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War Of The Worlds II - Part 2

War Of The Worlds II - Part 2

The Contessa has a procedure for her hysteria.

Part 2 - Procedure  

After my second pot of tea and my sandwiches I had the commissionaire flag down a Hansom Cab. The journey to my practice was uneventful, but quicker and drier than had I waited for a bus or walked.  

I arrived with a good half hour to spare, and due to the fact it was the weekend and my assistants were not there I had to set about lighting the fire to heat the large granite rooms and the gas lamps for light as it was dark enough to feel like dusk already.  

The door bell rang out at exactly three o'clock, and I hurried to let the Contessa and her chaperone in out of the rain.  

"This is Bernhardt, my travelling companion and chaperone," the Contessa said, introducing him to me. "He wishes to observe the treatment you give me. It is part of his remit."  

"Out of the question Signorina. There are strict rules, and unless you are under sixteen and Bernhardt is your parent, or is an associate of mine then he is not allowed in the room," I stated without a hint of apology. "Since it is you, however, I will allow him to have a look at the room and equipment prior to your treatment. It is a medical procedure after all - we can't just let anyone in."  

"I see," Bernhardt exhaled and screwed his face up.  

"Now, you have to understand, Bernhardt, that women have been known to be very vocal during this procedure. Very vocal indeed. And almost violent - thrashing around as if in a fit. However, rest assured it will help her keep her hysteria in check and calm her nerves. Try to resist the temptation to come to the Contessa's rescue unless you hear me shout your name."

"Okay," he said in his deep accented voice, sounding thoroughly unconvinced. Although shorter than myself I had not until now noticed just how broad and muscular he was. If he did come to her rescue there would not be much I could do but get out of his way. I would much rather that he were on my side than against me.  

I showed them both to the main surgery up in the first floor wherewithin I was to carry out the procedure. I sat the Contessa at a small table in the corner to fill in forms while Bernhardt had a look at the equipment. He had a vague understanding of what was going on, and wished to make sure that none of the equipment was likely to harm the woman he was paid to protect. Only when he was satisfied, though slightly red of cheek, did he leave us and retire to the waiting room where there was a good supply of Readers Digests and Women's Realms for him to pass the time with.  

I checked through the forms that the Contessa had filled in for me while she smoked a cigarette. I read that she was only twenty-one, came from Northern Italy originally, and had been traveling for the past two years. When I asked she told me she had been visiting vast telescopes and observatories across Europe, surveying the night sky. Stars, galaxies, and planets, cosmic explosions, vast clouds of stardust, and of course our very own satellite, the moon.  

Satisfied that there was nothing untoward in her medical history that might complicate matters, and that her menstrual cycle was not due I asked if she was ready for an examination prior to the procedure.  

"Of course, Doctor. Where will I put my clothes?" she asked.  

"If you go behind the screen in the corner you will find a chair to lay your clothes on and a gown for you to wear," I instructed her. "Take as long as you want."  

As the Contessa went behind the screen I went to close the shutters on the windows. Although we were on the first floor and it was the weekend it was still possible that we could be overlooked from across the road, and my patients always received the greatest privacy.  

Although dark outside the streetlights had been lit early. I couldn't help but notice that the light shining through the last unshuttered window came in at the perfect angle to reflect off of the white wall behind the screen, casting a shadow on the screen itself in the manner of a Japanese puppet show.

I stood mesmerised for a moment, catching a glimpse of a private moment, feeling like one of those perverted voyeurs you read about in the trashy newspapers. Seeing the Contessa's side-on silhouette with one booted foot on the chair was undeniably erotic. Even though I knew that I would be seeing her in a state of undress in only a few minutes there was a deliciously naughty feeling about that moment, seeing something that I ought not to.  

First one boot came off, followed swiftly by the second. Watching the shadow of the curve of her luscious backside was a treat indeed.  

I found myself holding my breathe as the laces on her bustier were slowly undone, delicately and deliberately. Even though I worked here five days a week and had carried out countless of these procedures there was something wonderful about the tease that was undoubtedly for my benefit. At least I liked to imagine it was for my benefit. Most of the procedures that I carried out were for women in their forties who felt they were missing something from their lives, and that this could be their last opportunity. Seldom were they this young, or beautiful, or fascinating.  

