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Wife Confessions - Cuckolding My Husband

Wife Confessions - Cuckolding My Husband

Time to cuckold my husband.

My husband was a very dominant man when we first met. It was a trait I appriciatd in a man and one of the things about him I liked the most. He stayed like that for the two years we dated and through the first year of our marriage. That was until he came to me and told me he was sexually unhappy. I was shocked and confused, trying to think and figure out how he could possibly feel this way.

He confessed to me that he was having submissive fantasies and that the thought of being dominated by a woman had become one of the hottest things he could imagine. I, for one, had never considered myself as dominant. At least I never thought of myself that way. However, I wanted to make my husband feel as satisfied as I was in our marriage and in our bedroom.

I started to take the role of being the dominant one in our relationship. I became more controlling and started doing a lot of those things he said he liked. I bought him a bunch of new toys. Vibrators for him to compliment mine, whips, floggers, crops, candles, clamps, cock rings, cock cages; just about anything I thought he might desire. I even bought a leash, which I really like using on him. It was and is sexy to walk around naked with him crawling behind me, wanting to touch, but knowing he can’t.

I found it to be extremely hot. The more we did it, the more I got into it. I was having better orgasms and a lot more fun sexually as well! Who knew? It improved our marriage, sex and the overall health of our relationship.


A year later, with me now firmly in the dominant role, I found myself wanted to explore even further. My husband has always told me how sexy it would be to see me being fucked by someone else. This is was a desire he expressed even back when we were just dating.

Now that we’ve found ourselves living comfortably with me as his Dom, we’ve decided to take it a step further. He already knows when to expect something juicy and new and he becomes quite excited when I’m wearing my dark nylons and pink knickers. Whenever I dress in the morning, I make sure he notices what I’m wearing.

I haven’t yet told him what is going to happen I want it to be a surprise. I’ve randomly surprised him like this before, adding new dimensions to our sex life that he has enjoyed. I once bought him a butt plug and made him wear it to work. I sent naughty photos of myself to him and told him he wasn’t allowed to come the entire day. By the time he got home, he was a slobbering, whimpering mess. It was a lot of fun!

This time though, it is different. He is finally going to get to see me in action with someone else. It is a mutual friend of ours, someone who has always flirted with me. I knew right away he’d take the chance to fuck me when I asked him. I think he was a little shocked, but he agreed, just as I knew he would. He had never heard of cuckolding, but he was completely game, as long as he wasn’t the one being cuckold. I reassured him he was not.


Waking up first this morning, I quickly jump into the shower, wanting to make sure my husband watches me dress. When I get out of the shower, I'm dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. I come back into the bedroom and see Dale, my husband, on his phone. He, as he always does, is checking the news before starting his day.

“Good morning honey, sleep well?” I ask casually, dropping my towel on the end of the bed. My nipples harden instantly under the wash of air coming from overhead fan humming above me.

“Mmm, yes. Like a rock. I always sleep well when you make meatloaf the night before,” he smirks, looking up at me and admiring my naked body.

“I’ll keep that in mind. You know I’d cook more often if I didn’t work so late, dear,” I sigh, wishing I did indeed have more time.

“No one is stopping you. Quit your job and become a housewife. I don’t mind at all,” he repeats himself. This is a conversation we’ve had many times since we’ve gotten married. He makes more than enough to take care of us, but I was raised to work for what I want.

“Don’t start with me, Dale, please,” I sigh, heading towards the closet. I look through my wardrobe, searching for my knee length, pencil skirt. “Besides, if I did that, I’d have to start fucking the milk man, or the paper boy,” I giggle.

“Hey, no issues by me, as long as I can watch,” he laughs with me. I know how serious he is. However, he has no idea what is in store for him later in the evening.

“No, I guess you wouldn’t, smart arse,” I tell him, coming back into the room. I lie my clothes down before going to my dresser to pull out my favourite pink knickers. The ones that Dale knows are full of surprises. I look at him and see he has his nose shoved back into his phone.

“Takes one to know one, my love,” he grins, still not looking up.

