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Peeling Away The Layers

Awakening a hidden desire.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“Excuse me?”

I sat at one end of the kitchen table looking at my husband of six years. He had been browbeating me into making a decision for the last two weeks. “I said, fine, I’ll go.”

“Oh my God Katherine, are you serious? You will?”

I continued to look into his eyes while I cut my steak. “I will.”

“Katherine, I’m shocked but very pleased. I’ll go let the Fosters know we are coming.” He came around the table, kissed me hard and left the room.

My husband Tim and I received an invitation to a party at one of our friend’s house. I suspected it was because Barb and Tim wanted to fuck each other. I couldn’t prove it, but I would find out for sure on Saturday. The party we were invited to was a particular kind of party; it was a swinger’s party.

At first, I was so appalled that Tim would suggest such a thing and we argued for days. Well, he voiced his opinion while I sat with my head hung low.

It was not that I was against the idea of swingers or even performing sex in front of other people. It was that I enjoyed it too much. I was once in love with another man, and he showed me things I didn’t know existed, how free and liberating sex is. How much power is behind sex, but when he broke my heart, I left that life behind and became the woman that Tim wanted me to be.

The lawyer’s perfect wife, with the perfect showpiece house and scheduled sex. Every Saturday night was sex night in the Benedict household. We would also have sex every time he won a case. Tim referred to it as ‘Taking his spoils of victory.’

So I would lay there on my back with my legs wide open for him to take his spoils. Sometimes I would cum, most of the times I would not. He saw sex as another activity, so of course, when he suggested it, I knew it was because he was attracted to Barb. Who wouldn’t be? Hell, I lusted after Barb, a tall blonde with the best body money could buy.

Standing in front of my full-length mirror, I ran my hands over my pale skin. My hands moved over my breasts, feeling them through the lacy material. I sighed as my body tingled with excitement. I had tried all week to stay neutral. I didn’t want Tim thinking I was looking forward to this. He didn’t know this side of me.

We stood on the porch, and I was adjusting my little black dress again for the fourth time waiting for them to answer the door. “Will you stop it? You look fine, and you don’t have to do anything if you aren’t comfortable. Remember, we went over this already.”

I lifted my eyes and looked up at him. “I know,” I said then mumbled under my breath, ‘I look more than fine.’

“What was that?”

The front door opened and Barb made an excited sound then ushered us inside. She was wearing a short sheer green dress that showed her black bra and panties set underneath. Tim and I both checked her out and it made her head go a little higher. “I’m so glad you agreed to come. Please make yourself at home and just start mingling. Remember, no means no, safe words are a must and have fun anywhere you wish.”

She kissed my cheek and ran her hand along Tim’s stomach and gave him a look that promised so many things. I giggled to myself, ‘She will eat him up.’

Looking around the room, I saw men and women in various stages of dress. There were also other couples we knew from the lawyer circuit. ‘They tend to travel in packs like the sharks they are,’ I thought and giggled again.

“Listen, if you are too nervous we can go,” Tim offered, and I could hear it in his tone that he was the one that was nervous.

“I’m okay. Will you make me drink?” I nodded to the bar that appeared overly stocked with everything you could imagine. “Lemon drop martini, please.”

I leaned back between the bookshelf and the entryway leading to the dining room. This way I was able to watch both chambers. There was a petite woman sandwiched between a much taller couple, and they were petting her. The taller woman’s hand went inside the other one’s shirt and pulled her breasts out, putting them on display. Her smile and arched back showed how much it pleased it.

There were two men lightly touching each, and I wondered if they were married until I remember the blonde. He worked with my husband, he has a wife, she’s blonde, and four kids. I watched as his hand slid over the obvious bulge in the other man’s pants.

I continued to scan the room when my eyes fell on a tall, curvy dark haired woman. From this distance her eyes were black, and the way they were watching me made my heart start to race and throb down below. It had been a long time since someone had turned me on this quickly and without even touching me.

“Here,” Tim said, shoving the drink at me. He had his game face on, the one that said he was calm and confident, but I saw the slight shake in his hand. My husband was a prude and was going to learn that fact tonight.

