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Discover Cove - Part 1

This will be the first of many visits for me.
Sasha walked into Discover Cove for the first time. Not knowing really what she was getting into. She was wearing a short slinky black dress that barely covered her, but as she walked further into the club she felt more over dressed the anyone. Most of the other women were in sexy lingerie and half of them were bare chested with only sexy panties on. The men in silky boxers or briefs. Some with white terry cloth robes on.

She walked over to the bar and took a seat and asked the bartender behind the bar, which happened to be one of the bare chested women, for a drink.

"What can I get ya sexy?"

"I'll take a jack and coke, please."

"Sure thing sweetie, coming right up."

The bartender started pouring up her drink.

"So this is your first time here, huh? Whats your name sweetie?" Asked the bartender.

"Man, is it that obvious?" she chuckled, "My name's Sasha."

"Well Sasha, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Veronica. Don't worry about it being your first time. We treat everyone here like they have been here for years. Anything you need just ask and I will be sure to help ya out."

"Thank-you, Veronica. I'll take another drink. The first one went down kinda fast. I'm a little nervous."

"No problem, coming right up."

Sasha started to scan the room. She noticed quit a few couples sitting at tables, making out or rubbing up on each other. Some single men and women were just sitting and watching the others while they sipped their drinks. Standing near a doorway, Sasha noticed the hot guy who had handed her the business card for the club. They caught each other's eyes and they both smiled and nodded in each other's direction.

Sasha turned to receive her drink.

"Veronica. Who's that guy over there by the doorway?"

"Oh, that's Alex. He works here as a promoter. Sexy as shit, huh?"

"Very. He was the one who handed me the card for this place."

"We'll that's good. You two can get to know each other then."

Just then Sasha felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned in her chair.

"Hi there. You decided to come I see," Alex said.

"Yes. I decided to try it out and see what this place was all about."

"Well, would you like to take a tour of all the different rooms we have here?"

"Sure," Sasha said and grabbed her drink and followed Alex out of the doorway into the first room.

As soon as Alex opened the door the sweet aroma of lilac and jasmine hit Sasha's nose. They both stopped, just inside the doorway. The room was quite large. There was a small pool in the middle of the room surrounded by little coves which had jacuzzi's in them.

"This is obviously the pool room," Said Alex.

"It's beautiful and the smell is just so..."

"Sexy," Alex answered, "yeah, we get that a lot."

Sasha glanced around noticing the people in the room. There was a couple in the pool. They didn't seam to even care if anyone walked into the room. They were still going at it hard. The lady bouncing up and down in the water on top of her very handsome partner. Moaning and groaning in pleasure. This started to turn Sasha on. She shifted her view to one of the coves.

There were two beautiful women there and a guy. One of the women was sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi with her legs spread wide open, rubbing her large breasts and her clit, watching the other woman who was lying next to her on her stomach. Her legs dangling in the jacuzzi and her round ass out of the water, while the male had his face buried in her pussy just going to town.

Sasha really started to feel a little tingle and wetness in her panties. Alex seamed to notice the change in Sasha's mood. He turned and grabbed her hand.

"Hey, I was really getting ready to go on a break. Would you like to join me in one of the jacuzzi's to relax a little?" said Alex with a huge grin.

"Sounds like a great idea."

"Here, let me show you to the changing room where you can get more comfortable and how about I go grab you another drink and I will meet you back here in a couple of minutes."

"Sounds like a plan."

Alex showed Sasha to the changing room and gave her ass a little squeeze as he watched her walk in. Sasha turned and grinned at him and continued in to the changing room.

Sasha found a cubby where she could put her things and started to undress. She was having trouble with the back zipper to her dress, when one of the females from the pool walked in.

"Here, let me help you with that," said the female.

"Thanks," Sasha said, as she turned so the lady could help with the dress.

"First time here?"

"Yeah this is my first time. Seems like a real nice place."

"Yes, my husband and I love this place. We always have a fun time and we always feel so comfortable here."

"That's certainly a good thing to hear."

The lady helped pull down Sasha's dress after getting it unzipped. She continued to stand there while Sasha changed.

"Oh wow, you are certainly a very sexy woman, if I can say so," said the female.

"Well, thank-you. I'm Sasha by the way."

"My bad. The name's Cindy. Very nice to meet you."

"Me too," said Sasha.

"Well, I better be getting ready now. My husband wants to go to the Wonder Room next. It's his favorite. If you finish up in here and want to try out a new room, come and join us there."

"I just might. Thanks for the invite."

"Have fun," Cindy said with a smile, as she walked away into one of the showers and turned it on.

Sasha watched for a minute as Cindy soaped her large breasts up and watched her rinse off. Her body glistening with soap and water. Sasha smiled and shook her head, took off her panties, tossed everything in the cubby, threw on a robe and went out the door back in to the pool room.

Sasha noticed Alex right away in one of the coves in the corner. He was already in the water sipping on a drink. She walked over to him and grabbed her drink off the table next to the jacuzzi.

"What took you so long cutie?" said Alex.

"I met a friend in the changing room and she was telling me all about this place."

"See, making friends already."

Sasha laughed, as she explained that she had been invited to come and hang with her and her husband later."

Sasha slipped off the robe.

"Wow, you are beautiful," said Alex.

"Thank-you," Sasha said, with a grin.

"Get over here, you sexy little thing you."

