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A Night in the City

Couple enjoy the view from their hotel room.
The hotel room was perfect, 27th floor, overlooking the downtown area.

It was a fairly warm evening, the kind of night for a stroll with someone you love, to just walk around town, enjoying each other's company without the need of a conversation to keep each other engaged. What's the term for that? Ah silence.

Back to the hotel room...I was standing in my robe waiting for you to finish in the shower. I was enjoying the scotch over ice as I watched the scene of the city below me. The darkness was alive with movement, a city that never sleeps.

You exited the bathroom with your long dark hair pulled up in a bun, showing your beautifully radiant face. Your lovely neck, so defined and sexy making me want to nibble on you, tease you with my tongue. I made you a drink and walked over to you for a kiss. Your mouth is so inviting, soft almost sweet. As our tongues danced together, I could feel the heat off your body, through our robes, you pressing yourself against me as if signaling me that you are giving yourself to me completely. Once we break our kiss, we stare into each other's eyes, sipping our drinks, enjoying our own comfortable silence.

You place your drink down and walk over to the floor to ceiling window, overlooking the city. You are standing back from the window, enjoying the view. You make a comment about the amount of people outside at this time of the night, that the city seems so alive.

I walk up behind you, placing my mouth on the back of your neck. I know this is a weak spot for you. I begin to softly kiss your neck, slowly making my way down to your shoulders, then tracing my way back up to your ears, then back to your shoulders. Your moans tell me that you are enjoying this treatment. Your pressing you ass against my hardening cock also tells me you want more.

I reach around you to pull you closer to me, so we can mutually do a slow grind against each other. I reach into your robe, cupping your breast. I begin to play with your nipple, rolling it between my fingers, pinching it slowly, pulling it gently. This causes a long slow drawn out moan from you, you lean back against me, your head resting on my chest, allowing me to continue. I now place my other hand on your neglected breast and treat your lonely nipple to the same treatment.

As I'm playing with your nipples in front of the window, you reach back and weave your hand through my robe and begin to stroke my hardening cock, wrapping your fingers around me, stroking me slowly from the base to the head, long slow strokes. Your movement along my cock begins to make the robe slide slowly off your shoulders. I stop teasing a nipple and untie the knot holding your robe closed. Your robe falls open, leaving you exposed to anyone who may look up into our hotel room. You mutter something about the fact that people may see us, but you make no move to cover up, no move to stop me.

You press back against me and find a way to open my robe. I slip it off my body so we are both standing naked in front of the window. I'm extremely excited, my hard cock is erect along the crack of your ass, pressing into your lower back. You are grinding slowly against me. I reach down to find that your pussy is very wet, inviting. I slip one, then two fingers inside you, slowly playing with you. This time your moan is more of a low grunt of satisfaction and longing, as if you're been waiting for me to touch you there.

I begin to press against you more urgently as our movements are becoming more physical, we are moving from a slow foreplay to a more needed contact. As I'm pressing against you, my body weight is causing you to step forward, one step, then two are pressed against the window. I remove my hand holding your nipple, bringing it to your hip. I continue to tease your pussy but I know I need to be inside you. I need you this very moment.

I pull your hip back and line my cock with your opening from behind, I enter you swiftly. There is no more slow play with us. I know you are excited to be pressed against the window, overlooking the city, your amazing body pressed against the glass, your face turned to the side. I can see a smile of satisfaction on your mouth. I thrust into you, your ass is pressing back in a mutual desire, meeting me at every thrust. Your hands are placed over your head. I reach up to hold them there, thrusting into you. I can hear your breathing, feel you clenching my cock, the build up that only lovers can feel for each other, you are close to cumming. I need you to take me with you, I thrust harder, and harder, and harder, driving you into the window. You open your mouth in a scream as you begin to cum, your pussy begins to spasm, clenching my cock like a velvet vise, so strong, yet so loving. I can't hold back any longer. I thrust deeply inside you, adding my scream over yours. I empty myself into you, cumming together. I slowly pump into you, feeling the slickness of sweat trapped between our bodies. I kiss your neck. You turn from the window, causing my cock to slip from you. You reach up and kiss me so lovingly. Suddenly, you slap my ass and run into the shower.

I take a moment to look over the city. It really is alive this night. I close the curtains and follow you.
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