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An Unknown Desire 2

Video cam sex while a full chatroom watches
I awoke with a start, remembering the night before, the first night of our "new lifestyle", as Mark had termed it. Oh, God, what had I done? And where was this going?

I tried to move and found that my wrists were still tied together and secured to the headboard. Yes, I had let him tie me up like this, except the last I had remembered my legs had also been secured to the footboard, one ankle to each side so my legs were obscenely spread. And the webcam, oh damn, the webcam had been on and I remembered that I had heard the "beeps" from the computer that announced someone had entered the chatroom. Oh, God, how many people had seen what Mark had done to me?

Then I reddened recalling the Four Seasons restaurant and the public humility of being brought to orgasm by Marks' hand while seated in a public restaurant and with other diners seated all around us. And they had stared, the women with fierce looks and the men smiling and laughing. I had sat there with my legs spread wide while Mark diddled me with his fingers, rubbing my slit and my clit until I lost control and came.

I managed to sit up facing the headboard and examined the bonds holding me from leaving the bed. The lock was a cheap small padlock, but enough to keep me from pulling it apart and leaving. I looked toward the headboard and noticed that there, as well, was a small padlock. My eyes scanned the nightstands but no key was visible.

Suddenly the door opened and Mark was there with a tray in his hands. 'Breakfast in bed?' I thought to myself. 'So what did I do to deserve this?'

"Toast, eggs, yogurt and ham," Mark stated as he walked across the room and placed the tray on the nightstand. He reached into his pocket and extracted the key that I had been searching for. He released my hands and examined my wrists where the binding material had been secured. "No marks, as advertised."

I was still naked and fully aware of my condition. I rubbed my wrists with my hands in front of my breasts trying to cover myself as best I could. "Can I dress for breakfast?'

"No baby, I want you like you are for a while longer. It's Saturday and there is no need for you to be dressed." He smiled the entire time he had spoke, his eyes running up and down my body. "I may want to repeat a little of last night before the day is out and I want you ready for me as well." He then motioned with his hand for me to move to the side of the bed to eat the breakfast he had prepared. "You need to renew your energy, get some fuel in your body, you expended a lot of it last night."

Again my mind flew back to the evening before. We had returned from the restaurant and had come directly to the bedroom where Mark had shown me the "toys" he had bought for me. There had been the expected toys, the vibrator and dildo, and unexpected items as well. The wrist and ankle restraints had not been expected. I'm not sure why he had bought the lingerie either as it had not come into play last evening.

It had started normally enough with Mark using the dildo on me. He had stripped me naked and had me lie on my back on the bed with my legs spread wide so he could sit between my knees. The dildo had been stroked over every inch of my body between my neck and my knees, it had been surprisingly erotic to watch as it glided over my lower belly, between my outstretched thighs,over my hard clit and through the juices leaking from my sex. He had made sure that I noticed when it was over my butt hole, applying just a little pressure and asking if I thought I would enjoy something up there. I didn’t answer, I was scared of what words might slip from my lips.

He had done a similar dance with the vibrator as well, with the tingling sensation causing more juice to slip from my womb. All the time he was playing, Mark was recounting to me what had happened in the restaurant, verbalizing the looks on the other customers' faces as they stared and saw my splayed legs under the table and his fingers penetrating my body. He had told me how they had pointed and talked, made up their conversations for me. He told me how the women appeared upset, but they were really jealous that they were not in my place. The men, he said, were grateful to look upon my sex and see me squirm around in ecstasy. I came as soon as the vibrator finally touched my engorged clit, my mind exploding in bright colors, reds and yellows of passion, my juices gushing out over the bed sheets and the rubber toy that caused the outburst from my womb. I continued to squirm and flail about while he held the vibrating menace on my pulsing clit for what seemed like an hour but was actually just a few seconds. I was out of breath and lay there panting until my heartbeat slowed. I felt dead tired and soon dozed off, Mark still between my knees looking at my crotch and breasts.

I awoke gently when the wrist restraints were being tightened on both my arms. I tried to roll over to see what Mark was doing as he raised my arms up above my head but my ankles were already tied to the corners of the footboard. He secured my arms so they were not tight, my hands were just above my head and out of the way, unusable to cover my private areas or to fight him off.

