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Oh! It Burns!

Oh! It Burns!

My saucy tribute to Robert Burns, the Scottish Bard.

I love the works of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. He wrote many famous poems and songs. He was less well-known for his raunchy, sexy poems. This is my tribute to him and, were he alive today, I'm certain that he would approve (in fact, I would bet good money that he would be writing here on Lush!) I’ve written it phonetically, in broad Scots, with an English translation underneath. I would recommend listening to the audio as you read (if you hope to understand it). I hope that you’ll enjoy it, or at least appreciate the spirit in which it was intended. It’s just a wee bit of saucy fun.

*** Oh! It Burns! ***

Ah see ye lookin’ at ma juicy breasts,

Slaverin' as though they were haggis feasts.

Ah ken ye want tae huv a suck

An’ efter that, we kin mebbe fuck?

Ah’m aw fur that, as weil ye ken,

Ah fair like the company o’ men...


Ye're a dashin' fella n' nae mistake,

An' ah've a thurst only you kin slake.

Ah see ye bulgin' between yer legs,

Noo there's a tool that ah kin peg.

Lift yer tartan ‘n’ gie's a keek

An’ soon ye'll huv me at ma peak


Ma beaver’s drookit, gie’s a lick.

Aye that’s it, let yer lang tongue flick.

If ye want me oan ma knees the noo?

I’ll suck yer cock, an' yer baws too.

Ma jaws ur strang, ma tongue kin move,

Ah’ll poke it in yer totey groove.


Push yer dirk deep, richt up tae the hilt!

Ma hauns are strokin’, up unner yer kilt.

Ah’m gruntin’ noo, ye’re really that gid.

Noo fuck me! Mak’ me flip ma lid!

Ya durty bastart! Where’s yer finger?

In ma arse, ye cannae linger!


Mind you, it does feel michty fine,

Gie’s some mare e’ that Bucky wine!

Ah’ll let ye tak’ me up the shuch.

That’s it, darlin’, gie’s a push

Oh god, ye huv a smashin’ cock.

Fill me! fuck me! Mak’ me rock!


English Translation:

I see you regarding my plump breasts,

Salivating, as though they were feasts of traditional, Scottish, savoury meat pudding.

I know that you would like to suck them

And perhaps after that, we can have sex?

I’m amenable to that, as you well know,

I really enjoy male company.


You are a handsome fellow, there’s no mistake

And I have a need which only YOU can satisfy.

I see by your trousers, that you have an erection,

I can make good use of that.

Unfasten your pants and let me see...

You’ll soon have me climaxing.


My vagina is gushing, lick me!

Yes, that’s it, let your tongue explore it.

If you would like me to be on my knees right now,

I will suck your cock and also your testicles.

I have strong jaws and a dexterous tongue.

I’ll poke the tip into your little cock slit


Push your cock in as deep as it will go!

My hands under your kilt, stroking you.

I’m grunting now, you’re really rather skilled at this.

Now fuck me, make me come!

You dirty bastard! Where is your finger?

You can’t keep it in my bottom!


Although, it does feel rather nice

Can I please have some more fortified wine?

I’ll let you take my bottom...

That’s it, baby, give it a push!

Oh my goodness, you have a lovely penis

Fill me! Fuck me! Make me lose control!


(Thank you for your consideration - I hope you're smiling!)

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