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A little Lady luck

I am so very lucky, I am blessed with many friends, some I've known a lifetime and will do till the end. But there's a very special one, who often springs to mind, she's beautiful and sexy, she's caring and she's kind. I often sit and think of her, late a...

Fucked By The Best Cock In The World

My cunt squirts as my man fucks me hard!

My cunt squirts as my man fucks me hard, His cock’s huge, I want to take his yard, My cunt creams, my cream pours down his cock, My clit swells, responding to his shock, His balls tense, I feel his ramrod spurt, My cunt squirts, his semen taints my squirt...

Pallored face and well-worn fingers Trace a brand new body quivers Underneath bedroom sheets In my solitary room retreat I cast my hand between my thighs Bite my lip with wishful eyes Orange dreams and velveteen To pluck the first flowers of Spring

You have been slipping in and out In and out of my dreams, waking and sleeping for months on end I keep coming back to you, the way the sun shines on you through the windows My golden man, filling me with tiny tinted crumbs of your life savory and sweet i...

Her Ass

An ode to all the ladies with an incredible bum

Her round ass presented me Such a wonderful sight The fun we will have Such sinful delight. My hand deposits my mark With each little spank While my other hand pleasures my cock With every big wank. So round and bubbly For all to see In this room full of...

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A Special Day

A short poem written by a birthday girl.

I was sitting in the rear seat of a Chrysler, My good, caring father fucked me there. I was still stuffed from Daddy's goo, And his driver fucked me too. All I had to do now was groan, My lovely mother devoured my cunt, and I couldn't help but moan. My mu...

Favourite Position

Tell me why you like your favourite sexual position

In response to a recent question: “Dear Sir, Tell me why you like your favorite sexual position.” But I like them all! From the cramp-inducing athletic complexity of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to the simple rudeness of the Missionary I love the He...

Naturist Poem

Take your willy for a walk

Take your willy for a walk Put him on a leash if you need Don’t worry if the neighbours talk Just set your phallus phree Perambulate your penis Rock your cock around the town It doesn’t matter if your prick or dick Is pointing up or down Show your schlong...


A poem about a girlfriend

This rain makes me think of you, C The gushing stormwater with the sign of the fish reminding us that all drains lead to the sea. You came not like a comet, but a torrent You were a cold front meeting warm air from the tropics and I was a small boy failin...

A Brothers Love

My Brother took my chery

My brothers always been the guy My friends all want to do The secret that I can't deny I want to have him too. . When we were young, I was the pest. Would chase us from his room Just skinny girls without a chest Cared not how much we'd bloom. . We'd sit t...