I breathed out slowly and as quietly as I could as the pale silhouette shimmered along with the light from outside. My heart was pounding as the curves of the Contessa's breasts had their shadows thrown on the white linen screens, her nipples long and erect. If I were an artist of any repute I would have begged her to stay posed for me while I painted her outline on the impromptu canvas.   My view was, however, short lived as the Contessa put the gown on. I turned my back on her as she removed her skintight trousers and undergarments from beneath her gown and finished closing the shutters. I tried to get my heart rate back down so that I wasn't obviously having unprofessional palpitations.  

Several deep, slow breaths with my eyes closed returned a certain amount of my equilibrium so that when I heard the screen scrape across the floor I could turn with a look of professional detachment on my face.  

Even in a medical gown cross-tied at the front the Contessa looked stunning. Her eyes flashed behind her long dark lashes and she smiled a nervous smile at me.

"As I said Signorina, I need to do a quick examination to determine if we can safely go ahead with the procedure. There's no need to be nervous, it's fairly straight forward," I said in my low, calming doctor voice.  

She took a deep breath. "Okay Dr. Stein, what do you wish me to do?" she asked, a mix of nervousness and anticipation in her soft voice.  

What I really wanted her to do at that precise moment was to get on her knees and undo my trouser buttons to allow my hard manhood the freedom it so craved.  I swallowed hard as I turned and walked to my desk in the corner of the room. "If you'll follow me I'll take a few statistics from you."  

I measured her height - five foot three; her weight - seven stone two pounds; her vital statistics- 34-23-34.   I sat her down opposite me and took her blood pressure - 120 over 68. I listened to her chest. There was no sound of fluid on the lungs nor bronchial problems.  

"Your heart rate is quite fast," I stated. It was about eighty two beats per minute. High for a seated, relaxed, healthy female.  

"I'm nervous," she said, slightly shaken. Her eyes were wide. Such a vivid green.  

"If there's anything that you don't understand, or reservations that you have then please ask. If there's anything you don't like then say, and I'll explain as we go along."  

"But you see, I'm a .... I've never ... " she stuttered. Now I understood more her nervous disposition.I smiled to encourage her to continue. I found it somewhat at odds with the self-confident woman whom I had first encountered at Harrods. She looked me in the eye and sat up straighter, regaining her composure and taking a deep breath.  

"I now consider you to be my official physician while I am in your country, so I expect I will be granted full confidentiality in all medical matters," she started, her voice gaining strength. She was a woman used to being in command. I of course nodded in agreement.   "Being from a royal family leads to certain ... expectations. For a female member of the family at least. And one of the big requirements, as you probably know, is that I enter my wedding bed fully intact. Unsullied. My maidenhead unbroken. "  

She lowered her head and looked at the floor.  

"How much do you trust me?" I asked openly. She looked up at me, not sure what answer I expected.  

"If I were to swear on the eternal souls of my dead wife and unborn child that this procedure would in no way compromise the integrity of your hymen, would you believe me?" I asked with gravity.  

She looked shocked at the seriousness of my pronouncement and the meaning behind my words.  

"Of course. But what happened to ..."  

"Another time, Signorina, another time," I said softly.  

She nodded understanding. "Shall we proceed? Where do you want me?"  

I beckoned to the adjacent corner, where there were a covered chair, a small movable medical equipment trolley and a large cabinet of electrical and pneumatic equipment. I walked over and pulled a number of switches, starting up the Vigouroux/Granville Mark 2 Electromechanical Excitation system. Lights glowed, gauges flickered to life and valves hummed quietly.  

I removed the cover from the chair, letting the Contessa see it for the first time. It was an unusual contraption, built to my specifications. It was built in a semi human form with a body, arms and legs, especially for women of varying sizes, as if to perfectly hold a sitting woman, arms relaxed at either side, legs spreadable as if for childbirth. It was immensely adjustable to accommodate almost any size and shape of woman and was covered in well worn red cushioned leather.  

