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Adventures in 'Accidental' Exposure

Adventures in 'Accidental' Exposure

How Carol found she was both thrilled and embarrassed by exposing herself.
Carol enjoyed accidentally exposing herself when she was younger, but it is a pleasure we both shared!

It started when we had been invited to a barbecue to welcome new neighbours, the sort of occasion people turn up to in causal clothes. As she often does, Carol wore some sexy underwear under her demure summer dress. It made her feel good to look for all intents and purposes, like a a modest woman but if people knew what she had on underneath they would know she was far from chaste. It was on this occasion that they did!

Carol had chosen to wear stockings with suspenders and matching lace hi-line panties for the event. About halfway though the afternoon she went to the loo and did the classic thing of tucking her skirt in her knickers. She came out displaying a fair amount of skin, a lot of thigh and everyone who saw her knew that her demure image was concealing a smoulderingly sexy woman in lacy lingerie.

She could have only been looking like this for a less than a minute, but it was long enough for some of the men to comment to me about her legs, how lucky I was, and "I didn't expect that!" Being a gentleman I wanted to go over, take her to one side and cover her up but those guys playfully hung on to me and to be honest, I wasn't trying too hard to pull away.

I couldn't really call out "Hey, Carol you're showing everyone your butt" as it would just have drawn attention to her. Shortly after the hostess came up and standing behind her, obviously whispered something discrete and Carol pulled her dress down. She did go very red though and shot me a look to say, "I can't believe what I just did!

The women around her seemed to be making light of it and she did have a giggle too. The last mention of it to me was a neighbour saying he had not been looking forward to coming but, "your wife made it worthwhile."

As soon as we left Carol talked of nothing else; "did you see", "why didn't you tell me", "I bet you were enjoying it too much", "what were they saying?" Of course she also said how embarrassed she was and blushed again. Once inside she wanted to find out how much of her body had been on show and got me to recreate the mishap and looked at herself in the mirror, hand over her mouth with shock.

It was then Carol looked at me and said, "I bet you wish I'd shown more of my bottom!"

I began to protest that I would not want her feel even worse than she did - but she cut across with "I wish I had!"


"I do, I'm so wet!"

We made love so passionately with her still in her dress and sexy underwear. I was in no doubt she meant it.

After the unexpected excitement, Carol and I both felt at the display she gave our neighbours, she was quite enthusiastic about repeating it. She didn't say so at first but Carol often mentioned how she had shown her bottom to everyone and that they could see she was wearing stockings and suspenders. She talked about how embarrassed she was.

Eventually, when the subject came up again while we were in bed, Carol said I probably wanted to see her expose herself again. I told her that I didn't want to see her feel so bad about what had happened again.

She replied, "Well I want to; I don't mind being embarrassed for a while if I get to feel as sexy as long as I have afterwards!"

I was more than surprised but quite excited myself of course. There were obvious problems though.

"You can't possibly do the same thing again, people would know it wasn't an accident second time around."

"I know, we will have to set it up somewhere else."

For much of the next hour we talked about what we could do. It would have to be away from people we knew and eventually, on a train journey was what we came up with.

Carol sat window side, partly because she had me between her and everyone else and partly because I would have a good view when she came back from the toilet later. A couple of stops into our journey Carol looked at me, signaling she was ready. I stood up to allow her to get into the aisle. As she walked to the end of the carriage in the same light summer dress she wore to the barbecue, I wondered if she had the nerve to go through with it.

A few minutes later and she started back to our seats, and I saw from people's reactions she had. From the guy sitting nearest the door who stared transfixed at Carol's behind, the girl who motioned to a fellow passenger to look, to a man sat diagonally opposite us (whose face cannot have been more than 18 inches from Carol's bum clad only in sheer panties) all told me she was 'accidentally' exposing herself again.

I got up to let my beautiful, daring wife back in by the window and as she did so, I made out to be shocked that her dress was tucked up in the waist band of her pants, showing everyone she had passed a full view of her arse, stockings and suspenders. She made a great show of being mortified of course.

