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Embarrassment Stories


The Resort - Chapter One

A teenage brother and sister are shocked to find out the truth behind their parent's secret vacation spot

I had just turned eighteen when my parents first invited my older sister, Chandra, and me to join them on their traditional summer vacation. They never spoke about their yearly trips very much. In our younger years, they would typically say something like...

A Twenty-Four Stroke Disciplinary Caning Turns My Life Around

After a rough start to my life my fortunes turn around in sexual and personal terms

I had a chequered time as a teenager, partly because I suffered physical abuse from my father and mainly because my mother could not control me. My mother split up with my father, and by the time I was seventeen, I had made several court appearances for o...

Adventures Unpacked

The airline misplaced our luggage, forcing me to walk around without underwear, which led to an exciting adventure.

"The suitcases will be delivered to the hotel in a few days," the airline representative assured us, but the promise did little to ease the inconvenience. We made our way to a nearby shopping mall, determined not to let the airline's misplacement of our l...

“I Can’t Help Myself! Please Fuck Me!“

Trembling, I walk out of my house naked, wearing only fuck-me heels and a red raincoat without any buttons. I can't help myself…

All I was wearing was fuck-me heels, and I was clearly visible to anyone who looked in my front window. My nipples were hard and tight, and my pussy was already leaking honey down my left thigh. Running two fingers between my pussy lips made me shiver, bu...

The Headmaster's Office - Chapter 4

Forced to strip naked and pose in front of the camera

It was picture day at the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls, and standing side by side next to each other in a row, the twenty or so girls of class of 2-3 waited patiently for their turn to begin. All were eighteen, and their slender bodies stood o...

Awakening In Moonlight

Step out onto the balcony and watch me cum.

In the middle of the night, I'm wide awake. A tingle of excitement runs down my spine like electricity, and my need rumbles deep within. Fragments of the previous night's wet dream flash across my mind's eye like a steaming movie, heightening my arousal a...

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One Wild Summer - Chapter One

Shy young crossdresser gets caught which leads to the summer of a lifetime.

I turned eighteen the year I graduated high school. I was going to college in the fall and I'd be on my own for the first time in my life, and it scared the hell outta me. I'm still kinda quiet but back then I was almost painfully shy. You know the type,...

Annie Brings a Friend

I dominate a mixed gender pair of grad students.

"I had a meeting with the dean today. Did you know there's a rumor going around that I moonlight as a dominatrix? From what he could gather, I'm just finishing up the juniors and will be starting on the sophomores next week." With interest, I noticed the...

Dining Naked in Public: Sara’s Surrender, Part 15

Submissive Sara begs to be used by James, and she is…but not quite the way she expects!

Sara was breathing hard, “Please don’t leave me naked in front of all these people!” I sat back and looked at her, “Tell me – are you wetter now than you were?” She stopped, gulped, then looked down at her lap and whispered, “Yes.” I chuckled, “I thought...

An Embarrassing Alcohol-Fuelled Tale

An evening when my sexual orientation was well and truly tested!

Fact - in my life, I can think of only two times when I have made a fool of myself by consuming too much alcohol and both times involved an excess of champagne! The first time was at an awards ceremony for work at the Waldorf Hotel in London and the secon...

Embarrassed Lover

Took my fiancé to a spa for a massage for the first time

In my many years on this earth, I have witnessed plenty of ENMs (Embarrassed Nude Males) of all ages. Each male deals with their own exposure differently. In Germany (Europe really), I have seen nude males enter situations where they encounter nude female...

JoJo And The Doc

Embarrassing mishap leads to fun

JoJo feels it starting again and pulls to the side of the road. She closes her eyes, shudders, and waits until she catches her breath. She pulls back onto the street and continues her journey. As she pulls into the parking lot of her family doctor, she fe...