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Caroline and Mr. White - Part Four

Caroline goes on a picnic with Jennie and her family with interesting results
Caroline and Mr. White – Part Four

The next weekend after Mr. White had “helped” me with the chocolate chip cookies Jennie invited me to join her family on a picnic at a nature resort about a half hour’s drive from their house. Naturally, I gladly accepted. I thought it would be fun even if it was “just” Jennie and me being together. But of course I hoped that Mr. White and I would have an opportunity for at least a little kissing, and maybe more. I debated for some time about whether I should wear panties or leave them at home. In case there were any opportunities with Mr. White I didn’t want to waste time pulling my panties down and, perhaps even more importantly, trying to put them back on again in a hurry. On the other hand, I certainly didn’t want to risk having Jennie or Mrs. White notice that I didn’t have any panties on. I decided it would probably be okay with Jennie after all that we had done with and to each other and that I could try to be extra careful about how I sat when Mrs. White was around. I knew that she would never deliberately look at my legs so I just needed not to be careless when crossing my legs if she was glancing in my direction.

Of course, by their nature picnics usually involve a lot of lolling on the ground which would make going without panties extra chancy but I was so excited that I decided to risk it. And besides, I really hoped that even if Mr. White and I didn’t find any opportunities to be alone that he would enjoy getting a glimpse of my nakedness beneath my skirt. Because I wasn’t wearing any panties I had to forego wearing a micro skirt and wore a mini instead, a little pink skirt that I thought made my legs look nice. I had on a white, scoop neck top which went well with the pink skirt.

As our house was in the opposite direction from the nature preserve from the White’s house and as my mom said she wouldn’t need her car because she and my dad were going shopping together, I drove over to Jennie’s house, parked the car and went to their front door. Before I could ring the bell Jennie opened the door. We hugged and complimented each other on our attire. Jennie was wearing a very pretty pink top and extremely short, extremely tight blue shorts. The kind that generate a very noticeable “camel’s toe,” though I didn’t know that expression at the time. Jennie could tell from my face that I was surprised that her parents were letting her wear such short shorts. “Dad was shocked when he saw me in them,” she said, “but mom told him that a girl with legs as pretty as mine should be allowed to show them off.”

“Good for your mom. Dads can be so conservative about their daughters.”

“Don’t I know it? Sometimes I think my dad’s a hundred years old he’s such an old fuddy duddy.”

“No, Jennie, I think he’s really nice.”

“Nice, yes, but if he had his way I would be wearing nothing but Mother Hubbard’s.”

“Oh, I don’t think he’s that bad, Jennie, he’s just a dad.”

We went on in to the kitchen where Mrs. White was finishing up the task of packing a picnic hamper. “Hello, Caroline, dear, we’re so glad you could come with us.”

“Thanks, Mrs. White. That was very nice of you to invite me. My parents asked me to say hello for them and to thank you for taking me off their hands today so they can go shopping in peace.”

“They didn’t really say that, did they?”

“Well, no, only the part about saying hello and thanks. But I’m sure they were very glad to get some shopping done and then have the house to themselves for a while. Dad has been working on a lot of weekends lately so I’m sure they have a lot to talk about.”

Mrs. White looked me appraisingly, as if she wondered whether I was speaking euphemistically, but she didn’t say anything. Mr. White came in to the kitchen just then and I had to control myself from gasping because he looked so handsome and I wanted him so much. He was wearing a sports shirt and khakis which sounds pretty mundane but he managed to make them look like a million dollars. Jennie and her mom barely noticed him, though, and continued putting things into the hamper while Mr. White and I said friendly but very correct hellos.