I slip my knickers on, picking a pale pink bra to match. When I sit to put on my nylons, I wait to see how long it takes him to notice. However, he doesn’t, not at first. Whatever he is reading really has his gaze. I can’t help but smile, for when he does notice, he is going to be a mess. With my nylons on, I get up and circle around the bed. I go towards him.

Leaning into him, I place a single kiss on his ear lobe, my hand sliding down under the covers and gripping his cock. “Damn straight I’m a smart arse. I’ve learned from the best, haven’t I?” I purr into his ear. Its then he finally looks up, noticing what I have on. He lets out a slight groaning shiver and I instantly feel his cock growing harder. I grip it tighter in my embrace, stroking him lightly through the thin fabric of his boxers.

“Oh, please tell me this time. What do you have in store for me, baby?” He sighs a whimper, quivering in my grip. My fingers caress over his cock, feeling him grow thicker.

“Not a chance, baby. Have I ever? Do you think I’m going to start now? You know how much you love the suspense. You’ll be a good boy. No touching today. Now get up and get dressed. It's time for work. You don’t want to be late,” I grin, kissing on his ear lobe once more.

I turn, going back to finish getting dressed. Dale sits there for a moment, watching me before throwing the covers off of him. His cock pokes through the slit of his boxers, begging to be touched again. I only smile at him, pointing towards the shower. He goes without a word. I feel my own excitement starting to grow.

Leaving for work before Dale even comes downstairs, I call John.

“Hey John, good morning, how are you?” I ask causally, turning the engine on.

“Well good morning beautiful. I’m fantastic! I'm ready for tonight, that’s for sure! How are you?” His voice is gruff, but fused with sensuality. I can hear his lusty need through his words.

“Couldn’t be any better. Dale is well aware something is going to happen at some point today, butt he has no idea what. I plan to leave work early to get things set up. I couldn’t do it whilst he is home, you know? Anyway, make sure you’re here by six. Got it?”

“Will do, Tiffany. Can’t wait to see you later! We'll speak soon,” he says, with a growl.

I can’t help but smile, “You know it, John. Cheers.”


Hanging up the phone, I turn the radio up. One of my favourite songs is on and I sign along to it. The day has just started and it is already a great one. When I do get to work, I keep myself fairly busy, but make sure to send Dale naughty texts. I like keeping him on edge. It gets pretty heated, turning more into a cyber-text chat. He whines, begging me to let him use the restroom so he can release some pressure. I deny him, of course. It is like that for the better part of the day. I even have to slow down a bit because I'm causing myself to become overly aroused.

At three, I call it a day. I don’t linger, not wanting to have theat “what’s your weekend plans” conversation with my co-workers. I just want to get home. By the time I do, I run upstairs and strip out of my clothes, leaving on just my nylons, knickers and heels. I grab my dressing gown and tie the draws loosely in a knot. It barely covers my arse, showing off the bottoms of my butt cheeks. My breasts, which are still covered by my bra, are on show.

Going back downstairs, I grab one of the dining room chairs before going back up into the bedroom. I think to myself that I might need to invest on a good proper chair for the upstairs. I find the best angle in the bedroom before placing it in the far right corner. Just in view of the bed. I draw the shades close, closing out the sun, which is shining brightly into the room. I flick on the bedside table lights. They give off a soft glow, perfectly lighting the room.

When I’m happy with the room, I take out what needs to be used and head back downstairs. I fix up a light dinner, leaving it easy, because it is the last thing on my mind. Around five, Dale gets home and finds me right away. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me deeply. I can feel his erection press against my lower stomach, causing me to groan out.

“Hey, slow down. Don’t make me spank you,” I tease. “Dinner is ready. Come on." I take his hand, leading him into the dining room.

“Dinner is the last thing on my mind, Tiff,” he whines.

“It's just a light dinner. You’ll need it though, I promise you that,” I giggle.

We sit down and I serve us both. Sitting across him, I ask him how his day went. He glares at me in frustration, clearly showing me how hot and bothered it was. I am highly amused, telling him mine was just as much as his. All the while, I slip off my heel and begin to caress his leg. My toes move along his inner thigh, pressing slightly on his cock. A huge grin is on my face as he begins to stir, pressing himself a little more into me. The greedy bastard!

