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Swim Team Bus Rides

on the school bus after dark.
I was on the swim team my senior year in high school. I know what your thinking "speedo's eeewww" but that also means 3-4 hour long swim meets, with maybe 15 min tops in the water. That is a lot of time to view the scenery around you....

Any way in my Catholic high school we had a lot of away meets in places that were a one to two hour bus rides away. After being surrounded by bathing suit clad females for hours and then cramping all us into buses together, you have a lot of potential for sin.

It was late, most of us had started to drift off to sleep. My girl friend (lets call her A, aged 17) was sitting with her back to the window, legs off to one side of me. I was laying back with my head nestled between her B cups, as she fell asleep. A was a very prude young women, so this was the most action I had in weeks. Seeing as I was practically the only one awake I thought to make the most of it by putting my feet on the bag seat across from me. Using a dry towel as a blanket to keep my actions hidden as I slide my hand down my sweats.

Eyes closed, images of nearly naked girls dancing through my head. I slowly grip my throbbing joy stick. It feels like it has been forever. So I decide to stroke a little, as I pretend to sleep. Suddenly I hear someone moving towards me. I move my hand on top of my blanket and hope they leave soon.

That is when I feel someone slowly lower them-selves behind my feet and scoot up till I am touching the flesh of their thighs. I can feel the satin panties against my skin. My eyes open to find an old crush (lets call her J, 18 same age as me) with startled, wide eyes staring right at me. I take a moment to appreciate her C-cups and tight nipples in a damp mans under shirt (white) with no bra, loose black skirt hiked up to show her white panties. J looks like she has been caught red handed as she blushes. Trying to play things off our friendship by offering the use of a real blanket and acting like my toes aren't even touching her.

I see two options, one I can try to sleep, two I can see where this goes. I look J in the eye as I pat my lap for her feet. Once she and the new blanket are settled. I notice she did not move away from my feet but snuggled herself closer.

I take her right foot in my hands as I look J in the eyes. I begin to give her a firm foot rub. J sighs in bliss at my tender care, relaxing back on the sport bags behind her. Using this opportunity I move our legs so we each have one foot between the others thighs and one on the outside. Scooting my foot till I create a rhythmic pressure against the front of her white satin panties in time with the hand motions of the foot rub. J's eyes flash open, hips subtly gyrating against the ball of my foot. Whimpering J grasps my ankle holding my foot where she needs it to be. This is when I notice that her panties are no longer dry under my touch. This goes on for a while.

We maintain eye contact as I move J's relaxed foot to the front of my sweats and proceed to massage her other foot. J's eyes widen again at the feel of my erect six inches under her flesh. Inspiring J's crotch to heat up like three whole degrees. Smiling wickedly (I think) I increase the tempo on her luscious wet sex. Sliding my other foot under J's shirt. I feel the smooth taught skin of her stomach. She pulls her tight shirt off, under the blanket to let me reach the nipple of her left breast. I feel her skin stretch as I give it a pinch and pull with my toes. J responds by lowering the blanket so I can see her beautiful, creamy white skin. I start to whimper and keen at the intimacy of our eye contact and activities. J's foot feels so good sliding on my penis that I decide to make extra sure she cums with me.

I do this by slipping my toes under her sopping wet panties, so I can stimulate J's firm wet clit with my big toe. Twitching my foot up and down, back and forth. J and I maintain eye contact, as I lower my foot from her breasts to rest over her heart. I take my dick in my own hands as I begin to move my foot and hand (under her feet) in time with J's own heart beat. The more turned on and close to orgasm J gets, the faster her heart beats.

I whisper for J to fondle her own breast as she would want me to, she keens louder and faster. I decide to let J see what her feet feel by pulling down the blanket. I maintain our tempo in time with J's racing heart. Looking into her eyes as she begins to flush deep red from chest to hair line. I say her name just as she starts to quiver, and pinch both nipples in orgasm. J responds with my name her feet pulling at tip of my penis, as I'm cumming on her ankles.
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