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"Armed police officers! We have a warrant to search the premises!"

A rude awakening if ever there was one! I quickly slipped on a pair of pink polka-dot knickers that I’d discarded on the bedroom floor the night before, and pulled on my pale blue skinny fit tee-shirt. I tugged it into place over my breasts just in time; a burly black man with a bald head crashed through the bedroom door and dragged me unceremoniously to my feet. My heart pounded in my chest as he guided me roughly into the front room of our apartment. I tried desperately to hold on to at least some of my dignity by using my free hand to pull my short tee-shirt over my exposed mid-riff and underwear. There was a struggle, but to be honest, the detective was exceptionally strong and he was clearly in no mood for any of my nonsense.

"Get off me!" I protested pathetically.

Eric was already handcuffed and lying face down on the carpet; a shorter white policeman knelt on his back and emptied his pockets of his loose change. He looked up at me as I entered the room, his eye line quickly dropping to my tanned belly and the soft cotton of my pinks knickers. The black detective pushed me firmly against the wall and pulled my wrists behind my back. I struggled a bit more of course ... but it was an utter waste of everybody's time. Within moments I was handcuffed and kneeling with my back to the wall, breathing heavily, my tee-shirt hitched up slightly, my panties and tummy on display for all to see.

"Mrs Foster, my name is Detective Harrow and this tall, imposing gentleman is Detective Norris." he indicated towards his black partner who nodded silently before lighting a cigarette. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you that your husband, Eric here, has been a very, very naughty boy."

"Fuck off you prick!" Eric yelped from his position face down on the carpet. Harrow kicked him sharply in the ribs before smiling broadly, his eyes darting back to my heaving chest.

"Norris, could you search the bedroom please while I wait here with these fine people?" Harrow gestured towards our bedroom and Norris nodded malevolently before disappearing inside. The door closed behind him and the sound of him brutishly emptying drawers and cupboards permeated the thin walls. I grimaced as I heard the sound of something breaking.

I'll be honest, I found this whole situation terrifying.

Eric and I had been childhood sweethearts I guess, and he’d always been a bit of a ‘bad boy’. That was part of his attraction as I’m sure you can understand. He’d dealt drugs for a few years on my college campus and my parents had loathed him, which only added to his attraction. We’d been married a year now, and things had been going really well.

I loved him dearly, and he loved me.

"Do you have a first name Mrs Foster?" Mr Harrow asked.


"Megan ... nice name," Harrow surveyed the room as he sucked on his cigarette, "how on earth did a pretty thing like you end up with this piece of shit?" Harrow nodded towards my husband.

At this point in the proceedings it felt like an excellent question.

I wrinkled my nose at the detective and looked at Eric who was still lying face down in the centre of the room; he’d quite rightly given up on swearing and struggling. The cacophony from the bedroom was beginning to subside and I waited nervously for the outcome. Harrow just sat there, silently sucking on the butt of his cigarette and flicking ash onto my beautiful cream carpet.

Norris finally emerged from the bedroom. Wordlessly he grinned at his partner before throwing him a package wrapped in brown paper. Harrow caught the package effortlessly; his cigarette perched between his lips. He peeled the tape away as if it were a birthday present. Norris leaned against the bedroom doorframe and waited patiently.

“Oh dear, Eric,” Harrow said dramatically as he starred into his lap, “how does five to eight years in prison sound to you?” The detective tilted the package in my direction so as to show me the white powder wrapped tightly in Clingfilm.


“Eric Foster,” Harrow began, folding the brown paper around the contents and struggling to his feet, “I am arresting you on suspicion of possessing a class-A substance. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.”

“Get fucked!” Eric whispered from his heroic position face down on the carpet.

”Anything you do say may be given in evidence against you,” Harrow finally finished. Norris entered the room and pulled Eric up onto his feet, who continued to protest despite the inevitability of the situation.

