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DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 9--10

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

The Present... I'm late...I'm late...I'm late...I'm so late! That thread kept repeating in my head over and over again as I waited for the elevator. I'd just left the office of my last client of the day. An appointment usually lasts for an hour or less wh...

The Credit Card

A mature woman overspends on the credit card and her husband disciplines her with a caning.

"Sit down, Vicky, you are making the place look untidy," smiled fifty-eight-year-old Megan Humphries to her friend Vicky Mitchell, who was a year older. Megan was visiting her friend's house for a coffee. "I would rather not, Tim gave me a bare-arsed cani...

They Met At A Wedding - Part 3

Mature married women Debbie and Sue meet nineteen-year-old Chris for some threesome fun

Forty-nine-year-old Debbie Burnside had got her first fucking by nineteen-year-old Chris Taylor in Chris's hotel room at Debbie's daughter Cindy's wedding. Since then she had been to Chris's flat for a day of sex, and more sex was planned. The next sessio...

Secret, Saintly Schoolgirl Love

A Valentine's tryst at a Christian school for girls.

“Good morning, and happy Saint Valentine’s Day, girls!” Reverend James began his sermon with particular emphasis, making his way up the aisle of the school chapel to the pulpit. “Can anyone here tell me what this day is all about?” It was my last semester...

16 - Girls Go Shopping In The West End

Sexy girls make themselves at home!

Despite me urging Inge to get up as I had to go to work, she just wouldn't get out of bed! So, I gave her my spare keys and left her there. What a shame that I had to go to work anyway but I couldn't afford to lose my job. Work was the same old routine, a...

The Beautiful Indian Woman - Part 10

Aisha gets another fucking from Troy, and has an evening with Ruth. Sonia and Layton continue to fuck.

It was Monday and at work, Aisha Irani, aged forty-nine, and one of her employees, Sonia Devlin, aged forty-three, were discussing their sexual adventures over the weekend. The previous two weekends the two women had been involved with each other sexually...

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Mrs. Wintergreen's Rule Of The Crop, Part Eleven

Corporate espionage rears its head

Mrs. Wintergreen was all too aware of the real threat of industrial or corporate espionage. Corporate espionage is probably not what you think of when you hear the word 'spy.' It's usually not glamorous or physically dangerous. Sometimes, it's as simple a...

Man-Eater: Chapter Five

A wild ride to her new friends' place turns into a nasty threesome

The ride to Jeff and Marsha’s house was quite a sexual adventure. Sandwiched between the sexy, young couple, Eve wrapped her arms around their waists as they left, and she let herself be led to their car. Their shiny, newer BMW was an affluent contrast to...

The Beautiful Indian Woman - Part 8

Sonia and Layton take delivery of their cane, and it is put to use. Aisha pays them a visit.

Mother and son Sonia and Layton Devlin had returned home after spending Friday evening, most of Saturday, and some of Sunday at the house of beautiful Indian woman Aisha Irani, where much sex had been had. Aisha, aged forty-nine, had taken seventeen-year-...

"Clare" - Chapter 5:- “Driving The Conversation”

Clare and Brenda start to open up to each other as their relationship develops...

On Tuesday morning, with the air still fresh, I escaped from my house. I wanted to make sure that there was no last-minute change of plans by my mother, as I didn’t want another day staying at home, babysitting. If things changed, Ella would be there, and...

The Beautiful Indian Woman - Part 7

Mother and son Sonia and Layton Devlin spend a weekend at the house of their mutual lover Aisha Irani for three-way sex.

"Did you two fuck again after I left last night?" Aisha Irani asked her employee, and lover, Sonia Devlin. "No, but we had a hard and fast fuck this morning when we woke up, we both came," answered Sonia. The 'we' that Sonia was referring to was her and h...

The Beautiful Indian Woman - Part 4

Layton is made aware of his mother and Aisha having sex, and things become easier.

Sonia Devlin, aged forty-three, went home to her son Layton, who was seventeen, after she had had lesbian sex with her forty-nine-year-old employer, Aisha Irani. Sonia had also given Aisha a very thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush, something that b...

The Beautiful Indian Woman - Part 3

Sonia and Aisha's relationship might be damaged beyond repair because of Aisha's seduction of Sonia's son, or was it?

Aisha Irani thought that she should phone Sonia Devlin, for more than one reason. Sonia was a valued employee of Aisha's, but what had happened that afternoon needed some sort of contact before things between them got worse. What had happened that afterno...