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Scarlett Futa

After the world ends an alien race of futa goddess' help out humanity.
The earth year was 2121, however, with the human race almost extinct no one went by that year but us humans. There was no invasion, no catastrophic event, and no god to destroy us. According to our remaining history devices, we simply destroyed each other. Violence, war, greed, corruption; these ran rampant in the last few years of the human race. I had never seen earth, nor did I want to.

An alien race we called “The Amazons” became earth’s savior. We called them Amazons because of their strength and beauty. Their race was entirely made of females. However, some of them had a penis and the others had a vagina. This was the only difference between their sexes. All of them stood around six feet tall and had light blue skin. From a distance one could not tell them apart from a human female like me.

When they came the human race had all but destroyed itself. They took us to their planet and let us live a carefree life there until the age of 21. At that time we got to choose our way of life. We could either become a worker by returning to earth to mine for minerals, work in the factories, or work on a farm. This is something I didn’t want to do. Even though they treated the workers with the upmost respect, I knew manual labor was not what I was meant for. I stood only five foot two inches tall and weighed only ninety-five pounds. I couldn’t see me working in a factory.

The only other choice was to sign up for the sex slave auction. It wasn’t bad like you might think. No one was forced to do it. It was strictly voluntary and even if someone bought you that you didn’t feel right with you could always refund the money and go to work on earth. No harm, no foul.

I had decided the auction was the right choice for me. I had learned my red fiery hair drove the Amazons crazy and would up my bidding price. Also, I had saved myself for the auction. This too would raise more money. The way it worked was you went out on an auction block, just like an animal but classier, and the auctioneer would tell all about you and would then start the bidding. If someone won you and the deal went through you would be paid and spend the next six months with them. After that you could go to earth or re-enter the auction. Some people, men and women, stayed in the auction until they retired. Some gained enough money on only a few auctions to retire very early.

My 21 st birthday finally came and I, of course, choose the sex auction. I knew for many years this would be my choice so I had been growing my hair out long. It was now down to my knees. I spent the whole morning getting ready for my auction. I shaved my pussy, even though they like red hair they don’t care for pubic hair, and I bathed in rich scented oils that enhanced my natural odor.

Once at the auction there was a big commotion going on outside where the Amazons were. Apparently it was standing room only in the big place. This made me hopeful for a good auction. I was the third in line to be auctioned that night. The first two went through pretty quickly. It was a woman in her thirties followed by a man in his late twenties. Both of them had been auctioned but for a very small price. But it still kept them out of the factories.

“Up next we have, Scarlett,” the auctioneer said and I knew this was it. I walked out and into the spotlight. With the light it was impossible to see any of the audience members.

“Scarlett is twenty-one today. She’s five-foot two,” she said and finished giving them my details. The bids had already started going up and the auctioneer hadn’t told them the best part yet. As the auction proceeded I walked around nude in front of a bunch of strangers I couldn’t even see. I knew the object was to get as much money as you could so I began to dance around for them. I kept my long hair in front of my pussy to try and drive the price up and it worked. The crowd was going wild for me.

“Scarlett is also a virgin,” when she said that I took my hair and pushed it behind my head and parted my legs ever so slightly. The crowd went nuts and offers started being made in their native language. I kept strolling around showing off for them. Finally after half an hour of bidding the auction was over.

A worker led me off stage and I went to get dressed. When I came out there were three Amazons waiting for me. I thought I had done something wrong.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“We are the ones who won you,” one of them said. “We know it is not customary for three to go in and bid on a single human but we knew we wouldn’t have won you otherwise. Please hear us out before you reject us.”

She was the sweetest Amazon I had ever met. They had all been best friends since they were young and had been saving their money for my auction. They had seen me before in the schools set up for us. When they learned I would be going into the auction two years ago they saved up every dime for me. I was totally flattered.

It didn’t take them long to convince me they were the ones for me. I told them the deal sounded good to me and they were overjoyed.

“Can a ask a question?” I said and they nodded. “How much did I earn? Everyone started talking in your native language.”

They apologized for that and told me the bidding got so fevered everyone just started yelling bids as fast as they could. However, they were surprised no one had told me how much I had brought in, considering it was a new record. I was floored at hearing this.