This all felt like some bizarre nightmare, Eric had never done anything quite this reckless and stupid before. I struggled against the cuffs and finally found my voice:

“Pl-please … please don’t take him,” I pleaded, “I – I’m sure I can make it worth your while.”

Harrow froze on the spot for a moment and seemed to be pondering his options. After some consideration, he knelt down in front of me and leaned in close to my right ear. He sniffed the air, smelling my perfume and whispered, “I can’t let him go Mrs Foster … he’s going to prison for a very, very, very long time.” His fingers brushed my shoulder length brown hair behind my ear and he smiled at me, my eyes filled with tears.

“A … a head start then?” I whimpered.

Detective Harrow paused and his smile faded quickly. “I can give you and your prick of a husband twelve hours … if, and only if, you are a very good girl. Can you be a good girl, Megan?”

I nodded. I loved Eric very much and any opportunity for escape at this stage was better than no opportunity at all. Harrow placed his hand under my armpit and pulled me up onto my feet, my hands still bound behind my back. He nudged me into the middle of the room and glanced over at Norris who was already opening the front door.

“Norris,” Harrow commanded, “shut the front door and sit Mr Foster next to me on the couch.” Harrow sat down and reached into his jacket pocket eventually retrieving a cigarette. Norris pushed Eric towards the sofa and sat him down alongside Harrow who smiled and patted my husband on the knee playfully. “It would seem,” Harrow said gleefully, “your lovely wife is going to try and buy your freedom, Eric!”

“No, Megan,” Eric whispered.

I smiled at him weakly.

Detective Norris pointed his long index finger at the carpet menacingly and I silently knelt at his feet, feeling the soft cream fibres tickle my bare legs. Norris winked at his partner before unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckling his trousers. He was undressed relatively quickly, his clothes in a neat pile beside the couch.

His muscles were well defined around his stomach, and his arms were chiselled and broad. His dark skin seemed to almost shine in the early morning light which was filtering through the window, and he didn’t seem to have a single hair on his body. His penis, although not erect, was impressively long and thick, and his testicles were large and hung heavy between his legs.

“Open your mouth, Megan,” Harrow requested.

I opened my mouth and looked up at Norris, who looked down at me with a small degree of sympathy. He stroked my hair gently before taking his cock in his left hand and easing it towards my full, pouting lips. Norris brushed the puffy head of his cock against my upper lip and I felt it twitch a little as it grazed my skin. It hardened quickly as the tip dipped into my mouth and sat heavily on my tongue. I looked up at the detective with my best fuck me eyes and sucked on his swollen head hungrily.

Eric had tried to look away several times and I was vaguely aware that he was sobbing. Harrow had his arm around my brave husband; his right hand tilted his face up so as to ensure that Eric didn’t miss a single detail.

Norris’ gentleness evaporated quickly. His cock had grown in length and diameter as his own excitement had increased. Both of his hands were now in my hair, and he had started to thrust himself onto my mouth with little regard for my own comfort. He was shallow at first, but with each push of his hips he dipped his swollen cock a little deeper. My eyes were watering and I breathed heavily and noisily through my nose.

“Stand her up Norris,” Harrow pleaded from his position on the sofa, his own cock was hard and he was clearly massaging his erection through his trousers. Norris pulled me up onto my feet, my hands still cuffed behind my back. The detective stood me facing the couch as I panted breathlessly, my chest heaving. “Megan … you don’t have to do this. Let me take him in?” Harrow nodded towards Eric who was still sobbing.

I shook my head defiantly, “No, you can’t!”

Norris grabbed my breast through the fabric of my tee-shirt and pinched my hard little nipple sharply. I closed my eyes and yelped feeling my pussy beginning to moisten between my legs. The black man’s right hand ran down the front of my tee-shirt and gently stroked my tanned lower belly; it tickled but I didn’t complain. Harrow nodded at his partner who quickly found a gap in the waist band of my knickers and squeezed his rough fingers inside.

