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Lunch at the Park

An innocent lunch trip to a new park has pleasantly surprising secrets.

Thanks to the summer construction, I had to take an alternate route home from work, and it turned out to be the best thing to happen to me in quite some time. On that drive I noticed a small secluded park tucked back behind a large group of trees. I decide I would check it out the next day at lunch. When I arrived there I noticed the parking lot was larger than I expected, but perfect for sitting in my car to nibble on my lunch while reading.

I looked around and there were only two other cars in the lot and they were several parking spaces apart. I'd parked quite a few spaces away from the car in the middle of the lot, and with the way the lot curved, I could see the driver pretty clearly through the passenger window. He was a guy about my age and I decided there wouldn't be many distractions. I opened my lunch bag and my book.

About thirty seconds into my book a car drove by, and long blonde hair caught my eye. I watched her park directly across from the middle car parked in the same line as me. I couldn’t see her as well once she parked, so I was disappointed by her selection. Not that I would have approached her to ask if she was into married fathers of three, but it would have been nice to look up and see her pretty face from time to time.

I was just starting to look back at my book when she got out of her car. My attention was immediately back on her and I watched her walk across the parking lot.
She truly was a sexy woman. She had long, very shapely legs. Her loose skirt was short enough, and blew around enough, for me to see just how sexy her legs really were. From where I was sitting she appeared to fill out her yellow spaghetti strap top rather well too. Her big black and gold sunglasses covered quite a bit of her face, but I still found myself incredibly attracted to her, even from about 50 feet away.

I perked up when I realized she was getting into the passenger seat of the car that I could see into perfectly. 

I tried not to make it obvious that I was watching, by reaching down and grabbing a chip. I took the bite and glanced around, as if taking in the park's views. When my gaze made it back to her, the couple were seriously making out. She was almost on top of him, and I could see his hand had pushed up her top, and he was squeezing her ample breast. I was a little shocked at such a public display, but couldn’t take my eyes off of them. That was one very lucky guy!

Then she sat back and I guessed she had to be working on his belt and zipper. I watched, in awe, as she leaned down and out of sight below the window. There was no doubt in my mind at all about what she was doing to that lucky bastard, and every now and then I would very briefly see the top of her ponytail pop into view.
After a few minutes she sat up and leaned out the window with her ass practically pointing at the drivers side window. Behind her I noticed the lucky bastard trying to stand/crouch in his seat, and somehow get into position. With her head sticking out of the car, and her shirt still pushed up, I had a perfect view of her amazing tits. It was then that I realized how hard my cock was, and how I had been rubbing it through my pants. I looked down and there was a noticeable wet spot on my thigh. I couldn’t think of one reason not to, so I unzipped my pants and freed my erection.

I could see the lucky bastard must have found his footing sort of half in the drivers seat and half on the center console. Either way, he was clearly pumping his hips and fucking her good and hard. Even though they were at least 50 feet away, I could hear her moaning. Damn she was hot! I was stroking myself at the same pace that he was banging her, so her moans would match up to what I was feeling. This was best lunch I’d ever had in a park.

She pushed him back, and I thought maybe he had cum, or she was done already, but then he sat back down, and she climbed on top of him in the driver's seat. I couldn’t see her as well anymore, but I noticed the older guy in the other car had a better view, and he was watching very intently. I could also tell he was jerking off too, and not trying to hide it either.

I could still see her well enough to know she was really riding the lucky bastard's cock. Before I knew it I was past the point of no return, and fumbling for my napkin to save me from an embarrassing mess. I managed to get the napkin in place just in time, and I felt my cum hit my hand though the papery fabric.

From the looks of things, he must have shot his load at about the same time, because she was no longer riding him. She was still on his lap, but they were kissing, and then talking a little, and then kissing some more. I cleaned myself up, the best I could with a rather moist napkin, already mostly covered in cum.

