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Becoming a Female Earthling

Becoming a Female Earthling

My first erotic Sci-Fi story.
I got this story idea after watching the movie Men in Black with my boyfriend, Vince. We got talking about sex among space aliens. This is my first attempt at writing a Sci-Fi story, and my first erotic story not based on my real life.

My name is not really spellable in human letters. The closest I can render it for you is Zalmingra. But you have to imagine adding three squeaks, a tongue click, and two finger snaps during that pronunciation - all while making a sort of snorting noise.

I was the queen of my little planet, on an arm of a galaxy five galaxies away from your Milky Way; that is, until some crazy males from a planet in another arm of our galaxy decided to blow us up to prove how macho they were. They were too stupid to think to prove their machismo by pleasuring our planet’s queen (me) in bed.

I managed to escape my destroyed planet with my life, taking our planet’s documented history with me. I had no idea where to go, but I was using my scientific instruments to investigate every planet I passed, to see if it was suitable for me. Breathable atmosphere; availability of food and a high ratio of males to sexually pleasure me when I need it. Which, quite honestly, is several times a day. I had been proud and happy to be called Her Royal Slutness on my planet. All in all, it had been a great life. All the sex I wanted, and all the males on my planet thinking only of what exquisite bedtime pleasures they could bring to me, their Queen.

In my wanderings from my blown-up home planet one day, another ship pulled up alongside mine. I asked the pilot nervously if he was from the people who blew up my planet. He reassured me that he wasn’t, but he told me that he feared for my life. Having wiped out my planet, the idiots would have wanted to kill the planet’s queen and destroy the planet’s history I had taken with me. This ship’s pilot wanted to protect me and our planet’s history.

The pilot of that other ship asked if I had worm-hole drive in my ship. So I could jump with him to his planet five galaxies away. I felt like telling him my worm hole was ready for him to jump into at any time, but I decided that my bawdy humor could wait for a more appropriate time and place.

He explained that he was from his planet’s intergalactic travel and tourism bureau, and he would personally see to my security and my happiness on his planet. I knew that I would want to take this cute pilot up on his happiness offer eventually.

Not having yet found a suitable solution for my plight, his offer sounded like my best chances,. At least for the moment.

He told me that to ensure my safety, his organization would have to give me a human body and a human name. So I would look like I was from his planet, and the crazies who had blown up my planet wouldn’t recognize me if they found me, and thus would be less likely to murder me. That sounded very reasonable to me.

I linked my ship to his, in much the manner that the males on my planet would mate with their Queen, and together we jumped through several worm-holes, until we arrived at his planet, a little blue and green dot he called Earth. There, earth scientists told me that their people were called humans, and that human bodies come in two types, known as male and female. And that the female form was closest to my having been a female and the Queen of my planet. Their proposal sounded reasonable, so I agreed that they should give me a female human body.

They showed me various heights and shapes that female humans have. I picked out a body that had very pretty curving symmetry; the shape just appealed to me visually. I especially liked the roundness of the breasts and ass. I thought they were visually very pretty.

The Earth scientists told me that I could pick from various shades of eye color, in browns, blues, and greens. I selected a lovely shade of brown, and for hair, a bright red that reminded me of those rare and beautiful evenings when all three of my now forever lost home planet’s suns would set at the same time. They also suggested that I should be tall, as befits a queen, and a height of 5’10” seemed to go well with the symmetry of the curves that I had selected.

When they had finished, I really liked the female human body they had given me. Not as beautiful as my natural female form as Queen of my planet, of course, but still very pleasing to my eyes.

Then the scientists wanted me to pick out clothing. This seemed very bizarre to me, but my new friend who had brought me to earth explained that it was their custom on this Earth place, to hide the bodies they had, behind the skins of other living plants and animals from their planet.

But I was a guest on their planet, so I agreed to their odd custom, even though my instinct was to show off the sweet symmetry of the curves they had given me. And as queen, it had been my duty to use my own natural, always naked, body to attract a great many of the finest males of my species to carry on my race. But then again, a fat lot of good that had done me, with my home planet blown up now.

The cute space pilot who had brought me to earth explained to me about keeping my body clean, using soap and water in what he called a shower. He showed me the types of food they eat to keep these human bodies healthy. I found that I especially like the taste of what he called fruits: berries, bananas, apples, and oranges. And the health-giving benefits he said these things called fruits bring to the human body, sounded great to me. Even on my planet, one had to be in excellent health to be able to keep up with the volume of sex that I, as my planet's supreme female, constantly craved.

He also explained about sleep, and how that is something humans do after their one and only sun sets. And that this cleaning called a shower is normally something humans do just before sleep, to wash the dust of the day off their human bodies.