Norris’ hand ran smoothly over the mound of my hairless pussy and applied pressure to my hardening clit. I felt my legs buckle for a moment but Norris kept me standing with his free hand.

“Is she wet?” Harrow questioned, licking his dry lips. Norris nodded and smiled, his finger tip circling the moist nub of my clitoris making my privates tingle uncontrollably between my legs. The detective pulled his hand from my panties and left me standing there in the centre of the room. He stepped towards the couch and wiped my wetness under Eric’s nose; my husband grimaced and tried to look away. Harrow held his head firmly in place.

“Don’t cry, baby,” I whispered.

Norris was back beside me, his hand back in my panties, stroking me with more vigour this time. I willingly parted my legs a little, feeling his fingers straining at the cotton of my knickers as they slid back and forth along the crease of my wetness. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I let out several short moans; Eric furrowed his brow and closed his eyes.

“I think she likes it, Eric,” Harrow muttered laughing, patting my husband on the head.

Norris’ fingers began to probe just inside my body. He held me upright with his strong left arm; pulling his right from my panties he pushed his fingers between my lips. I sucked on them willingly, tasting my own warm juices.

By now, Harrow had lost interest in making Eric watch. He’d struggled to his feet and started to get undressed himself, placing his discarded clothes alongside his partners. I was vaguely aware that he’d moved behind me and was fumbling with the lock on my handcuffs. Eventually my hands fell free of the cuffs and I dropped to my knees, Norris’ hand leaving my aching pussy for a moment. Harrow was quick to position himself in front of me.

It goes without saying that Harrow’s cock was smaller than his partners. Some generalisations do turn out to be true. But it was hard, and framed beautifully by his coarse, dark pubic hair. I put my new found freedom to good use and cupped his testicles in my left hand as I gently jerked off his twitching length.

Norris leaned over me from behind and started to pull my tee-shirt up over my breasts. I let go of Harrow for a moment and held my arms aloft as he pulled the garment over my head and threw it at Eric, who sat motionless, handcuffed on the couch. I quickly went back to stroking Harrow’s cock and squeezing his heavy balls. He moaned and closed his eyes as I quickened my pace.

Meanwhile, Norris had knelt behind me. I could feel his rigid erection pressing against my bare back. He reached his hands around my middle and forced them between my thighs; I parted them willingly once again, eager to be touched. His index finger was soon circling inside my slick vagina, his hand cupping my mound firmly, applying pressure to my clit.

“Please, Megan,” Eric moaned from the couch, “you don’t have to do this, baby.”

I was too far gone. I wanted both of them and all thoughts of helping Eric had been replaced with plain and simple lust. I rocked my pelvis onto Norris’ hand and he repaid my eagerness by slipping a second finger tightly alongside the first. My left hand squeezed at Harrow’s heavy balls as my right darted with greater ferocity up his twitching length. Norris’ left hand squeezed my naked breast and his thick, black cock pressed tightly against my spine.

“Put it in your mouth!” Harrow barked.

Norris tilted me forward slightly, his fingers still massaging my innards. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips tightly around the head of Harrow’s cock. I bobbed my mouth on it enthusiastically, gagging a little as my enthusiasm got the better of me. Harrow’s hand was tight in my hair, holding me as he pumped into me.

After only a few moments, Harrow pulled away panting for air, his cock twitching uncontrollably, wet with my own saliva. I scowled at him disappointed, wanting to taste him so badly.

“Norris, put her on my face,” Detective Harrow ordered, “I want to taste her.”

I was disappointed when Norris pulled his wet fingers from my pussy, but my disappointment was quickly replaced with excitement as Harrow lay on his back beside me. Norris wrapped his strong arm around my tummy and lifted me from the carpet tugging my knickers down with his left hand as he moved me. Once he’d dragged my panties off over my feet he gently lowered me onto Harrow’s face. I squatted awkwardly above him, feeling his warm breath against my wetness, my hands on his tummy.