She climbed out of the car, flashing those amazing tits my way once more before pulling her shirt down. I swear she looked at me as she did it too. Then she pushed her skirt down and flattened it with her hands. She stuck her head back in through the passenger window for one last kiss, and gave me a great view of her ass. Then she walked back to her car and drove off. A minute later we had all left the park.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I told my wife I wouldn’t be able to meet her for lunch the next day, and returned to the park instead. When I pulled in, I realized I hadn’t paid any attention to the other cars at all the day before, except maybe where they were parked. I wasn’t sure if I would recognize them or not. I could see two cars in the parking lot as I pulled into the same spot I had used the day before.

In the closest car was the older gentleman who got to spectate from the opposite side the day before. The second car was all the way down at the end of the lot. I could only see the tail end of the car, so the driver couldn’t possibly see either of us. I was pretty sure that wouldn’t be the lucky bastard though.

It wasn’t looking good, since his car wasn’t there, but I had beaten her there the day before, so it was possible he was just running behind. After only a few seconds I spotted a car driving in, and I could tell immediately that it was her, by her bright blonde hair. I assumed he must have been caught in traffic or something, and was just running late. I watched her park in her exact same spot.

It looked like she checked herself in the mirror real quick, and to my surprise she got out of her car.
With the lucky bastard absent, I was curious to where she was going. She looked even hotter today, wearing a tighter black skirt, a plain white tee with a plunging neck line that fit very snug and really showed off her tits. She wore very tall black high heels. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, and I swore I could practically see her tits right through the thin material of her shirt. She was still too far away to really know exactly what she looked like, and she had the big sunglasses on again, but she still looked like a knockout from where I was sitting.

I didn’t expect her to even acknowledge the older guy in the other car, or me for that matter, but I was mistaken. She gave me a little wave, which I took to mean “good to see you again.” I gave her a little wave back, because I’m too much of a tool to think of anything cooler to do. Then I watched her walk right up to the older guy's passenger door, open it, and climb in.

This time I watched her intently the whole time. The older guy must have known what was going to happen, because she immediately leaned down, her head moving straight toward his cock. He must have pulled his dick out while she was walking to his car, because she clearly didn’t have to do it for him.

Once again I decided I should go ahead and pull mine out as well. I never saw any part of her head bob up into view that time, but the older bastard clearly enjoyed what she did to him.

After a few minutes she popped back up, and this time she went straight to straddling him in the drivers seat. She looked kind of crammed between him and the steering wheel, but she started bouncing up and down over him anyway. Much like his predecessor one day earlier, he pushed her shirt up over her boobs, and I could see him sucking on one of them while she rode him.

The older bastard apparently didn’t have the stamina of the lucky bastard. I could hear him moan all the way over in my car, which was even further distant than the day before. He was clearly a loud moaner when he shot his load. As much as I was stroking my erection, I wasn’t really close to cumming at all.

She wasn’t quick to climb off the older bastard, and I could see they were talking. I noticed she didn’t kiss him like she did the lucky bastard. She reached up and hit his sunroof button and held it until it was fully retracted. Then she pulled herself up through the opening. About half of her upper body popped out, so I could see most of her tits, and then with her legs spread over the older bastard I could see that he was starting to lick her pussy.

Watching her throw her head back and finally being able to hear her moan, I could feel my climax building up. Her hand was on the back of his head, and it looked like she was pulling his head toward her pussy. Her hips were also moving in a grinding motion. I could only imagine what it must have been like to be that older bastard licking her pussy, while she was grinding her pussy into his face.

The sight of it all was so sexy that I couldn’t hold back anymore, and grunted as my cum shot out onto the paper towel in my hand. Once again I felt the four or five gushes hit my hand.

A few minutes after my orgasm I heard her moans reach their highest point yet, as she reached her own climax. He got in a few extra licks before she started climbing down, and sat back in the passenger seat. It looked like she had to put her shoes back on or something, and then she opened the door and exited the older bastard’s car. Once again her top was still pushed up over her breasts, and her skirt was up to her waist. This time she pulled down her skirt first, and straightened it out, giving me a great view of her tits. Again she appeared to look right at me when she pulled her top down over those perfect breasts.

