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Multiple partners Stories

multiple partners

The Most Important Penis In The World

Jun is determined to get pregnant by a Spaniard, but can she ever leave her difficult past behind?

Once, when Jun was younger and engaged but not yet married, there had been an incident in the Pyongyang apartment block where she had lived with her parents and brother. A couple had been overheard making love too loudly. The police had come and hauled th...

She Started It-Chapter Four-Jess Discovers Kinky Little Pleasure

Ken and Su find Jess and Dan in another room. Ken is blown away by a big little surprise provided by Jess.

(Chapter Three ended with Ken saying….. Since Kurt had just shot his load into Su’s pussy minutes ago, he wasn’t about to cum again so soon, so I stopped blowing him. I’d sucked my first cock, and tasted another guy’s cum for the first time. I knew it wou...

She Started It-Chapter Three-Cleaning Up Isn’t Work

Ken finally enjoys Su's delicious almond toned body, then they both enjoy the cleanup efforts of the black and white duo of Kurt & Lisa.

“He and I have sex whenever we like, and don’t care whether or not others think it’s taboo. It works for us. We love each other and we love fucking each other.” “My Dad already belonged to this sharing group and others. A few weeks after our first fuck, h...

She Started It-Chapter Two-Dan The Taboo Dad

Ken and Jess attend their first first group party. They meet Dan and discover life is easy for a girl named Su.

I slid back into Jess’ smooth, wet cunt and fucked her like we hadn’t for a long time. She screamed, “Ahhhh yeessss uugh GOD yes... I’m cumming!” Her whole body trembled and shook and I blew my load deep in her belly. We stayed like that as my cock wilted...

She Started It-Chapter One-Bedroom Boredom

Ken and Jess admit to bedroom boredom, and agree to explore solutions.

Jess and I have been married for over ten years. One night about a year ago, in a moment of honesty, we admitted something to each other. Our sex life had become routine and boring. It happened on the evening of her birthday. We’d had dinner and drinks at...

Black Diamond Stronghold Muster

I loved men and sex but this was my boss.

Travel back in time with me as I finally tell my story about how I stumbled and then merged myself into the private and almost secret lifestyle of BDSM. In the spring of eighty-seven, I graduated from high school. My guidance counselor had given me inform...

A Tit for Tat! The Irish Castle.

My wife and I play sexual games to get even.

It has been a year since the lingerie party. I have not retaliated for the bondage, spankings, humiliations and the pimping me out. Our baby girl, Dakota, is three months old. She is the love of our lives. My beautiful wife, Lori, is barren. If you do the...

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How Polygamy Begins - 6

The Christmas Holiday in Switzerland and Italy begins

The first three days of our stay were pretty tame in the sex department. Jean Francois worked the girls hard to teach them to ski or ski better. They all complained of pains in places they didn’t know existed, but they were all skiing like pros by day fou...

Battle Cranes: Cumming For Charity

On furlough, Roulph lets himself be sexually devoured for charity.

Jamahorn, a beautiful, lush planet of scenic mountains, waterways, and forests, was just a small star jump away from the Epsilon industrial sector. While field repairs were both possible and common, the damage from battling B’Ross’ pirate brigade would be...

Euphoric Recall

Roser has both a productive and a reproductive day.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I would like to make it clear that I, Roser. P of Madrid, deny the accusation that I had sex with four men in twenty-four hours. One, I admit to. I would consider a plea bargain whereby I cop to two. But Roser. P made lov...

What Do I Notice When I See A Penis For The First Time?

A field guide to the cocks I have known...

Welcome back to my sexual autobiography, in which I answer questions that I see on the Lush Forums for which I have a true answer! The question is, what do you notice when you see a penis for the first time? I’d like to thank the poster for this one, as i...