"It's time you made an entrance on the internet," he stated to me matter-of-factly. Mark moved a nightstand to the end of the bed and I saw that our laptop with the webcam was on the top of it. He already had the webcam on and I could see that I was framed in the screen from below my knees up. My quim was center, my pubic hair spread out and the lips of my sex easily visible on the high definition screen. "You're online and since it is a free site I expect you will soon have some visitors," Mark said as he took a seat beside the bed and out of the picture. He placed a pillow under my head so I could more easily view the screen.

I wriggled around a bit, trying to get my ankles free but it was hopeless, he had spent some money on the restraints and they were of a good quality that were not easily broken nor escaped from. I was beginning to get worried when I heard the first "beep" announcing a viewer. Mark just sat back, knowing that someone was looking into my sex and doing who knows what on the other end of the internet line that connected him to my image.

"Mark, please, I don't know if I want this right now," I pleaded with him. "What if a neighbor or a co-worker find this site?"

"Not to worry, the site can only be accessed by people who are in other states."

Oh, lord, now I had no reason to complain. Who would recognize me if they were from another state? Oh, no, what had I agreed to here? I squirmed again, this time with my hands as well as my legs but still to no avail, my restraints were stronger than me.

"Hi," I heard from the computer speakers! No, he had it set up so that whatever was said would also go out and people watching could speak! Thoughts of fear and panic began taking over but I could do nothing about the situation. "I like you, you're pussy looks wet and open, are you wanting something in there?" the voice asked.

"Answer him" Mark ordered from the bedside.

I just turned and stared at Mark. Could he really want me to interact with whoever it was on the other screen, the pervert that was staring at my pussy and asking me if I wanted sex? Did he really think this experience would be positive?

"Answer him" he again ordered, this time his voice much more forceful.

"Um, well, um, I'm not sure right now, this is kind of new to me." I said with as much confidence as I could find, my eyes still staring into Marks’ face. I was sure that the pervert on the other screen could tell that I was nervous and humiliated by the way that I had stuttered through my answer.

Another "beep" was heard. Now two people were looking at me. I reddened as I realized there was nothing for me to do to escape this humiliation.

Then Mark began, "Debra," which was not my real name, "enjoys being exposed in public. This is her first time on the internet though. She needed a little coaxing to stay on the bed and in the cameras view, so I had to tie her ankles and wrists. Once we get enough viewers I plan on using some toys on her." I wanted to scream out 'NO' but I knew that I had given my word and had bragged that I could go along with anything that Mark wanted to do to me. Oh, how I wished that I had never uttered those words. The restaurant was one thing, there I had drunk numerous glasses of wine and was relaxed from the alcohol. Now the alcohol had left my system and I was in control of all my faculties.

The computer started beeping up a storm and within three minutes I saw that the number of viewers was maxed out at thirty. Yes, thirty people now had a view of me that few had ever had before. I was blushing uncontrollably when Mark stood up and announced that the show was to begin but if anyone were to leave then it would stop until the room was at max capacity again. "Not to worry, no one is going to leave" was answered from the speakers.

Mark moved onto the bed and placed the dildo and the vibrator on the sheets between my legs. "I'll start with my hands and use the toys later" he announced to the crowd.

He then put a hand on my belly, rubbing my muscles gently and stroking me from my waist to the bottom of my breasts. He knew I enjoyed this, I enjoyed his hands on me, his light touches teasing my hot skin, rubbing me in those places that excited me to the point of making my juices run but not allowing me to cum. He used both hands, one near my breasts and the other touching the top of my pubic hair, pressing on my pubic bone and exposing my clit from the hood as it filled with blood in response, never touching me in a way to give me release.

I could feel the sexual need build even as the computer erupted with comments from the viewers. I couldn’t forget they were there, and I'm not sure I really wanted to, but I couldn’t stop my body from reacting either. I began to revel in the comments that I heard coming from our voyeurs at the end of the bed. It was only minutes when I felt the first drop of juice leak from me and roll down between my ass cheeks and onto my butt hole.

"OH, sweet, a juicer" I heard exclaimed in the metallic tone of the cheap laptop speakers. I felt my breathing quicken as the tease continued. Mark was looking at my face and smiled, whispering to me that he was going to give me a great orgasm for all to see.

His hands moved to my sides, stroking my breasts and wrapping up over my chest and down again to my stomach. He teased my boobs for five minutes without ever touching my nipples which grew and grew until they were extended about three-quarters of an inch, hard nubs on each boob, testaments to the excitement he was giving me. "Check out the nipples, pull on them," was a repeated comment ignored by my teaser.