My first day’s lessons completed. I went through this ritual called a shower, before the other ritual called sleep. As I ran the soapy water over my new human female body, I noticed that I had this little opening between my thighs, and when I slipped my soapy finger into that slit, it felt very good.

I lay down on the bed and let my finger slide back into me again. It felt very nice to sleep that way.

The next day, I asked my new Earth friend if he, too, had this little slit on his body that feels so pleasurable to touch. He explained that he is a male human, and that his body is very different at that location, from the body they had given to me..

I asked him if I could see, and he reminded me that humans do not like to uncover their body from behind the skins of other plants and animals. I reminded him that as queen of my planet, I’m not used to being said "no" to.

Reluctantly, my cute space pilot began to peel off his layer made from what he called cotton plants. Between his thighs, instead of a little slit like mine, he had a long, wide tube that pointed straight out in front of him. I guess because I now had a female human brain, I had a very strong sense that it looked quite beautiful to me.

“May I touch it?” I asked. “My species sees mostly by tactile sensation.”

He gulped nervously, but he finally agreed.

I touched his long tube, then I touched one of the two nice round breasts they had given me.

“They are made of the same material, aren’t they?” I asked.

“Yes,” he agreed. “They are both covered in human flesh.”

“I very much like the feel of your human flesh. On your tube and on my breasts.”

My human fiend chuckled. “I've never heard it called a tube before.”

“What do you Earthlings call it?”

“Well, officially it’s called a penis. But it’s popularly called a cock.”

“Cock,” I smiled. “I like the sound of that word. I let my tongue glide on the roof of my mouth as I clicked out the sound of that word. “Cock. Cock, cock, cock. Mmm, yes, very nice. I like that word. Cock.”

My new friend smiled at me.

“I don’t know why, but when I look at that cock of yours, I get the urge to find out what it would feel like in my mouth. Is that a thought that female humans get?”

“Some do,” my friend sighed. “But not often enough.”

“Would you mind if I satisfy my scientific curiosity about what cock tastes like? It's a powerful urge I have, a kind of hunger.”

“Please do,” my new friend smiled.

Instinct took over now. It just seemed right and natural to me now, in my new female human body, to kiss and lick this new thing called cock. And then to open my mouth wide around it, hollow my cheeks, and suck hard. Yes, this seemed so right, so normal and natural to me now.

“So you say not many human females do this?”

“No,” he sighed.

“Why ever not?” I asked. “This is fun! Don’t human females know that?”

“Some do. And we human males appreciate those few, very much.”

I was surprised. “You human males enjoy when we human females act on our hunger to taste your cocks? On my planet, our males pleasure their queen out of duty, but they don’t seem to enjoy it.”

“Oh, yes, we human males very much enjoy when our females suck our cocks like you’re doing.”

"You mumans call this sucking cock? Mmm, I like sucking cock. I shall want to practice this and get very good at it."

"You're already very good at it," my space pilot friend smiled. With that, he let out a groan, and his cock throbbed powerfully in my mouth.

“What does it mean when you throb like that?”

“It means I’m enjoying this very much. And that I’m about to feed a warm, sticky liquid into your mouth. That liquid pumped into your mouth expresses how much I enjoy what you are doing.”

“That is your custom, to thank your females with a warm, sticky liquid?”


“Well, then, I want to experience that human custom.” And with that, I sucked even harder. And with another groan, he exploded his warm liquid into my mouth.

“Mmm!” I smiled. “And there are female humans who don’t know how good this tastes?”

“Sadly, few of them think this tastes good.”

“You humans are a strange race indeed.”

“Truer than you know.”

“I like the size of cock. It fills my mouth so completely. Yes, I like it. I like that very much.”

My new friend explained that a unit of measuring distance is called an inch. And that his cock measures ten of these human inches long. But the average human male’s cock is just over half the length of his, at six inches.

“So you are a king, then, to have been given almost a double portion of cock?”

“No, I just help space aliens adjust to our planet. I have no high stature here.”

“Would you be my king while this queen is a guest on your planet?”

“I would be honored, my queen.”

“So you truly enjoyed my sucking on your cock? As much as I did?”

“Oh, yes, very much so. And I should like to return the favor. If you’ll let me.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“You told me that you enjoyed your fingers in that slit between your thighs, in your shower last night.”

“Yes, it felt wonderful.”

“Well, the human male tongue is designed specifically to bring females even more pleasurable there than your fingers do.”

“Mmm, suddenly I very much want to experience this human custom you describe. I can’t think about anything else at the moment. My curiosity to experience your tongue in my slit for myself is very strong, now that you’ve said that.”

“What you’re feeling is called being horny.”

“Horny? Hmm, I like this feeling called horny.”

