cindy moaned in pleasure, and in agony from holding back her orgasm. Travis figured she had enough, he would let her release.

“Cindy, when I nod to you, I want you to cum. You ready?”

She moaned.

“Oh… God… Yesss…”

Travis cupped her sex again, massaging her clit. While looking straight into her eyes, he bit down with his front teeth on her nipple, and pulled back away from her, stretching her rope encased breast taught.

Cindy shrieked in agony and pleasure as lightning bolts shot to her molten, hot pussy. She closed her eyes briefly, and when she opened them she could see Travis nodding his head.

Her orgasm shook her to her very core. Travis maintained his bite on her nipple but he needed both hands to stabilize her body as she shook almost uncontrollably.

The pleasure waves jolted her as they passed through her. The pain in her nipple magnified every pleasurable sensation. She felt herself falling but couldn’t stop herself due to her bonds.

She wanted to fall, and cum and fall… and keep cumming…

Travis released her nipple after about a minute. Cindy had slumped forward, her head laying on his shoulder as he held her steady.

Will continued to lick Travis’s ass; he had tried talking a couple times but Travis just applied more of his weight which all but silenced him. Travis had zero respect for Will but was still conscious of his safety.  He figured as long as his tongue was still moving, he was getting oxygen and was not in any danger.

Cindy roused herself after another minute or so. Tears coursing down her cheeks, she smiled as she sobbed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Travis asked.

“Nothing… nothing is wrong… I’m just overwhelmed and... happy…”

Travis continued to hold her as he climbed off Will’s face.

“Thank you, Sir! I was beginning to have trouble—”

Travis cut him off by spitting on his face. Great gobs of saliva clung to Will's nose and cheek.

Trav maneuvered Cindy around to where she was now laying face down in a sixty-nine over Will. Except, of course, with the pillow covering Will’s cock, he wasn’t getting any pleasure.

Travis straddled Will’s head again as he placed his cock at the entrance of Cindy’s cunt and their eyes met.

“Beg me for it, Bitch,” he growled.

“Oh God! Daddy, please! Please fuck my cunt I need you so bad Daddy pleas—“

“Whose cunt is this!” Travis asked as he grabbed it forcefully.

“It’s yours, Daddy, all of me is yours. Please fuck me... use me.”

Travis pushed forward hard, impaling her on his shaft. Cindy moaned as he opened and simultaneously filled her with one long, full thrust.

He pounded her relentlessly, fucking her hard and fast; each stroke pushed her pussy onto Will’s chin. Try as he might, though, Will just couldn’t quite get his mouth on her vagina. Her juices began coating his chin and neck. Will did get a face full of balls, though. He extended his tongue to lick them as best he could when they went by.

Travis began gathering Cindy’s hair, a long braid in each hand. He wrapped her right braid around her neck so that it came out on the left side. He repeated that with her other braid so that the two braids cross-crossed over her throat and came out behind her head like reins on a horse.

Travis pulled slightly on them, just so she could feel a little pressure. Cindy moaned and groaned loudly as her own hair tightened around her neck.

He pulled out of Cindy’s drenched pussy, then grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards a few inches so her vagina was directly on her cuckolded husband’s face. He placed his dripping cock on the entrance of her ass and began to press it forward. Instantly, he could feel how dry she was and knew she needed some lubrication.

“Oh God, Daddy! Are you going to fuck my ass?”

Travis let loose a big drop of spit right on her hot, puckered little hole. He fucked her pussy a couple more times to re-lubricate.

Grabbing the reins again, he yanked her head back hard as he rammed his cock into her ass.

Choking from her own hair around her throat, she still managed a blood-curdling shriek of pain and pleasure as he sank his cock halfway into her ass.

With each stroke he yanked her hair, reducing her air flow. Each stroke also slammed her pussy harder onto Will’s mouth. Cindy was reduced to a quivering, moaning mess in under thirty seconds.

“Would you like to cum, baby girl?”

Panting, she was barely able to answer him.

“Yes… my Daddy… please let me… cum…”

“Do it then, slut. Be a whore for your Daddy.”

The waves of her orgasm started in the pit of her stomach and spread like wildfire throughout her body. She jerked, shook, and trembled, even as Travis pulled her hair so tight it hurt her throat and her scalp. Her vaginal secretions flooded Will’s face and he began to moan at the carnal sight that was playing out above him.

Travis pulled his cock out, leaving Cindy’s ass gaping as if it wanted his cock back in there. He lifted Cindy up a bit to ensure that will could get a sufficient amount of oxygen. He then slapped his cock onto the side of Will’s face.  He knew Will would want to suck it, and he deviously kept it away from his mouth.

Positioning her back onto Will’s face, Travis resumed his hard pounding of Cindy’s asshole.

“You know I own you now, don’t you, Bitch…” he proclaimed between hard, jackhammering thrusts.

“Yes… uhhh… Daddy,” Cindy whimpered.

“You’re mine.”

“Please, Daddy, don’t let me go.”

“I claim you as mine, you will… oh, fuck yes… you will do whatever I say.”

“Yes… Daddy… Always… Daddy.”

“I hold complete dominion over you.”

And he swatted and slapped her ass so hard and so many times all Cindy could do was moan and cry out to God. After a couple minutes and several dozen swats, he finally let up as he was nearing his orgasm.