Every woman that walked by checked him out and gave him that look. He seemed to miss about half of them. I wasn’t interested in them though; my eyes were on the dark-haired woman across the room. She had a girl at her feet that she kept petting, but her eyes were on me as well.

The moan flowed through the room, and all eyes turned towards it. An older woman sitting with her legs open and a much younger man on his knees pleasing her. The atmosphere seemed to grow thick; you could feel the energy, the need beginning to rise. You could almost taste it.

I turned my attention back to the dark haired woman, but I felt the stirring between my legs, no different from anyone else’s in the room.

Another moan came from across the room and Tim and I turned towards it. A woman was bent over, hands on the stairs railing and her partner was pounding into her hard and fast. Groaning to my left made me turn in time to watch the married lawyer taking all of his companion's cock. His hands gripped the back of the lawyer’s head and his hips were thrusting in and out. The sounds of pleasure began to match the energy level.  

My clit was aching as I was watching and hearing all the moans of pleasure. “Katherine, are you alright? You are a bit flushed and you are breathing heavy.”

“Yes,” I sighed. Tim's voice crashed over me like a bucket of cold water, but when I looked back towards the dark haired lady, the ache returned.

She had the younger woman sitting on her lap with her back to her chest and her legs spread wide so everyone could see her swollen, dripping pussy. The dark haired woman had two fingers inside her, fucking her, while the younger one squirmed and moaned. Those dark eyes locked with mine and I wanted to move closer. I wanted her fingers in me.

Barb walked up with another blonde woman. It was Sarah, the lady whose husband was on his knees, pleasing another man. “Tim, you remember Sarah, don’t you? We were just talking about you.” Barb’s arm had snaked around him and she was rubbing her breast against him while she spoke. “Katherine, do you mind if we borrow Tim for a little bit?” she asked even as her fingers began pulling his shirt from his pants.

Tim looked at me excitedly and I could see his cock pushing hard in his pants, wanting free. I had a moment of jealousy. Tim was my husband; the man that had only ever fucked me in missionary position and now he wanted me to let him go with two women. I looked back at the lady across the room and I felt the throb growing deep within.

“No, of course not. Be gentle with him ladies.” Barb and Sarah laughed then pulled my husband out of the room.

Looking down on my drink, I sighed loudly and went to the bar to fix it. Tim always made them strong.

“Was that your first time?”

I turned and there she was standing beside me giving me a sexy smile. “My first time what?”

“Telling your husband it was okay to fuck other women.”

“Oh that, yes. It’s our first time coming to one of these things.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Your first time as a couple. His first time yes, but not yours. You are too calm. You have already surveyed the room and found the ones you would play with.”

The grin spread across my lips as I turned towards her. She towered over me, but everyone did. At 5’1" I was used to it. “You were watching me that closely?”

“You know that I was. So how did you convince your straight lace hubby to come to one of these?” Her fingers were moving lightly along my arm.

“I didn’t. He convinced me.” My fingers found their way to her hand that was resting on the bar top. “I’m pretty sure he has wanted to have an affair with Barb for a long time. Do you know Barb?” At the other lady's nod, I continued, “This is a way for him to fuck her without me getting angry.”

Her fingers moved up my arm, over my shoulder and pushed my hair back off my neck and chuckled, “He has no idea who he has does he?”

When her fingers brushed my neck, my back arched and I leaned a little closer. “No,” my voice was breathy and I ached badly. It had been a long time since I felt this much need.

The woman leaned in; her lips brushed my neck. “My name is Anya.”

She kissed my neck and my head fell to the side. My arm slid around her waist and I stepped closer. “Katherine,” I sighed. Her mouth left little hot spots everywhere she kissed as she made her way to my lips. The moment her lips touched mine I moaned loudly, fingers curling onto her shirt, pulling her closer.

Her tongue danced along mine and my fingers moved under her shirt to feel her warm skin. I heard the sound of my dress’ zipper and felt the cold air on my back. Anya moved us such that my back pressed onto the bar; I giggled and arched into her, feeling that cold. She broke the kiss to pull my dress down letting it pool at my feet. My hands were busy pulling her shirt up, wanting to feel her breasts.