"Would you care to sit? And I will get you fitted in properly. "  

She looked askance at me, and decided that I was serious. She nodded her head as if making a decision. "I trust you," she said in all seriousness.  

She moved forward, turned around and sat down, then indicated with a nod that she was ready for me to adjust the seat. It took me a few minutes to adjust the length of leg, stirrups, arm rest height and head rest. When we were both happy with the fit and comfort level I moved behind the Contessa and tilted the chair back to about forty five degrees. I then used a foot pedal to pneumatically raise the chair to a suitable height.  

I couldn't help but notice that she still wore a pair of silk stockings - I found it surprising considering that she had been wearing skin tight trousers. It was good to know that in a world that was becoming increasingly androgynous that women still enjoyed their femininity.

I wheeled my own chair over between the Contessa's feet, and wheeled the equipment trolley over next to the seat. I turned one of the dials up until the gauges read one hertz, a frequency of one vibration per second. I took off my jacket and put on my white doctors lab coat that I kept on the back of the door.  

I took my seat. "Are you ready Signorina?" I asked.  

"Absolutely," she said breathily. "Whenever you are, Doctor." I spread the leg rests and slid forward. She looked down on me from slightly above, down the length of her body and I could imagine her seeing my head pop up from between her spread knees. She bit her bottom lip.  

I have seen, in my professional life, literally many hundreds of pudenda, belonging to every class, colour and age of the fairer sex. And without fear of contradiction I can say that I wished that the chance to see this particular one had been outwith my professional life; where there was no need to be stiff and formal, professional and reserved.  

I untied the cord of her gown and opened it, folding it up to her waist, exposing her lower body to me completely for the first time.  

I paused, very unprofessionally. I could feel myself blush as I gazed upon her beautiful womanhood. Her dark pubic topiary appeared to have been trimmed into the shape of - was that a heart? My! I had never come across that before. I had encountered everything from barely pubescent wispy blonde cotton candy to a bush so thick and luscious that I half expected to bump into Dr. Livingston, and back again to old and grey and worthy of cleaning pans with, but this was a first.  

Her nether lips were barely showing, tucked up out of sight. I noticed a glistening of moisture.  

I had a struggle to hold myself back. I felt myself moving forward, desperate to smell her intimate scent, to stroke the soft olive brown skin above the top of her silk stockings, to delicately kiss the smooth rosy flesh which appeared to match my own blush and watch her delicate petals open up like the most beautiful orchid to sunlight.  

I licked my lips and sat up straight, trying to pull on a mantel of respectability. Our eyes met. I could feel my blush deepen, and wished that I hadn't put on quite so many lights.  

"Is everything okay?" the beautiful Contessa asked. There was a hitch in her voice that I took to be concern, but in retrospect could have been excitement.

"From what I can see everything appears to be in tip top shape," I answered through a dry mouth. I knew that I must come up with a means of retaining the doctor/patient dynamic - to enable me to carry out the procedure without worrying about whether the Contessa knew what dalliances were bubbling through my mind.  

"Signorina," I started, making it up as I went along, "since we have plans later today at the Observatory, I am going to recommend an unusual course of action to speed up our present process."  

I paused, receiving a nod to continue.  

"It is well known to doctors and physicians that if one loses a sense, whether it be sight, hearing etc, then it is not unusual for the other senses to be affected with a heightened sensitivity."  

"Indeed my good doctor. Tell me then, what are your intentions?" she appeared to see right through what I finally saw as my deceptions, but I blustered on regardless.  

I stood up and walked in circles, almost instantly thankful for the long white loose lab coat : since I was no longer sitting it gave blood the opportunity to flow more freely.  

"I ... intend to blindfold you, Signorina Vincente," I stated with more certainty than I felt. Her persona, her elegance, her demeanour and her beauty, not to mention the allure of her intimacy had me feeling like a virginal Victorian schoolboy at a glimpse of a female ankle.  

"Please, proceed. As I have informed you, I trust you implicitly to do what you feel is necessary. Please do not feel that you have to inform me of every decision you make. You have my permission to do whatever you wish."  

