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Dare Devil (Pt. 1)

Do you dare to know what happened during my public masturbation story?

This is only for the experienced who like to adventure. I recently discovered a new way to heighten my orgasms to an incredibly higher plateau. I masturbate 3-4 times a week and recently have gotten bolder.

It all started when this sexy Latina moved next door to me in my building...she has these great legs and a fantastic set of tits. Most likely a 34-36D. She had jet black straight hair, beautiful brown eyes, and full lips that screamed Take ME! I saw her as she came up from outside from working out. Guys, this girl is mint! Anyways, I discovered that she doesn't speak a lick of English and my Spanish was so sub-par the only thing I could mutter was Hola, Coma estas?

So why do I share this with you? Keep reading. She is a 10 for sure. I can't get her out of my mind!

The other night late like 1:30am I heard a strange noise coming from across the hallway. Half awake, I opened the door and either she was watching some ridiculously good porn or she was getting banged incessantly by some lucky bastard. At first I smiled and was going to close my door but I felt my penis harden like a roll of quarters. All I could imagine was her sexy body I had seen before. Now keep in mind...There are 3 other doors + an elevator to my hallway besides her's.

With the girlfriend away and it being a workweek, I decided to dare it all and lube up with some ABOLENE (the best stuff in the world) and stripped naked and soon was standing in my doorway facing her front door. The thickness of this ABOLENE made my cock glisten in the now dimmed hallway lights as I pulled it over my thick cock.  Carefully and methodically I took my time priming the pump.  My cock pulsating and sending shivers down my muscular thighs and even further down my hardened calves.  I continued stroking my long thick cock (9 inches and nearly 2 inches thick).  It felt so good as I was listening to the glorious sounds of her voice getting banged in her apartment.

 The sounds were getting quieter so I tip toed closer as I was still whacking off. Now I was in mid hallway and the thought of me being caught drove my sensations even higher. I kept on going listening to her as my hand worked even faster hearing the sucking noises from my hand and the lube..... I was now standing in front of her doorway completely exposed and very close to orgasm. The moaning still continuing from in her door and me still moving my hand faster over my large cock.

 Then a few moments later I heard several soft "Dings" coming from the elevator.   I knew the elevator was moving toward the floor I was on but couldn't tell how close it was. "Ding! "
Stroking fast and close to orgasm...I immediately shot my load several feet across the hallway onto the wall (about 3-4 feet away) as the elevator doors began to open and ran into my place.

 Making it just behind my door in time I peered around the door. No one was on the elevator. Some kid must have pressed the buttons but it was the best orgasm EVER! (Oh, I did clean up after myself too...) I will definitely do this again! The thrill of writing this has inspired me again!
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