“Jesus Christ, it is you. Kathy!”

Hearing that voice was like a cold shower. I froze instantly and looked around Anya and into the face of Garrett Hedrick. The man I once loved.

“Garrett…” I couldn’t think. I didn’t know what to say.

Anya turned towards him and snapped, “What the hell, Gary? You should have been here hours ago.”

‘Gary?’ I thought and looked between them.

“Honey, I know. I’m sorry I was late,” he said affectionately to Anya, leaning in and kissing her. “You are never going to believe this, but this is Kathy.”

“Holy shit, the Kathy?” she asked looking me over again like we hadn’t just been prepared to fuck at this bar.

“You two know each other?” I asked softly, feeling confused, but afraid I knew what the response would be.

“Kathy this is my wife Anya. We’ve been married about four years now.”

“Oh my God.”

Garrett’s hand moved comfortingly up and down my arm. It wasn’t comforting. It turned me on and that made me angry. He had just left me at that party and I never heard from him again.

Anya stepped forward kissing on my neck again. “She is so fucking hot.” Her hands gripped my hips as she was pressing into me.

I moaned and my fingers went back under her shirt. Garrett stepped in closer but I moved away from him and closer to his wife. “No,” I hissed at him. “You don’t get to touch me.”

Garrett looked shocked and Anya laughed. Her hands slid down and cupped my ass. “It seems she is still pissed at you.”

“It appears so,” he said softly. “But darling, you two should move away from the bar, it seems people would like to drink.” He smiled at the few people standing close by with empty glasses, bent down, picked up my dress and walked into the dining room.

Anya took my hand and I followed her into the empty room. She pulled me closer, kissing me hard. I may have been upset with her husband, but I wanted her so I wrapped my arms around her and pressed myself even closer. That’s when I felt it. My head snapped up and my hand cupped her crotch. I felt the long hard cock between her legs.

She chuckled and pulled her skirt down, showing her sheer panties and the hot pink feeldoe already inside her. “No Katherine, I do not have a cock between my legs.”

“Well, you never know with your husband,” I muttered and continued to slide my hand along the length of it. She started to laugh at that but gasped when I pushed the dildo up.

I pulled her shirt up and she helped me remove it, but when I tried to pull her panties down, she stopped me. “It works keeping it in place.” She gave me a wink. “Garrett, help her out of her bra please.”

“My pleasure,” he said and I felt his hands on my back. They were warm and a little rough, just how I remembered them, causing me to whimper.

“No,” I said and turned to face him. “You don’t get to touch me.” But God I wanted him to.

Anya pulled my hair to the side and kissed up my neck. “What did he do to you? Did he cheat? No,” she purred. “This man shares too well to cheat.” Her hands moved down my body. “He hurt you?”

I didn’t answer at first; my heart was racing, and I was watching him remove his clothes. Anya bit my neck to get my attention and I hissed out my yes. Her hand slid inside my panties and her finger pushed between my lips. It moved lower and lower. My eyes closed. “How long ago?” Two of her fingers slid smoothly inside me.

“Oh God.”

“How long ago?” she asked again, biting me. Her thumb was moving back and forth along my clit and fingers were fucking me at an insanely slow speed.

I was panting so hard I could barely speak. “Six... No seven years ago.”

“Did you like fucking him?” Another flood of sweetness flowed out of me and my muscles tightened around her fingers. “Oh, I will take that as a yes.”

My panties started sliding down my hips and I stepped out of them automatically. My hips were rocking, trying to get Anya to move faster. I was so close to cumming. No one had touched me like this in so long.

I whined in protest when I felt Anya pull her fingers out of me, but she shushed me softly and I felt a tongue take a long leisurely lick of pussy. “Kathy, I’m so sorry I hurt you. I was young and foolish,” Garrett pleaded looking up into my eyes.

Anya held me tighter and shushed me again. “Let him apologize.”

He took another long lick and this time he sucked my clit into his mouth. “I made a mistake leaving like that. When I realized how stupid I was and came back, you were already dating that guy from law school. I couldn’t compete so I left again.”