She told me later, “I didn't have to play act, I was deeply embarrassed but enormously excited too. While ever I can pretend to myself that I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, I can carry off displays of my body but as soon as that state of disbelief is punctured, I become ashamed of what I have done, aware people will have mental pictures of me in a state of undress, and that I have demeaned myself. I find the combination highly erotic."

I know I was crimson with embarrassment as I sat down, but I know I was also wet between my legs; I quite longed for Col's fingers to find a way in there but the man across from us who already had an eyeful was paying me too much attention to risk it."

Another couple of stops and we got off the train again and Carol immediately began talking about the experience and wanting to know who had seen her and exactly what she had shown off. We recreated the scene in our hotel bedroom when we arrived. I even took a couple of Polaroid shots for Carol with her dress as it had been on the train, so she could see for herself the view about ten people had had of her that day.

(One of those pictures is the 'cover' to this story. It was taken before the days of digital cameras, so the quality is not brilliant.)

I love it when Carol wears button through dresses that I can get my fingers in. With a cardigan draped over her knees or a newspaper opened out on our laps, my hand is often busy under it. As well as getting my fingers in-between the buttons, I undo them to fondle her. The hornier she is the more of them I can slip out of their holes and the more likely I can slip into her's. Trains, nature reserves, park benches, waiting in traffic queues and cinemas are all places we have enjoyed undoing the buttons and Carol getting ‘undone’, sometimes to climax. Often until she can't stand the sweet torture and wants to make love somewhere private.

She can’t quite let herself go enough to orgasm when people are close by. For example, the seats immediately in front or behind us on a train, and I think I might get worried if she did, but she will cum if folk are not in sight. When she is confident we are unlikely to be caught she will allow me to undo all the buttons below her waist and open her dress right up. If she hasn’t taken her panties off already I pull them aside or occasionally down around her thighs. I love it when she takes the risk of easing herself off a seat to let me do this. Often I can smell her juices and I will always rub her so as to hear her wet pussy lips.

I’ll let Carol take up the story:

“I get very hot doing this with perhaps just a couple of sheets of paper concealing my (im)modesty. I imagine what it would be like if the newspaper slipped or if I forgot how exposed I was and took the jacket off my lap. Of course, I could not bring myself to do anything like that deliberately, but it did set me thinking about how buttons might come undone accidentally.

I tried putting on a top that was too small to see if I could get them to burst open but that only worked with one button if I really stuck my chest out. The idea almost got forgotten until a colleague asked in the office if anyone had a needle and cotton. She wanted to sew a button hole up a bit as her blouse kept popping open. That was it, I needed to make bigger button holes so this happened to me. 

It soon dawned that it would be easier to get smaller buttons for the same effect. A couple of weeks later I was busy swapping some on one of my button through dresses for slightly smaller ones.

We tried working out ways in which the dress might unfortunately come open, trapping it somehow so that it happened as I pulled away, getting something to slip between the buttons that pulled at the dress. Here are a couple of occasions it worked well...

We were on a crowded commuter train (they seem to be featuring a lot in our ‘adventures’!) I sat on the aisle side and had a bag on the shelf above. I already had a couple buttons undone; nothing daring but enough for people stood above me to look down and see my cleavage. I was getting self conscious about this when Col asked me (on cue) to reach up and take down the bag. The stretching had the desired effect of pulling the front of my dress open in front of several pairs of eyes. With my hands full, I could not close it and one of my breasts (in a flimsy bra that 'showed everything') was on full display.

Of course I was crimson with shame, clumsily trying to do the buttons up, which prolonged the agony. I looked up to check who had seen and there was a guy who had a broad smile on his face staring at my chest, another wide-eyed who sweetly turned around when he saw how embarrassed I was and a woman who self consciously held her own top together.

Another time we were at the cinema. Col had been trying to get his hands in my dress during the adverts but I'd stopped him from undoing any buttons. I told him I was going to the loo and (again on cue) he put his hand on my dress, holding it to my seat. As a couple were coming towards us looking for their seats, I stood up and out popped four or five buttons so the dress was open almost to my waist. The man and woman were a few steps down so I am sure had a good view of my panties and stockings. I apologised profusely as I passed them but they just looked at me. I did not stop to button up but held the skirt together as best I could - which was not very! In the cubicle I took off the panties rubbed myself a bit thinking about it and wondering if I would have the nerve to do the same thing without them on!"