Perhaps I misheard the emphasis on 'whatever' and read too much of receiving her permission - I was still very much her physician and would act accordingly. I had never had recourse to try a blindfold before, having a general immunity to the doe-eyes of the women who normally ended up in the chair. Perhaps my dozen or so years of self-enforced chastity were taking their toll. Still, she was European royalty and I was feeling but a base animal.  

I knew that I had a black eye-cover that I would use if I wished to grab forty winks when my medical diary showed a break. I retrieved it from the drawer of my desk.  

Walking back I couldn't help but notice the Contessa staring at me. "Do you do this often?" she asked, alternating between looking at my face and my nether regions.  

"Not at all, this is my first time," I replied. The glint in her eye told me that she wasn't sure whether or not to believe me, but she was taking it as a compliment.  

I stood behind her; she looked up at me and smiled, which I returned. She lifted her head forward allowing me to blindfold her. From this angle the top of her breasts were visible under the loose material of the gown and clearly blushed, rising and falling with the deep breaths the Contessa was taking. Unlike the more matronly women who came for my services, her breasts were beautifully pert and pointing to the skies. They were also slightly flushed. I'm not certain that I didn't sigh, because I heard the Contessa suppress a giggle. I felt my manhood twitch, tightly bound in my trousers.  

I returned to what would be the business end of the chair, easing myself onto my seat. That was entirely uncomfortable, but I would take care of it in a minute.

I reached across to the trolley and picked up the excitation device which was connected by an electrical lead to the power supply in the cabinet. I pushed the switch on it, turning it on. It vibrated with a deep throb, once per second. It was ceramic, five and one half inches long, and shaped like a fat cigar tube. Inside the casing the electromechanical machinery was quiet at this speed. I could hear the Contessa's breathing speed up in anticipation, and could see her breasts heaving. My manhood felt trapped with nowhere to go.  

"I'm going to move the nerve exciter slowly up your leg so that you can get used to the feeling," I said softly.  

I placed my left hand on her right knee and then lightly pressed the exciter two inches further up the inside of her thigh, still just on her silk stocking. I heard a gasp as I held it in place, watching the vibrations move slowly across the tight warm skin like a stone in a millpond.  

"Oooooh!" came the exclamation, rising higher on an inhaled breath.  

I smiled and removed my left hand. I noticed the Contessa's hands gripping the arm rest. As I very slowly moved the device up her thigh I silently unfastened my belt and the button fly of my trousers, allowing me to free my manhood from its restrictive housing. I shook it gently to make sure the blood was flowing freely. So great a relief was felt that I closed my eyes for a second and held my breath before exhaling slowly.  

I was glad when I reopened my eyes that the Contessa hadn't lifted her blindfold to catch me. Instead she had a smile on her face and her vulva was twitching in anticipation. I watched fascinated as a drip of lady honey dribbled down her perineum. I moved the exciter to stop the dribble, covering it with her natural juices and sending the throbs to both vagina and anus. There were no official studies of the effects of anal sex on women, but, never having tried it from either side, I believed that they were bound to get some enjoyment from it. Certainly the combined vibrations already had the Contessa's whole nether region twitching as if in tremors. Her hips began to grind. I was inhaling the smell of her excitement - which reminded me somewhat of strawberries. Quite remarkable and incredibly sensual.  

I removed the exciter, switching it off, and watched the tremors die down after a few seconds. Seldom have I seen such a response. In between deep breaths the Contessa asked, "Is that us finished?" You could hear the hope in her voice that this was not to be the case.  

"No Signorina, we have indeed barely started," I stated.  

"Oh good," she replied as she sank back into the luxurious chair. "I was hoping you would say that."  

"I do feel, however, seeing how sensitive you are to the vibrations that it might be better if I restrain you. So that you don't harm yourself, you understand."  

"Mmmmm yes Doctor, it would do your reputation no good if I should come to any harm in your wonderful chair," she purred softly.

"Truth be told, that had not even been on my mind. Only your safety and comfort," I informed her. I smiled. "But you do have a very valid point."  