She turned, bent at her waist and peeked back into his car, probably saying goodbye. Then she turned and started walking to her car. She turned her head in my direction, and gave me another little wave. This time I just watched her, in all her sexiness, walk all the way to her car, get in, and drive away. Right behind her the older bastard was pulling out of the parking lot, and I swore he gave me a salute as he passed by.

That whole evening I contemplated all that I knew about the last two days. First I assumed she was meeting with a boyfriend in the park, and we just got lucky enough to watch, but that didn’t explain the older bastard. Did she know both of them? Hell, did she know either of them? Were they both random, or was it set up, and the older bastard knew and wanted to watch the day before? If it was random, would she possibly pick my car one of these days? She did wave twice, letting me know that she noticed me. It was all a mystery that I had every intention to solve, and I clearly had some new lunch mates.

The next day I decided I would park much closer to the center of the action. Clearly all parties were okay with me watching, so why not get the best view possible? When I turned into the park and got past the trees, I instantly recognized the lucky bastard in the same parking spot he was in two days earlier. The older bastard was also in his same spot as well. I assumed since the lucky bastard was there, that she would be going to his car that day, so I parked with only one empty spot been us. I refused to make eye contact with him, and grabbed my book and pretended I was reading.

Right on cue, she pulled in and parked in her usual spot. She checked herself in the mirror, just like the day before, and hopped out of her car. She was wearing what I would call a sundress, or perhaps a short floral skirt. The skirt was loose and wavy when she walked, but her breasts filled the top of the dress nicely.

It was a cloudy day, so she wasn’t wearing those big sunglasses. I thought it would be good to finally get to see her pretty face. It looked like I should get a good view of it, since she was clearly heading toward the lucky bastard’s passenger door, which was only a few feet away from me.

She threw a curve ball, or at least she took me by surprise, by walking past the lucky bastard's car. She was going to get into my car! She reached for the door handle and pulled the door open. My heart was racing, and I wasn’t sure what to do. This had been something I had been fantasizing about, and jerking off to, for two days, but now it was happening. She climbed into the passenger seat, and I got my first real look at her.

Watching her leg step into my car first, it was naturally the first thing I noticed. Her legs really were every bit as nice as they looked from over 50 feet away. My eyes went to her breasts next, and the cleavage filling her dress was mouthwatering. Once she was in and shut the door she turned to face me. I realized that she was actually older than me. I’m 40, so I would guess that she was closer to 50, but that was totally just a guess.

Her face was still pretty, but not as gorgeous as I pictured in my mind from a distance. She did have amazing green eyes, that almost instantly had me in a trance. She smiled and I noticed she was missing a molar on the right side, but it didn’t make her unattractive at all. I really wasn’t upset at all by her slight wrinkles, or should I say “age marks,” or the missing tooth. It all made her a real person, and her body was still very sexy.

She didn’t say a word, just leaned in and started kissing me. Her tongue was very pleasant dancing with mine. I placed my hand on her thigh, and slowly slid it up under her skirt toward her ass. She leaned to her side a little, so my hand could squeeze her ass firmly. Then she backed off, and almost exactly like I had watched her do with the lucky bastard, she reached down and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pushed my underwear down below my already hard cock.

I felt each of her fingers wrap around my erection, and I watched her lean down toward my lap. I felt her tilt my erection toward her, and then the soft warm sensation of her lips, tongue and mouth slid down my shaft. I just leaned back and savored just how awesome that all was.

Her mouth really was amazing! She was taking in my entire cock, no problem. I’m not the most hung guy, but my seven inches are pretty thick. Usually, a woman only gets about half of my dick into her mouth, but this amazing woman wasn’t struggling at all to take my whole erection into her mouth. Her tongue was also talented, circling my head after every third or fourth bob down and back up my shaft. Damn her bow job was amazing.

 “Do you like to be on top or bottom?“ she asked, still stroking my cock

“I'd like to lick your pussy first, but then I prefer to be on the bottom."

“Oh, I love having my pussy licked.”