When we finish by five thirty, I ask him, “You trust me, don’t you, darling?” I grin.

“More than anyone, of course, my love,” he states, with no hesitation.

“I'm pleased to hear that,” I say, going towards the living room, “Come with me, dear.”

He follows me and as I open the closet, I pull out a long silk scarf. I smile up at all six feet, four inches of him. I look at his strong, handsome features. His dark hair cropped short, his blue eyes twinkling with anticipation, his strong jaw line set tight. It makes me want to lick along it, up towards his ear and suckle on it. His breathing is a bit heavy as he tries to keep control of his excitement.

Compared to my five feet, six inch stance, we’re vastly different in scale. It was one of the first things that I noticed about him when we met. Though, I, like him, have dark hair, but eyes are grey. I’m in pretty good shape, not as well toned as he is, but then he is more into working out than I am. I have always felt we fit well, though.

“I’m going to put this on you. You’re just going to have to trust me,” I grin. “Turn around for me?” I ask, with a purr.

“Anything for you, and I do trust you. You know I do,” he tells me again.

He turns around and I reach up the best I can, tying the scarf around his eyes. I take his sight, making him mine all the more. I don't have a blindfold, but the scarf fits well enough. I decide it does the job.

“All right, we’re going upstairs now. Come, take my hand and follow me,” I lead him up to the bedroom with his hand in mine. Once there, I take him to the chair I brought up earlier. “I’m going to undress you now, baby. Don’t mind me.”

“As if I would mind you undressing me, love,” he smiles.

He stands there and I begin to undress him. I purposely grope him in all the right areas. His cock, which hasn’t gone down once since he has been home, still stands tall. Once he is completely undressed, I inform him I’m going to put his plug in. He nods, telling me he’d like that. I lube the toy and his arse I slide the toy in slowly, teasingly. He groans with each passing moment until it is fit snug inside him.

I move around to his front and press against his chest. He sits without question, allowing me to take his cock in my hand. I stroke him lightly until I hear the doorbell chime.

“Looks like we have company, baby. Do you mind sitting here and waiting?” I ask him, standing up.

“Wait, whoa, you can’t answer the door as you are. Put some clothes on!” He stumbles, suddenly confused.

“Oh honey, it isn’t a problem. I’m sure whoever it is will appreciate a good view of what I have to show off.” I giggle. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” I say, tease him even more.

I dash downstairs, knowing that it is John at the door. He stands there with a an ear to ear smile that only seems to grow wider when he sees what little I have on.

“Damn girl, I wish more woman answered their doors dressed like that. Bloody hell!”

“Cheeky cow!” I grin. “Dale is upstairs already. He's all worked up. The poor boy still has no idea what is going on. You sure you’re down for this?”

“How the hell am I supposed to say no, seeing you like this?” His eyes roam over my body. His eyes stop at my chest, where my breasts are peaking out a little too much.

I smile up at him, admiring him as well. John isn’t as tall as Dale, but he still stands tops at over six feet. His build is a tad bit rounder than Dale, but with thick, broad shoulders. He reminds me of a football player. His blonde hair is strikingly beautiful, complimenting his brilliant blue eyes. The kind that remind me of the sky. A girl could get lost in them if she isn't careful.

“Good point, let’s go. I’m ready. I’ve been so horny all day,” I whine and moan, followed by a giggle.

“I’m pretty sure that makes three of us, doll,” John smiles.

“You’re probably right. So, let’s go! I’m ready for your cock!” I grin.

We head upstairs, with John behind me. His hands groping my arse, my butt cheeks showing perfectly from my knickers.

“Hey baby, it is just your surprise. Sorry it took so long. Now, just stay sitting where you are. No moving and no peaking! You hear me?” I ask, using my more dominant voice, letting him know how serious I am.

“Yes Miss, I won’t peak. Can’t I have a clue, though, please?” he asks, looking towards the direction of my voice.

“No, no clues. You only have your hearing to use right now,” I lick my lips. I go over to him, placing a single kiss on his lips. “Now, be a good boy and let me play.”

“Yes Ma’am. As you wish.”