I suppose that had I been some kind of Jack the Ripper or Sweeney Todd character I could have disposed of the Contessa quite easily and pocketed the gold rings from her fingers and her fine diamond earrings and necklace. In hindsight, how little such baubles in which we placed so much stock, actually matter.  

Dealing with Bernhardt might have been altogether a different matter though. 

The cushioned restraints were kept in discrete pockets underneath the head, upper and lower arm and calf and thigh leg rests. It was only a few brief minutes before the Contessa was comfortably held in place. As I stood at her feet and took in that heavenly vision I felt a connection with the Contessa that I had with no-one since my Mary died. I could have sworn that I heard her say "yes, I feel it too," though there was no movement of her lips. Wishful thinking I surmised.  

Her breathing was slow and deep, perfectly in control. There was a slight grin on her face. "Give me an honest answer to a question please Doctor," she asked. "Do you like what you see?"  

As I looked from her beautiful face to her slowly burgeoning dew-slickened petals I realised just how enamoured I was of her. I couldn't deny what was happening to me.  

"I would gladly hold on to this view from now until the end of forever, " I said quietly. "I ..." I paused.  

"Don't be afraid, my good sir," the Contessa urged, a coy smile on her lips.  

"I ... I ... I must get on with your treatment," I said, internally calling myself every kind of coward. I could feel my sap draining.  

"Of course," she said after a second. I could tell that she had hoped for me to say more, but it had been many a year since I had uttered those particular words. Although I sensed a remarkable connection I was just not ready to give voice to my feelings.  

I took my sea between her thighs and turned on the exciter once more. I could see the muscles in her thighs tense as I touched the tip of the medical tool to her clitoral hood. Her toes stretched, and then curled as the lower half of her body tensed and relaxed in time with the one second frequency the tool was set at. The Contessa's breathing quickened and shallowed.

I ran the exciter down the crease of her womanhood, coating the tip in her juices, and then back up. Her clitoris was starting to show, poking from beneath its fleshy protection. I could feel myself stiffen again as I manually revealed her erect clitoris while I inhaled her delightful scent from the exciter. I was glad that I had thought to release the tightness of my trousers.  

The Contessa squealed as I touched the exciter to her stiffness. I was glad she was well restrained as she was starting to shake. At this stage I would normally have my assistant increase the frequency, but decided not to interrupt the treatment yet again. She exhaled a deep moan, sucking in her next breath.  

Her body was writhing in the restraints, and her gown fell open to fully expose her lithe young body, showing me her breasts for the first time. These were not the large pillowy breasts of a matron, nor the shrivelled balloons of a native African or a hag, but the pert breasts of a young woman not yet in the prime of life. Her brown areolae were puckered slightly due to the fact that her nipples were puffy and erect, pointing to the ceiling.

Never in my forty years had I seen a more beautiful and stirring sight than the Contessa in that moment. My manhood obviously agreed as a drop of pre-ejaculate liquid came unhelped to its tip. The flesh of my scrotum tingled as it tightened. I noticed my breathing was getting shallower and quicker too.  

I wanted to feast on those delightful confections while I slowly slid into her. In my minds eye I was watching inch by slow inch filling her as I licked around each nipple in turn kissing her beautiful firm young orbs as she bit her lip in response. It felt as though I could feel the moist heat of her cunny gripping me tightly, moving up and down the length ... Almost in reply to my thoughts the Contessa moaned.  

I swallowed. I needed to concentrate on the Contessa. I moved the exciter slowly along her crease, stopping at her vaginal entrance. Her squirming increased; squeals merging with moans suggesting the onset of hysteria, that womanly affliction that we needed to bring out of her system so that she could concentrate on the scientific aspect of her meeting the next afternoon with the Prime Minister and the King, rather than coming across as a slave to her womanly hormones.  

Her anus and vagina were twitching like the nostrils of a pair of small coneys. Her juices flowed freely, coating the exciter liberally. Her aroma was divine. I wondered how she tasted. There was an easy way to find out ...  