As we walked to the car I was looking for an opportunity to let Mr. White see that I didn’t have any panties on. I hoped that he would enjoy the view and I thought that would put him in a good frame of mind. I got lucky because he opened the sedan’s back door for us. Mrs. White was behind the three of us and would have been able to see if I had shown anything so I quickly asked Jennie if she would mind if I sat on the other side, behind the driver. She said fine and after Mr. White closed the door for her and helped Mrs. White into the front seat he came around to open the passenger door on his side for me. I glanced quickly at Jennie but she was talking a mile a minute to her mom so, as I took my time getting into the car, I opened my legs with my pussy winking at Mr. White. I was sure he would be looking down at my legs. Sure enough he was. His eyes opened very wide and I think he mouthed, “Thank you” to me. I smiled at him, closed my legs and swung on around into the seat.

During the drive Jennie and I gossiped about kids at school while Mr. and Mrs. White talked about slightly more serious subjects. The drive went by quickly and before too long we were at the park. Mr. White parked the car in the parking lot at the entrance to the preserve and we all began walking on the trails through the tall, shady trees. We walked for almost an hour, enjoying the sounds and glimpses of the many different kinds of birds. I wasn’t then and am not now good at remembering the names of birds, other than for eagles and owls and a few like that, but I have always enjoyed watching them. Jennie and I were in front of her parents, sometimes thirty or forty yards in front before we would slow down to let them catch up. I was hoping for opportunities to let Mr. White see under my skirt again but it was very difficult to do. At one point I noticed that Mrs. White had stopped to examine a plant while Mr. White had kept walking behind us. Fortunately for me we came to a bend in the path just then. As soon as were around it I lagged a half step behind Jennie and surreptitiously lifted the hem of my skirt in the back up to my waist. It was difficult to keep walking while holding up my skirt and keeping one eye on Jennie and one on the path behind me. I was thrilled when Mr. White came around the path, alone, and was obviously happy to see me. I held my skirt up for another second or two and then let it drop. Which was a good thing because Mrs. White came around the bend a second later.

We seemed to me to be strolling aimlessly though pleasantly but in fact Jennie’s parents had been to the park many times before and knew of a secluded little clearing just off the path up ahead of us. They called out for Jennie and me to wait for them and then led us to the clearing. It was very pretty, with a small pond near by and the sound of running water from a brook which fed into the pond. We spread out the blankets and took the food and soft drinks out of the hamper. I discovered that I was actually quite hungry and had to restrain myself from tearing into the sandwiches and fried chicken that Mrs. White had packed. I avoided sitting down as long as possible, waiting to see where the others would sit so that I could try to be where Mr. White could see me. Or rather that part of me that I was especially anxious for him to see. It looked as if I was out of luck because Mrs. White sat right next to her husband. I was beginning to wonder how wise my decision not to wear panties had been because I knew that it would be difficult to avoid having parts of me showing. Just before I sat down, though, Mrs. White got up and came over to sit between Jennie and me saying that she hadn’t had much chance to chat with us. I thanked her and lay down on my side with my front facing Jennie and her mom and the back of my legs facing Mr. White, who had a clear view of my naked bottom and, depending upon how I shifted my legs, my pussy as well.

I was so excited at exposing myself to Mr. White that I could barely pay any attention to the conversation. Jennie, fortunately, was in a non-stop talking mood and managed to keep her mom’s interest while I concentrated on providing an ever changing, even if only slightly changing, view to Mr. White. At one point I sat up to sip my Coke. From this position I was facing directly towards Mr. White with my legs spread fairly widely. Just in case my skirt was obstructing his view I reached down and pulled it up slightly to scratch an imaginary itch. With Mr. White’s eyes firmly fixed on my pussy I sneaked a glance at his crotch. He didn’t have a tent pole showing but it certainly looked to me as if he wasn’t indifferent to what he had been looking at, which made me feel very good.

I lay back down and tried to participate more actively in the conversation with Jennie and her mom. I didn’t want her mom to generate any (well founded) suspicions. After we had finished eating the wonderful meal that Mrs. White had prepared Jennie said that she wanted to nap for a while. I said nothing. Mr. White then asked his wife if she would like to take a walk over to the brook that fed the pond. To my great delight Mrs. White said, “I’d rather stay here and take a little nap with Jennie but maybe Caroline will go with you. Would you mind, dear? I know my husband would like to have some company.”