My take...

When Carol came back I told her that the couple had turned to look at her when she passed by and then laughed to themselves about what they had seen. I couldn't see with the low lighting but I could tell she was blushing. I also knew she would be very turned on but was pleasantly surprised to find she now had no panties on and readily allowed me to finger her pussy under a cardigan on her lap.

Carol and I knew ideally she wanted all the buttons to undo, but that was difficult to contrive.

It first happened in a really accidental way. We were on holiday by the sea in England and gone out on the front looking for an opportunity to sit on a bench some where that we could repeat the ‘trick’ of Carol standing up while I held her skirt on the bench so that the buttons pulled open. Well, for whatever reason, we did not find somewhere she felt comfortable and we just continued walking. It was getting quite breezy and we came to narrow passageway that led through to a beach. This had the effect of funnelling the wind but we did not realise just how strongly until we walked through it. At first it threatened to lift Carol’s dress then it pulled open a couple of buttons. It was then a really strong gust caught hold of the material and flung it wide open. The dress momentarily blew out behind her and revealed her clad only in flimsy underwear. The nearest people to us were a couple the other side of the passage, close enough to see what had happened but not to get a good look

Carol hurriedly pulled the garment around her and, turning away from them, scrabbled to redo the buttons, going scarlet at the same time. She scurried off back the way we came and I followed.

I caught up with her and she was still quite red in the face but beaming all the same.

“We’ve got to do that again!” she told me.

We hung around until the couple appeared this side of the passageway and walked off. As soon as they were a sufficient distance away we dived back in. The wind wasn’t as mischievous this time but did raise her hemline enough for her panties to be flashed and undid a button or too. We walked backwards and forwards a few times and on the last a small group of teenagers came up behind us and got a good view of Carol’s behind when the gust exposed her.

“Nice show!” one of them said as they ran past. It was enough for her to get embarrassed all over again and for us to relive in our hotel later.

We now knew the wind could be an accomplice in our adventures and set about creating situations where we could harness it to undress Carol again.

The right combination of breeze, a relative warm day and our availability did not arise that often but when it did we dropped almost everything to get out there. There were other things to tweak though, beside her nipples just before setting out.

Carol found that it was too easy to quickly pull her dress together as soon as it came apart so did not afford much exposure so we found ways of occupying her hands carrying shopping bags or a box. Finally it came together!

The seaside was our favourite place to surprise passer-bys because of the better chance of the wind playing ball, but town centres and car parks have also featured.

Here are Carol’s recollections:

“Every time my buttons came undone, leaving my lingerie covered, or actually, uncovered body open for people to see, I would try not to 'notice' until my exposure became too obvious. I'd then be in a turmoil about what to do with heavy shopping in my hands; wrapping arms around myself in a futile attempt to cover up, find somewhere to put bags or boxes down before making myself descent or running off to find cover. The wind blew my dress around my waist, pulled it away to bare my breasts and uncovered whatever scanty material failed to covered my pussy's modesty. I could't bring myself to go 'commando' in case it was obvious I was intending to flash.

I had people come up to help me to cover up or take the shopping bags from me so I could button up. I managed to persuade one guy to actually do them up himself! I held on to the box I was carrying while he crouched in front of me fiddling with the buttons at my crotch where I could not see him. I was sure he would be able to smell my sex which made me feel I was going to lose all dignity, especially as my pussy was having nothing of my mind's disapproval and leaked in my panties.

I didn't cum then, but when a woman of my age was genuinely concerned about my plight but saying all the wrong or right things, "Oh everyone can see you here," "Those guys are staring right at your chest," "You should be wearing more." Funny now, but she was just heightening my humiliation and I feigned a collapse, hoping she would confuse my 'little death' with mortification - to mix metaphors.”

To preserve the facade of all this being accidental I had to keep a distance, often looking on from the car, and it was more thrilling to watch from a few yards away as Carol's lovely arse, tits, almost her entire body was on display. I watched her sheer embarrassment build, knowing she would also be highly aroused. I was wary of people approaching her but on every occasion they did it was to offer assistance rather than take advantage. Oh for a video camera in those days.

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