I bent forward and lifted the exciter from the Contessa's entrance, quickly sampling her essence with my tongue. I had forgotten just how exquisite a woman could taste. And truth be told the Contessa tasted better than any women I had ever had the pleasure of sampling. There was a sweetness about her reminiscent of the strawberries I has smelled earlier.  

Surrounded by the fairer sex on a daily basis I had hidden myself behind a veil of professionalism and respectability since my Mary's untimely demise. Now it would appear as if that veil was lifting. But did I want it to be lifted? Well, part of me most certainly did.  

I varied where I placed the exciter, from atop her trimmed mound to her clitoris to her vagina to her perineum; always changing before her final release, building up the feelings of hysteria inside her so that I could time the release to its maximum effect. Though sometimes if the patient was stubborn it took two or three attempts to get the last drops, I did try to do it properly first time of asking. I had found that variety was the spice of life, and could keep a woman on the edge for a surprising amount of time, whereas concentrating on one area could bring on the release quickly. However, with hysteria the best idea was to build up the pressure so that it was more like bursting a dam wall rather than just turning on a small tap for a few seconds.  

Because of the Contessa's youth and constitution I knew that she would not tire shortly, and built the pressure up over the course of a good half hour. She variously moaned, groaned and giggled, depending on where I touched and how hard. It was an erotic delight to watch, let alone play an active part in.  

True to my word I did not penetrate her with the exciter, leaving her reputation untarnished which was of course vitally important for any future impending royal husband. Quite why this should be desirable above individual pride for the man I had never figured out myself.

The memory of her taste lingered on my tongue all this while, keeping me rigid and upright. And incredibly frustrated.  

I decided to take my mind off it and have a cigarette. I took the Sweet Vs from my pocket and lit a Lucifer on the underside of the chair. The first drag on the cigarette always tastes of the sulphur in the match, it was the second drag that filled your lungs with the life-giving fumes and always tasted the best.  

It was while I was savouring this second lungful of smoke that the well lubricated exciter slipped. It didn't slip far, but it slid down over her perineum and rested at her pulsating anal entrance. Her buttocks tightened as if trying to grab the exciter. She cried out as if she had been shot. "Madre di Dio - madre di Dio!!!"  

I quickly pulled the exciter away, apologizing profusely.

"I'm so sorry Signorina, I slipped!"  I apologised profusely.

"Put it back - put it back! Put that fucking thing back there!" Her voice rose in pitch until she was screaming at me.  

There was a hard banging at the door. "Contessa! Contessa!"  

The Contessa's voice changed down to threatening. I had no idea what she said to Bernhardt, but it was effective. I heard him stomping down the stairs and pacing around.  

"Now doctor," the Contessa stated, matter of factly, "I would appreciate greatly if you would continue. From exactly where you stopped."  

I touched her tight brown anus again with the vibrating tool and her buttocks, legs and stomach tensed. The Contessa groaned loudly.  

"Please doctor," she whimpered. "Anything. Anything."

I knew that I could not do the one thing that I truly wanted to - the Contessa had already made that clear. Instead I pushed slightly with the exciter. Only a quarter of an inch or so: enough to nudge her sphincter, but not push through.  

"Yes, yes, more my doctor, please," she begged.  

I inhaled deeply of my Sweet V and exhaled slowly before stubbing it out in a spare kidney shaped metal dish on the equipment trolley.  

"Relax Contessa," I said, using her title for a change, and pushed slightly forward. The well lubricated tool slid smoothly into her, half an inch, three quarters, then a whole inch.  

She tried to relax, but her breathing became like that of a woman in labour. Very short almost staccato breaths. I had to try something.  

I leant forward, pulled her clitoral hood back and licked her from vagina up to clitoris. She tasted so much better than she had from the exciter. She tensed and then relaxed, allowing me to push the vibrating exciter another inch into her rectum.  

I could feel the vibrations through her lower body as I sucked her clitoris. The Contessa didn't know what to do with herself, the restraints preventing her natural desires to writhe and buck. This concentrated her muscle movement in one direction, towards her sex.  