My new Earth friend laid me down flat on my back. He knelt over me, and parted my new female human thighs wide open. His tongue then sweetly, gently danced slow circles around and around my female slit. That felt so good! Then his tongue slithered inside of my slit, and I felt my interior getting very moist.

“This is what’s called horny? Mmm, I like this feeling! I like it very much!”

His tongue danced and swirled upward. I became aware that I have all these tiny bumps inside of me, and that his tongue felt wonderful to me as it touched each tiny bump.

"That's called your g-spot," my pilot friend explained. "It's one of the female human's most intense pleasure centers. I am specially trained to bring exquisite pleasure to g-spots."

Then his tongue licking moved outward. I felt a little flap of my new human flesh roll to one side of me, as his tongue touched a hard little button of flesh and nerve endings I didn’t know that I have. I jumped about a foot off the bed, and then landed back on my ass with a soft little plop onto the mattress.

"I just introduced you to your clitoris. It's the single most divine pleasure center of the female human."

“Mmm,” I moaned. “And you say that, even after you do to a clitoris what you just did to mine, your Earth females still don’t worship you as their king?”

“Sadly, no.”

“Your human females must be very stupid?”

“A few of them pride themselves on being dumb as a door post. And some of our males prefer their females that way.”

“Your human customs are so strange to me. So tell me, what do you humans call this custom? These exquisite pleasures your lips and tongue are giving to my clitoris right now?”

“Well, scientists call it cunnilingus. The rest of us call it eating pussy.”

“Mmm, yes, I like when you eat me. “

“The sight of your juicy pussy makes me hungry to eat you.”

“Mmm, yes, eat me some more.”

His tongue licked some more. Then he sucked my little clitoral button of flesh into his mouth, much as I had just sucked his cock into my mouth. And then his teeth gently nibbled into my tiny flesh button.

I jumped off the bed again, and I moaned very loudly. My slit contracted tightly closed and opened again, closed and opened, several times. My button of flesh pulsated like the pulsations of a dying star. And then a thick liquid began to flow out of me, and all over his face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I apologized. “How embarrassing. I feel like I’m about to drown you.”

“No apology needed. That’s a normal human reaction to what I just did to you. It's called coming. Besides, you taste very good when you come.”

“And some of your female humans don’t like that sensation called coming? Mental illness is common on your planet, is it?”

My new human friend laughed, and as he did, his cock waved through the air. For some reason, that looked a beautiful sight to me.

“I hope you don’t think this is odd,” I looked at him nervously. “But right now, all my mind can think about is wondering how that cock of yours would feel to me if it was inside my wet little slit.”

“Mmm,” my friend smiled. “I’d like that very much.”

H slowly eased his ten inch tube into my hungry little slit. “We call this fucking,” he told me.

“Mmm, I like this. I like the way you fuck me.”

When his cock pushed and glided past my pulsating little flesh button, it felt so wonderful that I began to cry. Tears of pure joy.

“Your earth females have committed a terrible injustice, you know.”

“How is that?”

“The way you're so skilled at this thing called fucking. It’s a terrible injustice that they don’t worship you as their king.”

With that, he kissed me as he pushed his wonderful thick, very hard cock even deeper into me. His tongue slid into my mouth, and my own tongue danced joyously around his, and his beautiful ten-inch cock slammed repeatedly in and out of me.

I trembled from head to toe, and my happy slit closed around him, so tightly that he could no longer thrust in or out. Then I soaked his cock as thoroughly as I had earlier soaked his face. I relaxed my death grip around his cock, and he resumed his powerful thrusting.

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” I screamed.

Then he exploded into my slit, even more powerfully than he had exploded down my throat.

He collapsed on top of me, his cock throbbing and throbbing in me, as my very cock-hungry slit gently squeezed and released around him, contracting and releasing.

“Mmm,” I purred happily. “This human thing called fucking feels so good! And you say there are human females who don’t want to do this, all day every day?”

“The ones who do. we call sluts, as an insult.”

“Insult? I love this thing called fuck. I should wear the title of Slut very proudly and happily.”

“Queen Slut, of the Planet that is No More.”

“I can be your queen slut?” I kissed him.

“Yes,” he kissed me back, and he fucked me yet again. He didn’t stop pounding my happy, cock-stuffed pussy until I had soaked his magnificent cock three more times, and he exploded even more of his warm liquid into me than he had the first two times.

“Mmm, I’m going to like living on this Earth planet of yours. With you to share a bed with me every night.”

After bedding countless thousands from my home planet, the queen has found her king. I had to travel five galaxies away to find him. And I've gotten him used to my planet’s custom, of not hiding the beauty of our bodies behind clothing. At least, not while we’re alone together. I'm his always naked and usually wet and horny queen, with my new Earth name Can't Get Fucked Enough. Every time he slips into me, he helps me to forget how much I miss my home planet. It’s a great life.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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