Norris went and sat on the couch next to my weeping husband and patted him sympathetically on the back.

“Oh I can smell you, baby,” Harrow whispered from under me, “I can smell you.”

I lowered my bottom slightly and felt a warm feeling between my legs as Harrow’s wet tongue dabbed at my clit and the puffy folds of my smooth pussy. His hands dug into my bottom as he ran his tongue up my wet slit and burrowed into my vagina. My right hand was already around the base of his cock and I played with it idly as this stranger fucked me with his muscular tongue.

I tilted my head to the left for a moment, and Eric’s eyes met with mine. I couldn’t disguise the pleasure I was feeling and in that moment, I knew he hated me. I groaned loudly and closed my eyes, my right hand still jerking away at Harrow’s cock. I lowered my head to his groin and planted soft, tender kisses on the purple head; it twitched each time my lips brushed its sensitive skin.

Harrow’s tongue circled my vagina before running over my taint and lapping at my anus. Eric had never touched me there before, I’d always considered it an out-of-bounds area, but the feeling it produced made my entire body shudder. My mouth delicately enveloped Harrow’s penis and I lay there quietly sucking on it like a lollypop, drinking in the sensation of the detective’s tongue as it lapped at me lazily.

“M-Megan?” Eric muttered, “you’ve done enough … please, baby, you- you’ve done enough.”

“Megan,” Harrow panted from underneath me, “climb on top of me … I want to fuck your cunt.”

Without any hesitation, I lifted my bottom from Harrow’s wet nose and mouth and rotated myself around so that I was sitting astride his penis. I could feel it pressing against my pussy between my legs. I slid up his length a little, teasing him, making him want me even more. I leaned forward on all fours, pressing my breasts against his chest, feeling the tip of his cock nudge and twitch against my wet, warm opening.

“When you’re done with me,” I whispered, “you’ll let us go?”

Harrow nodded eagerly, “yes.”

I closed my eyes and pushed my pussy against the head of Harrow’s cock. He squeezed tightly inside me and I cried out as he slowly impaled me. His arms were around my neck, holding me close to him as he rocked himself tightly inside me, groaning with each short little thrust of his cock.

It was then that I felt Norris’ large, rough hand on the left cheek of my bottom. He was squatting behind me, his cock hard and ready again in his right hand as he watched his partner’s penis slip back and forth into my body. He spat on my anus and held me still for a moment, Harrow still pounding me from underneath his furious panting almost reaching fever pitch.

I clenched my teeth together and closed my eyes as I felt the plump swollen head of Detective Norris’ cock press against my anus. I relaxed feeling a numbing pain in my bottom that slowly mixed with the pleasure emanating from my privates and lower body.

“I’m gonna cum in this bitch!” Harrow grunted as he pulled me tight to him his awkward thrusts becoming more frenetic. He squealed into my ear as his body flexed and twitched underneath me. Norris seized the moment and slowly eased forward causing me to cry out, his penis slowly forcing its way into my bottom. I felt as if I would burst as he began to slowly grind his hard cock deeper and deeper into me; each shallow nudge opening me up a little more.

It was then that I came. Harrow’s cock was beginning to soften inside me as his cum dribbled in thin rivers over my clitoris. Norris slow strokes lengthened and he grunted loudly with each sharp thrust. I opened my eyes and kissed Harrow, my tongue pushing between his lips and rolling against his as a wave of pleasure rippled through my body. He returned the kiss enthusiastically as his partner grunted and moaned behind me, his hips slamming noisily into my round, pert bottom.

Norris tugged his cock free from my bottom as he came; sticky shards of hot cum rained down on my buttocks. He collapsed onto the carpet breathing heavily as his cum trickled down my backside and onto his partner’s thighs.

I looked over at Eric who was still sat on the couch in stony silence.

They kept their word.

We were given a twelve hour head start and we ran.

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