She leaned back, placing her right leg up so it rested along the dashboard. She propped her left foot on the headrest of my seat, exposing her glorious pussy by lifting the soft flimsy material of her skirt. I immediately got down and started licking her right thigh just a few inches from her knee, and licked all the way down to her pussy.

Once at her pussy, I let my mouth linger, hovering about a millimeter above her pussy, but not actually touching her. I just let my breath tease her for a few seconds. Then I placed my lips over her pussy lips and gently sucked while I pressed my tongue flat against them. I licked her from the bottom of her pussy, up to her clit, and then back down. I felt her hands on the back of my head, and she pulled me to her pussy. I pressed my lips over her clit, began sucking firmly, and used the tip of my tongue to quickly lick the tip of her clit.

“Oh baby, I want your cock inside my pussy right now,” she cried out, and began sitting up.

She pushed my head away, so I sat up in my seat. I watched her, in all her sexy glory, as she climbed into my seat with me. Just like she had done the previous two days, to two different men. I pushed her skirt up to her waist as she worked herself into a comfortable position between me and the steering wheel. Then I felt her fingers on my cock, and she lowered her pussy onto my erection. Feeling the soft moist warmth of her pussy slide down my shaft was almost heavenly. I could feel her squeeze her pussy tight over my dick. Then she started riding up and down my cock.

I reached up and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress down over her shoulders, and then down over her tits. As soon as my hands made contact with her breasts I knew they had been worked on by a very skilled plastic surgeon, but these beauties were worth every penny.

I sucked a nipple into my mouth, forcing her to slow her pace on my cock. Her moaning told me that she liked it when I did that, so I took my time sucking and massaging each of her breasts. My tongue circled her nipple, while I sucked it firmly, and massaged both breasts at the same time.

She had excellent control of her pussy, squeezing tight around my cock as she rode up and down my hard shaft. My orgasm was growing closer and closer, and I couldn’t believe how good her pussy felt with every single tiny sensation tingling every millimeter of my member. Her moaning grew louder, and I could tell she was nearing her own orgasm. I moved my mouth to her other nipple, and continued to massage both breasts. This seemed to be all she needed to reach that last sensation to push her into her climax.

Her moan was almost a war cry, and her entire body began to quiver and shake. She stopped riding my cock, and almost seemed to be pushing her whole weight into my lap, trying to push my erection into her as deep as possible. All of this turned me on so much, I shot past the point of no return, and I didn’t even have a moment to really try to hold it in.

My cum splashed inside her, forcing my body to shake as well. With each gush of cumr, my body would shake a little. As my climax came to an end I realized I had both my hands on her hips, pushing her down onto my erection. Apparently we both wanted my cock as deep inside her pussy as it would go while we were cumming.

We took a few seconds, perhaps even a full minute, to regain our senses and catch our breath. There were a few kisses here and there, but mostly just panting while we looked each other in the eyes.

“Thank you baby, that was fantastic,” she finally said.

“I’m pretty sure I should be the one thanking you. For the last three days actually,” I replied.

“Oh yeah, welcome to the park. I have been looking forward to meeting the new guy all morning,” she said with a coy smile. “Unfortunately, I have to run along now. I’m sure I’ll see you again. “

With that she opened my door and stepped out of the car. I realized she had to give the spectators their one last look before she covered up. She didn’t disappoint them at all, and this time I saw her give a little wave to the lucky bastard, and I noticed her big shinny wedding ring.

She walked to her car, and once again we all watched her every move until she drove out of sight. I zipped and buttoned up, started the car, and pulled away. As I drove out I caught a glance of the lucky bastard, and I swore the expression on his face said, “You lucky bastard.“

I continued to go to that park pretty much everyday for three months, and she was there every day for the next two of those months. I was lucky enough to be “the lucky bastard” four more times, including the last time she came to the park.

There was one other guy that discovered her lunchtime visits, but he only got to experience her once. I kind of felt bad for him. She sure made lunch amazing for a while.

I still go to that park at least twice a week, but I always take my lunch and a book. I no longer expect to see her there... but I still cross my fingers every time a car pulls in.

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