“Just how much did you three pay for me?”

“Just over one million dollars,” Azola said. She was the unofficial leader of the three.

“Oh my god! I’m not worth that much.”

“Yes you are!” they all said together. After six months I wouldn’t have to work again ever if I didn’t want to.

Azola asked if we could head back to our place now and I told her that sounded great to me. We all got in her car, not really a car but a transport vehicle that didn’t require a driver, with all three of us in the back. I sat in the middle of Azola and Lizzy, while Jasmine sat on the other side of us. They all wore the traditional attire of their race. It looked like a Japanese komodo but it opened fully in the front like a bath robe.

It was so warm sitting between them. Their body’s natural temperature stayed several degrees higher than ours. I felt so small sitting between their six foot frames but also so protected. Azola reached down and took my hand in hers. I looked up at her and she was trying not to look at me. I wasn’t sure but I think she was blushing. I raised her hand up and kissed it. She smiled and I winked at her.

She lowered her head down to mine and I leaned up and we kissed. It was the first time I had kissed anyone. Her lips were so soft and hot. I felt her mouth open and I mimicked her movements; soon her tongue found mine and it was like fire. I felt a hand on my opposite knee and kisses on my neck. Lizzy was moving her hand up my thigh while Azola took my breast in her hand.

“Tell me if we are moving too fast, Scarlett,” Azola said.

I didn’t respond with words, however, I took my hands and opened her robe, exposing her amazing breasts. They were double ds easily and her nipples were standing straight out. I pulled the robe the rest of the way open and her cock stood straight up. I gasped out loud when I saw it. It was all of fourteen inches long and as big around as a beer bottle.

Lizzy was unbuttoning my blouse while this was going on and soon I was topless. I placed my mouth of one of Azola’s nipples and sucked it. She moaned out loud and I took my hand and began to stroke her cock. By now Lizzy had my pants undone and her hand was in my panties playing with my soaking wet pussy.

Azola’s breathing became heavy and I knew she was close. I bit down gently on her nipple and increased my stroking. Lizzy removed my pants and panties and I was now nude in front of them. When Azola saw me naked she came hard in my hand. I kept pumping her cock and she fired eight spurts of cum all over the car and me.

“You are so amazing and worth every penny,” she said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I replied. I was getting sure of myself.

I turned my attention toward Lizzy and started to jack her off as well. Azola kept playing with my body while I made her friend cum. This time, since I was completely naked, I let her cum all over my body. It was so hot and sexy. When I was done I sat back down between them and saw Jasmine on the other side of the car. She was watching us and had this puppy dog look on her face. I know she wanted to play with me but I think she was too shy to ask.

“I haven’t forgotten you, Jasmine,” I told her. Her face lit up when I said that. I got down on my knees in front of her and undid her robe. Her thirteen inch cock was rock hard. I placed the tip of it in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. It had an amazing taste to it. It’s really hard to describe but I loved the way it felt in my mouth. I put a couple more inches in my mouth and started to jack her off with my hands. I bobbed my head up and down on her pole and soon I felt her tense up. I knew how much they came so I thought I could handle it.

“Oh god, Scarlett,” she screamed and let loose her cum in my mouth. I’ve heard people talk about how good the Amazon’s cum is but nothing had prepared me for this. It tasted like cinnamon glaze mixed with hot cream. It was so good I forgot to swallow it and the next blast forced me to choke. I regained my bearings and finished her off. All in all I had swallowed four spurts of cum from her. I was happy with how I was doing so far.

I had gotten so into pleasing them I hadn’t noticed the car had stopped. Azola informed me we had arrived at their place. When I got off my knees Jasmine helped me out of the car and we all went inside together. I held hands with Jasmine and Lizzy as they all showed me around the place. It was big and had a huge fireplace in every room, including the bedrooms. When we got to the master bedroom there was a fire already lit and the bed was twice the size of a human king size. The reflection of the fire off the hardwood floors gave a nice glow to the room. I knew this was going to be the room I lost my virginity in, and when I looked at my new three masters and saw the huge tents in their robes, I knew it would be very soon.

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