Sasha hopped into the jacuzzi and sat close to Alex. He put his arm around her and pulled her in closer. Alex nodded in the direction of one of the other coves where two couples were. The one couple was deep in a make out session with the lady sitting on top of her partner facing him. The other lady was sitting on her partner facing away from him as he squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She had one hand on his and one hand under the water. She was smiling at them as she threw her head back and moaned a couple of times.

Sasha began to notice how much watching other people made her horny. She moved one of her hands over to Alex's leg and lightly rubbed it. Getting higher and higher on his thigh until she rubbed up against his semi hard cock and noticed how much he liked watching the others too.

Alex turned to Sasha and grabbed her face and started to make out with her. Circling his tongue with hers. He moved his hand down to rub her breasts as they continued to make out. Sasha grabbed a hold of his thick, now fully hard member, and began to stroke it. Alex let out a happy little grunt and pulled away from her mouth to start licking and flicking her hard nipples with his tongue.

Sasha noticed that both couples in the other cove were now watching them and this made her even more wet. Alex slipped one of his hands down in between Sasha's legs and started to rub her now erect clit.

"Ughh, yes that feels so good," Sasha moaned out.

Alex stopped and grabbed Sasha's hips and picked her up and sat her on the edge of the jacuzzi. Alex turned and saw the couples watching them and then turned back to Sasha with a grin on his face. He spread Sasha's legs and opened up her pussy lips to expose her clit; then dove in with his tongue and started tongue fucking her.

Sasha threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned. It was such an amazing feeling. She rubbed and pinched her hard nipples. She remembered that she was being watched, so she opened her eyes and met the glaze of the other couples in the cove. She also noticed a man sitting at a table stroking himself watching. This made Sasha really want to show off. Alex thrust two fingers deep into Sasha's soaking wet pussy as he continued to lick her clit. Sasha could barely contain herself. She felt her body coming to an orgasm already.

"Don't stop now. I'm going to cum," she said.

Alex thrust another finger in her dripping wet pussy and licked feverishly at her clit. He felt her body start to shutter and could feel her orgasm starting.

Sasha grabbed the back of Alex's head and pushed it into her pussy as she moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy squirted her juices all over Alex's face while he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He cupped his fingers up and found her G-Spot and rubbed away.

"Oh my gosh, oh yeah. That's it. Oh my, I'm going to cum again. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

And again Sasha's pussy squirted her juices all over Alex. He licked up what had fallen on her thighs and took his fingers out of her and reached up and put them in her mouth. She licked his fingers clean.

"Okay, it's my turn," Sasha said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him up out of the jacuzzi.

She knelt down on a small pillow before him and took his hard thick member into her hands and started to stroke him. She glanced over at the other cove and noticed both couples had their girls bent over and were fucking them from behind. She liked this. She looked up at Alex while she took his stiff stick into her mouth. Alex threw his head back and moaned. Sucking dick was one of Sasha's favorite things. She started going to town on his member. Licking the thick head, while stroking his soft balls and then taking the whole thing deep into her mouth and sucking it.

"Damn girl. That's fucking nice," Alex moaned.

Sasha got his member soaking wet with her spit. Sucking and rubbing it until he started to dribble pre-cum in her mouth. She kept her glaze on him, but every once in a while, she glanced over to watch the other couples fuck. She could feel him getting closer to spilling his load as more and more pre cum dribbled out of the head and down her throat.

Sasha stopped for a second and said, "I want to feel you cum inside me!"

Alex picked her up from her kneeling position in front of him and sat her ass on the table. He wasted no time. He bent down while shoving three fingers inside her already dripping pussy.

"I see you are ready for me," Alex said with a grin and pulled his fingers out, held her pussy lips open and started to push his member into her glistening slit.

Sasha took a deep breath and gasped, as he started to fill her up. She held herself up on her forearms so that she could watch him pumping in and out of her. This way, she could also glance around at everyone in the room who was now watching them.

Alex picked up the pace now that he knew she could take all of him. From head to balls he penetrated her. They were both moaning and groaning. Sasha reached down to massage her clit while Alex pounded away. She could see Alex's breath getting stronger and knew he was near to letting it all out inside her.

"Yes, right there. I want to cum the same time you cum Alex. Harder, faster. Yes, yes!"

Sasha felt the first load of his juice hit the back of her pussy as he grabbed her breasts and pumped into her hard. Sasha's body also shivered in pure delight as she started to orgasm. The second round of Alex's juice hit the back of Sasha's pussy which made her cum in the most intense way.

Alex pulled out of her and sprayed the last of his load on her stomach. They both looked at each other and smiled. Sasha laid back on the table and Alex sat down in the chair next to her still rubbing her breasts.

"Wow, just... wow!" Sasha said, with the little bit of breath she could come up with.

"Exactly what I was thinking," Alex said, with just about the same amount of breath.

"I'm ready to get cleaned up and get another drink," Sasha said.

"I wish I could join you, but I actually have to get back to my job here now."

"Damn that sucks."

"Very much so. But how long do you plan on staying tonight? Want to meet up later?"

"I think I'll be here for a while," Sasha said with a grin, as she looked over and saw the other couples headed to the showers after they had finished too.

"You dirty little slut you. I knew you would be fun. I'll see you later then."

Alex stood up, pinched Sasha's nipple, kissed her and headed off to the showers. Sasha sat up, finished her drink and headed for the showers too. All the time keeping a giant smile on her face.

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