“Daddy?” Cindy sobbed. “Will you cum in my ass… or do you need to hurt me more...please hurt your cheating whore, baby… I need to suffer for your love…”

Travis yanked her hair back as hard as he could, suddenly cutting off her air. His orgasm charged through his cock and poured into her tight ass. He grunted and moaned as he fired spurt after hot spurt deep inside her asshole.

As Cindy felt his throbbing cock shooting inside her, she came again as she fucked her husband’s face.

Travis collapsed on top of her, crushing her already uncomfortable arms. She didn’t seem to notice, though, at first.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

He pulled her hair to one side of her face. “You did very well, kitten.”

He kissed her gently for a long minute. His cock still plugging her ass, he raised up to a squatting position and untied Cindy’s wrists and elbows.

Travis leaned over to grab Cindy’s phone and hit the ‘record’ button.

“You’re gonna want to keep this, Wilkins.”

He helped raise Cindy upwards and his cock slipped out of her ass. Immediately, a gush of cum streamed out onto Will’s waiting, eager mouth.

“Take it all, bitch! Ha! I’ve never said that to a man before. Maybe I still haven’t?”

A steady stream of hot cum poured down Will's throat. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and lifted his head to kiss his wife’s ass in order to get all of it, and Travis captured all of it in hi-definition.

Cindy started wavering, so Travis gently laid her down on the bed, covering Will's chains with covers and pillows so she could rest comfortably. The two lovers cuddled, held each other, and Travis showering her with tender, loving affection.

Eventually, the chains got to be too much.


He snapped out of his reverie. “Huh? I mean… Yes Sir?”

“I’m going to unchain you and you’re going to put the chains on the floor. Then, you’re going to go the bathtub and lay down in it. Don’t turn on the water, just lay in it, and await further instructions.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Will scurried off to the bathroom when he finished with the chains.

Travis and Cindy snuggled under the sheets and held each other tight, enjoying their solitude and post-coital bliss.

Their hands roamed over each other’s body… exploring… touching… Travis’s hand found her dripping pussy and he dipped his fingers inside her. Pulling them out and to her mouth, he leaned in and kissed her as they both licked her juices.

“Travis..” she whispered. “I’ve never felt quite like this before… l…” her voice trailed off.

He kissed her softly before he spoke.

“You’re pretty special, yourself. You know that?”

She smiled and they kissed tenderly. Lingering, soft, romantic kisses that struck her as a sharp contradiction to their earlier, almost savage copulation.

“I didn’t expect you to be so… caring. I mean, it's one thing, doing this online. Quite another in person, being with you...”

He looked into her eyes.

“I know you and I know what you want. You need this, you crave it, and you need to be with a man strong enough to give it to you.

She sighed softly and kissed him again. But, she was also feeling a bit guilty.

“Daddy, it’s getting chilly and he’s lying in a cold tub.”

He smiled.

“I almost forgot. Let’s go warm him up.”

They walked naked hand in hand to the bathroom. Will was laying on his back, his feet resting on the wall. He held his arms against his chest, feeling the cold porcelain from the tub press against his skin.

“You want some warm water, don’t you Will.”

“Um… yes… That would be nice. Thank you.”

Travis walked right to the edge of the tub. He grasped his cock and pointed it directly at Will's face.

“Got some hot water for ya, buddy. Open your mouth and enjoy.”

Cindy stared in amazement as a stream of piss erupted from Travis’s cock and poured onto Will's face. She gasped as she saw him swallowing the hot liquid.

“Daddy… Oh my God…. I could cum again!”

Travis turned to her. “Go on, it’s fine. He wants it. Put your leg over there on the other side. Let him have it.”

Only hesitating for a moment, she clambered up on top of the tub and balanced herself, leaning on Travis for support. She squatted down and began to frantically rub her pussy. In ten seconds another orgasm rocked her. Going with it, she relaxed and began spraying Will, also. For a few moments, Will had two streams showering him, then just Cindy’s as Travis petered out. Finally, she finished also.

Travis helped her down to the floor as Will lay in the warm puddle, his skinny four-point-two-five-inch cock raging, such as it was. It stuck out from his wet panties. He knew better than to touch it, though.

“Willy boy, turn over. Face down, ass up. Good boy.” Travis placed his foot on the back of Will’s head, forcing Will’s face into the puddle.

“Take your panties off, hang them up as they are. Don’t rinse them. Take a short hot shower. We’re going to need a hot, late-night snack here in about an hour. Maybe some fondue? What do you think, babe?”

Cindy smiled at him. “Whatever you think, Daddy.”  

Travis ran off a short list of things for Will to bring to them.

“And don’t even think about touching yourself. Maybe later, just fucking maybe, we might allow you some release.”

“Y-yes Sir. Thank you, sir. You’re very kind.”

“Ha! Take five swallows, now.”

Travis turned to Cindy, taking her in his arms. She melted into her Daddy, knowing he would protect her and keep her safe.

He bent down and picked her up bridal style; his rock hard cock poking into her skin. They kissed passionately and Travis shut the door on their way out.

Cindy twirled his chest hair with a finger.

“What’s next, Daddy?”

He smiled at her.

“The fun is just starting, my love. It’s going to be a long weekend, and I still have a lot of tricks in my bag.”

She hugged him and snuggled into his chest as he carried her back to the bedroom.



Thanks to my editor Melanieatplay for all the fixing! And special thanks to Cindy for the naughty inspiration! Constructive comments are welcome, and votes are too. Thanks for reading.


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