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Summer Loving in the Park

“There are people here! We can’t do this in public.” I protested as your hand slid up my thigh.

It was Saturday morning when I made an executive decision we should spend the day at the park and have a picnic. Mostly, I just wanted us to get out of the stuffy apartment into some fresh air. I hate being cooped up in the house all the time, especially when it’s hot out. You were looking all sexy in a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. Even though it was a bit cloudy out, it was already muggy at ten am. I decided to go commando, and wear my white sundress, and matching flip-flops, my hair up in a loose ponytail.

There are only a few people at the park when we get there. There was a father and son playing catch, woman jogging and a group of teenagers with a Frisbee. You lead me to a semi-secluded spot away from everyone else, and spread out our large picnic blanket up against a tree. We laid together, my head on your shoulder, our legs entwined. Your arm was around me, rubbing your fingers up and down my arm, my hand settled on your chest, trailing my fingers along your ribs. Your other arm was holding my leg over yours, gently playing with the fabric of my dress on my hip. We just chatted for a while, enjoying being together, our bodies close.

We rarely had the same Saturday off from work, so being able to spend a weekend out together was kind of rare for us, especially since your boss had you working so much overtime lately. It was nice to be able to just lay back and relax in your arms.

Eventually we ate our club sandwiches, sensuously feeding each other the fruit and nuts. I was sitting in your lap with you leaned back on your arms against the tree. Some of the fruit juice dribbled down your chin. I couldn’t resist bending forward to I licked it off. I could feel myself getting wet for you, when your tongue slid down my palm and tickled my wrist.

I smiled, wiggling my hips suggestively. That’s all it takes to get you hot and bothered. You groaned and pulled me down on top of you, kissing me hard. Our mouths played against each other, and you grab my ass and pull me onto your lap harder, grinding me against you. I can feel your cock through your shorts, rubbing up against my mound through the thin fabric of my dress.

"Jamie! No panties? Woman, you are so sexy." He slapped my ass hard, and I barely muffled the squeal into his shoulder, but we both know it gets me wet.

“There are people here!” I whispered. “We can’t do this in public.” I protested when he slid his hand up my thigh and began to circle my clit with his thumb. Instinctively I spread my legs wider, giving his hand more room.

“Yeah, that’s it baby. Spread that pussy for me.” He slid two fingers in deep, and began to finger me. “I want you to ride my hand.”

I began to rock my hips slowly, just a little, mortified that someone might turn and look. I leaned my arms against the tree trunk, holding myself up over your lap.

“Lean into me baby, just let me hold you.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into his chest and shoulder, lost in the feeling of his fingers moving so wickedly inside me, while he tapped on my clit with his thumb. I moaned when he picked up the pace and did it faster and harder.

“You really like this, don’t you baby? You like the idea that someone might see your pleasure, don’t you? ” He chuckled. “You’re already soaking my hand.” I could feel myself blush, and I bit his shoulder playfully.

“Yeah!” He growled. Kyle turned his head to the side, and gave me his neck. Something primal rushed up at me, and I had to bite him. I scrapped my teeth against his skin, nipping him. He bucked his hips and slammed his hand into me. I kissed him hard, our tongues dueling, when the warm rain began to fall, hard and fast. We were completely soaked within seconds. I pulled my lips from yours and looked around. Everyone had scattered for his or her cars. In a few minutes we would be totally alone in the pouring rain.

I looked down at you staring up at me. "Fuck me, Kyle," I said. I lifted my ass up, removing your fingers from inside me, and gathered the bottom of my long dress in my hands. Slowly I pulled the wet material over my head and dropped it beside us on the blanket. I was nude. Heavy rain fell against my hot skin, enhancing my already revved libido.

You sat up and kissed me, cupping my large breasts in your hands, squeezing and kneading them. I moaned, squirming in your lap, loving the feeling and the sensations of the rain hitting my sensitive back and butt. The slightest tickling sensation puts me on edge, and the endless drops of warm rain felt fantastic. You tweaked my nipples and put one in your hot mouth. My back arched above you and I held your head to my breast, crying out softly when you bit the tip of my nipple, sending sparks all through my whole body.

"Kyle...oh yes...harder," I moaned, my head back. I rocked my hips, grinding my bare mound against the rough material of your khaki's and your hardening cock. The friction was amazing.