Mark stopped and reached between my legs, he placed the point of the dildo against my sex and then moved back to my chest, resuming his rubbing and stroking of my boobs. I could feel the hard fake cock against my lips, I wanted it in me, I wanted it to fill me. I closed my eyes and thought about my position, about the thirty people who were watching me, the thirty people who had a bird's eye view of my sex and the fake cock that was slipping up and down my lips in the warm slimy juices of my sex. My hips were moving involuntarily as my mind imagined the actions of the perverts that were glued to their computer screens. They moved up and down, trying to capture the phallus in my hole. I wanted them to watch now, I wanted to show them my cunt and my ass, I wanted them to see my lips split open and filled by the synthetic cock, and they would then be able to look deep into my womb.

Mark again stopped and moved around to stroke my thighs beginning at my knees and slowly, oh so slowly, worked his way up to the apex of my being, to that spot that I wanted him to touch.

"She's so wet she's dripping", "Put the dildo in", and "Spread her lips" all comments that exploded form the crowd gathered at the end of my bed.

I felt Mark work his finger to my butt hole. He knew that I could not resist if he was to finger my butt, he knew that I loved attention to that part of my body, and he began to rub his finger in the juices that had collected there, exerting more and more pressure so slowly. I pushed myself against his finger but he didn’t push back, he held off, still circling my brown hole causing my juices to run more and more from my sex onto his fingertip. The teasing was driving me wild, I was squirming against my bonds, grunting and moaning in need.

He put a hand on my mons venus, his fingers extended down on either side of my wanton lips but not touching me directly like I wanted, like I needed. More voices, including one of a woman, were escaping from the small speakers, eagerly expressing what they wanted to see. 'A woman' I thought to myself, ‘I had to talk with her’. I spoke up, "Who is the woman, what is your name? I want to talk to you."

She answered me, telling me her name was "Jane" and that she would gladly talk with me.

"Jane, tell me what you see, tell me what I look like, how much I leak, how much I am in need." I was breaking new limits, bringing someone into our bed with us as Mark continued to slide his fingertips around my sex and my asshole. Another woman, this Jane, was sending my mind spinning just thinking of her being there to watch me and to guide my tormentor.

Jane did as I asked, she told me about my juices on my asshole, on my cunt lips, and on Marks' fingers. She told me how sexy I looked spread out for all to see, how she enjoyed looking into my cunt, she described my sex and the way it was opened and glistening. She then told me she was naked and she was screwing herself with her own fingers, bringing herself off while she watched Mark tease me. I imagined her on her chair with her hands buried deep inside herself, giving me a mental show as I continued to be tortured with the building sexual storm.

Jane's words further excited me, they made me wiggle my ass around trying to grab my husbands digits in my ass, to feel him inside my tight sphincter. She egged me on, telling me to push against him, then telling Mark to finger my ass.

A large sigh escaped my throat when finally his finger penetrated me, he slid quickly and easily past my tight sphincter, fucked my ass. I screamed out in relief as he began to move in and out of my brown spot fucking me with one slim finger. I loved the feeling, I loved the nastiness and I told him to keep fucking me and to rub my clit.

Mark had other ideas though, and Jane knew what they were as well. I heard her tell my husband to replace his finger with the dildo.

I loved his finger but it was so tiny compared to the dildo he had bought. I was still a virgin back there, except for skinny little fingers, well two fingers at the most. Now he stopped leaving me empty and I felt the tip of the dildo slowly slide from my lips down over the thin membrane that separated my asshole from my slit. It was there now, positioned to enter me, and the audience was in agreement. "Push it in, deep and hard".

I groaned loudly as the hard rubber entered me, split my tight sphincter wide, my mind exploding in pleasure and pain as my muscles fought against the intrusion and at the same time welcomed the intruder. I moaned and groaned. Not from pain though. It was from release. Yes, I came as my asshole was split wide apart, as I lost my final virginity while being watched by thirty strangers, thirty people I didn’t know nor would I ever get to meet. My mind went blank focusing on that one thing, on that spot that was being invaded, on the heat escaping from my womb and moving over my entire body, enveloping me and causing me to shriek out and pull against the bonds holding me. I could feel my juices squirting out, my stomach rolling, clenching in orgasm as the thick dildo pushed further between my cheeks. I heard myself screaming in ecstasy, telling everyone that I was cumming, that the dildo had broken me, had sent me over the top and into the most pleasurable place a woman could be. I heard Jane too, she was coming, she was also screaming and I imagined what she looked like with her head thrown back and her mouth wide open in ecstasy..