Garrett sucked my clit back into his mouth harder, my knees buckled and I cried out. Without speaking Anya and Garrett moved together. She climbed on the table onto her knees and had me lean over the edge. He moved in front of me, lifting my legs on either side of his head and closed his mouth around my pussy.

“Shit... So young… So stupid...” My hips pushed forward and I grabbed his head shoving his face entirely onto my pussy. Anya’s hands cupped my breasts, kneading them.

My fingers gripped his hair and I rocked my hips, grinding onto his tongue and nose. His fingers were digging into my ass holding me to him devouring my sweet pussy as I moaned loudly, not caring who watched.  

“That’s it, Garrett, eat her pussy and show her how sorry you are.”

He sucked my clit between his lips and I felt his teeth graze lightly over it. I threw my head back and cried out, covering his mouth with my sweetness. He continued to suck gently on my clit until my fingers loosened and my body stopped jerking.

I giggled softly and patted his head. “I forgive you, but you still can’t fuck me. I want your wife.”

When he looked up at me his face was covered in my cum. “Then fuck my wife, Kathy. She wants you too.”

“Yes, I do.” She lay back on the table, her legs dangling off the edge. “Come on,” she purred, patting her lap.

I stood between her legs watching her squirm and rubbing her breasts. My pussy ached again, ready for more. Garrett lifted me up so I could quickly climb onto her. I rubbed my pussy up and down the length of the feeldoe, covering it my honey, then lifted it up and slid down slowly.

“Jesus, yes,” Anya sighed.

Settling fully on top of it, I began moving for her, my hips swayed, finding a rhythm. My hands cupped my breasts and my head fell back.

That was the first time I looked around the room. There were men and women scattered around, all watching us. More and more people moved in and out in search of their fun. A younger woman was sitting reverse cowgirl on a much older man; they were both watching us. She gave me a wink and rubbed her clit, rocking faster.

I felt warm breath on my back and hands on my hips. “Look down at my wife, Kathy. She needs you to fuck her.”

“Yes,” she pleaded, wiggling beneath me.

My hands slid up her body, and I leaned in kissing her and started moving; riding her. “Is this what you want? You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” she moaned again, her hands moving down my back, cupping my ass, spreading my cheeks. “Yes and so does Garrett. Don’t you, baby?”

His hands were moving up and down my thighs. “I do.” He kissed across my back. “May I fuck you too, Kathy? Let me fuck your ass while my wife fucks your sweet little cunt.”

Garrett bit down and I cried out. My pussy was throbbing and I pouted, “No.”

His hands rubbed along my ass and I felt his cock sliding between my cheeks. “Please, Kathy. Please let me feel you again,” he begged.

I laughed and turned back to look at him, grinding harder onto his wife. “You want to be inside my ass again, Garrett? Do you miss it? Do you miss how I used to fuck you like I’m fucking your wife?”

He gripped my hips painfully and groaned out, “Yes, Kathy. I do.” He rocked his hips. His cock was so hard.

My fingers gripped Anya’s breasts, swirling my hips. Her back arched and she moaned loudly. “Should I let your husband fuck me up my ass? Should I forgive him for leaving me like that? Has he been a good boy, Anya?” I asked.

I rocked back, causing the feeldoe to slide out of her a little and then pushed forward hard and fast, pushing it fully back inside her. “Oh God! Yes.”

I moved again, slowly very slowly, aware of Garrett’s hands still gripping me and his cock still pressed between my cheeks. “Yes, what?” I rocked my hips again.

“Yes, he’s been good. Let him fuck you. Please,” Anya panted.

Leaning forward, I wiggled my ass, presenting it to him. “Slide it in. I want you to fuck my ass while I fuck your wife.”

Garrett pushed the tip of his cock between us, coating it well, and then pressed it slowly into my star. My head fell back and I gasped in pleasure. When my eyes opened, I saw my husband standing across the room wearing only his jeans, watching me like everyone else. I kissed Anya deeply, ignoring him like I was everyone else. This was for me.