I give him another quick kiss, before moving to the bed. John has already started to quietly get undressed quietly get undressed. When he finishes, he comes over to the bed where I pull him on top of me. I let out a light giggle, kissing him, followed by a soft moan. His lips are gentle, soft and inviting. His hands slide up to my breasts, cupping them through my bra. He squeezes gently, making me moan a little more.

It’s then that John starts to take charge, kissing along my neck, biting gently on my ear lobe. I moan out, watching Dale’s reactions. I don’t think he has noticed someone else in the room yet. I let my mind focus back on what John is doing to me. He pulls one of my breasts free from my bra cup, sucking on my nipple, hard! I yelp out, shaking and arching my hips towards him.

That is when Dale notices something, or someone, is here. “Baby, who is with you? What the hell?”

“Mmm, just enjoy baby. I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted,” I moan out, feeling John sucking on my nipple just as hard.

“You’re serious? Someone is here? You’re finally doing this and I can’t see?!” He whines, shifting in his seat. I can see his cock thicken all the more and a tiny drip of pre-cum slipping down along his shaft.

“You just behave yourself, unless you want me to spank you in front of our guest. Is that what you want?”
“No Ma’am, I’m sorry. Please enjoy." He shifts again.

“That’s what I thought. Don’t you dare think of getting up,” I moan through the sensation of John sucking on my nipple, pressing his cock against my knickers.

“I won’t get up, not until you say,” he says in his most submissive voice.

John’s hands move behind me, unclasping my bra before removing it all together. His mouth devours my breasts, biting into them, sucking on my nipples. I begin to writhe and moan under him, shaking with a heady, lustful need. His large hands are all over me, touching me everywhere I've wanted him to for weeks now.

When his mouth moves south, kissing along my stomach, he dips his tongue into my belly button. I whimper, opening my legs for him. He takes my knickers and begins to pull them upwards, pressing hard against my swollen clit. When he is happy with my tightness, he leans in and licks me through my knickers. His tongue lapping at my clit, through the thin fabric. I buck my hips towards him, wanting to feel his tongue directly on my clit.

“Oh fuck, please. Stop the teasing! Just please take them off! Please, I beg you,” I whine out.

This causes Dale to moan out, hearing me beg and plead with someone else to please me, his cock stiff as a steel rod. John releases my knickers for a moment, only to yank them hard back up, pressing harshly against my clit. I yelp out, shuddering. It makes him smile, but he lets up. He hooks his thumbs on the elastic band before tugging them down my thighs and over my legs. He hands them to me, where I take them and fling them towards Dale. They land perfectly on his throbbing member. I can’t help but smile when Dale groans. He knows exactly what they are.

John props my legs open, guiding himself between my legs, bathing my thighs in kisses. He doesn’t make me wait very long before his tongue finds my clit. Opening my lips with his fingertips, his tongue is hot and erotic against my swollen clit, which is aching for him. Swirling, darting, lapping at my clit and pussy, he suckles delightfully at my soaking snatch. He dines on me like he has not had pussy in a while. Of course, I have no idea if he has or not. I surely didn’t ask him. It sure isn’t hindering his ability to please me.

My first orgasm is strong, I grip the sheets so hard my knuckles turn white. I quiver, sending myself into outer space, thrusting my hips upwards as John holds them down. He does this three or four more times. So many that I lose count. His fingers find their way inside me, fucking me without mercy. Dale, all the while, is almost writhing in his seat, so much so I begin think he is going to erupt at any moment.

Finally, I have John stop and I go over to Dale. “How are you doing, my sweet little pet?” I croon, stroking his cock, moving to my knees.

“I – I, mmm, couldn’t be better. Though, I’d love to see what is going on, but just hearing it is fucking hot,” he whimpers, just as I take my knickers and hang them off his head. He can smell my scent. With how wet I was, they’re soaked. He inhales, breathing deeply as I take his hard prick into my mouth. The salty taste of his pre-cum fills my mouth. I begin to suck on him, pulling him deeper into me.

“Fuck, please, baby, you’re going to make me come. I’m not ready, please, don’t.” he whimpers, but I don’t let him. He knows what I want. I want to edge him, to feel him hold back his orgasm as his cock is deep in my throat.