I came down slowly. It took me forever before I could breath normally. I laid there with my eyes closed, my sex spread before the camera. Then I felt Mark on the bed, climbing between my legs. The dildo was still well up inside me when I felt Mark's hardness at the opening to my cunt.

One hard thrust and he banged his pubic bone into mine. Oh, the feeling of fullness enveloped me, both holes full. I imagined that I was a sandwich, one person filling my ass and the other my cunt. I began to speak, telling my audience how I felt, how I imagined myself now. Guys watching were more than willing to volunteer to be the third party to our sex and I laughed.

Mark began moving inside me, thrusting gently at first and progressively increasing his pace and the force he used to violate me. He moved his hips back and forth then began sliding himself further and further out before thrusting back and filling me, touching my womb, crushing my still excited clit. I encouraged him by telling him to fuck me harder, to break me in two.

We were encouraged by the visitors as well, telling us how they could see the froth escaping from me and coating Mark's hard cock. They were all talking at once, telling Mark to make it hurt, to fuck me good, to bounce his balls off my ass.

I pushed back against his thrusting as best I could with my legs so far spread. I tried to reach up to him but was unable to bring my arms out. I was a captive for his use, unable to fight back yet willing to have him use my body for his pleasure. Mark put his hands on my tits and squeezed hard, painful but also pleasurable, heightening my arousal that much more. I could tell that I was again going to explode, this time around the familiar cock filling my cunt and the foreign dildo that was being pushed deeper in my ass.

Jane was there at the end of the bed. "Fuck him back Debra, push your wanton cunt at his cock, let him go inside your womb, deep inside. I can see your cunt and your asshole getting tighter Debra, you are going to cum on your lovers cock, aren't you? Tell me Debra, are you going to cum on his cock?"

I screamed again, the second time within just minutes, the fourth time this evening, "Oh, fuck, I'm coming!"

I could feel this one differently, my cunt was in spasms, my asshole too. It was not a stomach orgasm, it was deeper, down deep in my body, in my intestines and in my womb, the muscles going crazy as they tried to push all the juices in my body out of me.

"Fuck me, oh my God, yes, I'm fucking cumming!" I screamed into Mark's face.

He kept pounding into me, beating my clit with his body and rubbing against my g-spot, imposing his will on me. His cock was slick with my juices, I could feel little friction, just the pounding into my clit and the rubbing on my upper hole was keeping me going. Then I felt him growing, I felt his cock begin to swell with pleasure. I wanted his whitewash, I wanted him to give me every drop he had in his thick balls.

Suddenly I was empty, he pulled out leaving my clenching cunt spasming on nothing and jumped up to my face and pushed himself past my lips and over my tongue. His will was to come in my mouth, not in my cunt, and I had no say. I opened my mouth wide for him and felt his cock slide past my lips, tasted the juice that came from my sex, and allowed him to press himself deep into my throat. I gagged but lifted my head at the same time searching for the root of his cock. I wanted him to fuck my throat, to shoot his sperm straight into my stomach. And he did. He came like he never had before. I could feel his cum squirting in long ropes from his cock and coating my throat. I could feel his cock swell and relax, swell and relax, repeatedly. I swallowed hard, his cockhead still behind my tonsils, my swallowing massaging the soft mushroom, coaxing the last drop from within him. He fell against the headboard and I was trapped beneath him, his cock pressing deeper into my throat, gagging me.

Finally, he got up, he pulled his member from my mouth and slid off the bed to sit in the chair. Then the applause started. All thirty visitors were applauding our performance and telling us how good it had looked. Jane even commented that now she could see up my cunt and saw that it was all red, the capillaries and vessels filled with blood.

Then they began signing off, little "duh-das" signaling as each person left the room. After a minute or two the computer sounded to indicate an email had arrived and when Mark opened it, I saw a screen capture of Mark's cock inside me with my juices frothing from around my hole. It was signed "Jane" and gave her email address with an invitation to join her anytime we wanted to for a personal experience.

We didn't talk afterward. I just leaned as best I could against Mark with my wrists and legs still secured to the bed and the dildo still in my anus. I fell asleep almost immediately and remembered nothing until just a few minutes ago. Now I find myself sitting naked on the side of the bed, the restraints and dildo removed, enjoying the breakfast Mark had prepared for me and wondering if we could ever outdo the excitement we had created last evening.

Mark handed me the forgotten lingerie, a short see-through baby doll, and did not have to tell me that he wanted me to wear nothing but the sexy garment. My smile signaled to him my willingness to do as he wished.

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