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The Ladies Of Feline's Social Society

When a woman needs to get laid, she discovers an unexpected sex life.

Charlotte thought of herself as an ordinary housewife when she moved with her husband, Paul, to a rural village. They both were brought up in Chicago and were tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Their new life was at a modest dairy farm of forty...

The Gods Play Dice - Chapter 4

Naked edging session alongside his sister.

Eventually, Thomas was able to cum. A deep, satisfying orgasm, with his dick surrounded by the soft velvety folds of his sister’s pussy clamping down. Unfortunately for him, however, since there was still some time left before then, that particular accoun...

Jolly Saint Fuck

One Male Stripper, Two Horny Sluts, And Unplanned Chaos

Verdurous decorations, glittering like festive, captive stars, mixed with the crimson and sterling bells. Lining the streets, garland, berries, and holly were strung in grand, sweeping arches; wreaths, angels, and other Yuletide icons adorned every show w...

Kittyflower... Chapter 3.

The final, climactic episode of Maria's sexual awakening.

At around 7 p.m., Maria opened the French windows, hoping to let the sea breeze into her room. The night was cool and clear but so calm that she could clearly hear the gentle whoosh and splash of the waves on the beach a couple of blocks away. What she di...

Thin Walls: Chapter 3

the only thing better than hot phones sex or a sexy neighbor is hot phone sex with your sexy neighbor.

Abigail took a huge hit off her new pipe, coughing so hard that tears came out of her gray eyes, and she thought she’d pulled a muscle in her chest. Seconds later, as the timer on her screen counted down, she felt the euphoria and horny, tingling sensatio...

The Gods Play Dice - Chapter 3

Thomas finally gets to cum, but it's not quite the release he expected

On the third week, they rolled another three. Not a three for him or for Sarah, but a three altogether. Thomas felt like crying. He could hardly believe it. Already, it had been three entire weeks since he had been locked up in chastity, and the only thin...

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The Gods Play Dice - Chapter 2

Thomas goes through another week of being locked up in his chastity cage.

An eternity seemed to pass before the next weekend came around again. Sitting at his desk at school, Thomas drummed his fingers absentmindedly against the surface. It was Friday, the last period of the day, and in another thirty minutes or so the bell was...

My Menage Men 13 Dirty Dancing With My Men

Our toy fun continues on the dance floor.

I was enjoying the night out at a dance club in New York City with my fiancé Max and my lover Bradley. “Are you hard Max?” Bradley asked, reaching under the table to touch him. “Don’t touch me here, you fucker,” Max laughed, grabbing Bradley’s arm as his...

Chapter 9 - Party Plans

Jeff and Valerie have party plans of their own

As always, all too soon, summer began its ritual of turning leaves to the colors of fall. The morning air was crisp now, and a jacket was needed against the morning chill. Jeff was dressed and went out the door early. He had a meeting with the leaders and...

Fuckbuddies - 2

After having a blazing affair with Dan for six months, Beth decides to increase the number of participants.

The affair between Beth and Dan lasted for more than six months. Dan had expected after their first sex in the office, followed by their franticly orgasmic Saturday event, Beth would probably feel remorseful and guilty about cheating on her husband of twe...

The Night Howler

The chill of the light October breeze brought goosebumps to her skin.

There she was, sitting on her front porch, trick-or-treaters have long finished emptying her basket. She's still dressed as a sexy warewolf. The chill of the light October breeze brought goosebumps to her skin, her skin glowing orange from the spooky cand...