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The Cinema

Amber and Jackson go to the cinema but miss the film.
The first time Amber had met Jackson was online. He had added her through a social networking site, looking for a shag and Amber had accepted his friend request. Her opening words were something along the lines of; “Hey, do I know you?” To which Jackson replied, “Oh, I thought I knew you but maybe I don’t. Hi though, I’m Jackson.”

This was the start of what would become so much more than an online friendship. They used to talk for hours to each other about nothing in particular; their day, the weather, their interests and it was not too long until things turned steamy. Amber found out after some sexy discussion that Jackson had added other girls online looking for a fuck and had got some. She got very turned on when he started talking about how he had sneaked out of his house late one night so his housemate wouldn’t know, met a girl, ate her out then they fucked. She pushed her fingers into her wet, pink pussy after hearing this, and flicked her clit all the way to orgasm thinking about him eating her out and fucking her until he shot his hot load inside her wet cunt.

After a while, Jackson asked Amber if they could meet and go on a date to the cinema. Amber agreed. She was quite naughty. She had neglected to tell Jackson that she had a very high sex drive and from his picture, she thought he was fucking sexy. When they were chatting, she was thinking about all the things they could do to each other; how she wanted to take his hard cock in his hand and thrust it deep into her mouth and make him squirm with pleasure and how she wanted to feel his long tongue flicking across her pussy lips. She liked to think he thought the same, they had just never discussed having sex with each other; only with others.

The day of the ‘date’ came and Amber met Jackson for the first time. She got instantly turned on when his eyes met hers then wandered down towards her pert tits. They made their way to the cinema, chatting and laughing about what they had been discussing online. Things got heated when Amber told Jackson how he turned her on with stories of his conquests, and how she loved it when he talked about sex.

Jackson obviously enjoyed hearing that she turned him on, and by this time they were in the queue at the cinema. Amber decided to tell him that they should see a film that she thought would be relatively quiet. Ideas about sex in a cinema were racing through her mind, she loved the idea of doing naughty things in a public place.

They purchased the tickets, and went into the screen. Amber’s thoughts were right; there was nobody at all in there. She was getting wet at the thought, but she didn’t even know how Jackson felt. They sat down a row from the back near the wall and the adverts began. They chatted throughout and Amber could feel Jackson’s eyes rolling over her body when she was watching the screen, she wanted to make a move.

She turned to face him and looked into his eyes; she could tell he was feeling frisky too. The way his eyes bored into her turned her on so much. And then it happened. Jackson took her face in his hands and kissed her. His lips were forceful, his tongue was inside her mouth, Amber was whimpering in delight. She kissed back, as he pushed his tongue into her mouth she closed her mouth around it and sucked it, hoping that he would know that she wanted to do that to his cock.

He reached for the bottom of her top as she groped for the buttons on his trousers. He reached under her top, around her back and opened her bra strap with one hand. Amber could have come right then, how fucking hot that he could do that!

She had his cock in her hand now, and was stroking his length. He was tickling her hard nipples with his fingers. Then he stood up, Amber immediately took his cock and pressed her lips to his bell end, looking up at him she slowly opened her lips and began to roll her tongue all over his manhood. Jackson started moaning. She pushed his cock as far back as it would go in her mouth, he groaned at the sensation.

Then he pulled her to her feet, and pushed her against the wall. He undid the button on her jeans and put his hand down her trousers. He could feel she was hot and wet so he eased a finger into her wet hole.

“I’m so fucking horny for you,” Amber whispered in Jackson’s ear as he fucked her harder with his finger, now slipping two inside.

Jackson then looked around, there was still no-one in the screen, and he wanted to feel his cock enter Amber’s soaking wet cunt. He put his two fingers in his mouth, tasting Amber’s sweet juices, eased down her jeans and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he guided his length inside her. She moaned as he fucked her tight pussy. She felt liberated. She felt relief; finally getting what she had wanted. She felt like she was going to come.

Jackson fucked harder, her arse against the cold wall of the cinema. The noise of the film was masking any sounds that Amber was making.

“You're going to make me come,” Amber breathed.

“I’m going to come too,” Jackson replied, his breathing changing.

Within a few seconds, Amber was digging her nails into Jackson’s shoulders as he thrust faster and harder. He felt her pussy tightening around him and a wave of pleasure overcame her. She pushed her mouth into Jackson’s shoulder to stop her from screaming aloud. Jackson fucked her pleasured pussy faster and groaned as he shot his load deep inside her pussy.

They kissed passionately as Jackson slipped his cock out of Amber, his jizz beginning to run down the inside of her leg. She felt so completely fulfilled, no man had ever made her come like that and so easily. They both pulled their trousers up and sat down, Amber putting her head on Jackson’s shoulder.

They watched the end of the film, although it was shit, and walked out holding hands.

“Thanks Jackson,” Amber said.

“What for?” He asked.

“Fucking me like you did. No one has ever made me come like that before, you make me so hot.”

“It was amazing, the way your pussy tightened around me. Shall we meet again sometime?”

“Definitely,” Amber replied, a cheeky smile appearing on her luscious lips.
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