As I pushed the exciter deeper inside her the vibrations started working together. I could sense her relaxing and tensing around the tool, her lithe, sensual figure alternating between welcoming and fighting it.  

I continued tasting her, an experience I will remember for ever. Looking up along her body was as if I was dreaming. Such a beautiful sight. It was as if there were great waves coming down her body - each breath rushing down from head to chest to midriff to where I was, pushing the hysteria my way.  

The Contessa screamed at me. "Don't stop, don't stop!"  

She breathed deeply a few times as I moved the exciter back and forth inside her.  

"Lo amo, lo amo, lo amo ... ti amo," she moaned between breaths.  

I sucked on her sweet proud clitoris, breathing her aroma in to my very soul,and then alternated between that and her nether lips, gently nibbling. As a medical experiment I should really have desisted my oral stimuli, to see if my theory concerning woman enjoying anal sex held up, but I could no more pull myself away from this wonderful experience than I could have pulled back a mounting bullock from the heifer below. That would have to be an experiment for another day.  

The Contessa very quickly became hysterical, moaning and squealing and shouting while her untethered parts writhed. The waves passing down her body got stronger and faster until she suddenly stopped breathing. She held her breath, her body stilled for two seconds, then like a tidal wave her body shook and she ejaculated all over my face. Not the teaspoon sized amount expected of a man, more of a teacup full. Into my mouth, up my nose and over my cheeks. It dripped off my moustache, chin and sideburns.  

I had of course seen such an event before, but never at such close quarters. Nor had I been the recipient of one such as I was then.

I spluttered, with I am sure, a look of surprise on my face. "Remarkable!" I exclaimed.  

A second rush of sexual liquid squirted out, but without the force of the first. The Contessa took long, deep breaths - after two more pushes she finally relaxed back into the seat, exhaling a loud sigh.  

I slid the intimate device from her and turned off the switch, setting it aside.  

"I trust my Signorina is more relaxed?" I enquired with a smile. "That seems to have released your hysteria."  

"Oh doctor - bellisimo. That was the most wonderful ..." she exhaled a deep sigh, a look of sheerest bliss on her face. "May I please trouble you for a cigarette?" she asked between longer, more relaxed breaths.  

I started to unfasten the restraints around her ankle. "Please don't, I am enjoying being held. Please smoke with me."  

I stood up, suddenly aware of the fact that my own release was close. I felt my own breath quicken and it was as if the Contessa could sense it too.  

"Please doctor, I want to feel your hot seed on me," she pleaded. "I have been thinking of nothing else for the last ...."  

I could not possibly hold back. A few strokes and my scrotum tightened, my testicles pulsed once, twice, three times and my semen flew along the body of my beautiful trapped Contessa, running from her throat, down between her heaving breasts, her stomach and through her trimmed pubic hair. The second spurt only landed as high as her belly button, but also landed on her clitoris and ran down her pink crease. Our bodies twitched in unison now, with myself wringing the last drops of semen to drip onto her already wet sex which ran down to drip from her not-so-tight brown hole. She quivered as her sex tightened and released, tightened and released, as if small earthquake aftershocks.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, licking her lips. "I want to watch you next time."  

I opened my eyes wide in surprise. She was obviously contemplating this happening again. I grinned like the Cheshire Cat and licked my lips. God, she tasted sooo good.  

"Maybe even taste you," she continued.  

I walked up to the head of the seat, and used the controls to lower it slightly.  

"Why wait? We can take care of that now if you like Contessa," I said softly. She grinned beneath me. 

I moved closer and lowered the tip of my still semi-erect penis to her lips, a final drop of my seed dribbling on to her waiting tongue. She licked eagerly, but for little more reward. I did however scoop up some of my juices from her chest and drip them into her mouth.

I removed myself and buttoned back up as the Contessa savoured my discharge.  

I moved my chair up to in line with her head, lit another cigarette, taking the first drag and then holding it between the Contessa's lips for her to inhale deeply. She held the smoke in and then exhaled through her nose, her mouth being too busy in a very satisfied smile.  

We shared the cigarette and then sat in silence for a few minutes. It would have been very difficult to decide who smiled more.  


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