“I’d be happy to,” I said, barely keeping the rising excitement out of my voice. I got up, as did Mr. White. He said that we wouldn’t be gone for more than a half hour or so but Mrs. White said that we should take our time because she was sure that she and Jennie would be napping for at least an hour. I almost skipped away, I was so excited. I did manage to refrain from putting my hand into Mr. White’s hand, but it was only with great difficulty that I didn’t. It took only a few steps before we were out of the clearing and out of view of the others. We continued to walk to the brook, several hundred yards away, before we stopped. Mr. White turned around and checked carefully to ensure that neither Jennie nor his wife had changed their minds and decided to join us. Satisfied, he opened his arms to me and I immediately melted into them, pressing my lips against his. His tongue pushed against my lips which I opened to allow his tongue entrance to probe deeply into my mouth as I imagined his hard cock probing deeply into my vagina.

When we finally broke from our kiss, after our tongues had once again enjoyed the touching and exploring, Mr. White said, “I really like your choice of underwear, Caroline. Do you often go out without your panties?”

“Only when I think you will be able to see that I’m not wearing any. Are you sure you’re happy that I’m naked beneath my skirt? “

“I’m way more than happy, I’m ecstatic, and about to burst out of my trousers. As soon as I saw how lovely you looked beneath your skirt when you got into the car I could think of nothing but you. It was the most difficult driving I’ve ever had to do. I’ve been thinking about being with you today from the time I suggested to Jennie that we go on a picnic to the nature preserve and, as I had hoped, she asked if she could invite you to come with us.”

“I’m certainly glad that she did. I can still feel you inside me from last Saturday. I’ve hardly been able to sleep for the last several days, hoping that I could have you there again.”

“Well then we shouldn’t spend so much time talking.” And with that he pulled me closer to him and began to run his hands down my back to my skirt. He spent a few minutes massaging my bottom from the outside of my skirt until I removed his hands, lifted my skirt with one hand and pulled one of his hands back to my bare bottom with my other hand. He quickly put his other hand on my other cheek and caressed and kneaded both of my cheeks with his strong and firm, yet gentle fingers while we continued to kiss. When he slid a finger into the space between my cheeks and onto the surface near my anus I felt an electric thrill go through me. No one except Mr. White had ever touched me there before but I knew from the instant he had done so that I would always want somebody to be touching me there. His finger was like a feather gliding almost above the surface of my skin. I don’t know if he was actually touching me or if it was the airflow generated by the movement of his finger that created the myriad sensations I was feeling. I do know that my knees became so weak that I had to grab onto him to keep from falling.

“What are you doing to me?’

“You don’t like it? I’ll stop.”

“No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop. What you’re doing feels absolutely wonderful. Can you do more?”

Mr. White murmured that he could. The pressure of his finger became gradually firmer as he explored the area all around that aperture. It was heavenly. Especially when his finger finally pressed against the opening. At first he just pressed and then moved his finger onwards, but he kept returning to the same place and pressing more and more firmly. Somehow, I wasn’t sure how, his finger had moisture on it when it next returned to where I wanted it to be. This time after circling around the small hole he pressed against, and then into me. Only half an inch or so. It felt so wonderful that I pushed my bottom against his finger while holding Mr. White closely to me. “Please, push it into me. You feel so good to me, Mr. White.”

He did as I requested, but extremely slowly. My anus gradually opened to accommodate his questing finger and to trap it within me. Before I realized it was going to happen I had an orgasm. I started to cry out but managed, barely, to bury my face into his chest to muffle my screams. Mr. White waited, with his finger still in me, until I had calmed down somewhat and then began pushing his finger deeper into me until it had gone all the way in. He pulled it back out and then inserted it again, and again and again. Then he added a second finger. That was very difficult at first for my barely more than virgin opening but it didn’t take long before I could accommodate his two fingers with relative ease.

