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Tiny Tim hadn’t cum for a very long time, nary a spurt or a tittle, though he rubbed his soft cock, his sore hand wetted with spittle. His pale, sagging skin, he churned and he twisted, then milked the head over and over, tight-fisted.

As the glum town once was vibrant, but now withered away, his cock slumped upon his thigh — a mickle sad display. 

There were five days ‘til Christmas, and not a red ribbon in sight; no lights were there strung, all twinkling and bright. The shoppe doors were bare; no wreaths there were hung. Carolers stayed home; and no songs were they sung. 

Merry hot chocolate stands were noticeably missing, and no mistletoe was strung up to bring girls ‘round for kissing. Not one toured the desolate streets in horse-drawn sleigh — so no one expected what happened the very next day. 

They awoke to bright color on a long-vacant shoppe. It had shingles of green, and a chimney up top. Windows were painted with berry-red trim. Happy jingles of bells rang out from within. 

As curiosities soared, the townsfolk crept up and tried peeking inside. Then, snowflakes started to fall, setting scene for a cozy Yuletide. 

The day finally arrived for the Grand Opening. “Mom and Dad Toys” — who’d ever heard such a thing? 

Nickolas the Toymaker, his smile dimpled his cheeks. He threw back the sash giving some a few peeks. His eyes, how they twinkled, as he glanced back at his toys. No, this shoppe wasn’t meant for li’l girls and li’l boys. 

He flung open the door, and the townsfolk rushed in. They’d never seen such a sight, and knew not where to begin. Cock rings had been hung from the mantel with care. Dildos of all shapes and sizes were there. There were paddles aplenty, some made from soft pine, whilst others were walnut, meant to well tan a behind. 

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Butt plugs and nipple clamps decorated the trees, and sweet Miss Madeline sank to her knees. “Oh my, oh goodness, your toys are quite scary! My heart’s beating fast, and I’m feeling quite wary!” 

“I assure you, dear lady, there’s no reason for fright. You see, all of my toys are meant to delight.” 

Tilly grabbed a cock ring, which Nickolas wrapped with a bow, and she skipped to the door with trembling Abel in tow. 

The baker, Miss Betsy, fluffed her plump bosom for Toymaker Nick. She fondled the dildos then chose the vibrating peppermint stick.

A fetching lady named Nelly caught Toymaker’s eye; she was prim and proper and seemingly shy. So, to the back he led her to introduce some toys. With a noose ‘round her nipples, she made quite the noise. 

In came the butcher, who bought fluffy red cuffs to secure willing young ladies whilst he gobbled their muffs. 

And so, the townsfolk left with cheeks all aglow. They’d soon all tingle from their head to their toe. Once inside of their homes, all warm and cozy, spanked bums would shine forth, all nice and red-rosey. 

You see, Toymaker brought more to town than toys for big girls and big boys. He spread holiday cheer and joy all around, and caused many good tidings therein to abound.

When Christmas Eve came, Santa didn’t come knockin’; he’d been warned all the grown-ups in beds would be rockin’. “On Dasher, on Dancer,” he called with a chuckle. Naughty thoughts danced in his head; he unfastened his buckle. 

Toymaker lay nestled naked with Nelly as she squealed with delight. He’d given a Merry Christmas to all; and to all a good night.

Written by PurdyPeaches
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