I stopped moving, allowing him to get fully inside me; I took a deep breath, grinned down at Anya and began to move. Garrett pressed his body into mine and bit my back. “Do your thing baby. Fuck us both.”  

I rocked back and forth, taking both of them deep and hard. My fingers were curled onto Anya’s breasts, pinching her nipples and Garrett’s fingers were still pressed hard onto my hips.

“So fucking full,” I panted. It had been so long since I had been in a position like this.

Anya moved her hips and she was gasping, her hands moved faster up and down my thighs. “Yes Katherine, that’s it, make me cum,” she cried out and her nails clawed down my thighs making me sit straight up, my back arched and my head on Garrett’s chest.

One of his hands cupped my breast and his other one wrapped around my waist, holding me tightly. “I need to cum, Garrett. Fuck my tight little ass and make me cum.”

“Jesus,” was all he said and he did as I asked. Garrett began fucking me hard and fast, sliding his cock in and out of my ass, making me rock harder on the feeldoe. I fell forward, braced myself on my hands and allowed him to fuck me the way I needed.

The sound of slapping flesh and a sopping wet pussy mixed with my moans and Garrett’s grunts filled the room. I was vaguely aware that Anya was crying out again as well, but at this point, she was not where I was focused. This moment there was nothing else but the feel of this man owning my ass.

His fingers curled tightly in my hair. “Fuck, Kathy.”

I laughed a harsh little laugh. “You’ve missed my tight little ass; you’ve missed me being a dirty little whore for you.”  I was getting close, and my body was throbbing all over.

“God yes,” he hissed through clenched teeth. “Come on Kathy, cum for us. Anya is going to cum again. Cum with us.” He slammed into me, punctuating each word.

“Fuck yes.” My arms grew weak as my body my tightened, everything centering down to that sweet spot.

Anya’s fingernails were sliding on my thighs again and I started panting and nipping along her breasts harder and harder with each thrust threatening to push me over.

Garrett’s fingers curled into my skin and his teeth sank into my back as I heard him growl, “Fuck!”

That sent me over the edge. My teeth clenched onto Anya's flesh and my small body started to shake; I was whimpering loudly as the release washed through me. I laid my head on Anya’s chest and Garrett lay on my back.

After a few moments, I heard Anya’s soft chuckle rumbling through her chest, “Breathing is becoming an issue, and I’m pretty sure my hanging legs are asleep.”

We apologized and sat up. I looked around the room as the crowd was breaking up and my eyes locked on my husband’s. Tim was standing in the same place and his hardon was clear even from this distance, but I couldn’t quite make out the look on his face.

I slipped back into my dress but decided I needed to wash up before putting my panties back on. Garrett zipped me up and his fingers lingered on my neck. I moaned, closed my eyes and leaned back into him.

“May we see you again?” he asked softly, turning me to face him.

“I’m not sure. I can’t tell how my husband feels about what happened,” I said, nodding towards Tim.

Anya moved so she was blocking Tim. “I will get your number from Barb and you can tell me how he feels then.” She bent down and kissed me. “I want you again.”

Garrett took my face in his hands and kissed me as well. “And I want you as well.”

“Katherine. I think it’s time to say goodnight to your friends. I have a headache.” Tim had made his way to us and took hold of my arm ushering me away.

Neither of us spoke on the ride home. I went inside and made my way up to our bedroom. He went into his study.

I had washed every inch of my body and was standing in the shower with my forehead on the cold tiles letting the heat of the water ease how tender I was. There were fingertip bruises along my bottom and hips, scratches down my thighs and little bruises I assumed made from the biting on my breasts and back. A little while later I was pulling on my night shirt when Tim walked into the bathroom. I heard the water turn on as I slipped into bed.

Sometime later I woke to the sound his voice. “Katherine?”


“I didn’t go through with it. I couldn’t. I told the ladies I couldn’t leave you out there alone, that this wasn’t your thing, it wasn’t fair of me.”

I lay perfectly still, staring out into our darkened bedroom.

“I looked all over for you…” he stopped talking and rolled over turning his back on my own.

“Oh.” It was the only thing I could think to say.



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