Sucking him further, my teeth graze along his flesh. I sink my teeth a bit further down, which is what sends him over the edge. He begins to writhe, twisting slightly, holding back his need to orgasm. He is breathing heavily, moaning with fear of coming. He doesn’t though. He is able to hold it back. I suck him out of my mouth with a sharp pop. I lick the tip of his slit before standing, then I kiss him deeply. “That’s a good boy. I knew you could do it,” I purr against his lips.

“May I see now? Please, I want to, please,” he begs me.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m rather enjoying the mystery of you not knowing who is about to be deep inside me.”

“As you wish,” he says plaintively, knowing he will only be punished if he tries to push the matter.

I go back to the bed, where John has been watching, stroking his cock. His cock is thick and has lots of visible veins. I crawl between his legs, dropping my hot mouth down onto him, just like I had been doing to Dale. He moans out, thrusting his hips upwards. He helps me fuck his cock with my mouth. I suck deeply, gripping my lips tightly around him. His fingers tangle in my hair as his cock slides deeply in my throat with each thrust.

It doesn’t last long. He pulls his cock from my mouth, saliva dripping off my chin. He pulls me into the bed, facing away from him. He lifts my arse up high, kneeling behind me. He smacks my arse hard, once, twice, three times. I tremble, leaning back into it, wanting the treatment. He does it again and again, but on the other cheek, once, twice, thrice. Repeating the cycle once more, for an equal amount on either side. My arse throbs from the heated smacks.

John’s fingers move up to my hips, gripping me tightly. I feel the head of his hard prick pushing against my pussy. I haven’t had another man’s cock inside me in over five years. The excitement is such a turn on, I want to rush, but also not. He slowly begins to rock his hips, letting the head press in and probe me gently. I softly whimper, feeling myself becoming all the more turned on. My clit is swollen hard again, I reach under and toy with it. I ghostly dance my fingers over it as he teases me so.

He quietly, softly moans as well, until he can’t take it any longer. With a skilful, slow motion, he enters me. He fills me with every last bit of his member, stretching me wide to fit his width and size. Deeply, he grinds, moving forward, until every last inch of him is deeply embedded inside of me. With his cock greased with my fluids, he begins to thrust inside me, quickly. My fingers ghosting at the same pace as he drives inside me.

It isn’t long before I begin to orgasm. I tighten around him, like a vice, squeezing tightly. I moan out tangled moans, fighting the urge to use John’s name, not wanting to give it away. Dale is grinding against the chair, leaking so much pre-cum it looks like he had his own orgasm. However, I know better. I shudder, leaning into John as he keeps fucking me, not slowing down, even as my orgasm passes.

Without slowing down much, he helps me turn, and feeling his cock slide inside me, I lie flat on my back. He lifts a single leg, throwing it over his shoulder. He leans down, applying pressure, and grins at me. He takes a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard as he grinds himself deeply inside. I can feel him throb. Surely he can feel me pulsate around him.

It is then I feel Dale should stroke himself. I want to watch him masturbate as John fucks me. “Baby, stroke your cock. You have my permission,” I tell him, just as John thrusts himself hard into me, banging deep into my core, causing me to moan.

“Oh fuck, baby! I am so close to coming without even having to touch myself. I don’t know how much control I will have,” Dale whimpers.

I can’t help but smile, “You know very well you shouldn’t have told me this,” I tell him. “Now you have to, because I love seeing you struggle with holding back. Just don’t orgasm until I say. Now go on, jerk your cock for me. Unless you don’t want to come for a week!” I groan, feeling John thrust into me again. I look up at him. He is smiling, teasing me.

“No, no, no, I do, ma’am. I’ll stroke myself, I won’t come, I promise,” Dale whines.

‘That’s my man, good boy,” I coo at him.

John starts fucking me faster at this point. I have a feeling he likes the scene that is created between Dale and me. Or, simply loves being a part of it. I’m not sure. Either way, it makes me happy. His mouth on my nipple, he sucks hard, thrusting into me without care. He fucks me harder and each passing moment my moans grow. His and Dale’s join in. We’re all moaning, shivering with need, so close to impending orgasms.

