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How Was Your Day

How Was Your Day

Hello dear, how was your day? 

I see you're tired, let me take your coat.

Come on sweetheart, you need to relax.

Let's go get you a bath started.

This'll be soothing for you honey.

I'll help you undress while the water's running.

Poor baby, you're beat, I can see that.

It'll be fine, darling, just let me get these off,

There, that's better. Your body is trembling!

I think you work too hard sweetie.

Climb in the bath, I'll wash you, okay.

See, that's good isn't it, you're relaxing now.

I'm getting you nice and clean. So tired.

Oh my, something's happening!

Ah yes, my baby's getting a little aroused.

That's fine babe, I don't mind, I love you.

Here let me touch it for you, yes that's it,

See, I just made him harder, that's good.

While I stroke him I think I'll get comfortable.

I can take these things off and help you too,

See, almost finished, my nipples are hard.

There, now your love machine is almost ready.

God, darling, you're so masculine, you know.

It makes me shiver with love for you dear,

You know, I'm very wet now, yes, dripping.

Oh, he's getting ready to burst, isn't he.

Um, I know what I need to do, dear.

Yes, I'll get it all, umm, the taste is creamy good.

I know baby, you're feeling better now.

So am I, now that you're touching mommy. 

There, yes, there, oh, now I have to come for you.

Jeez, baby, you're the best, the best, 

That was so much fun, so good for me.

Oh my, we need to finish this bath.

I'll just climb in with you. I need it too.

Really, you want me that way, okay,

Just let me get up on you, oh damn,

He feels so big darling, so big,

So deep in me, I feel him, I feel it.

Yes, I can do that, I can ride you.

Ah, so sweet, so good, you're the best.

You love me, I know that baby, I know.

Sweet jesus, I'm coming for you lover,

Oh, so good, so fucking good my baby,

That's it, come again, fill me, yes, do it.

I'm shaking, my body is shaking, oh, oh,

There, there, that's it, that's it, you did it.

I came for my man, yes just for you

My darling hard working lover, my love.

Ah, so good, yes so good, perfect man. 

So, did you tell me how your day was?

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