"I need inside you," you growled, rocking your hips up against me. I pulled your t-shirt up and stood up as I pulled it over your head. I glanced around quickly. We were half covered by the trees, and since everyone else was gone, I was reasonably certain that no one would see me in my birthday suit in public. You kicked off your shorts, so that we were both naked, accept for your shoes.

You grabbed my hips before I could sit back down on you. You pulled my pussy to your mouth, so that I was standing over you in the rain, unable to move as you licked and teased my pussy lips. You dragged your tongue up all the way over my clit, and I couldn’t stop the moan from my lips.

My knees started to shake when you pulled my swollen clit into your hot mouth and sucked hard, stabbing at it with your tongue. My juices poured onto your chin as I cried out, wiggling. If there is one thing you know how to do well, its drive me insane with your mouth. The more I wiggle, the tighter you hold onto me and make me take it.

I tried to pull your head away, but my arms were too weak from the pleasure. I tilted my head back and cried out when you slid a long finger inside me. The cool rain hit my flushed cheeks, cooling them, sliding down my neck as your fingers slid over and over inside me. “Please…Kyle…” I gasped weakly; my legs shook as the pleasure increased with the rapid fluttering of your tongue. You only added more fingers, spreading me wide. I moaned when I felt your fingers move against me, up and down, back and forth in the same rhythm as your tongue. When my knees began to wobble, you gave a feral growl, and sucked hard on my clit, making me scream in pleasure as the intensity built higher and higher.

The added vibration pushed me over the edge and I came all over your wicked tongue. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through me until I had a hard time standing. My legs turned to rubber, and aftershocks rocked through my body. You patted your fingers on my pussy; causing me to jerk and spasm again before you lowered me back down to you.

"Ride me, baby," you said, pushing my hips down until I was settled over your cock and felt the thickness separate my still sensitive lips. Gravity and your hands on my hips caused me to slide down on you slowly, as we both cried out at the sensation of you filling me completely. When we were settled, you deep inside me, I kissed you, still rather weak from my own orgasm.

I was lying on top of you, the warm rain beating down on my back. I moved up onto my knees and dropped back down, taking you deeper. Your breath caught and I gasped. I did it again, slowly this time, and you groaned. I nipped at your throat.

“I want you slowly.” Your large hands grabbed my hips and squeezed gently, holding me still. “Don’t move! I’m so hard for you baby, but I want to take it slow this time.”

Your hands pulled me up and down on your cock, slowly and deeply, over and over. My nipples rubbed against your hard chest and only aroused me even more. I squirmed, rocked my hips, but you stopped and slapped my ass.

“I said don’t move!” I cried out, as the shock seemed to go straight to my pussy wrapped around your cock.

“Please don’t stop,” I moaned. I tried to push my body down on you, but you were the one in control, holding my hips up. “Fast and hard, please baby!” The ache was building again, and slow just wasn’t going to cut it.

"Don’t come yet," you whispered as you slowly pulled me down onto your hard cock. I shuddered, squeezing you tightly. You did it again; even slower, making sure I felt every freaking inch of your thick cock invading my body.

I think I whimpered.

“I love how it feels when you come around my cock Jamie, so hot and tight and wet for me.” You reached between us and found my clit. You circled it firmly, rapidly, forcing me over the edge within seconds, but you didn't stop. "Kyle!” I shouted. “Please fuck me!”

Whatever control you had before snapped. You slid inside me fast and hard. I could tell you were done playing games. I shrieked as another spasm hit me. You grabbed my hips again, pulling me up and slammed me back down on you. One orgasm rolled into another as the rain fell on us. You rode me hard, pulling me down onto you again and again. You shifted the angle just right, until you slid along a sensitive spot inside me. The pressure was amazing, and I think I screamed my pleasure into the pouring rain.

"Oh FUCK!" You growled. I was beyond caring that we could be seen or heard at any moment. All I wanted was more of your cock. "I'm going to cum...Jamie!" You shouted my name, pulling me down on you again as you bucked your hips, locking our bodies together, spilling your seed deep inside me, and growling in pleasure. Feeling you explode inside me made me climax again, one last time, moaning and shaking. My whole body shivered, in part because of the pleasure, and I think in part because of the cool rain.

You pulled me down for a passionate kiss, but I was too weak to even move. We rested in the rain, me on top of you for several minutes. It took a while for the shakes to stop so I could get dressed. Eventually we put our clothes back on and packed up our stuff. We walked quickly to the car, holding hands.

"We will have to do that again sometime, my love," I said. I leaned over and kissed you as we pulled out of the park and headed home for more fun. “I like having sex in the park.”

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