Dale is stroking his cock quickly, surprisingly. I’m shocked he dares to jerk so fast, being afraid of coming. It makes me proud of him all the more. His tip glistens in the light, pre-cum running down his shaft. I lick my lips, wanting to taste him in my mouth suddenly. I begin to orgasm at the thought, digging my nails into John’s back, who suddenly growls out. It must be a weak spot for him, because he begins to pour his seed inside me. He bites harder on my breast, leaving his teeth marks in my flesh.

Spurt after hard spurt, he fills me with everything he has until he is utterly empty. Even then, I roll my hips, milking him dry.

“Fuck, baby, please can I come now?” Dale says, slowing his strokes down. The look of agony on his face is evident.

“Mmm, yes, come for me,” I say, watching him jerking his cock. John is still inside me. We’re moving lightly. He nurses on my nipples as I stroke on his back.

“Thank you, Miss, thank you!” Dale says, jerking his cock faster again.

I start to moan, watching him and with what John is doing to me. I encourage Dale to come, wanting to see how much seed he has built up from all the excitement. He starts to come, stiffens hard, before shooting such a big load. It sprays up, some landing up on his chest. Most of it lands on the floor by his feet. He strokes himself until he knows he is empty. By this point, John has slid off of me.

Moving to Dale, I take his cock into my mouth. I suck on him gently, milking him dry, making sure his balls are as empty as John’s. When I’m satisfied they are, I suck him out of my mouth.

“Mmm, feel better, babe?” I ask him.

“God yes, fuck!” he says, laughing a little. “Do I get to find out who our mystery guest is now?” he asks, almost about to remove the scarf.

“Hmm, no. I don’t think so. At least, not this time,” I grin at John, who smiles at me, winking in agreement.

“This time? So we’re going to do this again?” Dale asks, a hopeful tone in his voice.

“If you want to, if you’ve liked it as much as you thought you would,” I state.

“Even without my vision, it was better than I thought it would ever be. I do want to do it again, many times to come,” Dale says.

“Now, now, remember who makes the rules,” I say, swatting playfully at his now limp prick.

“Yes Ma’am, you make the rules. I haven’t forgotten,” he smiles.

“That’s my man. Now, let me escort our company out and when we’re downstairs, you can take the blindfold off and meet me in bed. Don’t leave the room, understand?”

“Understood, baby.”

I move to stand up, just as John finishes dressing. He is smiling still from ear to ear. We move out of the bedroom, and I close the door as we head downstairs.

“What did you think?” I ask casually, as if it wasn’t something so taboo.

“Huh, well, it was fucking fantastic. You know me, I’ve been wanting to tap that arse of yours for years now,” John says, smacking my arse at the bottom of the stairs, by the door.

“Glad to be of service. I’m guessing you’re game to do this again sometime?”

“Damn right you’re correct. Hope it is soon. Just let me know. Just remember, don’t tell my wife. She’d freak out,” John laughs, as he hugs me.

“Your secret is safe with me, John. You take care,. See you this weekend. We’re BBQ’ing at your place.”

“Ah, yes, Stacey told me about that this morning. See you then, babe.”

I let John out, before heading back upstairs. Dale has done as I asked, but I can’t help but laugh. He still has my knickers on his head.

“Nice look, dearest,” I grin.

“I thought so. New fashion look, smells great too. God damn!”

I giggle, slipping onto the bed with him. I snuggle into his chest, kissing on his lips. He kisses me deeply, sucking my tongue into his mouth. It soon turns into round two for the both of us. I ride his cock hard and fast, not wanting anything romantic or sweet. It is primal lust, need and desire for one another.

When we’re finished, Dale cleans me deeply. He loves knowing that not just his seed is buried deep inside me whilst he does it. He sends me into a few more orgasms until I have to beg him to stop. I feel utterly spent, unable to keep going. He comes up, holding me close again, kissing me with his soaked face. I taste me, John and Dale on his lips, moaning into our kiss.

I think I could get used to playing like this. Who would have thought I had any form of dominating features, that my husband was so submissive and I’d be cuckolding him? I’m not sure this marriage could get any better, but we can always try! Who knows what else we can get ourselves into!

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