It was only after he had both fingers in me that I suddenly wondered, and worried about, what his fingers would look like when he pulled them out completely. “Oh please, don’t be messy,” I was saying to myself, over and over. Fortunately we were doing this only a few feet from water so at least he could wash his fingers if they were, well, if they needed to be washed. But I would have been so embarrassed. Thank goodness when he did pull his fingers out and I braved a glance at them they were totally clean. I can’t tell you how relieved I was. As far as I could tell there was no odor on them, at least not any sort of offensive odor. Just a hint of sex. Though of course he would need to wash that off before we returned to Jennie and his wife.

I reached my hand down to the front of his trouser and found his large and throbbing erection. I wanted it inside me but the terrain we were on was sloping down to the brook and was quite rocky. I managed to unzip his zipper and got down on my knees to take his cock in my hands and feel its warmth and strength. He was very large and very firm. I only played with him for a few moments before taking him into my mouth. He felt so good there, so strong and so firm. I tasted his pre cum and savored that. I didn’t have a very good idea of what to do after that but I tried swirling my tongue around the head of his penis. I glanced up at his face to see if this was good or bad to do. From his expression I decided it was good and kept on doing it, all the while moving my hands up and down on his shaft. I hoped that this time, unlike last week, he would actually cum in my mouth so that I could taste the very essence of him. Mr. White didn’t let me down, though it did take quite a while. He began moving his hips rhythmically against my face as I struggled to take as much of him into my mouth as I could. After several minutes I pulled my face away to marvel at his instrument and to watch it as I continued to massage it with my hands.

When he began to groan, though, I quickly put his penis back into my mouth. I wanted to be sure to taste him, but also I knew that it would be pretty difficult to explain to Mrs. White and to Jennie what had gotten into my hair if he spurted there instead of in my mouth. It only took a few more seconds and then a long stream of semen shot into the back of my throat, almost causing me to gag. Before I could swallow all of it another stream followed, and then another, and then several smaller eruptions occurred. I swished it all around in my mouth and then began swallowing. I found that I liked the taste of him, very much. While swallowing I continued to pump his cock, encouraging the last drops to ooze into my mouth. Then I continued to lick all around the head of his penis to clean him off completely. When his penis was back down to what I took to be its normal size I finally let it slide out of my mouth. He lifted me up and we kissed, tentatively at first. I think he was afraid that I might still have some of his semen in my mouth and didn’t want to taste it. When he realized that it was long gone he kissed me more deeply. But only for a minute or two before pulling away and suggesting that we get back to the others.

We rearranged our clothing carefully. Mr. White opened a couple of towelettes from one of his recent airline travels and we cleaned our hands and faces. Then he gave me some tic tacs, explaining that he had hoped we might be able to spend some time alone and had wanted to be prepared. When we thought we were ready we returned to Jennie and her mom, who were just awakening from their naps. We all ate some cookies – not the ones I had baked the previous week – and drank some water before cleaning up the picnic residue and returning to the car. When I got in I forgot to be careful with my legs and Jennie saw a flash of the part of me that should have been covered by my panties. Her eyes opened wide but thank goodness she didn’t say anything. After the car began moving and Mr. and Mrs. White were in the middle of a conversation I reached over and took Jennie’s hand. I pulled it under my skirt and onto my pussy, whispering to her that I had hoped that she and I could be alone for a little and how could she have fallen asleep on me in the park? Jennie smiled as she “understood” that my state of undress had been in her honor. She kept her hand under my skirt playing with my pussy and my clit for most of the trip back, which proved to be all too short as Jennie’s fingers felt very good to me. Just before we turned into their driveway Jennie removed her hand, winked at me, and elaborately licked her fingers. I had wondered if I could get her to put a finger into my ass as well but I thought she might not be ready for that, and it would have been difficult in the back seat of the car in any case. But, I thought, perhaps another time.
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